Resume/CV for W. Bruce Cornet

El Paso, Texas



High school (HS):       Conard High School, West Hartford, CT; diploma year 1963.

Colleges and universities attended:

Fairleigh Dickinson University Madison, NJ 07940        Major: Zoology (72 hrs)                                  transferred 1968

University of Connecticut Storrs, CT 06268                     Major/Minor: Biology/Chemistry (50 hrs)     B.A. 1970

University of Connecticut Storrs, CT 06268                     Major: Botany (21 hrs)                                   M.S. 1972

Penn. State University University Park, PA 16802         Major: Geology (110 hrs)                              Ph.D. 1977

Undergraduate credits in chemistry: 22, Undergraduate credits in biology: 47.

Undergraduate and graduate credits in geology: 27.

Graduate credits in botany, paleobotany, and palynology: 112.

Honor Societies:      

Alpha Pi Theta honor society (Brookdale Community College), 1997.

Sigma Xi honor society (Penn State), 1975.

Phi Kappa Phi honor society (U.Conn.), 1970.

Phi Zeta Kappa honor society (F.D.U.), 1964.



Currently on personal leave to write books

Adjunct Professor – Raritan Valley Community College, Somerville, NJ  08876, From: 01/2003  To: 12/2009;

El Paso Community College, El Paso, TX 79998, From: 08/2004  To: 06/2006;

Dona Ana Branch Community College, Las Cruces, NM 88001, From: 01/2006 To: 06/2006;

The Princeton Review, 252 Nassau Street, Princeton, NJ 08542, From: 01/1999  To: 01/2000, taught MCAT.

Hours per week: varies.  Salary: ranges from $2,300-$7,500/college/semester.

Supervisor’s name and phone number: EPCC: Dr. Bobby Ortega (915-831-2165). DABCC: Dr. Bernard J Pena (505-527-7625). RVCC: Dr. Paul Schueler (908-526-1200 ext. 8219).  Description of duties: Currently teaching courses: Physical Geology, Historical Geology, and distant learning at RVCC - Geology (WebCT).


Deputy Administrator - National Institute for Discovery Science, Las Vegas, NV 89118.

From: 01/2004  To: 05/2004. Hours per week: 40 Salary: $50,000/yr.

Supervisor’s name and phone number: Dr. Colm Kelleher of Space Science, Inc. (702-932-5600).

Description of duties: Manage NIDS, oversaw two employees, and investigated scientifically various types of cases/research projects.  Reason for leaving: Bigelow Aerospace budget shortfall with layoffs.


Independent Geological Consultant - Self employed, El Paso, TX.

From: 03/1993  To: Present. Hours per week: variable. Salary: job dependent.

Description of duties: Current work: Evaluating prospects with an independent oil company in Brazoria, Ft. Bend, and Concho counties, TX. 

Recent work:

1) Worked with Dr. Paul Olsen at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (July-August and December 2005) to process and study hundreds of palynological samples from the Triassic-Jurassic boundary in Morocco, Nova Scotia, and Pennsylvania.

2) Reservoir analysis of Holly Field in Kansas for V.J.I. Natural Resources (report).

Results: Successful drilling with completion of a well in the ‘J’ zone (2002-2003).

Accomplishments: Well site geology, core description and analysis, seismic interpretation, elog interpretation and correlation with seismic lines, gravity and magnetic surface studies, geochemical evaluation and correlation, reservoir evaluation, subsurface fracture and joint evaluation, hydrologic fluid movement, surface mapping of geologic formations and faults. 



References for W. Bruce Cornet

El Paso, TX  79938  


Alfred Traverse, Ph.D.

Professor of Geology and Botany (retired)

The Pennsylvania State University

University Park, PA 16804

Office: Deike Bldg., Room 307

Office phone: (814) 863-3419



R.D.2 Box 390

Huntingdon, PA 16652

Home phone: (814) 643-1958




Paul E. Olsen, Ph.D.

Storke Memorial Professor of Earth & Environmental Sciences
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University
61 Rt. 9W
Palisades, New York 10964-1000
Office phone: (845) 365-8491
Fax: (845) 365-8163



Jim Levy

Petroleum Geologist

Horizon Exploration Services

PO Box 25

Eden, Texas 76837

Phone: (915) 329-7660





Supplemental Information for Dr. W. Bruce Cornet

El Paso, TX 79938

Additional Previous Experience:


Research Associate - Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Palisades, NY.

From: 07/1989  To: 02/1993. Supervisor’s name and phone number:  Dr. Paul E. Olsen (845-365-8491). Description of duties: Responsible for mapping and correlating lacustrine lithostratigraphy of the Newark basin, NJ; palynological sample collection and analysis, petrology, and biostratigraphic correlation of shallow to deep lacustrine units, evaporite playa units, and deltaic-fluvial units in Newark basin; determination of stratigraphy and structure of well site areas for seven 4,000-foot (7 km) coreholes in the Newark basin, NJ (Principal investigators: P.E. Olsen and D.K. Kent); performed land work to determine property ownership for chosen well sites; collected and analyzed cuttings sample at well sites; described, photographed, and analyzed all 21,000 feet of core during drilling using Amoco’s most advanced continuous coring rig.


Post-doctorate Research Associate - Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory,

Palisades, NY, From: 08/1988  To: 07/1989. Description of duties: Geological and paleontological field work - part of a rift basin study team. Contributed skills: outcrop mapping and correlation, stratigraphic description and analysis, palynology, paleobotany, manuscripts writing and grant proposals.

Publications in Modern Geology, 19, 1993; Review Paleobotany Palynology, 72, 1992; Geological Society of America Special Paper 247 (Global Catastrophes in Earth History), 1990; Virginia Museum of Natural History, 1990 (book); Evolutionary Trends in Plants, 3, 1989; Palaeontographica, 213B, 1989; Field Guide to the Tectonics, stratigraphy, sedimentology, and paleontology of the Newark Supergroup, eastern North America, T351, 1989; Rare Events in Geology, 15, 1988.


Independent Geological Consultant - Same as consultant, Houston, TX.

From: 04/1985  To: 07/1988. Description of duties: Prospect generation on salt domes in Brazos County - Tertiary marine and coastal plain, Gulf Coast, Texas; re-entry well prospects in southeast Texas - Tertiary coastal plain; well site geology in Chesterfield County, Virginia - rift basin shallow to deep lake and deltaic facies; mud logging in Appling and Wayne counties, Georgia - Cretaceous-Tertiary coastal and marine deposits.


Manager and Senior Geologist - Superior Oil Company, Houston, TX (taken over by Mobil Oil Corp. in 1985). From: 05/1982  To: 03/1985. Description of duties: Managed palynological laboratory; correlated deep marine deltaic fan and turbidite deposits in North Sea. 


President and Exploration Manager - Geminoil, Inc., Houston, TX. Owner.

From: 04/1981  To: 05/1982. Description of duties: Organized an exploration effort into Late Triassic basins in eastern Virginia. Responsible for managing and drilling six exploratory and wildcat wells in the Richmond basin (two deep stratigraphic test wells with Cornell Oil Co., Dallas, TX). Supervised geologic interpretations, made well site selections, supervised well site geologists and mud loggers, performed independent cuttings and core analyses, involved in reservoir petrology and diagenesis studies, documented and analyzed the geochemistry of all oil samples and source rocks. Geminoil interests purchased by SEPCO in 1985.


Senior Geologist - Exxon Company, U.S.A., Houston, TX.
From: 08/1980 To: 03/1981. Description of duties: Provided palynological services: thermal maturation and diagenesis of Gulf Coast overpressured zones; Paleozoic-Mesozoic, over thrust belt, Utah; Triassic, Chinle Formation and Dockum Group, Texas, New Mexico, and Utah; Cretaceous, Colorado.


M.S. Thesis

New Discoveries on the Morphology and Anatomy of Rhacophyton ceratangium (a Late Devonian pre-fern from West Virginia), 1972: 92 p.  Thesis advisor: Dr. Henry N. Andrews.


Ph.D. Thesis

The Palynostratigraphy and Age of the Newark Supergroup, 1977: 505 p.  Thesis advisor: Dr. Alfred Traverse.  “Bruce's doctoral dissertation is still cited at PSU as one of the very best in the history of the Department of Geosciences.”


Geology and Paleontology

Course on electric log analysis (Houston, 1984: 144 hours).

Basic Core analysis school (Houston, 1980).

East Coast rifting seminar (Houston, 1980).

Seismic Interpretation for geologists (Houston, 1979).

Short course on structural geology (Houston, 1979).

Short course on fossil dinoflagellates (Stanford University, 1978).


Geologic Expertise (grouped according to years experience)

        Stratigraphy, sedimentology, paleoecology (facies interpretation), palynology (age and stratigraphic correlation), and paleobotany (22 yrs.).

        Core and outcrop description and mapping (18 yrs.).

        Well-log analysis and correlation (16 yrs.).

        Seismic line interpretation and correlation (8 yrs.).

        Geochemistry and kerogen-thermal maturity (7 yrs.).

        Geomagnetic field mapping and analysis; petrology-sandstone diagenesis (4 years).

        Mud logging; radiometrics and satellite telluric current studies (2 yrs.).


Alternative Career Training

Brookdale Community College (Lincroft, NJ), computer programming (‘C’), 1999-2000.

Chubb Computer Institute (East Brunswick, NJ), mainframe programming (JCL and Cobol), 1998-1999.
Brookdale Community College (Lincroft, NJ), mass media and TV production, 1996-1997 (24 credits; High Honors):

The Mass Media (CMP101)

Communications (CMP102)
Introduction to Journalism (JOU101)
Television Production (TV121)

Portable Video (TVB122)
Video Editing & Post Production (TVB224)
Audio Techniques (CMP115)
Fundamentals of Music Recording (CMP216)


Job Related Skills

Skilled at Scientific writing; Public Speaking; MS Word; Excel; Powerpoint; Canvas; Corel Draw; HTML and web design (Dreamweaver; Front Page); Adobe PhotoShop; graphics illustration; gif animation; video for the web (avi, rm, mov); professional photography; biological illustration (artist); Netscape Navigator/Internet Explorer; Javascript; JCL, Cobol, and ‘C’ programming languages.


Field Work Experience

1968 Summer, University of Michigan Vertebrate Paleontology Team, headed by Dr. Claude Hibbard. Collected Miocene and Pleistocene mammals, particularly small rodents in Nebraska.


1969 Summer, Yale University sponsored field trip to Oligocene mammal beds in northwestern Nebraska. Collected numerous partial and complete mammal skeletons and skull bones, including the first complete skeleton of Daphaenocyon dodgei, which was prepared and exhibited at the Yale Peabody Museum.


1969-1970, quarried and excavated an Early Jurassic lacustrine fish bed in the Hartford basin, Connecticut, with Nicholas McDonald. Prepared numerous fish specimens, some for exhibit at the Rocky Hill Dinosaur Park in Connecticut. Most of the fish specimens are now at the American Museum of Natural History, and many have been used in various scientific publications by various authors.


1971-1972, paleobotanical field trips to West Virginia to collect Devonian plants, including specimens prepared for my Masters thesis at the University of Connecticut.


1972-1977, hundreds of field trips to the numerous Triassic-Jurassic rift basins along the East Coast of North America to collect palynological and paleobotanical samples for my Ph.D. thesis at Penn. State.


1980, Summer, paleontological field trip to west Texas and the Texas panhandle in search of Triassic vertebrates and plants with P.A. Murry and A. Santa Luca. Discovered the most complete and well-preserved fossils ever found of Sanmiguelia lewisii.


1981-1982; 1985-1986, wildcat oil drilling in the Triassic Richmond basin of Virginia. Described and analyzed thousands of feet of strata using well cuttings and electric logs.


1986, Fall, paleobotanical field trip to the Texas panhandle (Sunday canyon) to collect more specimens of Sanmiguelia lewisii from the Trujillo Fm. of the Dockum Group.


1988-1993, extensive field work in the Newark basin of New Jersey and in the Richmond basin of Virginia, mapping strata and collecting fossils. Wellsite geologist for the Newark Basin Coring Project: Described, photographed, and analyzed over 21,000 feet of strata from seven coreholes (1990-1993).


1992-1995, completed a 200 square mile geomagnetic survey and map (1,800 stations) of the Wallkill River valley, Orange and Ulster counties, New York, in order to map and define magnetite bodies in granitic masses, which represent erosional remnants of buried and partially exposed islands in the Ordovician Snake Hill, Austin Glenn, Mount Merino, and Balmville formations.  Used a Precession Proton Magnetometer.


Responsible (directly or indirectly) for the drilling of six wells in the Richmond basin (Mesozoic), Chesterfield County, Virginia (1980-1986), one well on the Damon Mound salt dome (Tertiary), Brazos County, Texas (1984), and one re-entry well (Tertiary) in southeast Texas (1987).  Participated in the successful completion of a new well showing re-generated reservoir conditions in the water-flooded Holly Unit (Pennsylvanian), abandoned 35 years ago, Graham County, Kansas (2002).



List of Scientific Publications

    Cornet, B. and Abushagur, S., 2005. Take Virtual Tours to the Franklin Mountains of El Paso, Permian Basin and Big Bend of West Texas, and Cretaceous of New Jersey.


    Vasanthy, G., Cornet, B., and Pocock, S.A.J., 2004. Evolution of proangiosperms during Late Triassic: pre-Cretaceous pollen trends towards mono- and dicotyledonous taxa diversification. Geophytology 33(1&2): 99-113.


    Whiteside, J.H., Olsen, P.E., Sambrotto, R.N., and Cornet, B., 2004, Milankovitch modulation of d13Corg and fish communities in the tropical great lakes of the Triassic-Jurassic Pangean rift system. Geophysical Research Abstracts, v. 6, 07738.


     Cornet, B., 2003. Upper Cretaceous facies, fossil plants, amber, insects and dinosaur bones, Sayreville, New Jersey.


    Cornet, B., 2002. When did angiosperms first evolve?


    Cornet. B., 1999. Fossil evidence for rapid orderly genetic evolution: The first detailed fossil record of microevolution with missing links.


    Cornet, B., 1996. A new gnetophyte from the late Carnian (Late Triassic) of Texas and its bearing on the origin of the angiosperm carpel and stamen. In Taylor and Hickey (eds.), Angiosperm origin, evolution and phylogeny, Chapman & Hall, NY, 32-67.


    Olsen, P.E., Kent, D.V., Cornet, B., Witte, W.K., and Schlische, R.W., 1996. High-resolution stratigraphy of the Newark rift basin (Early Mesozoic, eastern North America): Results of the Newark basin coring project. Geological Society of America Bull., 108: 40-77.


    Cornet, B. and McDonald, N.G. (Abst. 1995 and MS). A new cheirolepidaceous conifer bearing flowers from the Early Jurassic of Connecticut, USA.


    Fowell, S.J., Cornet, B., and Olsen, P.E., 1994. Geologically rapid Late Triassic extinctions: Palynological evidence from the Newark Supergroup. Geological Society of America Special Paper 288: 197-206.


    Cornet, B., 1993. Applications and limitations of palynology in age, climatic, and paleoenvironmental analyses of Triassic sequences in North America. In Lucas and Morales (eds.), The Nonmarine Triassic. New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science Bulletin, 3: 75-93.


    Cornet, B., 1993. Dicot-like leaf and flowers from the Late Triassic tropical Newark Supergroup rift zone, U.S.A. Modern Geology, 19: 81-99.


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    Cornet, B., 1989. The reproductive morphology and biology of Sanmiguelia lewisii, and its bearing on angiosperm evolution in the Late Triassic. Evolutionary Trends in Plants, 3: 25-51 (cover picture).


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    Olsen, P.E. and Cornet, B., 1988. Evidence for early Mesozoic mass extinctions in eastern North America rift deposits (Late Triassic-Early Jurassic, Newark Supergroup. IGCP Project 199, Rare Events in Geology, Berrichte der Geologischen Bundesanstalt (Wein), 15(Abs.): 20.


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