Alien Technology in a Wooden Pyramid in North Carolina

by Bruce Cornet

Date: 14 March 1995

Place: Residence of Walter Bartoo and Judi Wells

Stone Mountain, Vilas, NC

        KaRa had made it clear that something important was going to happen to me on Good Friday, 14 April 1995, particularly after she had me experience aspects of the crucifixion three times through virtual reality simulations in preparation for that date.  But it also became clear to me that I was not being told exactly what would happen, if anything.  Once I recognized Bartoo's connection to the Karadonians, and learned of his mission to help bring in the New Age, it was apparent to me that I had to be with him before Good Friday.  On 14 March I travelled from Red Bank, NJ, to Vilas, NC in ten and a half hours.

Walter Bartoo on left.  Bruce Cornet, Adel, and Bob Padgett on right.

I met Walter Bartoo on his property near Stone Mountain State Park, just southeast of Sparta, NC.  His property sits on the junction of two ley lines, according to him.  Stone Mountain is a huge granite massive that rises up on one side of a fault line.  Mark Patrick Gibbons ( states: “A ley-line is a straight fault line in the earth’s tectonic plates; this is a scientific fact.  What science though refuses to believe is that through these, cracks in the earth’s tectonic plates the magnetic energy released are very powerful indeed.  In fact many people have claimed to have felt the energy surge up their body, and some of them claim that they have blacked out as the surge was that powerful…Take








Shorter length of copper pipe extends below Hexagonal tables and terminates with a large quartz crystal above the floor, where a third smaller copper pipe with a crystal on top acts as a ground to the Earth.


the native Indians of the United States; they used to call ley lines I and their Shaman’s used to use the electro-magnetic energy in these lines to help them contact the spirits.”  Stone Mountain is considered a sacred mountain by Native

Americans, and is a place where contact with the spirit world can be made.  I climbed to the top of Stone Mountain when I visited Walter Bartoo, and felt the presence of spirit entities there.


Wikipedia: “Ley lines are apparent alignments of places of significance in the geography or culture of an area, often including man-made structures.  They are in the older sense, ancient, straight trackways in the British landscape, or in the newer sense, spiritual and mystical alignments of land forms.”


Bartoo told me that there had been a problem with this particular junction of ley lines before he built a wooden pyramid containing an alien device called a Magnetron at its center.  That pyramid was constructed on top of the junction of two ley lines where there was an energy deficit in order for the Magnetron to direct atmospheric energy down into the Earth to correct that deficit and stabilize its magnetic signature.


Bartoo had contacted me out of the blue and invited me to see his Magnetron in operation.  He told me his story of communicating with extraterrestrials, who told him to move from New Jersey to North Carolina, and to purchase land on the eastern side of Stone Mountain where the ley lines intersected.  It was revealed to him by those aliens that he was spiritually one of them who had been ordered to incarnate as a human so that he could carry out their plans for Earth.  Keep in mind that I had only recently been introduced to the spirit world through my late wife’s Spirit, and to the UFO phenomenon.  As a scientist this exposure was very different and at odds with scientific beliefs.  The question became: Why was I chosen and how did Bonnie and her Spirit fit into the bigger picture.  Meeting my biological offspring for the first time was a systemic shock to my psyche, and opened up my mind to the existence of alternate (parallel) worlds, which were mostly invisible and out of reach to scientists.


When I talked to Walter Bartoo on the phone, I shared with him my communication with KaRa, who claimed to be the Spirit of my late wife, Bonnie.  I told him how KaRa had revealed my spiritual name: Bar, which is also what Bonnie had called me during our seven years together.  He surprised me by saying that his name was Bar too.  It took me a moment to realize that we had the same first names, and that his last name was Bartoo!  That connection or synchronicity helped to confirm in my mind that our meeting was important for my education into the invisible world.


He shared with me his story of communicating with his alien controllers, who told him to move from New Jersey to North Carolina, where he was told to purchase land on the east side of Stone Mountain.  He had little money, and had no idea how he was going to accomplish his mission.  When he got to North Carolina, he contacted real estate agents, looking for property near or on the site the aliens told him to purchase.  He was then contacted by a real estate agent, who said she had property exactly where the Lay Lines crossed.  He told her he didn't have much money, but she said she could get a loan for purchase which he could afford.  Everything seemed to have been arranged, but by whom?


The next problem was purchasing materials to build the Magnetron, whose blueprint was downloaded into his brain by the aliens.  But first he had to build a house on his new property.  Surprisingly, when he put out the word for help, people came to him with building materials and offers to help him build his house.  Then he needed materials to build the containment structure for the Magnetron.  He either was given the design by aliens, or he chose a pyramid-shaped structure.  Again, people brought him building materials, and he constructed with volunteer help a wooden pyramid at the exact location his ET source had told him to put the Magnetron.


Next he needed the materials to build the Magnetron: Fifty+ foot copper pipe in three segments (one long length on top and two short lengths on bottom), circular magnets that would fit exactly around the upper copper pipe, plus hundreds of quartz crystals of three different sizes that would be arranged on acrylic circular plates sandwiched between dozens of circular magnets on the copper pipe.  This device had to be isolated from the Earth, but positioned over a copper pipe embedded in the ground as a ground.  Both ends of the discontinuous copper pipes would have huge quartz crystals connected to the ends of the pipes, and pointing at each other.  Even the top of the main copper pipe would have a huge quartz crystal capping it in the very apex of the pyramid, whose capstone is constructed of four triangular, semitransparent acrylic windows.


Not knowing if this device would work, Bartoo constructed it with the help of friends and his family.  When I arrived at his property, I was amazed.  His house was built in the shape of a Celtic Cross, and a pyramid stood up hill from his house in the middle of the woods.  He invited his friends, wife, and daughter to join him while we watched the Magnetron function.  I was very skeptical at first, not knowing how one would determine if energy was being transmitted down the copper pipe to the Earth without instrumentation.  I would soon see the proof with my own eyes.





Above: Top of Magnetron device, showing large quartz crystal at top and windows at top of pyramid.


Above: Upper part of Magnetron pipe showing circular magnets around pipe, and circular acrylic table with aligned smaller magnets and quartz crystals.

Above: Main copper pipe of Magnetron showing circular magnets surrounding pipe and spaced circular acrylic tables with aligned magnets and quartz crystals.

Above: Main copper pipe - lower termination with a large quartz crystal, above Hexagonal table.

Above: Hexagonal table with aligned magnets and quartz crystals, and quartz crystal ball at center.

Above: Two Hexagonal tables near base of Magnetron device, each with circular aligned small magnets and quartz crystals.  Top table made of acrylic.  Bottom table made of wood, with pipe (ground?) connected on side.

Above: Looking up from hexagonal crystal table towards top of pyramid.

Above: Base of Magnetron showing pipe and crystal grounded to Earth.


When I met Walt and Judi they greeted me like an old friend, and I had the strongest feeling that I had known both of them before.  When I met their five year old daughter, Adel, I saw her astral body surrounding her before I focused on her.  The seven bedroom, two story cross-shaped house which Bartoo built himself and in which his family lives is full of energy, and I sensed immediately that other spiritual beings were present, which Walt and Judi confirmed.  We spent that first night and the following day becoming acquainted, talking about many alien and spiritual matters.

        On 16 March (Thursday) Bob and Kate arrived from Charlottesville, NC.  Bob works as a press photographer for Reuters, and travels around the country.  He brought his camera and processing equipment in the event that something newsworthy could be captured on film during their visit.  Bob, according to Walt, is one of the Earth people, and frequently goes into the woods or fields to commune with the Earth devas.  Walt refers to him as Merlin the Magician, because he has had so many magical and mystical events happen to him.  He is a hulk of a man, towering more than six feet tall, but has the most gentle personality.  He met Kate under very unusual circumstances, and their first encounter was very spiritual.  Both claim to be walk-ins.  They spent some time explaining their alien and spiritual experiences, and how their original spirits were replaced by the spirits that now reside in their bodies.  I could only listen to their fascinating story, having never met someone before who claimed to be a walk-in.  Their presence and what Kate told me became part of my experience and preparation for what would happen to me on Good Friday.

        Thursday night I went to meditate in the pyramid with Kate and Bob.  I told them of some of my spiritual experiences, and about what KaRa had revealed to me.  Kate then began to channel her spirit guide (male), and her voice deepened as she communicated his message.  I was told that while there that my spirit would be replaced by a walk-in.  I questioned the meaning or significance of that revelation, and was told that my walk-in would take over and complete my mission, while I could either return to KaRa, stay in my body with the walk-in, or become a spirit guide.  I asked what that would be like, and was told that it would be similar to having an out-of-body experience or astral projection.  I told Judi and Walt about this revelation, and they pointed out that they did not know Kate, and therefore had little confidence in what she had told me.  Judi said that both Kate and Bob claimed to be walk-ins, and Kate may have been projecting her concept of spiritual growth to me as a walk-in experience.  I interpreted what Kate said as an option that was being given to me to leave my Earth body and become a complete Karadonian.  I also was concerned about leaving my responsibilities in the hands of someone else, and about how Pat would react when she discovered that the person whom she married was someone else.  I told KaRa that I was not prepared to make such a transformation, and if it took place I wanted to stay in my body with the walk-in.

        Early Friday morning (between 1:00 am and 3:00 am) I woke up in bed to find myself engulfed in white light.  I slept in one of the downstairs bedrooms with two windows.  The brilliant full Moon made the night sky glow, but the ground floor room was mostly dark when I went to bed.  I had a disturbing dream where I saw bats hanging from the ceiling above me and a large bat flying around my head.  I tried to scare it away by waving my right arm.  The dream was so disturbing that I woke up to find that I was waving my right arm (something that normally does not occur in a dream state), and making a swishing sound with my mouth that simulated the sound of flapping bat wings.  When I woke up and opened my eyes I discovered that the entire room was aglow in white light.  I was surrounded by white light coming from a translucent being or entity hovering above me near the ceiling.  I studied this being in amazement, noting that it changed shape and glowed brilliant white.  This being resembled a giant amoeba that contained a miniature of the entire Universe.  I saw swirling galaxies and milky ways containing thousands of tiny points of light.  The light and feeling of profound peace and unconditional love was clearly coming from this being or spirit, and that light and love were being directed at me.  Nothing was said or communicated in telepathic voice, but I soon got the mental thought to go back to sleep.  My eyelids became very heavy, and I tried unsuccessfully to keep them open.  I turned on my right side and closed my eyes.  As soon as I did that I lost consciousness.  The next thing I remember is waking up several hours later with a clear recollection of being visited by the Holy Spirit.  My energy level had increased, as had the vibrational frequency of my body, which had been apparent ever since I arrived at the Bartoo residence.

        That morning over tea and coffee I told Walt and Judi of my experience.  Walt then told me that his spirit guide had told him that I would experience three things during my visit: 1) The full Moon; 2) the energy vortex in the pyramid; and 3) baptism by fire.  The Moon was full and brighter than I had ever seen it before.  I stuck my hand in the energy flow of the Magnetron (crystal-magnet column in the pyramid), and felt a strong galvanic response.  I soon began to feel pain as though I had stuck my hand in an electric current.  The encounter with the Holy Spirit completed the prophecy given to Walt.  The next day (Saturday, 15 April) I recognized a change in my spiritual clarity or a decrease in my spiritual opaqueness.  When I go into an altered state, particularly during a sexual orgasm, I see a pair of silver disks or eyes surrounded by golden fire.  Normally these disks are black with only a hint of glow around their perimeter (like that of a solar eclipse by the Moon).  That morning I saw that half of each disk was missing, and I was looking into brilliant white light behind the hemidisks.  The top half was now open, while the bottom half was still blocked inside the entrance to a pair of tunnels of white light.  In addition, my lungs were now clear and unrestricted by scar damage from breathing toxic acid fumes in college.  Before my baptism in fire I was not able to fill my lungs completely, and heard a wheezing sound from restricted bronchial passages.  X-rays showed scar tissue in my lungs.  Now I can breath freely and fill my lungs completely.  I had been healed by the Holy Spirit!

        After my conversation with Walt and Judi, KaRa told me that I had been purified by the Holy Spirit, and that about half of my spiritual healing power had been restored.  I then felt as though I am was a composite spiritual being with two spiritual components in one physical body.  The amount of spiritual energy I now feel inside me had increased.  I felt more buoyed up and supported, more confident and self-assured, and more at peace and filled with love than ever before.  For what KaRa had prepared me by putting me back on the Cross was not a literal death, but the spiritual death of my old personality or self, and my spiritual rebirth through baptism in fire.  All the trauma and pain I had experienced by revisiting the crucifixion experience was a test of my commitment to KaRa.  My Baptism in Fire was my reward.  The room in which I slept that night was the downstairs east room of the cross-shaped house.  The east room in the temple of Solomon in Jerusalem was called the Holy of Holies.  It is in that room where baptism in fire occurs.  It is the bridal chamber.  "There were three buildings for sacrifice in Jerusalem.  The one facing west was called "the Holy."  Another facing south was called "the holy of the holy."  The third facing east was called "the holy of the holies," the place where only the high priest enters.  Baptism is "the holy" building.  Redemption is "the holy of the holy."  "The holy of the holies" is the bridal chamber.  Baptism includes the resurrection [and the] redemption; the redemption (takes place) in the bridal chamber." (The Gospel of Philip: II,3. in Robinson, 1990: 151).

        Walt gave me two tests in order to determine if KaRa was who she said she was.  He said that his medical condition had deteriorated significantly in the weeks before I visited him, and wanted to know if KaRa could heal him or reverse the direction in his health.  He had bad circulation in his left elbow, which produced swelling like that of a "tennis elbow."  He also had restricted arteries to his heart, and had had a pacemaker put in years earlier.  But he said the battery in his pacemaker was dead, and he was experiencing sharp pains in his chest.  He felt that his health was deteriorating rapidly, and wanted me to ask KaRa to heal him, which she said she would do for anyone I designated for healing.  When I arrived Walt told me that the swelling in his arm had decreased significantly, but he was still experiencing chest pains.  I asked KaRa if she were still attending to his health, and she reassured me that she was taking care of his problems, but that his recovery would be slow due to the gradual reversal of his problems.  By the time I left he had noticed a significant clearing in his chest with the disappearance of all pain, and his elbow was nearly back to normal.  When I got home he told me over the phone that he felt better and had more energy than before, and was convinced that KaRa was responsible.  All I could tell him was what I was being told by KaRa, and he seemed reassured.

        The second test came on Saturday when he wanted to know if KaRa could send an alien craft to hover over the pyramid for photographs.  Bob was prepared to send the best photograph on the press wire around the world as a testimony to the existence of UFOs and the importance of Walt's pyramid.  I asked KaRa, and she said she would see what she could do (her usual response).  About an hour later Walt asked me if KaRa was sending a craft, and I checked with her to find that she was still arranging for a craft to be sent.  Walt and Bob made comments to the effect that a general can always get a jeep out of the motorpool when he wants one, and KaRa responded to me that it was not a simple request considering the circumstances surrounding the request.  KaRa didn't tell me that there was significant risk involved to her people, not to mention the risk to us once the picture was sent out on the wire.  Walt said that he was under surveillance by the CIA and FBI from time to time, and had no doubt that his house was bugged or that someone in the government was listening to our conversations.  About an hour later I told Walt and Bob that KaRa had found a craft and was sending it to our location.  I went outside to wait for the craft.  I somehow knew that it would appear over Stone Mountain above the pyramid, and sat on the tailgate of my truck watching the clouds being swept (funneled) towards the pyramid by the energy being drawn down into the pyramid. 

        As each cloud appeared over the mountain ridge, it began to expand and dissipate as it moved over the energy vortex coming from the pyramid.  The cloud would begin to descend, expand, and disappear around the edges until it had completely vanished.  I then noticed that most of the clouds coming over the mountain were coming over that same place as if they had been directed to the pyramid.  Only the few large stray clouds that managed to traverse the mountain on either side did not break up as did the clouds over the pyramid.  It was clear evidence for the validation of a vertical flow of spinning energy going down into the pyramid, which made the perimeter of each cloud twist and explode outwards before disappearing.


As we sat on the tailgate of my truck, and others were seated in the truck bed, Bartoo told us (especially me, since the others had already seen this happen) to watch the clouds as they traveled from west to east over the top of Stone Mountain, which towered above the pyramid behind it.  As the front and winds changed direction, they carried the clouds towards the pyramid.  I could tell something unusual was happening, because the small puffy clouds began to change direction and converge on the pyramid location.  At first this was unbelievable, but seeing is believing.  This process didn't happen once or twice, but continuously, as cloud after cloud changed direction towards the location of the pyramid.  What was most extraordinary is that when each small cloud moved over the top of the pyramid, it was rapidly sucked down into the top of the pyramid and Magnetron as if in a spiraling energy vortex. 



        Two other people arrived as Walt, Judi, Bob, and Adel gathered at my truck waiting for the craft to arrive.  When Walt came out he pointed to the mountain where we were looking, and said, "That is where the craft will appear."  His statement supported what I was told, and I got the feeling that we were experiencing synchronicity.  Walt wanted a large mothership to be sent, but I knew that we would be lucky to get any craft.  As noon approached I became more anxious, asking KaRa several times if a ship was really being sent.  Each time she reassured me that one was on its way.  I told her that I was going way out on the limb for this one, and that if I was not receiving correct information, my credibility and her's would be severely damaged.  She again reassured me.  As we waited we saw two, then three more high contrails of military jets moving in the direction of where the craft would appear over the mountain.  Several of us commented on the synchronicity of those jets and their convergence over our location, which only heightened expectations that something big was happening.  Then to our surprise Adel exclaimed that the aliens were talking to her.  She said she was receiving a clear telepathic voice which was telling her the ship was on its way and would arrive shortly.  She became very excited, having earlier expressed fear that the aliens would take her.  We told her that would not happen, and that the aliens that were coming were friendly.  When she began getting messages, she found herself in the unusual position of monitoring the approach of the ship for all of us.

        Because Adel had been selected, we all felt comfortable that the information she was receiving was accurate, and not suspect due to any bias or conflict of interest.  She reported that the craft was 12 minutes away, which meant that it would arrive at about 12:36 pm.  Then Adel began reporting variances from that schedule as if something was wrong.  The craft was eight minutes away, then four minutes away when only a minute or two had passed, and then about 12 minutes away again.  Suddenly she reported that the craft was on the ground, and had crashed.  Some of the aliens aboard had been killed by a direct hit from hostile fire, she said.  Several minutes later she reported as we all hung in suspense that the craft had regained lift and was trying to regain altitude.  I asked KaRa what was going on, and she said, "We have an emergency!"  That is all she said to me.  Adel then said the craft was still trying to make it to our location, but then had to return to neutral territory because it was still being pursued.  Later KaRa told me that the craft had been hit by one of the star wars weapons in space, and had barely avoided a serious crash.  She said that several crew members were killed.  I felt terrible, and sent my condolences to their loved ones, which KaRa appreciated and said she would pass on.  The test had turned into tragedy, at least in terms of what was being reported to us.  I thanked KaRa for giving us this information so that her credibility and mine remained intact, knowing all too well that we had received too little information to verify any of it.  Whether a ship had been sent or not, Walt's test was answered with a performance that convinced everyone there that KaRa was real and was indeed the leader of the Karadonians.  We waited around until about 1:15 pm before disbanding.  We were led to believe that the government didn't want us to get a picture of the craft over the pyramid, which Bob was planning to send to news agencies around the world.


I tried to capture this event on film, but the speed of the process was too fast to anticipate every shot, and only one picture above shows a disappearing cloud to the left of the larger cloud in the process of being stretched downwards towards the pyramid apex.  The larger cloud to the right then moved over the pyramid, and it too was stretched downward in a vortex into the Magnetron and Earth.  I am a witness to the energy contained in each cloud in drops of moisture being transferred to the magnetized and crystal-shielded copper pipe.  I saw the cloud pulled down and descend into the Earth through an alien device in order to fix one of the ley line grid points for energy on our planet.  Bartoo had accomplished his mission on Earth.  Who would believe it?  Certainly not most scientists.



Later that afternoon in daylight, we observed a brilliant UFO light hovering over the wood pyramid.  Was this the alien craft sent to us by KaRa, or was it another craft that was sent in order to give us confirmation that what KaRa had told us was true?


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