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Evidence that the picture of the Stingray was taken over this Military Reservation.

Gardiner, NY, 7.5 minute quadrangle

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Special Operations Training Center has been turned into a National Wildlife Refuge (bird sanctuary).

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Airstrip and base (below) viewed from helicopter on 10 May 1994 when it was a Special Operations Training Center for the FBI and West Point.

Note: No landing tire skid marks apparent on tarmac.

looking east

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looking southwest

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Enlargement of hanger, buildings, trailers, and parking lot (5/1994).

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Today the base is closed and is being converted to a National Wildlife Refuge.

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Parking lot removed - now grass covered, buildings destroyed, hanger missing.

4 May 2000

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Now look at this!

Matching up landmarks in FESTO photo with topographic features around
the Special Operations base.

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As of 2018 the entire airstrip and buildings have been completely removed, and the former military reservation has become a local Shawangunk Wildlife Refuge (bird sanctuary, lol).

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