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    AOP No. 2

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Fly-over 2

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Landing 2

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Second AOP as it brightened its lights and then dropped slowly below tree top level.

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Analysis 2

  The belly of T-tail AOP No. 2 became illuminated white for two seconds as it flew slowly away from the observers.

Anomalous Belly Illumination as T-tail AOP Departs

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Anomalous Strobe Pattern as T-tail AOP Departs

The strobe pattern was semi-random and outboard strobes were out of sync.  Sometimes the red tail and belly strobes and port white stobe did not brighten to full strength, as indicated by the smaller red dots on the graph below.  The pattern implies that the strobes were controlled either by a random signal generator or by manual controls, which were operated at the discretion of the pilot and/or crew.

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This page was last edited 09/15/2005