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Appendix A

Clues Encoded in Names

Before reading the text below, remind yourself that what I am presenting is information received, information discovered, and the analysis of that information.  At no time do I claim to represent anyone special, in this lifetime or in a past lifetime.  Think of this act as taking place on a stage, and I am an actor playing various parts.  There was a definite attempt by Ka Ra to lead me to think I was more than I am, which was her attempt to influence my judgement and behavior by playing with my emotions and ego.

Whenever someone ventures into fringe areas of accepted reality (see The Trickster and the Paranormal), there is a strong possibility of deception and trickery by invisible entities who work to keep that person under their control for a reason, purpose, and/or agenda.  At one extreme end of the spectrum is possession.  If the possessor does not have the person's best interests in mind, the possession is commonly called demonic.  At the other end of the spectrum is enlightenment.   Although I survived my encounter with Ka Ra, I do not recommend a similar path for you, unless you are prepared for the consequences.  In the past they called such people "touched" for a very good reason.  Many Christian theologians considered John in Revelation to have been "touched".  Are you beginning to understand?  I would never have thought what I present below on my own.  Why would I?

Revelation 2.17: To him who conquers I will give some of the hidden manna, and I will give him a white stone, with a new name written on the stone which no one knows except him who receives it.

The book of Revelation clearly states that when Jesus returns he will have a new name. This fact is repeated a second time in that book: Revelation 3.12: ...and my own new name.

At 2:20 am on 13 March 1995 Cornet woke up from sleep with a command from Ka Ra to get pen and paper from the nightstand and to print his name Bruce Cornet on the white tablet (in ancient times the tablet was made of clay or stone, not paper). The word for stone in Greek is calx or calcis, which today means limestone (calcite).  Limestone as marble is typically a white stone.  Calcis is the root of calculus, which means to compute or to calculate.  Ka Ra had him calculate a new name.  She told him to spell out the name Jesus Christ below his name.  The first thing he noticed was that the number of letters in each of their corresponding names is the same: five and six.  Interestingly, the "C", "R", and "T" of their last names match in position.  The non-matching letters in their names spelled a word.  For Christ that word is 'his'.  For Cornet that word is 'one'.  Note that the same  letters H, I, and S are used in the Roman Catholic sundisk symbol representing Christos, although rearranged..

stroseli.jpg (16408 bytes)

He then noticed that these letters could form parts of a larger word when the two last names are combined.  Because there are corresponding letters, those letters would cancel each other out, leaving only one space for each letter in the new word _HO_INES_.  He recognized that the hidden word might be HOLINESS.


1st order

Number of letters 

UH numbers



Jesus Christ

his 5 + 6 = 11 74  +  77  =  151 1+5+1=7

Bruce Cornet

one 5 + 6 = 11 49  + 75 =  124 1+2+4=7

Cornet's full name is Walter Bruce Cornet, Jr.  The only L is part of his first name, Walter.  He recognized L as a contraction for El, or the abbreviation for the Biblical symbol of God. El Shaddai, for example, means "God, the one of the Mountain".  By removing it, Walter becomes Water, another religious symbol.  When he put the L into the middle slot of the incomplete word, he got _HOLINES_.  But he was also told that any letters derived from other words in their names required that the modified names be used in the final solution.  Thus, the NEW NAME that was developing became WATER _HOLINES_.   He recognized that the first letter in both Christ and Cornet, the third letter in the alphabet (also the third reference in the Holy Trinity), is the symbol for the Holy Spirit, and is therefore "invisible."  The only remaining letter missing was an 'S', and it had to come from Jesus Christ.  The Latin version of his first name is Jesu or Iesu, without the final 'S'.  By moving that 'S' to _HOLINES_, one gets _HOLINESS.

The hidden name therefore becomes: JESU WATER_HOLINESS.

Norma responded to this revelation with:

NS: Excellent decoding on your part to get Jesu Water Holiness.  Here is UHA, fyi:
JESU = 55..............Shared
Water = 67.............Soul
["C", 91 = 10 = 1 = Spirit]
Holiness = 101........System
Sum is 233, of "Base 4" UHA. [Base 4 refers to the genetic code of 4 base pairs]

NS: Much more data, of course, so another snailmail to you soon. Perhaps my Good Friday project.  There's the Fri. 13 message/Smith for you!  Norma, the alphanumber smith, at your service.

BC: Could it be that the JESU WATER HOLINESS, 55-67-101 = 233, SHARED SOUL SYSTEM BASE-4, is a reference to the name link between Bruce Cornet and Jesus Christ?  That would certainly fit with what Ka Ra told me.  I like puzzles and mysteries, but sometimes this stuff gets too nebulous and uncertain.

NS: Yes. most definitely, for the UHA is the study of the relationship between the 2 phrases. And, wasn't it in your website that I read of 233 genes?  Does get nebulous, for sure, but isn't it fun unraveling mysteries!  Norma

BC: I mentioned to Norma that Lisa had come up with the name John in association with our Jesus discussion. Based on a past life regression, I discovered that I had lived at the time of Jesus, and was somehow connected to him, but exactly how was uncertain.  Norma told me she had met someone locally who in a past life regression discovered that he was John the Baptist. Thus, unless this person and I have a shared soul connection, JB is not the answer for John. Then I suggested she consider John the fisherman. This is what she sent back.

173 = John the fisherman
-124 = Bruce Cornet  (as 49 + 75)
-49..................Sign, Born, also Garden
75 as the mean.  75 = Doctor

[in other words, Bruce Cornet, Ph.D. means Born/Sign Doctor - a derivative of John the fisherman]

173 = Knights Templar, Divine Purpose, 5 Platonic solids, crystal skull, Atlantis lifetime, Wheel of Fortune (Tarot Card)

Now for the most interesting part: The importance of the number 233 and Base 4.  Is it possible that the 223 extra genes recently discovered by the human genome project (Appendix B) are being referenced by the number 233?  Could the difference of only 10 genes be due to error, and that the actual number of introduced genes is 233?

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