Examining the Mystery of the PARA-APES

by Donald Worley


There are many questions in peoples' minds about the paranormal connection to bigfoot.... my friend and colleague Donald Worley who has investigated UFO's, alien abductions, bigfoot and a host of other paranormal incidences writes the article below... FYI.



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By Donald Worley, investigator/researcher ( 37 years, Consultant to FSR)
Due to anticipated interest in this UFO linked phenomenon , this
research data has been featured ahead of the next scheduled topic.
We shall take a limited look at where these hulking apeman-like entities
are seen,their physical and emotional nature, the UFO link , and
dimensional-telepathic factor.
Let me make it clear at the outset , I do not intend to ridicule , the
legions of Sasquatch/Big Foot investigators ,all their 
efforts, data, and cellars full of plaster foot-casts. Maybe there are
two distinct types of entities but frankly I doubt it. I believe they
are the controlled creations of alien intelligence . As we venture into
these dark murky regions you may begin to understand why I have this

WHERE ARE THEY SEEN?                      
Their density is proportional
to the encroachment  of humanity. On a global scale , by location they
are called Dhzutheh, Gulivavan, Almasty, Mapinguany, Yowee, Sasquatch, Big
Foot, Might Mo, Old slue Foot and other names. To simplify it all I will
call them para-apes. I have listed their widespread geographical
dispersal because I want to point out that despite hundreds of thousands
of incidents since the 1800s not one hairy being has ever been
delivered to a laboratory for scientific surgical confirmation. This is
one valid indication that we are not here dealing with a flesh and blood
thing. In my analysis delivered at Dr. Hynek's 1976 International
Conference in Evanston IL. (234 reports, 602 witnesses, 266 para-apes )
my data clearly supports the conclusions I have reached.
The members of a large religious group in the Western Canadian Provinces
and Northern Europe are quite familiar with them. They call them the "In
Betweeners" because of their ability to appear and vanish at will. In
what may have been the largest sighting of one , 14 tourists in
Florida's Holliday Park, watched as a para-ape walked a 40 ft. half
circle around them and disappear over a dyke.

On my list I have notations like- crashed out of shed, shook auto or
camper 11 cases, ran carrying pig, lifted calf overhead, pulled loose
power wires, tore Florida security guards shirt etc. I have no record of
a human being hurt by a para-ape. At Roachdale Indiana some three dozen
persons encountered the huge red-eyed beast over a period of 7 weeks. It
all started after a luminous light came down and silently blew up over a
cornfield next to Lou Rodgers home. This being could run over mud and
not leave a track . Sometimes you could see through it. It ripped apart
170 chickens and on one occasion several gunners poured a volley of
shots at it with no effect.                               
In contrast at
Galveston Indiana a sitting fisherman had an entity put its hand on his
shoulder in the twilight. When he jumped up at seeing the tall spectre
it leaped and ran . He ran after it keeping a safe distance and heard
its feet  slap the blacktop of the bridge. It ran into high weeds and an
orange glowing light mounted into the sky from there.
There are four episodes in which our strange ape lifted a person. One
was engineer Charles Buchanan , near Hurst TX. He was hoisted aloft
sleeping bag and all. Then the para-ape dropped him to pick up a bag of
barbecued chicken, wolfed it down , and lumbered off.
The fact that the para-apes have been hit by so much hot lead with no
effect is important in our understanding of the transitory state of
their presence on the earthly plane. I record 26 such instances. When
hit the being may swat like swatting at a fly or some have screamed and
ran. At Uniontown PA. a woman fired from six feet away at one that had
its hands up but was approaching. The blast into its midsection from a
16-gauge shotgun caused it to vanish in a flash of light. The following
case is an epic when it comes  to gunfire.
Four glowing oil tank-sized UFOs were part of this. As they hovered over
the distant tree-line they projected light beams and the para-apes
appeared on the ground in them. By June the intrusion of the giant black
forms with glowing red eyes had become menacing . The desperate farmer
and his brother strung barbed wire around the house and took refuge on
the roof. From this vantage point they began to fire at the beings with
a rifle and 12-gauge shotgun. In one week they used more than $120 worth
of shells and had only bruised shoulders to show for it.
One night two para-apes moved nearer by the barn. Ray Davis ,the farmer,
tried to talk to them and gave  them five minutes to come out in the
open. The time passed in silence and the men opened up close range.
Davis used a 12-gauge Mossburg with pumpkin ball shells, and was sure he
didn't miss. The fusillade sent the creatures in screaming retreat. In
the morning nothing but bullet holes were found. Newsmen and Lawmen had
been called but when they were there nothing happened, so they went away
disbelieving. During the summer a number of outside investigators did
experience the phenomena. In the end the sheer terror it all caused the
couple involved to divorce and move away.     
End of part 1.



The UFO-link percentage was the highest in my research data. I know this
finding was affected by the fact that I excluded reports from the three
west coast states southern California excepted. We know that reports
from there are often of black furred types with normal eyes and no known
UFO linkage. I think of these as a more settled in form of the para-apes
but still having the same alien masters.          
In some UFO-link cases
we also have the sound of turbine-like machinery running underground.
Fire Control Officer Bill Vogel , in the  Yakima Indian Reservation of
Washington State, reported intense UFO activity and the sounds in the
isolated back canyons. It was the same with another investigator named
Ken Hunt , an ex-California law officer, in his area situated south
toward the Columbia River. Here too were UFOs and the underground mining
sounds. After 10 years of para-apes and UFOs the ranch horses finally
ceased to panic.                       
In the New Jersey counties of
Morrison, Warren, Hunteston, and Sussex, at least 60 persons saw the
ape entities along with ruby-red UFOs and triangular craft. The sounds
were there too.                
In Sangus , CA. on the Santa Clarita
ranch UFOs were active and several para-apes were seen wearing glowing
blue belts.
There are abductee cases in which the para-apes are seen inside the UFO
or in facilities that seem like an underground base. One of my Louisiana
abductees described the types of aliens she had seen in what she called
an under-river base. She casually mentioned that a friend of the aliens
, a red eyed ape, was there also.  This information from her was
spontaneous for I had not mentioned anything about any apes.
The UFO-para-ape link is undeniable in the following classic case. Joe
Butler and Elmer Grant were fishing on Moqdor Reservoir near Kent OH.
when a large orange sphere began to send a yellow beam to the ground.
Joe flashed his light at it and much to his chagrin it soon arrived
overhead and paralyzed him with it's beam . In less than a minute he
thought it released him and he dived  in the door of his tent. He then
watched in amazement as his companion was transfixed in the beam then
released. The two then cowered in the tent as an orange glow flooded the
area. The thing overhead emitted a " whoo whoo" sound then departed. The
men were no longer acting normally for they went back to the lake to
catfish and only joked about what had happened. When a big bent
over,long armed beast began to rush at them through the woods they
reverted to normal behavior again. Joe fired six pistol shots at it and
they rushed to the tent. Now they were like trapped animals in an orange
glow and it sounded like the para-ape was beating sticks together .
Their frantic rush down the trail with Elmer hanging on to Joe's shirt
tail ended in success.                     
At home they were in for a
shock. Their faces were red and swollen.They became nauseated, had runny
bowls, syrupy-yellow urine,dehydration , exhaustion and depression. The
most surprising thing was in dreams they again met para-apes from the
ground. Only this time they were quite intelligent. Each of them spent
time in a padded captain's chair opposite a para-ape who questioned them
in detail on some aspects of para-ape/ human relations. The men lost an
hour and a half but could not believe that all they dreamed happened in
less than a minute in the beam . 
End of part 2



    In the incredible West Jefferson OH. events, it is also very
apparent that the entities and the UFOs are connected. A large silent
triangular area encompassing Big Darby Creek seemed to come into being
when the giant red-eyed apes began to appear. It all started when a
curious , ,nervy woman named Pat Evans found a footprint near her
slashed trash bags ,and decided to put out greasy bacon just to see what
happened. Thus began the amazing saga of "The lady who fed bigfoot". One
Big Foot became three and they began to venture beyond their usual
haunts in the creek valley. Pats's friends from Columbus and West
Jefferson would come at night and watch from her darkened home. Pat
said. " Them suckers was big! Tall enough they would burn the tops of my
redbud trees. My whole front yard was burned up by these things.
Anything they touched it died. You couldn't believe it. They ruined my
beautiful yard".                                                
As you have guessed , Pat's curiosity and boldness had gotten her into  deep
trouble . Meanwhile other strange things appeared in the triangle. The
red glowing "something out of mythology", half-horse half-man was one.
It had a pointed head and ears, fiery slanted eyes, a beard, and skinny
wings. The horrifying apparition moved across the yard on long cloven
feet leaving hoof prints in the snow.                     
Even more mind-boggling was the brilliant orange balloon that swooped down by the
back door of the house one nice summer morning. It seemed to deliberately go slowly , so
that Pat and her husband ended up within touching distance of it. The
basket of the balloon had three man-like figures in it. One had on a
black suit and the other two wore heavy black jackets with fur on them .
The gent in the suit said with a very English accent, " And a good
morning to you too" Then the basket rose rapidly up and out of sight.
After 18 months , the "silent triangle again became alive with normal
night creature sounds and the para-apes never returned. This was right
after the night that a giant UFO had settled down into the creek valley
and disappeared by morning.  THE DIMENSIONAL ,TELEPATHIC FACTOR
Some persons have reported dimensional awareness and telepathic contact
with the para-apes. David Parker (BA, MS degrees), had spent 32 years in
Sasquatch research when I came in contact with him. His exploration
treks had taken him to mountainous areas on three continents. Parker had
read some of my articles telling of the para-ape UFO interdimensional
link and he held me in angry contempt. He believed I was writing
sensationalized fiction to make money. I was on a trek into the
wilderness of a Wisconsin Indian Reservation that he got the shock of
his life. His months alone in the wilderness had finally paid off, but it
discombobulated him for it refuted much of the earthly science in which
he was steeped. On the reservation both those he called the ET and the
para-apes that he had sought zeroed in on him via mental telepathy. In
the years that followed he can count at least 300 Big Foot episodes and
100 ET experiences. In these there have been important physical
experiences too. I have his letter of apology here beside me regarding
his former attitude about me. Parkers benevolent ETs have told him that
past lives are all one life. We merely weave in and out of dimensions a
single soul dictating .Our free will directs to the positive or negative
ide of each sub-life which is only a small part of the whole.

Sue Jones is a rural Indiana woman who has been abducted often. She had
a special relationship through the years with a Gray she calls Zanna. As
a child on the craft she was told there were some special friends who
wanted to meet her. Thus began intimate contact between Sue and the
para-apes she calls Teluke and Teleel. Her friends could shift into her
dimension and she could sense them in their dimension. This wondrous
ability acquired from the aliens permitted her to even perceive deceased
humans in the other dimension. Also on one occasion when she played her
flute she saw "Wood Sprites " down in the forest, and a little "Brownie
" came and sat on the cross piece of her yard swing.

It is Sue's adventures with her Sasquatch friends on her father-in-law's
farm that I find fascinating. Sue would spend a lot of time away from
the farmhouse out in the pasture and woods supposedly playing with
imaginary friends. Teluke had expressed the desire to ride her horse. Of
course the horse didn't want any part of this. However one day Sue
mangled to complish this feat. It took patience , and restraint , plus a
blindfold, and her hoses's nose smeared liberally with Vicks salve.
Perhaps we should listen to what Sue tells us about her para-ape
friends. In their duel existence on this planet they said they were here
eons before us who are temporally frozen in flesh. This very destructive
life form developed and has now overspread Earth and is now rapidly
despoiling this beautiful blue and green planet which is also the abode
of the para-apes . See below.

Informational postscript added for the cable TV viewers. In the Nulltown
Indiana case the lady who fired the 38 pistol shots into the para-ape
was an abductee. On two different occasions she was visited by a domed
disc but of course recalls nothing so far as I heard. I chose not to
reveal what happened.  Ex-sheriff Jim Caldwell also said that her large
husky dog had a large limb driven into its chest and 3/4 of the way
through its body. Also some cows in the area were mutilated . He wasn't
sure since its been years ago but he believed their hearts were torn out
of them . 
End of Para-ape article

(c) Donald Worley (used with permission)

Email Donald: donhelp1@webtv.net 

An outside link to possible ET sources concerning BF: http://www.joanocean.com/sasquatch.html

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