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The data presented on this page are for the researcher and astrologer.  They are provided as background information for upcoming discussions.

During the course of his studies, Bruce Cornet became aware that his astrology chart was unusual. Being a scientist, his chart fell squarely into the Mars Effect, with Mars being in the middle of Sector 4 of his chart.

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The planets, Sun, and Moon are aligned on Cornet's chart to form a Crescent, which defines a diameter that marks his time of conception (1 March) and his time of birth (31 August).  He spent only six months in the womb, conforming to the Sign/Sine of the Crescent, making his chart highly unusual.   The chart below, which was done through Celestial Liaisons by Roxanne Carol, is considered more accurate for planetary positioning than the chart above, which was done using Astrology for Windows 3.2b.

bcresc.jpg (57692 bytes)


Uranus at top - 31 August 1945 - Neptune at bottom
7:00 pm EST

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According to Gauquelin (in West, 1991) and West (1991) the importance of Mars and/or Saturn being in Sectors 1 and 4 of people in the scientific and/or medical fields is statistically significance and potentially meaningful. Analogous but distinct planetary alignments occur for other professions also (see Introduction), such as Politics, Sports, Military, and Art (Music and Painting).  Woodrow Wilson, who had a long career in teaching and politics, was elected as the 28th President of the United States.  He felt that his life was predestined towards politics and high office (Degregorio, 1993, p. 412): "He believed in providence and predestination and that God had foreordained him president."  His astrology chart matches the Jupiter pattern typical of politicians, with Jupiter in Sector 1 (or 4,5).

wilson004.jpg (82660 bytes)

The implication is that there may be some higher order or law of the universe that is causing this to happen.  If certain genetic predispositions for professions are somehow sorted out at times of birth according to planetary alignments, the statistical results of Gauquelin et al. (West, 1991) might be explained.  West thinks that the irregular distribution of births globally reflects this non-random sorting.

Bruce Cornet has his Ph.D. in geology and palynology, which agrees well with his Sun sign: Virgo.  However, he was born three months premature, and spent 11 weeks in the first human incubator.

incubate.jpg (19808 bytes)

What effect might his premature birth have had, and what would his chart have looked like if he had been born full term?  His time of birth makes him a Virgo (both time of birth and Sun sign in agreement).  Mars is in Sector 4, which complements the Mars Effect for scientists and doctors.

If he had been born three months later, he would have been born a Scorpio.  If his birth had been at the same time of day and at the same location, his chart would not have demonstrated the Mars Effect, but agreed with  charts of politicians, which tend to show Jupiter in Sector 4 or 5.

bcornet2.jpg (83175 bytes)

Three additional months in the womb would have produced an astrology chart very much at odds with his current interests and profession.  His chart would have been almost the reciprocal or mirror of that for the politician Wilson.

His mother, Elizabeth B. Cornet, had a difficult pregnancy, and became bloated due to water retention.  His premature birth may have been due in large part to medical complications, although no Rh factor rejection seems to have been involved.  This blood type is A+.  The question becomes: Was his time of birth induced either by predetermined biological factors, or could it have been induced by some other unknown factor(s)?

When one takes a look at his mother's astrology chart, almost the reciprocal of his chart appears with the Sun on the horizon (again Hor-em-Akhet).  Mars and Saturn are in quadrants 2 and 12, respectively, indicative of an artist.  She became an interior designer after college.

cornete1.jpg (80833 bytes)

She was born at Sunrise (Leo on the 27th July) at 7:00 am, while Bruce Cornet was born at Sunset (Virgo on the 31st August) at 7:00 pm.

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In order to gain more information on the problematica associated with his birth, we must delve into the esoteric knowledge of the Masons.


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