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It is a fact that there is an uncountable number of planets in the solar system, galaxy, and universe.  The mathematical possibility of biological beings who are aware of themselves is not just a probability, but is proven by the fact that human beings are here on earth.  Our existence is what unifies the possibility of other worlds also having intelligent life.  With advances in science and technology being practically unlimited in our future (so far) as a single human race, along with the knowledge of quantum and theoretical physics (such as Michio Kaku provides through his books) the concepts of time travel, inter-dimensional travel, and interstellar space travel via wormholes, has turned what was once science-fiction into the much closer reality of science-fact. 

Could the future overpopulation of planet earth be the triggering cause for humans to terraform and populate otherwise uninhabitable planets within or outside of this galaxy?  Could our species eventually evolve to a point where the human line splits off into one or more species?  Evidence from the past, with pre-humans (hominids) shows that many of them overlapped, and indeed, even Neandertal was a different species than we are.  In order to know where we (humans) are going, we must first know where we came from.  Perhaps a deeper look into the biology of humans, as well as into the psyches and cultural/sociological aspects of humans will give us some perspective on this. 

Below you will find many links that may open your mind, and broaden your horizons, regarding the possibilities of life on this world, other worlds, or even other dimensions which are said to overlap and co-exist with our own at this very moment.  Perhaps the concepts about spirituality and transdimensional beings (e.g. angels) fall into this latter category.  Perhaps you'd rather just stick with "down to earth" realism and cold, hard scientific facts.  Whatever your goals, ideas, beliefs, background, or desires, there is probably something here for you. 

The main link provided here, that is continually researched, investigated, and written about (mostly in articles) by the author of this website is:

Here you can find open-minded articles about the topics named above, and more.  Many links to other sites are available from there as well.  Some of the topics include esoteric symbology, cryptozoology, anomolistic observational phenomena (AOP's - of which UFO's can fall under this heading), spirit/soul/body studies, male and female aspects of the universe, numerology, and a host of other titles and subjects. The possibility of Bigfoot is also covered here heavily.

Outside links on other anthropological topics are below... enjoy!

NOTE: The author of this page does not necessarily agree with the opinions of the links below.  They are placed here as examples to show the variety (at least in the western world) between human beliefs vs. scientific facts. 



Physical/Biological Anthropology (Human diversification, origins, hominids, genetics)

Forensic Anthropology and Human Osteology Resources

Ape Diets - Myths, Realities, and Rationalizations (from Beyond Vegetarianism)

Neandertal and Chain Mail Armor (an argument)

Lucy's Knee Joint (a debate over evolution/creation)

Fossil Hominids: The Evidence for Human Evolution (pro-paleoanthropology and evolution): 

NOVA 11 minute clip on the Hobbit: 

Many thanks to Jodi Bell (Darby) and her Science class for these 5 links:

Cultural Anthropology and Sociology (The diversity of human culture, beliefs, and practices) 

LEAP - Criminal justice professionals speaking out against the "War on Drugs" - VIDEO

Religions of the World: numbers of adherents; growth rates 

Religious Anthropology 

Religious Tolerance

Amit Goswami: Scientific Proof of the Existence of God?

What is Enlightenment? Subject Directly Resource

Gallup Poll: Three in Four Americans Believe in the Paranormal

Personality Types (a Christian site FULL of personality types info)

It's a Jungle Over There - Pope John Paul Approves the Theory of EVILution!!

Opposition to Creationism 


"Expansion Tectonics" video script 

ESSAY: Creation vs. Evolution: A Different Route to the Same Conclusion  (a bit weak, but a good premise)

ESSAY: Creation of a Cosmology: Big Bang Theory: (a good compilation of how the history of the Big Bang theory came about, with 150 yrs worth of research and historical information by scientists)

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