Minimum or Necessary Equipment

1. Camcorder with high resolution, 30x zoom or greater capability, low lux (light) sensitivity, and manual focus (absolutely necessary since autofocus does not work at night or in darkness).

camlite2.jpg (4822 bytes)
2. Backup batteries and additional tape (analog) or cartridge (digital) for camcorder.
3. Shotgun mic for camcorder (optional).
4. 35mm Single Lens Reflex camera with 300mm zoom lens with manual settings, and electronic cable attachment for operating shutter (only Minolta makes this feature).
minoltn.jpg (3365 bytes)
5. Motor drive for film advance.
minolttn.jpg (4678 bytes)
6. 400 ISO film (lower or higher ISO either too insensitive or too sensitive for night lights).
7. Kodak high speed InfraRed film to capture heat signatures from the lights.
8. Take along at least five rolls of 24 exposure film (three rolls of 36 exposure film).
film40tn.jpg (3607 bytes)
9. Stable tripod with quick release attachment for camera (necessary for quick setups). 
tripodtn.jpg (4131 bytes)   minolttn.jpg (4678 bytes)
10. Small pocket audio recorder (VOX capability) with lavaliere microphone and cable so that mic can be attached to collar or shirt.
audrectn.jpg (3179 bytes)
11. Additional audio tapes (use 90 minute microcassettes - keep track of time left on tape).
microctn.jpg (1983 bytes)
12. Digital watch with easily activated nightlight (Indiglo-type watch is ideal), and which shows seconds.
watchtn.jpg (1985 bytes)
13. Notepad and pen for writing down time exposures and other data in the event audio recorder  fails.
14. Compass for determining direction of sightings (hung around neck).
compastn.jpg (3388 bytes)
15. Small easily operated photonlight (black) or penlite (red) for reading compass, writing notes, changing film or tape, and operating features on equipment.
penlitn.jpg (1749 bytes)
16. Additional batteries for audio tape recorder, lavaliere mic, SLR camera, and penlight.

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For the Serious Investigator/Scientist

If any manufacturers or suppliers of competitive equipment listed on this page would like their products advertised here, please contact the webmaster at

Optional Equipment

(moderately expensive to very expensive)

At least one or two items from this list are needed.

1. Fluxgate magnetometer/gaussmeter
mg7ktn.gif (7714 bytes)
2. or professional Proton Precession Magnetometer 
GSM-19.gif (24102 bytes)  g856tn.jpg (2050 bytes)
3. or Geometrics cesium magnetometer with GPS receiver built in (G-858 MagMapper with AG132 DGPS).
bluescotn.jpg (3040 bytes)
4. GSP receiver (e.g. Garman or Lowrance) and lists of manufacturers.
                        $483.00                                                         $299.99                              

gsptoptn.gif (2178 bytes)

gar12tn.jpg (2468 bytes)

4prodtn.gif (7932 bytes)

garematn.jpg (3584 bytes)

Magellan.gif (15715 bytes)

5. Airtraffic scanners (Radio Shack).
26.gif (9439 bytes)
5. Night vision binoculars or Russian-made NV binoculars
nvbtn.gif (2785 bytes)   Night Owl Compact Binoculars 4x
6. or nightvision spotting scope
spotscotn.jpg (2304 bytes)
7. Night vision (IR) attachment for either camcorder or 35mm camera. Night Owl Optics.
    $164.95 (2.1x)            $395.00 (2.4x)    $1,824.00 (400-600m)     $399.95 (3.1x)    

Night Owl Monocular 2.4x

nightcam (6479 bytes)

Nvmul.gif (7995 bytes)

Night Owl Monocular 3.1x

Infared Camera

This infared camera was developed along with the Ary’s Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate (NVESD) under a dual-use science and technology program (DUST). It operates in the long wavelength infared range (8-12 microns), weighs 6 oz, and is about one and a half the size of a D cell battery. The Alpha provides analog video in monochrome RS-170A format with optional CCIR and real-time 12-bit corrected digital video.

This product is well suited for a variety of military and commercial applications including ground-based surveillance, micro-UVAs, autonomous security, OEM systems, and helmet-mounted sensing used in firefighting where it is necessary to see through smoke and pinpoint hotspots in walls and ceilings.

Indigo Systems Corporation, 5385 Hollister Ave #103, Santa Barbara, CA 93111. Phone: 805-9649-797; Fax: 805-964-7708.

8. Geiger-Mueller Counter (not preferred - cannot distinguish between different types of radiation).  
m5tn.jpg (2878 bytes)
9. or an ND-2RP, which can detect alpha, beta, gamma, and x-ray radiation.
nd2rptn.jpg (3273 bytes)

More Serious COTS Hardware and Software next.

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