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Books, Writings, & Articles By Sharon Buydens

How-To Information, Novels, Children's Books, More...

Cultural Anthropology/Social Science Topics
METHODOLOGIES INCLUDE: Participant Observation, Ethnographic Methods, Demographic Research,
Critical Analysis, Reading Syntheses, Survey Projects & Reports, Autoethnographic Essay, Etc.

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NOTE: other last/pen name used "Cornet" or "Eby-Martin" for some writings


Passive Solar Energy House Projects: A How-To Guide by Sharon Cornet CLICK HERE FOR INFO

Chloe-isms: Age 1-2 by Sharon Cornet CLICK HERE

COMING SOON! - Bigfoot Beyond Belief: Anthropology of Bigfoot as Sasquatch, Paranormal Ape, or...?
I am writing this book presently, so keep watch! Artwork of book cover will be done by Alex Evans :)

All of my books can also be purchased from Amazon or Kindle, and I have




Most of these writings below were college projects, papers, and reports... some are articles


Social Justice Colonias Survey Brings Energy Efficiency to Colonia Homes: El Paso, TX - posted April 18, 2009
We've had two projects this winter/spring in a colonia hear Horizon, and another one in the Hueco Tanks area (both in far east El Paso county).  The Boston Unitarian Universalists came to El Paso around Valentine's Day, and Janet Kincaid and Sharon Cornet of UUCEP, and the El Paso Solar Energy Association (EPSEA) got together to work on quality-of-life needs for two households.

Social Work in the Colonias FINAL REPORT: Nuway/Mayfair Colonias Survey Canutillo, TX - posted April 23, 2008
This is the final report from a group class project in Spring, 2008 (co-written by the group).  This group of 10 students named themselves "Justicias" (meaning 'Justice'), with Sharon Cornet as the group leader.  Colonia walks incorporated speaking with residents on voting issues, as well as a study via a neighborhood Survey to document the needs of the community as told by the residents' emic view.  City water is the top priority and requirement for the state of Texas concerning colonias, but colonias/communities such as Nuway/Mayfair have something different to say.  Qualitative data was collected, coded, and reported as quantitative data in the form of graphs.  Historical information concerning "colonia-like conditions" are included from an ethnology-type perspective in other cultures and times.  A short chronology of Texas colonia laws is included. 

Social Work in the Colonias Report: Colonia Life El Paso, TX - posted March 2, 2008
A strongly opinionated two-part article/story and personal reflective report.  The first part is a short tale and a parody of that tale as an example of the problems in colonias.  The second part is an in-depth personal account of living in the country (areas now called colonias), with a comparison and contrast between extreme poverty outside of a colonia (indeed, outside of the state of Texas -- in Nebraska), and my once-much-better-life within a colonia... better, that is, until we found out colonia laws rob people of their property value and treats colonia dwellers as "the other," or even as criminals, and something to be eliminated.  I draw a contrast between local El Paso county colonias too, to show the major differences between them and how current across-the-board legislation on colonias violates civil, human, and property rights of colonia dwellers, most of whom are U.S. citizens.  What is happening in colonias would never happen within the poorest areas of America's cities.  Colonia laws are discrimination based on geographic location, and selectively victimizes property owners with only certain size lots, while denying them the right to have electricity, which would give them improved quality of life, regardless of their water source.  

CANUTILLO WATER PROJECT: Border Interfaith Internship - Final Report
El Paso, TX July 19, 2007
  PART I: Reflective Report on Applied Anthropology Experience
   PART II: Applied Anthropology Research Report: Canutillo Water Project
Applied anthropological study to help bring city water to the Canutillo, TX colonia, via an internship with Border Interfaith - an affiliate of the IAF (Industrial Areas Foundation).  Methods used include ethnographic research (in-depth interviews), RRA/PRA (Rapid Rural Appraisal/Participatory Rural Appraisal) focus group, and a culmination of qualitative data that was coded and quantified for this report (in the form of charts and graphs).   A Knowledge Utilization Plan was part of this endeavor, aimed towards policy-makers and entities at the federal, state, county, and city levels, etc.  An organizational analysis was done (not shown), and this study included functions of these domain of application areas: policy research, impact assessment/social impact assessment, culture brokerage, needs assessment, planner, and advocacy, all of which falls under the umbrella role of Public Anthropology.

Participant Observation Report: March for a Fair and Comprehensive Immigration Reform El Paso, TX  April 10, 2007
Peaceful protest march for Immigration Reform and human rights -- pictures included

Ethnic Makeup and Demographics: El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico – 1960-1980
My small part of a larger group study on bi-national historical, politicial, social, etc. data for this time period (a Powerpoint show was presented also)

Co-Authored Article: DCL (Dedicated Commuter Lane) Survey in El Paso, Texas: CLICK HERE
ABSTRACT FOR THIS ARTICLE: The Dedicated Commuter Lane (DCL) was first opened in the year of 1999 to expedite the cross-border traffic of commuters between the United States and Mexico’s manufacturing facilities.  To determine the general demographics and the border crossing habits of DCL users a questionnaire was developed and a bilingual survey of El Paso, Texas residents and Juarez, Mexico residents was implemented.  Respondents’ answers showed that some of the advantages of having the DCL include shorter lines and fewer inspections.  On the other hand, some of the disadvantages include the hours of operation and the inability to carpool.  Nationality of respondents was nearly equal between U.S., Mexico, and Dual citizenship status, although males were more likely to use the DCL than females.  The socioeconomic status of the respondents’ households showed a positive relationship between greater numbers of DCL users and higher income levels; therefore, a positive relationship was also evident between a lesser amount of DCL users and lower income levels.  An enormous amount of DCL users cross at the Lerdo/Stanton (downtown) bridge, with an overwhelming vote for the DCL to be provided at the Americas/Cordova (Puente Libre) bridge in the future.  While most DCL users live in El Paso, the majority of them cross for work, followed by family, and then entertainment purposes.  Respondents reported that the long lines – especially during 9/11 – are by far the worst problem they have encountered, although issues with vehicle inspections and rudeness of the authorities at the bridges followed closely after that.

CLICK HERE for Entry Level Certification Exam Info



Experience and Learning: The Long Route Has More Scenery

Normal vs. Abnormal Psychological Processes

How to Succeed in the Business World 


Formula for Social Structure, Poverty, & Crime?

Wage Disparity Across Gender, Race, and Ethnicity 

The Issue of Minorities and French Politics

Environmental Forces Promoting Social Change 

SOCIAL & CRIMINAL JUSTICE - Alleged Sex Offenders in El Paso, Texas

Bias in the Criminal "Justice" System: A Case Study

Controversy in Legislation and CPS Child Sexual Abuse Cases

Innocent People Falsely Convicted of Crimes


Responsibility to Humanity

United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Flag Burning is a Protected Right


Air Pollution and the Importance of the Greenhouse Effect

Now the Twain Shall Meet: Offshore Oil and the Global Environment


Learning from Failure: Biosphere 2 (Planetary Exploration, Part 1)

Finding Life on Other Planets: Easier by Theory, Harder by Application (Planetary Exploration, Part 2)



NEW! Native Americans and pyramids, and origins TIMELINE
Pyramid pictures, comparison timeline for origins, and maps showing migration, cultural centers, and some languages

A mini-ethnography on Judaism
Based on a semester-long ethnographic study conducted at Temple Mount Sinai, El Paso, TX in Fall 2006

PART 1: Young Earth and Evolution / Geologic Column Models, Proof of Why the Earth is Old
How I figured it out, and got confirmation later (via empirical evidence rather than dogma)

PART 2: Flood Geology, When Could It Have Happened, and DID It Happen?
Taking it a step further... with a mental exercise in Biblical numerology

Navajo Creation Myths by Sharon Cornet and Connie Luna
This was a book critique paper and posterboard presentation project in Cultural Anthropology, Spring 2006

Mescalero Apache Pow Wow by Sharon Cornet
(printed with permission by Gervase Peso, Mescalero Apache Indian Reservation)

Paranormal or Spiritual Beliefs and Mental Illness
The terms supernatural and paranormal both refer to spiritual beliefs "outside of the norm" - are there different levels of mental illness in either group?

Chinese Medicine: "Dragon Bones"
Ancient Chinese medicine and lore, even in modern times, promotes fossilized dinosaur bones as "dragon bones" and is used for medicinal purposes



Critical Analysis of an Ethnography - Mescalero Apache Cosmovision
I loved this book... fantastic insight into how Native Americans view their place in the cosmos, and how it is incorporated into their dance rituals

Critical Analysis of an Ethnography - Hutterite Society
Hutterites are closely related to the Amish, Mennonites, and others of the Anabaptist movement (my family on my dad's father's side were all Mennonites)

Reading Synthesis - "Environmental History of Mega-Mexico, El Norte"
Fascinating study on three different eras of change in (what is now) the American southwest

Reading Synthesis - "The Making of 'Colonias'"
Colonias are unincorporated communities within 150 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border

Reading Synthesis - Japanese Spirit, Western Things



Colonia Genocide CLICK HERE
My own harrowing experience with getting my electricity turned back on at our house in an east El Paso county colonia utilizing HB 2096

Gun Violence in America: CLICK HERE
(short article)

Autoethnographic Essay on Identity and Community
How I identify myself in El Paso

Ethnocentrism: CLICK HERE
My personal views on spiritual beliefs

Dangers of OZONE in Air Purifiers
This older article is one from personal experience, and includes empirical evidence, information from the EPA, etc.

Japan, Radiation, KI, and Chernobyl (3/17/11): CLICK HERE
Article about the non-dangers (in N America) of radiation from the explosions (non-meltdown) at the nuclear facilities in Japan after the 8.9 earthquake on March 11, 2011.



Bigfoot Research, Paranormal, UFO's, and Spirituality - ARTICLES #2 PAGE

(Many articles - only for the mindful of the extreme unconventional)

Paranormal Survey Results: (the first survey I ever conducted - in my Intro to Sociology class, for honors credit, Dec 2005)
ITEM CONTENTS: Objective | Method | Process | Statistical Data | Discussion | Conclusions
CHARTS: Results/Totals | Analysis | Comparisons



Romeo’s Greek-Italian Chicken & Red Potatoes Dinner

Julia's Red Cheese Enchiladas (with pictures)

Gerald Clevin's Eggplant Pizza

Coconut Panna Cotta with Tropical Fruit (with or w/o Rum... Yum!)

Authentic Ukranian Borshch (borscht - beet soup)

Grandma's Pumpkin Pie (sooo good and easy!)

Asian Vegan "Cool" Salad (I made this up and it is SO YUMMY!)



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