Flying Wing 'Air'ship "STINGRAY"


Is the picture below of the same WWII airstrip in Orange County, NY?

Source: GEOSKOP, Journal GEO, Nr. 6 / June 1998, pp.178-180.

Stingray over airstrip; no tire marks on tarmac.

The Flying Brachiopod?

stingray2.jpg (17295 bytes)

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Stingray in underground bunker; contoured ribs and forward plasma tubes for lights?

Contoured ribs on Belgian Triangle.

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Model of stingray design.

Was this the inspiration or the prototype?

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Images from:

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Aerodynamics Dept., Secr. F2
D-10587 Berlin
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George Filer of Filer's Files provided me the image below,
showing this craft being serviced for flight at the
Special Ops Military Reservation.

Special Operations Training Center in 1994, now defunct.

Located near Wallkill, NY (Orange County), near Stewart Air Force Base (USA).

Specopsg.jpg (26575 bytes)
Specopsc.jpg (36503 bytes)

From a New Paltz, NY, resident:

Then you must be familiar with the underground hangers as well. My uncle
worked at Stewart Air Force base from the early 60's until the early '80's.
He said he used to courier parts and classified material out to that site
on a daily basis, usually under the cover of darkness in the early morning
hours. The vehicle they used was actually disguised as a sanitation truck
that actually consisted of steel vaults in the back part. He would never
tell me exactly what he was transporting, but I do know that he had a NATO
Top Secret security clearance. He told me that it was to support Air Force
aircraft. I never really knew of too many other people who really knew
about this base. I know that as late as the early '90's it was a training
ground for West Point and I believe the FBI trained there as well, but I
always had my suspicions of what they were really doing out there and if
those hangers were still in use. I have not spoken with my uncle in years
about this place and have not even really thought about it until I saw your
web site.

To see airstrip and Special Operations base viewed from helicopter on 10 May 1994 (showing the FBI training for car pursuits), along with pictures of what it looks like today (a bird sanctuary), go to Next page:

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