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Contactee Summer 1992

Contactee 6 1 1992a

Contactee 6 1 1992b

Contactee 6 1 1992d

Contactee 6 1 1992e

Contactee 6 1 1992f 

Contactee 6 1 1992g

Contactee 1992g 


Contactee Summer 1993 

Contactee 6 1a 

Contactee 6 1b 

Contactee 6 1c 

Contactee 6 1d 

Contactee 6 1e 

Contactee 6 1f 


UFO Vortexes: 

Contactee 6 1g 

Contactee 6 1h

Crystall photo 1993 

Crystall thought that set of lights in the woods (left arrow) were the lights of a farmhouse, but there is no house in those woods or anywhere in that Easterly direction in 1993.

 Whitford Forest Aleins 

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