AntiGravity Inertial Shielding Analysis

by Jack Sarfati, Ph.D.

JACK's Email Response to My Letter

Hi Jack,
I am confused by the description of Shamir Banarjee of space-time warps in front and back of a vehicle that calls for compression in front and expansion in back. 
It’s all simple math - you cannot use your verbal intuition here - it’s counter intuitive.
Can use Schwarzschild solution
g00 = 1/(1 - 2GM/c^2r)
When M > 0 attractive gravity contracts space causing gravity redshift
When M < 0 repulsive anti-gravity expands space causing anti-gravity blue shift.
Opposing motional Doppler - a different effect do not confuse with gravity shift and do not confuse with cosmological shift - Jim Woodward made this mistake.

Math details in Wikipoopia below
Equation 1

Equation 2

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Subject: Warp Drive

Miguel Alcubierre, in 1994, presented the mathematical construction that allows for the possibility of a theoretical vessel to travel at speeds faster than the speed of light, while preserving a normal spacetime in the vicinity of the vessel, thus avoiding time-dilation. [14] Here is a graphic to explain it. This is a 3D presentation of a 2D spacetime plane that has been warped in opposite directions around an un-warped middle circular area. 

Warp diagram

The theoretical vessel would sit in the middle of the graph, its engine creating a compressed spacetime in the direction of travel relative to the vessel, and an expanded spacetime in the rear, thus maintaining an overall conserved spacetime curvature, like surfing on a wave, or falling continuously forward. The energy required to create these warps of spacetime are on the order of the Einstein non-inertial mass of the planet Jupiter, by some estimates, which is clearly unimaginable to achieve, even if our ability to confine anti-matter were dramatically improved, (beyond the single atoms that have thus far been confined for femtoseconds). Therefore, some other physics concept must be developed, which is described. 

Would space-time compression in front cause a realtime inverse or expansion (drop) of sound frequencies, while causing a space-time expansion in back with an inverse or compression (rise) of sound frequencies?

That’s what the above math says. That’s what I said a jillion jillion times already. "God is a mathematician" (Norbert Weiner) explains the “Unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics in the physical world” (Eugene Wigner). 

Or would the negative-refraction meta-material hull of the craft be responsible for all of the Reverse Doppler sound effect?

Yes, because gravity is universal ALL waves EM, gravity, sound (if air), elastic inside - feel same Ricci compression/expansion + Weyl conformal vacuum stretch-squeeze curvature tensor fields in the same way - this is a corollary to the Einstein Equivalence Principle (EEP).

BTW a Contactee friend of mine says she thought she saw you aboard a ship recently with other physicists - a Secret Space Force ship, I think.

Clearly in my future as it has not happened yet. ;-)

This sci fi book below written by a time traveler from our future appeared about 30 years ago; note how he mentions me and Aspect.



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