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This page presents a condensed history of Philadelphia, and is provided only as background information.

From a Short History of Philadelphia (

Some of the oldest maps of Philadelphia go back to Jacques N. Bellin. "Plan De Philadelphie et Environs." From Le Petit Atlas Maritime. Paris, 1764. By 1840 Philadelphia had taken on its basic "bauplan", which has changed little to this day. A detailed and precisely drawn map of Philadelphia by the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (SDUK) can be found for sale at Antique Maps of Philadelphia & Environs.

Much of how the city took shape after 1723 when Benjamin Franklin, later a prominent Mason, moved to the city can be attributed to anonymous Masonic engineers and architects.

What is not commonly known is that the architects included esoteric symbols and geometric patterns that reflect ancient Egyptian mythology.  Most of these symbols have gone unnoticed or forgotten.

In 1888 Temple University, intended as a "Workingman's University," is chartered by Russell Conwell, the minister of the Grace Baptist Church.  The naming of this university "Temple University" was in the mythological traditon of the name Philadelphia, which refers to the Temple of Isis on the Island of Philae, Egypt (relocated to Island of Agilkia in 1972-1980).  Philae refers to the birthplace.  The Island of Philae was the Mammisi or Birth House of Isis.  It therefore represents the symbolic or mythological "womb."  Delphia is another name for the Egyptian goddess Isis.  Consequently, Philadelphia can be translated as the "Womb of Isis."  The significance of this name will unfold in the following sections.

egypt-19.jpg (24855 bytes)egypt-29.jpg (25548 bytes)

Temple of Isis from Island of Philae, 13th Dynasty to Roman period, c.380 B.C.-2nd century.; now at Agilkia, Egypt. Images borrowed from History of Egyptian Architecture.

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