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If you like fossils, go to Evolution page.

I am your host, Dr. Bruce Cornet.

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As I construct this website and write more articles, they will be posted underWhat's New.   Go to Resources & Links to find my other websites and interests.

Please go to the About Us page to learn more about my current life, marriage, family, and location.

Also on this page is a dedication to the memory of my late wife, Bonnie (1950-1991), who died from heart disease at age 40 after a ten year battle with the ravages of cancer and dozens of operations, which left her handicapped and at one point homeless.  Her story is anything but typical.   If you like romantic love stories filled with villains and white knights, you will enjoy reading about Bonnie's life.  Her first husband sent her to the morgue, where she woke up after being pronounced dead.  Her second husband abandoned her and her children after she contracted cancer.  Her story combines the plots for the movies, Urban Cowboy, Terms of Endearment, Always, and Ghost.  She knew Bruce Springstein, and helped his band get started in Asbury Park, NJ.  She knew Elvis Presley, who gave her his owl belt buckle in front of an audience in Philadelphia (she later returned it).    She was at the original Woodstock festival in upper New York State.  She briefly coached Debbra Winger for her part in the movie, Terms of Endearment.

Music: Mars

Last Updated: 04/25/2009