Pandemonium On The Highway

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Sharon: "Gimmy it (camcorder). Follow[ing] car. You son of a bitches. I knew I felt nauseous for a reason." Pat: "Here. Take it" (camcorder). Bruce: It's on (camcorder). Sharon: It's on?  "Don't you dare go there" (into swamp in forest to right of highway).

Notice the two small lights (top one larger than the bottom light) to the right of the highway. They may be the lights of the UAP that just flew ahead of us on the right.

Sharon Cunningham, a friend from Maryland, wanted my wife, Pat Huff-Cornet, and me to take her to the Pine Bush UAP hotspot in New York. She wanted to see a Pine Bush UAP. She drove up to our house in Red Bank, NJ, and we took her in our Chevy Van to West Searsville Rd. in Orange County, NY, on 10 June 1995, where many locals gathered for nightime skywatches. 

Since it was still daylight, we decided to drive to Mount Houston (now called Baldwin Hill), a small mountain North of Scotchtown, NY, next to Middletown, so that she could see an overview of the Wallkill River Valley.  This was before houses had been built around a cul-de-sac there.  Sharon brought along here music keyboard, and played some music, hoping to attract the attention of local ETs, but to no avail.

Mount Houston Sharon 1Mount Houston Sharon 2

Mount Houston is located just north of Middletown, NY, which overlooks the Pine Bush area to the north (picture on the right).

cul-de-sac Mt Houston

Middletown NY

Looking South from over Mount Houston (since renamed Baldwin Hill), North of Scotchtown. Arrow points to cul-de-sac.

When it turned dark, we headed back to the skywatch area along West Searsville Rd. However, after three hours with no sightings of UAP, the crowd of about eight people in the skywatch group began to head home. Disappointed, we decided to head back home also. Sharon was vocally disappointed that no ETs had given her a sighting. 

As we traveled East towards I-84 through Walden, NY, Sharon said she felt ill. I too began to feel nauseous, and we thought it might be ET expressing displeasure that we left before Midnight. Pat also said she was feeling dizzy.

We got to the entrance ramp on I-84 East and I accelerated to highway speed.  As I entered the right highway lane, I checked my rearview mirror, and was surprised to see a pair of bright headlights coming towards us in our lane. Since they were coming fast, I told the girls to watch the lights, which I thought belonged to a large semi truck.  But then Sharon screamed, because the lights were moving much faster than highway speed towards us. Pat also screamed.  I told them to grab my camcorder and turn it on, which they did, but not fast enough. The lights were closing the distance between us very fast, perhaps traveling at least 200+ miles per hour!  Bracing for impact, we then saw the lights rise up above our van and move off to the right side of the highway.  It was the Black Manta Ray, which paralleled our van for a short distance!  Pat pointed the camcorder at the UAP, but it quickly dove out of sight into a shallow valley next to the highway and disappeared.  Sharon let out a string of expletives, realizing that this was her UAP sighting, personally designed to scare her for her negative thoughts about ET not showing up earlier that evening.

Red arrow path of Manta Ray. Yellow arrow path of our van.

Enlarged map

Return to the top of this page and watch the video of what was captured as Pat tried to orient the camcorder at the UAP.  Play the audio to hear Sharon's pandemonium.

Manta Ray Chase I-84


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