Analysis and Comments on the 13 August 2001 Milk Hill Crop Glyph
Steven Clementson

The Art of Crop Trolling

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Milk Hill (2), Nr Alton Barnes, Wiltshire. Reported 13th August.

Image M.J.Fussell Copyright 2001, presented with permission, modified by Steven Clementson.

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The above pattern is characteristic of fractal geometry in nature (of which Sacred Geometry is a subset). One of the best examples can be found in single-celled marine organisms that construct shells.  They are called Foraminifera.  The example below clearly reflects the design in the crop image above. The number of cells in their spiralling houses depends on the individual age of the Foraminifera.  The living cell periodically creates a new house, and vacates the old one, creating a record of its past houses (lives).  See: The Collection and Mounting of Foraminifera.  Permission to use image courtesy of Jan Parmentier.

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Universal Harmonics
(the language of numbers)

by Norma Smith

There are 409 circles in the Milk Hill crop formation.  409 in Hebrew, as  400 + 9, are letters Tau or Tav +   Tayt or Teth400 as letter Tau means  Mark or Sign9 as letter Tayt/Teth means bowl shape, which describes a Crescent, as curved arms from central circle of this crop circle formation. Therefore,

409 in Hebrew translates to Sign of the Crescent

Teth can also mean Serpent. Tav is the Cosmic State, Teth the Archtypes; Teth the Primitive Cell (as in Foraminifera) or Female Structual Energy. (from "Cipher of Genesis")

409 in Hebrew is sum of word Achth: One (feminine).   It is also the sum for words, Patriarch, Fathers, and Ha-Qadesh, meaning Holy Ones.

409 is sum of color spectrum from red to violet.

Mix and match various words for a decoding template of encoded data, clues.
Each word for color (Heading) has a UH number. Words in each column have the same numeric value.

Base.........Castle..........Hilltop............Moat...........Seek...........Pool...........Gate /Peak +Open
Hand.........Pure............Numbers.......Yes...............Pain............Angels........Galactic Code Code........Wales..........Tablet............Realm...........Celt............Design.........Magic Circle
Code........Diamond......Stones ..........Shape...........Hole...........Gaia Mind...Wisdom

409 can be read as 40 + 9 = 49.
49 is 7 squared.
7 colors in spectrum template, red to violet.
49 = Green (7+18+5+5+14), which is the very  middle color of this color spectrum template.
It's as though the 49 is a midpoint for pairing the other numbers/colors in a lambda shape: 49 = Shape (19+8+1+16+5). 

110 = Divine Time, or All Creation. 

c)  27............................83.........sum=110
...........60..................58.............sum =118
................92.........40.................sum =132 110+118+132 = 360.  Add 49 = 409, sum of cropcircles.
................92.........40...........-52 = Earth / Heart
...27................................83..-56......sum of 52+2+56 = 110=Quickening, Key Message.

Star & David are 58 & 40....Indigo & Blue / Father Mind or Design Mind. 
milkhill222c.GIF (15307 bytes)

Original image by Zef Damen.

Gary Val Tenuta notes:

WHITE = 56
LIGHT = 65 (mirror number)

WHITE LIGHT = 121 or 56 + 65
Then 121 + 288 = 409
(Note: 288 (144 x 2) is known as "double light" because in classic gematria
the number 144 is a reference to "Light".)

Full report on separate page.

Interpretation: ET Did It

The Raelian Revolution

Are crop circles a subtle way for the Extra-Terrestrials to sensitise us in a non threatening way to their presence?

Some of them can also be seen to directly confirm the messages given to Rael: What is extraordinary is that the Milk Hill crop formation is exactly the same design as the interior of the Raelian Symbol which Raelians have been wearing publicly since 1990.

This may be a clue to who some of the crop circle hoaxers are.

François Parmantier reports, "We, French, feel deeply sorry and apologize for exporting Rael to North America.... French journalists have carried out investigations into the Raelian movement and his personnal story. The last one was broadcast on a French TV, M6, few months ago. In this report, his best old-friend testified that Rael confessed to him he never saw any flying saucer and that he created the whole story."

The Rael World Comes to New York
Clone Ranger
by Rebecca Segall

Media Response (excerpt)



Friday, 17 August, 2001, 15:17 GMT 16:17 UK
Disease brings poor crop of circles

Scientist Colin Andrews, who has spent 18 years researching the strange manifestations, says about 80% are man-made.

Mr Carson [farmer] is not amused by the fakes. "It's a waste of crops, trespass and criminal damage," he said.

Massive circle

But he admitted to being intrigued.

He said: "My neighbour's just had one that's absolutely massive.

"If you work it out, it's not dark for that many hours in summer, and this consists of about 300 separate circles.

"There must have been a circle made every 30 seconds.

"It would have taken an army to do that, and there's no way an army could have gone undetected.

"It's something that defies belief."

Main Text

----- Original Message -----
From: Stephen and Lesley Clementson
To: Bruce Cornet
Sent: Saturday, August 18, 2001 10:14 AM
Subject: Crop circle at Milk Hill.

Dear Bruce,

In numbering the circles and adding a tangential arrow, I was merely applying what I had found during the 90s.  Placing the tangential arrow on the seventh circle provides a quintessential clue as to the identity of the circle makers.  My star mapping survey of 1994 had revealed numerous reversed star maps in crop circles from previous years.  What I later observed was that these star maps had been supplanted by star map outlines.  The equilateral triangle seemed commonplace amongst that later breed.  Bruce, the best match that I could find to them was in the constellation of Gemini, but more precisely, this reference was to three stars in Pollux.  It looks to me as though sacred geometry was based upon the relationship between stars.

But one of those celestial references was made in a very indirect manner, often referring to it by merely showing nearby stellar groups.  Given the significance of that particular stellar reference, its exclusion seems, on the face of it, to be an odd aspect.  The strangeness grows through the almost gentlemanly manner by which we were introduced to this reference.  That reference is, of course, to the Seven Sisters (Pleiades).  It’s a very old link, and a deliberately encoded reference to it appears in Genesis.  Thus, it can also be deduced that other ancient cultures must have had some, or great, contact with it.  Odette (New Mexico) says that the Cherokee people claim that their ancestors came from there.  True or false, this connection is, nevertheless, rather intriguing, especially as your 1963 experience in France echoed the Seven Sisters connection.

This link (also echoed in the Greek myth about how one of the Seven Sisters had married a mortal) was obviously so important to the ancients that they had gone to a lot of trouble to embed it in their own cultures.  It was of such great religious significance that it was even echoed in the length of the week (seven days), and, in deference to God’s word, work was actually forbidden on one of them (the Sabbath day).  Your observation “I find it interesting that the 7th circle is at the centre and is the largest, while numbers 6 and 8 are the ebb and flow components” seems most fitting.

PS, There were UFO sightings in the vicinity of the Seven Sisters Road, London, recently.

If I am in any way correct about this, then religion was only concocted to put mankind to sleep, and the bible contains enough references to make it into a self-destroying book.  As you correctly point out, “The fact that there are 13 circles makes complete Biblical and esoteric synchrony”.  To my mind, this connection is to be expected.

The connections to religion and myth are clear, and I’m certainly not arguing with your statement that: “Relative to the Isis, Osiris, and Set myths, that pattern is complementary, with Set being 6th (first in line; 6 representing the material world and body), Isis becoming pregnant (with Horus - offspringing as a new crescent) and Osiris losing an appendage (handicapped) and becoming incomplete (on the descending part of crescent - symbolic of the path towards physical death): With the repeating arms of the crop glyph symbolizing a continuing process of birth and death, and life eternal through reincarnation with all crescents ending back at the beginning - the central Sun.”

The problem here is that there are certain elitist organisations that would prefer to keep things as they are, with the rest of mankind kept soundly asleep.


Stephen and Lesley Clementson,
27 Kingscroft,
Welwyn Garden City,
Hertfordshire, England.  AL7 2DL

Formal statement by Colin Andrews.

Galaxy X2.JPG (18724 bytes)

Journalist John Vidal, of the London & Manchester 'Guardian' newspaper, seems adamant that the Milk Hill crop formation is a hoax.  Mr. Vidal claims that this formation is "one of the more boring and predictable advanced formations made in the past few years".  By his estimation, it took a team of six people approximately five hours to make this 400 circle monster.  This is a curious observation, given that he also states that it covers "nearly a kilometre square". Steven Clementson, 21 August 2001.

Courtesy C.C.C.
GalaxyOverflightPostcard_small.jpg (3705 bytes)

This crop circle formation contains 409 circles, including the central circle. There are 7 large circles, each of which is about 100 feet in diameter.  Vidal thinks that this crop glyph could be created in five hours by six people.  Let's figure out the math: 5 hrs. x 60 min. = 300 minutes.  409 circles (67 large circles) divided by 300 minutes gives 1.36 minutes average per circle to make.  

Example using seven people and requiring 12 hours:

If each of the largest circles took 45 minutes to make by one person (seven people involved, one remaining at the center for control/reference), that would leave 255 minutes. 

There are 12 circles ~90 feet diameter.  They would take about 40 minutes to make by six people, leaving 205 minutes. 

There are 12 circles ~85 feet in diameter.  They would take about 38 minutes to make, leaving 171 minutes. 

There are 12 circles ~70 feet in diameter.  They would take about 32 minutes to make, leaving 107 minutes. 

There are 12 circles ~55 feet in diameter.  They would take about 25 minutes to make, leaving 82 minutes. 

There are 6 circles ~40 feet in diameter.  They would take about 18 minutes to make, leaving 64 minutes. 

There are 6 circles ~30 feet in diameter.  They would take about 14 minutes to make, leaving 50 minutes. 

Between making each of the primary circles of each crescent, the satellite circles would have to be made.  There are 55 scaled-down circles coming off the primary circles in each crescent. Their sizes are ~8 feet in diameter (21 per crescent: 4 minutes each), ~20  feet in diameter (25 per crescent: 9 minutes each), and ~35  feet in diameter (9 per crescent: 16 minutes each).  Total time required to make the satellite circles: 453 minutes per crescent.

Note: These times are based on one person doing all the circles in a crescent (68 total); after several hours with no rest, fatigue would set in and performance would decline, increasing the time to make each circle.

Then there would have to be time for moving to each new location before the circle makers could begin making the next circle.  Each new position would have to be checked and approved by the control person at the center of the crop circle formation.  The time to move from one circle to the next and get set up is estimated at 3 minutes minimum.  From the time the first circles were made to the time the last ones were made would require 18 minutes total for positioning the primary circles, and 25 minutes total for positioning the satellite circles.  This is not counting the time of ingress and egress from the farmer's field, nor the time it took to set up the initial pattern or template before the work began.

The total time required for making this crop glyph with six people, one for each crescent, is no less than 746 minutes.  These people would have had to worked constantly for 12 hours with no breaks whatsoever.  Problem: There were only 9 hours of darkness that night.

It is clear that a template of lines was laid out which guided the positioning of the primary circles on each crescent.  That template can be seen as a trampled arcuate line through the centers of the primary circles of each crescent. 

Courtesy C.C.C.

milhill2001diii_small.jpg (3458 bytes)

A similar template of arcuate lines (Golden Mean spirals) around a circular center was used in the creation of the Woodborough Hill Sunflower formation in 2000, indicating that the same team/creators may have been responsible.  This template also indicates that they had ample practice.  The existence of such a template implicates humans.  If constructed from the air, a template would not be required, just as a skillful artist does not need to stencil on a canvass the outlines of what he intends to paint.  But from the ground the overall layout of the crop formation cannot be seen, especially at night.  Therefore, the Milk Hill formation was probably created by humans.  This is how it may have been done:

Example using 13 people and requiring 9 hours:

If possible to accomplish in 9 hours (length of nighttime), it would have taken a well organized team that was well paid for their work.  Dedication and dependability can come only from economic reward if no individual public recognition is possible (secrecy required due to criminal activity).  Someone with money and design/knowledge would be in control and operating behind the scenes.  That person would be responsible for the crop glyph design and its esoteric meanings.  The members of the team would be in their physical prime, and be capable of working long hours at night.  They had to have rehearsed doing their individual parts to the point that they could do them in the dark, with great accuracy.  Six teams of two people, each responsible for one of the crescents, could have done this.  It would have taken them eight hours to do 60 circles (an average of eight circles per hour, or an average of one every 7 minutes), with a couple 15 minute breaks.  One person would hold a rope at the center of the circle, while the other person bent the crop down with a board held by ropes.  When one person got tired trampling crop, the other would take over.  During the last hour (ninth) they finished the remaining eight circles, just before dawn.  They may have used night vision equipment, and had clean-up crews in case of rain, who would wash mud off of trampled crop with hoses attached to small portable water tanks on their backs. They may also have worn special shoes that reduced scuffing and left few clues.  Impossible: No.  Improbable: Yes, but possible with training, discipline, leadership, and pay!

CNN did a five-minute special on the Milk Hill crop circle formation on 21 August 2001. They interviewed a crop circle guy from over there named Charles Mallet, one of the ones who found it.  It was flown over Friday and it was not there (it's very near the Effington Horse, so it's a common flight area).  It rained all day Saturday and appeared Saturday night while still raining.  It was found Sunday.  There were no scuff or mud marks in any of the circles.  Information courtesy of Lloyd Pye.

Because the ground was wet and soft, that means that whoever did this crop circle formation was well trained and professional.  An elite military group cannot be discounted.  But if this crop circle formation was made by humans, it was done without the farmer's permission (unless he was paid and told to keep silent).  Any revelation of who the responsible parties are would subject them to prosecution for criminal trespass and criminal vandalism.   Furthermore, if it could be proven that humans made this formation, the embedded esoteric symbolism would probably be overlooked.  And it is that symbolism which the designer/creator wanted most to convey.  The question that really needs to be asked, Was there any outside intelligence that influenced the designer?  We have a euphemism for such influence: Inspiration.

Charles & Frances Mallett state on Signs of The Times: "At this time the arrival of this beautiful crop glyph is a total mystery, even the prolific advocates of the “human solution” scenario, circle-fakers, “Team Satan” agree that this would be a virtually impossible task. These guys are acknowledged as the best in the circle-faking business and they openly admit that this one is just too much, no surprises there then."

But "Team Satan" spokespersons would have to say that to avoid prosecution, wouldn't they?  See the News Alert below, which is my reason for being cautious.

Bruce Cornet

(Partial) Reconstruction of the
2001 Milk Hill (2) formation

(major circles only)

by Zef Damen

milkhill222b.GIF (10916 bytes)

The central green axis line allowed the placement of the centers (nodes) for the central circle and the north and south crescents.  Once the north and south crescent templates had been laid down (visible as narrow paths trampled through the primary circle centers), the corners of the blue box/rectangle could be defined.  This blue box represents the master template, allowing the centers for the two crescents on the left side and the two crescents on the right side to be defined and the crescent templates to be laid out (also visible as narrow paths trampled through the primary circle centers), along with the centers for four of the seven largest circles.  A rope stretched between people standing at the nodes, whether arcs or radii, is the same length.  From there it was child's play.  Gif above modified from original.

Good work Zef.

Subj: Crop Circle News: Important news about the Milk Hill formation
Date: 8/21/01 1:51:50 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Paul Vigay)

----------------------------------------------------->forwarded message
To all researchers,

I have this afternoon received confirmation from a reliable source in the media (whose identity will remain confidential), that Team Satan, along with a well-rehearsed, and large group of people, made the Milk Hill formation for a forthcoming show debunking the crop circle phenomenon for good (well, so THEY think). The programme will be shown in September on HTV.

Naturally, they plan to use quotes from all those who have so far expressed wonder at this impressive formation (from the air, at least- the ground details are far from convincing).

There is also evidence of later military involvement in this exercise, which will take me a while to substantiate. For starters, an undercover investigation has revealed that members of the military, pretending to be new-age interests, have this year infiltrated much of the crop circle community for purposes which can only be speculated upon.

Please notify as you wish, and please be careful what you say to the media or over the Internet. It could be used to discredit you.

More information as I receive it. And please, do not give me a hard time over 'confidentiality'. You'll just have to trust this message, just as I have trusted the source who kindly provided it.

Freddy Silva


----- Original Message -----
From: Stephen and Lesley Clementson
To: Bruce Cornet
Sent: Saturday, August 18, 2001 11:56 AM
Subject: WRT Milk Hill

Dear Bruce,

If you wish, you can add the following to your website.  Please consider that the following example relates to the same area as the site of the Milk Hill Crop formation. 

The main thrust of my analysis on the subject of the paranormal had to do with the deliberate implantation of clues.  This process very often involves the direct use of humans, as they frequently provide relevant symbolism.  As I shall attempt to demonstrate, there is an underlying symbolic unity to be found.  Like printing a menu in French, English, German, or Dutch, the only real difference between any of these bizarre events is to be found in the presentation…

Delivering information through symbolism is a stereotypical feature of these odd phenomena.  Without a careful analysis of the circumstances under which they had occurred, these peculiar events seem no more than weird anomalies.  Indeed, some of these occurrences are so utterly bizarre that even the finest mind might elect to follow a mystical route to understanding them.  There can be little doubt that these things will neatly categorise under the heading of ‘bizarre’, and might even be quantified as being mystical, although I must confess that such headings seem like a major understatement of their true eccentricity.  It would be fair to say that, to the average man on the street, such things belong to a detached, mystical, fantasy world.  Or do they?

Here is an example to consider:

We used to own a dog, named ‘Heidi’.  Actually, she was a crossbreed bitch, but, sadly, she had to be put to sleep in 1994.  Shortly after her death, Lesley and I were driving along the A4 trunk road, en route to the Alton Barnes area of Wiltshire.  It was late in the evening, and Lesley was asleep as I drove the car through Marlborough, Wiltshire, on the old A4 London-to-Bath road.  As I drove up level with the turning for Manton House and Hollow, Lesley surprised me by calling out “Heidi!”  She was calling out to a dead pet in her sleep.  Very slowly, Lesley then began to wake up.

Although silent and invisible, Lesley said that she could actually feel Heidi rubbing her body against her, and beating her tail against her legs.  Upon our exit from this area the following day, the opposite occurred.  Travelling back on the A4, the entity that Lesley had identified as ‘Heidi’ promptly vacated the car at precisely the same point that she had joined us the previous evening.  I felt and saw nothing, whilst Lesley, the recipient, had only felt the presence of the entity.  This wasn’t a ‘one-off’ event, because precisely the same thing has happened on every occasion that we have passed that point since 1994.

In early August 2001, having once again picked-up our ghostly acquaintance earlier in the day, I chose to drive back on a different road.  Without driving past that spot, you might think that our ghostly passenger was stuck.  Wrong!  This time, the invisible entity vacated the car as we drove past a turn-off simply bearing a direction sign for Manton House and Hollow.

Ok, at this stage many would probably opt for an explanation wherein this ghostly presence was precisely what it appeared to be.  They would say that this creature had been happiest there during her life, thus she would always choose to return there.  Lesley, they would conclude, is more psychically sensitive than I am, and would, for this very reason, be aware of Heidi’s presence.  Simple, isn’t it?  

But there’s something missing from this blissful image of a contented spirit, frolicking amidst the scenic tranquillity of the Wiltshire countryside.  For a start, the event synchronisation here seemed suspiciously precise.  And why at that point anyway?  Dogs can’t read when they’re alive, so how on earth did the apparent spirit of Heidi know to exit the car, when all she had to go on was a signpost for Manton House and Hollow?

Rewinding the metaphorical ‘tape’, and applying the symbolic rules that I have learned over the years, an altogether different picture emerges.  You see, there was something altogether too precise and mechanical about this case, and that was a factor that had bracketed it amongst numerous other anomaly reports.  And there was little doubt in my mind that this case was anomalous, and, for that very reason, I felt that it was probably bogus.  Some time back, and looking at things from another angle, I had noted that the Teutonic name ‘Heidi’ meant ‘The Battle Maiden’.  As a single reference point, this would have had little bearing on the issue.  But there were other factors to consider here, the first of which was in the meaning of the Anglo-Saxon name ‘Manton’.  As ‘Manton’ means ‘[From] The Hero’s Farm’, the synchronisation with ‘The Battle Maiden’ seemed remarkably apt.

During the course of my studies, I had also found that horse symbolism was of extreme importance.  This factor was often repeated, and it seemed to attract various kinds of anomalous activities.  Indeed, more of this type of symbolism could be detected in this Manton/Heidi combination.  As a matter of fact, Manton House and Hollow is the home of a famous horseracing stable, and it possesses private racetrack.  Further to that, and adding yet more symbolic weight to the issue, one of the famous Wiltshire White Horses is to be found on the other side of the A4 from Manton House and Hollow (Manton Village area).

There was obviously something crucial about this strange horse symbolism, and I found out what it was in 1998.  At that point, I should state that I had found many examples of phenomena containing biblical symbolism.  There was so much of it that I was forced to conclude that there was an intentionally inserted link to the scriptures.  Having already deduced a connection between such things as UFOs, ghosts, and white horses, some time earlier, this new connection, the bible of all places, provided a new twist to the ‘Chariots of the Gods’ concept.  Indeed, all this seemingly incongruous ‘stuff’ about white horses, battles, and heroes, could be found in a single bloodthirsty passage of John’s revelations.  To be more precise, they appear in the bizarre words of Revelation 19:11 onwards:

… “[19:11] And I saw the heaven opened, and behold, a white horse, and one sitting on it, [called] Faithful and True, and he judges and makes war in righteousness.  [19:12] And his eyes are a flame of fire, and upon his head many diadems, having a name written which no one knows but himself; [19:13] and [he is] clothed with a garment dipped in blood; and his name is called The Word of God.  [19:14] And the armies which [are] in the heaven followed him upon white horses, clad in white, pure, fine linen.  [19:15] And out of his mouth goes a sharp [two-edged] sword, that with it he might smite the nations; and he shall shepherd them with an iron rod; and he treads the wine-press of the fury of the wrath of God the Almighty.

[19:16] And he has upon his garment, and upon his thigh, a name written, King of kings, and Lord of lords.  [19:17] And I saw an angel standing in the sun; and he cried with a loud voice, saying to all the birds that fly in mid-heaven, Come, gather yourselves to the great supper of God, [19:18] that ye may eat flesh of kings, and flesh of chiliarchs, and flesh of strong men, and flesh of horses and of those that sit upon them, and flesh of all, both free and bond, and small and great.

[19:19] And I saw the beast and the kings of the earth and their armies gathered together to make war against him that sat upon the horse, and against his army.  [19:20] And the beast was taken, and the false prophet that [was] with him, who wrought the signs before him by which he deceived them that received the mark of the beast, and those that worship his image. Alive were both cast into the lake of fire which burns with brimstone; [19:21] and the rest were slain with the sword of him that sat upon the horse, which goes out of his mouth; and all the birds were filled with their flesh.”…

The statement: “And the armies which [are] in the heaven followed him upon white horses” clearly applies to the apparent ‘spirit’ of Heidi: the otherwise deceased ‘Battle Maiden.’

As I had already deduced that different phenomena groups were linked, it came as no surprise to me to find exactly the same biblical scriptures enacted in the UFO world.  Is it any wonder that I call the bible ‘The UFO Codebook’?  This is clearly nonsensical; why would an outside intelligence want to give out such data in a cross-referenced, coded form like this?  I would suggest that the answer to this is to be found in government secrecy, and an agreement whereby extraterrestrials have been permitted to continue experiments upon isolated human subjects.  In return for this, there would be no release of information regarding the connection between extraterrestrials and religion.  This would certainly explain the dispassionate manner by which dubious forms of experimentation are metered out; these things have to look like scientific experiments, done for truly scientific purposes.  Exactly the same ‘mock scientific experiment’ formula applies to the crop circle phenomenon.  The twist here is that the information has actually been dished out, but in this bizarre coded form. 

Like everything else, crop circles are meant to look like valid human experiments, but the truth is that they’re packed with clues.  This hypothesis would certainly explain the determined and purposeful continuity that I have observed over the years.

Through Lesley, we also know of the connection to extraterrestrials.  Ufologists are familiar with the beings called ‘greys’, and the name ‘Lesley’ means ‘Keeper of the Grey Fort’.  In a peculiar and, quite frankly, illogical twist, the quirky system known as numerology comes into play here.  To some, you see, those little grey fellows are also known to be the workforce of the ones known as The Pleiadesians.  These tall, typically blonde, humanoids are also known as ‘The Nordics’, and the Pleiades open star cluster used to be known as the ‘Seven Sisters’.  Lesley, who was born on the fifth of August 1947, provides a link to the Pleiades in terms of her birth numerology.

I have spent a long time analysing the connection to the numbers 6, 7, and 13, and would suggest that all three pertain to the Pleiades.  You see, Lesley’s date of birth converts, through numerology, to the numbers seven and thirteen, thus: 5+8 (=13) +1+9+4+7 (=34), where 3+4=7. For this reason, Lesley’s emotional attachment to the Pleiades might have been artificially implanted.  Following-up on a lead we got back in January 1995, in which Lesley started ‘receiving’ bizarre and unexplained ‘psychic messages’, I can also define a clue supplied through her family name.  Born ‘Lesley Anne Cox’, the name ‘Cox’ typically means ‘The Cockerel’, but it can also be taken in the literal form, as in ‘The Steersman’ (The Coxswain; the one who steers the boat).

Mysterious steersman:

This bizarre 1995 event occurred at night, whilst I was driving my car through the Alton Barnes area.  Lesley, sitting in the passenger seat, ‘received’ a one word ‘message’.  We were approaching a junction on the left-hand side at the very moment that a disincarnate voice said “Left”.  I absolutely heard nothing, but Lesley, who felt that the voice was coming from within her own head, immediately shouted out “Left”.  We were both somewhat shocked by this, but, with time on my hands, I obeyed by turning left.  This manoeuvre took us onto then Stanton St. Bernard Road.  Shortly thereafter, and just as we were passing the Vale of Pewsey White Horse on our right, this disincarnate voice issued Lesley a command that would have proved impossible to obey.  It said “Right”, but there was no road.  We continued, and were given more turning instructions as we approached certain junctions.  A little later, we found ourselves driving to Avebury along the A361.  As we approached the Beckhampton roundabout, the mysterious voice directed along the A4, in an eastwardly direction.


It was getting late, this peculiar exercise was consuming fuel, and I was getting a little tired of what was, or appeared to be, little more than a childish ‘mystery tour’ game.  So when the unexplained voice issued yet another turning instruction, I simply ignored it, and carried on in an eastwardly direction toward home.  We didn’t know at the time that this crazy exercise had been laid-on to provide us with data.  But its sheer insanity would prove enough for me to remember the incident vividly, and would, therefore, later compel me to find answers.

The Lesley Cox connection…

Putting two and two together, the reason why Lesley, and not I, had been sensing the presence of Heidi had to do with the symbolism provided.  Born ‘in a seven and a thirteen’, the keeper of the grey fort, the steersman, had connected the white horse symbolism to a particular group of non-earthly, intelligent humanoid beings. 

The Avebury link…

It shouldn’t be forgotten that this mysterious ‘Heidi spirit’ joins us westbound on the A4, departing from us only when we are travelling east.  Travelling west from Manton House and Hollow along the A4 takes us straight into the Avebury area.  In cosmological terms, the Avebury area has been likened to a scale model of Cydonia, Mars.


Stephen and Lesley Clementson,
27 Kingscroft,
Welwyn Garden City,
Hertfordshire, England.  AL7 2DL

The Woodborough Hill Sunflower: A Related Crop Glyph?

----- Original Message -----
From: <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, August 21, 2001 8:47 PM
Subject: An "ASM" Reading of Milk Hill crop formation

The nearest "ASM" (Archaeo-sky Matrix) figure of major importance to "49368" .. is .. 49348.02201 .. a decimal harmonic of .. (Pi X half-Pi). (3.141592654 X 1.570796327)  =  4.934802201

Further .. I found "4.934802201" as the Grid POINT Value for the remarkable "Woodborough Hill" crop formation of about one year ago (UK, 2000) .. involving a 22-fold geometry in a circular design. Freddy Silva, by the way, wrote an article on that formation (  I think the 22-fold formation of a year ago, is being *intentionally referenced*,  via the apparent Grid LAT of this awesome "Milk Hill" formation of 2001.  Not only are these 2 crop formations .. separated by a year .. being correlated intentionally by their creators. The decimal harmonic_itself_of (Pi X half-Pi) .. is being "displayed". The "ASM", *itself* .. is being "referenced", in my opinion, by the creators of_at least_these 2 formations.

Date created: 08/18/2001
Last updated: 09/15/2005
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