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Appendix D

Sons of Panthers

Panthers: name for initiates in the Egyptian Mysteries

Manly Hall (1977, p. CLXXVII) states that "Godfrey Higgins has discovered two references, one in the Midrashjoheleth and the other in the Abodazara (early Jewish commentaries on the Scriptures), to the effect that the surname of Joseph's family was Panther, for in both of these works it is stated that a man was healed "in the name of Jesus ben Panther." The name Panther establishes a direct connection between Jesus and Bacchus -- who was nursed by panthers and is sometimes depicted riding either on one of these animals or in a chariot drawn by them."   Below is the UH Analysis by Norma Smith for "Sons of Panthers."

Sons  of  Panthers  

48 + 19..............21.....................82 + 19

   48 + 19 = Blood + DNA
   48 + 19 = 67 = A pi Omega, Work, Soul
   82 = Annointed / Correct
   19 = DNA
       82 + 19 = Annointed / Correct DNA

How did one know that they were related to the mythological Panther eyes unless there was something physical which each annointed and correct initiate possessed?  If an individual discovered that he had the "eyes" of a Panther staring back at him when he closed his eyelids, might not that be a convincing reason for adopting the surname "Panther"?   Or if not, could people from that era with this defect have been drawn to the Egyptian Mysteries by thinking that they, like Bacchus, were somehow connected or related to Panthers?

So, what are Panther "eyes"?

panther.jpg (5255 bytes)

A scientific guess based on a personal clue:

When I was about 9 years old, I was taken aboard a circular ship along with about a dozen other children.  I was subjected to a physical medical examination in order to determine how a tiny bb-shaped implant had fused with the nerve fibers of my optic nerve.  The implant had been inserted in the Optic Chiasm during a previous medical procedure.  I was then given a demonstration of how it transmitted intercepted retinal data to a computer and monitor aboard the ship.  In other words, my activities were being continuously and carefully monitored.

How did I discover I was abducted by Gray aliens in 1954, since they typically give abductees screen memories to hide their nefarious activities at night. I was in my last year at Sedgwick Junior High School in West Hartford, CT, when I had a Deja Vu experience. I had no concept of alien abductions in 1953-1954, and didn't interpret my Deja Vu flashback until the 1990s. I played the trumpet in the school's Marching Band.

Sedgwick Elementary School Band

Bruce Cornet in on center right, second row down from top, 5th person from right. 

Closeup of Bruce Cornet in band 

Enlargement of Band picture, showing Bruce Cornet in center. 

On the day of my Deja Vu in class, we were having a demonstration of how television worked. Televisions were very new at the time, and most people could only afford Black & White TVs.  The school brought in a technician and camera/monitor from the local TV station to show us how television works. He panned his large tripod-mounted camera around the class, and we could see what he was pointing at on the TV monitory at the front of the class.  After the demonstration he wanted to know if any of us had questions. One student asked what would happen if the camera was pointed at the monitor. He said there would be a feedback loop showing multiple smaller versions of the monitor on the screen. When I saw that feedback loop, I knew I had seen it before. Suddenly my screen memory faded away and I found myself standing aboard a round ship with curved hallways. I was standing with about a dozen other male children my age. I was nine years old at the time. We were all naked. There was this Tall Gray alien instructing us. He said we would be taken one by one into an examining room where they would image our heads to see how a small bb-sized implants had grown into our optic nerves, having been placed there the year before during a previous abduction. Today we would call that scanning device an X-Ray machine and table. It was suspended above my head, and moved along a rack anchored in the ceiling of the small examining room.

After the exam, I was led back into the curved hallway (curved because the ship was circular in shape) and joined the other children. We were paired up and a Short Gray alien led each pair into a side room on the outer wall of the hallway.  There were many side rooms. The Tall Gray entered the room I was led into. There was a Short Gray alien seated at what we would call today a Computer Terminal. It looked like what we had today during the 1980s and 1990s, with a large flat-screen monitor behind what looks today like a keyboard.  The Tall Gray instructed the Small Gray technician telepathically to switch to my buddy's frequency. On the screen I saw everything that he saw on the monitor.

Then the Tall Gray telepathically instructed the technician to switch to my frequency. I could not see what was on the monitor. Only my buddy and the two aliens could see that. I wanted to look at the monitor, even though I had been told not to.  When I did, I saw a feedback loop of the monitory decreasing in size towards the middle of the screen. When I saw that pattern on the human TV in the classroom, the blank screen memory given to me by the Tall Gray disappeared, and my memory of what happened aboard that alien ship flooded my conscious mind.

The bb-sized implant is embedded in my Optic Chiasm nerve at the cross-over point behind my eyes. A CATscan  in 1996 is shown below. It images that implant, and which steals retinal data from my peripheral vision of both eyes (because implant is situated at the vision crossover), and sends that visual data to a computer monitor aboard an alien ship (confirmed by a neurosurgeon in 1996).

The Optic Chiasm or optic cross-over is where nerve fibers carrying signals from the peripheral vision of both eyes cross over to the opposite sides of the brain.  An implant placed in those pathways will interfere with the peripheral vision of the recipient, causing a circular blind area to occur in each eye just to the left and right of central vision (see right diagram below for illustration from Heimer, 1996, The human brain and spinal cord).

25 October 1996 eye exam and location of Optic Chiasm

eyeexam.jpg (20894 bytes)

optchia2.jpg (14486 bytes)

slice09i.jpg (39873 bytes)

When I close my eyelids in a darkened room, and move my eyes from left to right, the circular blind spots become visible in my peripheral vision.  I can see them because they appear as a pair of bright white rings of light, as illustrated in the painting below.  When I do the same thing looking at a bright light, the rings turn into a pair of red, white, and yellow starbursts in a sea of emerald green.  The light is caused by neural-electron activity around the surface of the implant, some of which is transmitted to the brain.  This implant is X-ray invisible, and may be organic in nature.

Panther "eyes" of Bruce Cornet

pantheye.jpg (9456 bytes)

starburst.jpg (21569 bytes)

If your vision were similarly affected, what would you think?

Appendix E

Symbolic Tarot Card Reading

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