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Sharon Eby (formerly Sharon Buydens) Resume/Curriculum Vitae
Nova Scotia, Canada (originally from US)

Websites: and


- Writer & Author, plus does editing, proofreading, public speaking, workshops, teaching

- Real Estate Investor, former member with REAPS & Divas’ Real Estate Investors Group, rehab-flips and buy-and-hold SFRs / apartments / commercial properties, passive solar home design and permaculture design

- Applied Anthropologist/Social Scientist with experience in Project Management, social mapping, PRA/RRA, and sustainable development

- 10+ years experience in office management/administration, self-employment

- 10+ years experience with non-profit organizations (EPSEA, Border Interfaith, Solar Nova Scotia, etc.)

- Co-founder of Forest & Meadow Villages Inc.(2021)  and Edgewood Ecovillage Ltd (2022)

- Permaculture PDC (2016) in BC, Canada


Jan 2013 - Present
Investor, DBA SunStar Solutions
I currently work on acquisition projects for residential-commercial real estate properties in the US and Canada. Experience in SFR rehabs to multi-family apartment buildings in emerging markets that cash flow. I do buy-and-holds as well as flipping (rehab) properties, passive solar home building design and permaculture. Currently rehabbing triplex for a BnB, and long-term partnered-project is a retirement community ecovillage and permaculture forest gardens in southern Nova Scotia.

Jan 2001 - Present
Self-Employment, Editing/Writing/Proofreading, Teaching, Project Management

VA work with Williams Executive Support. Writing, editing, and proofreading brings additional income, which includes helping students and businesses with editing papers, or website content writing, etc. Contract work for Uber (summer 2014). See website at for services available (writing/editing, books, maps, advertisements, website development, eBay sales, research, sustainable energy, project management, community development, more...). I also have been a writer/managing editor for National Nutraceuticals in Vancouver, BC for these news web portals:,,, and (Nov 2012-Oct 2014). Author at Village Surrey Transition Initiative at plus have had numerous other clients. Besides teaching through writing on websites I have authored two books in 2015, 2 more in 2016, & more in 2017 (see publications below). I also teach about what I write at workshops on numerous topics including solar ovens, solar water distillers, passive solar homes, Bigfoot and UFO research, and so on. (MY BOOKS LISTED AT THE BOTTOM)

Oct 2011 - May 2014
Administrative Assistant, OfficeTeam (Robert Half Company)

Intermittent: Administration/clerical, data entry, customer service, front desk, answering phones, filing, collating, sorting, data verification, mail merge--one of the clients (EHA) nominated me in March for the 2012 Administrative Excellence Award.

Mar 2011 - June 2011
Program Specialist, Lockheed Martin (IS&GS) Energy & Environmental Services
Data entry/customer service in the energy-environment (Information Systems and Global Solutions) industry processing conservation and energy efficiency incentives for residential applications (contract ended).

Nov 2008 - Present
Self-employed, Editing Contract Work, KBS

Computer data entry, editing for grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, proper spacing and format. Utilize coded corrections, handwritten draft and electronic data insertions, type 65wpm, retrieve and update documents, utilize Word software and other programs for website development, delete and update unnecessary information, and print clean final copies for submission. Store and create backup files and maintain records, plus send email notices to main office on updates. Projects completed June 2011.

Ordained Interfaith Minister with ULC (Universal Life Church Seminary - ordained March 30, 2010), ULC Seminary, 4714 Careyback Ave., Elk Grove, CA 95758 (ordination for US use only).  Personal statement: Each person's experience of the divine is true, regardless of creed, faith, or lack thereof (even if one's belief is only humanism or similar).  Respect for sociocultural, and religious beliefs, ethnic differences, and the like is of the highest priority; therefore, proselytizing is not something I engage in. I officiated my first wedding on April 30, 2011.

May 2008 - May 2010
Social Justice Committee Chair, UUCEP

UUCEP (Unitarian Universalist Community of El Paso): Projects included electrification efforts for rural colonia residents, electrification updates for low-income residents, community survey design and needs assessment. (volunteer)

May 2008 - Jan 2009
Organizing Assistant and Grant Writer, Border Interfaith

Assisted BI Organizer in organizing Steering Committee meetings for interfaith religious organizations, churches, and temples, including meetings with Public Officials, organizing and speaking at Public Life Institute events and Non-Partisan Forums. Also worked on Canutillo Water Project Committee, which included attending meetings combining political influences of city, county, state, and federal employees along with local El Paso Water Utilities employees for collaborative efforts on bringing clean water to rural Canutillo, Texas.  Focus was on the people and water issues so I attended and helped run community meetings toward obtaining clean (city) water to this poverty-stricken area with contaminated wells (average 100’ deep).  Problems included leaky septic tanks/cesspools, chemical runoff, and other problems.  For my project I implemented techniques I had learned from applied anthropology, including ethnographic methods in residential interviews, neighborhood surveys, RRA/PRA training, social mapping, collaborative meetings with political figures (city, county, and state officials/employees), and more.  My report (with graphs) follows here:   Geographic, and geology/hydrology information follows...   

Volunteer with BI (Aug 2007-May 2008) worked on various Committees.
Internship with BI (June-August 2007) worked to bring clean water to the Canutillo, Texas colonia. Administered community Surveys, taught social mapping techniques to community leaders, combined RRA (Rapid Rural Appraisal) and PRA (Participatory Rural Appraisal) and Focus Group techniques at community meetings as part of community needs assessment.

Jan 2002 - April 2008
Office Manager, KBS

Duties included similar tasks as the Editing job listed above, plus management of general office and warehouse requirements, typing many letters (form letters and personalized letters), website updates and management, email list coordination and mailings, inventory checking, ordering, and purchasing, paying bills and other expenses, processing mail, computer data entry and database management, miscellaneous office work, telephone answering, postage meter operation and maintenance, keeping up with postal regulations, and packaging and shipping of printed materials from envelopes to boxes, including domestic and international mail. Estimate that I personally handled over one million dollars over the years I worked there and accounted for every penny.

March 2000-Dec 2001
Secretary, KBS

Had similar duties as Office Manager position above, however it was less management of the office and more mail processing, from letter writing and typing, editing, filling orders and shipping materials, stocking and purchasing.

Jan 2000 - March 2002
Project Manager, El Paso Solar Energy Association

Worked with local community leaders to identify needy families, to coordinate, implement, and manage grant projects in Colonias (poor and unincorporated communities lacking infrastructure) in US-Mexico border areas. Grants received by EPSEA to ensure water quality safety (collaborated with Chemist/Hydrologist) and use by locals with border health issues and water problems (removal of unsafe levels of toxins), micro-organisms, bacteria, chlorine, sediments, heavy metals, etc., through the use of solar water distillers. Solar water purification project covered the public outreach, organizing meetings, database and document creations, information and applications, teaching, consulting, installation, inspection, follow-ups of stills use including reporting to funders (reports included expense reports, tables, comparisons, still recipient information, and so on). Expertise includes direct field experience of over 100 stills installed in the colonias and areas of west TX, southern NM, and Juarez, Mexico on these bi-national collaborative efforts. Training and supervising of Assistants in and out of the field, and worked with Treasurer on payroll and maintenance of bank account. Additional volunteer positions include Board Member (1989, 1999, 2002), Secretary (1990-1993), Satellite Newsletter Article Author (1993-1995), Vice-President (2000), President (2001, first female President), Newsletter Mailing List Coordinator (2000-2001), Newsletter Editor (2000-2001), and Project Manager (2000-2002).

Jan 2001-Present
Owner/Manager of SunStar Solutions

All jobs above were done on a contract basis over the years, under the auspices of my business, here at


Applied Anthropology and Freelance Social Science Research - qualified to do qualitative and quantitative methodologies, including ethnographies; PRA/RRA; social mapping; surveys; unstructured, semi-structured, or structured interviewing; evaluation; needs assessment; impact assessment / social impact assessment; collaborative research; social marketing; cultural brokerage; action research / participatory action research; public anthropology research; advocacy; social justice; focus groups; administration/management, and so on. I have special interest in environmental, sustainable, and sociocultural issues.

Office Management - writing/editing, transcription, database entry/management, type 65wpm, letter writing, organization, word processing, maintaining records, mail processing, phone answering, shipping, inventory, purchasing, research, website updates. Commonly use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Frontpage, WSFTP, and PSPro. Experience in research, logistics, organizing/teaching workshops, and public speaking.


Various R&D of alternative energy, alternative construction techniques, and alternative living styles (independent indigenous communities).  Some of the topics include solar water distiller construction, solar room heaters, trombe walls, solar rock storage heat units, solar ovens, solar food dryers, passive solar house design, straw bale construction, adobe blocks, fibrous cement blocks (papercrete/fibercrete), fidobe, geodesic domes, monolithic dome ceilings, hydroponics/raised-bed/organic gardening, composting, composting toilets/drying toilets, gray-water systems, rain-catching systems, shallow well issues, homesteading, raising small animal livestock, urban-sprawl & poverty, Colonia issues, water purification and health, desalination of sea water, etc.  

Long term, part-time, hands-on construction of passive solar straw bale house shell (load-bearing compression-tension walls) with green-treated lumber/gravel alternative foundation and recycled materials/doors/windows.   Assisted Dave Carter (Instructor at Southeast Community College in Lincoln, NE) teach/host a straw bale construction workshop for hands-on experience by students/attendees (taught through University of Nebraska at Lincoln).  Newspaper article on this work posted in the Banner-Press Newspaper, David City, NE, Oct 16, 1997.   Was a Resource Library/List Committee Member for the Straw Bale Association of Nebraska (SBAN) 1998-1999 and assisted with straw bale workshops/tours.

Hands-on projects including designing and construction of composting toilets (CT’s) with published CT picture/testimony titled “A homemade self-contained composting toilet in Nebraska” in “The Composting Toilet System Book(© 2000, revised version, by David Del Porto & Carol Steinfeld, pg. 134) covering non-urine diversion CT.  CT construction mini-workshop taught with urine-diversion CT constructed & donated by students.  Consulted independently (volunteer) on research for solar CT’s for Jay Graham at the Center for Environmental Research Management (CERM) at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) with support from the TX Secretary of State’s office in 2001 in the promotion of CT’s (no project funding).  

Supporting gallery page:

Other Interests/Hobbies/Experience: Personal Statement...

Schooling/Courses/Classes/Assisted Learning/Volunteer Experience

(from age 13 - present)

Space Camp - Level I (1 wk), Astronautics, simulations, etc., Huntsville, AL, 1983

Space Camp - Level II (1 wk), Astronautics, simulations, etc., Huntsville, AL, 1984

Archaeological Dig Volunteer with WRAC (Withlacoochie River Archaeology Council - See: "Safety Harbor and Seminole Sites" & "The Ruth Smith Mound" sections (pdf)), with experience on a dig at the Tatham Mound using shovels & screening, as well as brushing & detailed work in the discovery of pottery shards, beads, artifacts, and human skulls on top of the Seminole Indian burial mound, headed by Dr. Brent Weisman - Archaeologist, Inverness, FL, 1984

Photography Class, Whispering Pines Park, Florida, 1984

Environmental Camp (1 wk), and won/elected for Advanced Week Session (1 wk), ecology, nature & animals, woodlands survival, etc., Florida, summer, 1985

Adobe Home Construction Course, by Mike Cormier at UTEP, El Paso, TX 1989

Solar Hot Water Heating Workshop, by Steve Cook at UTEP Energy Center, El Paso, TX 1990

Manual Drafting & Design Courses, Core-curriculum, (AutoCADD unfinished – no degree), 56 Credit Hours earned, GPA 3.66, at El Paso Community College, TX 1990-1992

Energy Analysis and Passive Solar Home Design Class, Passive Solar Industries Council, Las Cruces, NM 1990

Solar Water Distillation and Construction, Sharon Eby-Martin, Lane Fisher, El Paso, TX 1992

Straw Bale Construction Workshop, Matts Myhrman, Out On Bale, (Un) Ltd., and El Paso Solar Energy Association, El Paso, TX May 1993

Owner Built Homes Under $20,000 Course, Dave Carter, SE Comm. College, Lincoln, NE 1994

Straw Bale Construction Workshop, Dave Carter SCC/UNL, & Sharon Eby-Martin, Lincoln, NE 1997

Composting Toilet Design, Sharon Eby-Martin, Lincoln, NE 1998  

Homesteading Project: Sustainable Living, Composting Toilet Design, Organic Gardening, Raising Small Livestock, and Strawbale House Construction, Sharon Eby-Martin, Dwight, NE 1995-1998  

Website development (beginning status), for Dr. Phil Duke (separately), and Deborah Rayas & Sharon Eby-Martin, 1998

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) week-long Seminar, Derrel Sims, CMHt, R.H.A., hosted & attended by Sharon Eby-Martin, El Paso, TX November, 1999 

Website development (self-taught) and Graphic design, for Derrel Sims (,, 1999-2001

Workshop on Still Construction, Mike Cormier, assisted by Sharon Eby-Martin, Renewable Energy Roundup, Fredericksburg, TX 2000  

Land & Community Development Volunteer work with the NAIIC (Native American Independent Indigenous Community), experience in planning, & getting heavy dozer equipment donated for road-work, as well as adobe blocks donated, learned & taught on indigenous construction techniques, etc., headed by Robert "Wolf" Blackwolf, El Paso, TX, 2000-2001

Project Management in solar water distillation installation/implementation projects, under Program Manager Robert Foster - NMSU, via BorderPACT/CONAHEC mini-grant projects for Juarez, Mexico Colonias, and EPA challenge grants in TX & NM 2000-2002

Soil and Waste Composting Seminar, (exact title unknown) hosted by TX Tech, El Paso, TX 2001

How to Build a Solar Water Distiller, Mike Cormier, Greg Vogel, Billy Amos, and Sharon Eby-Martin, Water Festival Workshop, Columbus, NM 2001

Papercrete Dome Construction Workshop, John Hall of Starship Enterprises, Gerard Blanchard of Native Earthling World, and Sharon Eby-Martin of SunStar Solutions, El Paso, TX Nov 2002

Webmaster/Webmistress (website development) using Frontpage and WSFTP, and Graphic Design using PSPro at (for self), (for Preston Eby), & (for Larry Arnold), 2003-Present

Anthropology/Sociology & Geology Courses, (Continuing Education), GPA 3.81/4.0, at El Paso Community College, TX, Honors Program, President's List, 2004-2005 -- AWARDED ASSOCIATE OF ARTS DEGREE (9 December 2005)

Anthropology Courses (Undergraduate), GPA 4.0/4.0, University of TX at El Paso (UTEP), El Paso, TX (Spring 2006-Present), Honors Society, National Deans List, Phi Kappa Phi, EARNED CERTIFICATE OF APPLIED ANTHROPOLOGY (2007)

Leadership Training Seminar, IAF (Industrial Areas Foundation) affiliate Border Interfaith, El Paso, TX Sept 6-8, 2007

Legal Investigation (Center for Legal Studies - online UTEP continuing education course), El Paso, TX Oct 15 - Nov 30, EARNED CERTIFICATE (2007)

Leadership 3-Day Training Seminar, IAF (Industrial Areas Foundation) via affiliate Border Interfaith, Phoenix, AZ July 24-26, 2008

Social Science Courses/Major with concentration in Anthropology, GPA 3.7/4.0, Ashford University, Clinton, IA (Aug 2008-March 2010), Honors with Distinction, Deans List, AWARDED BACHELOR OF ARTS DEGREE (2010) - SEE TRANSCRIPT (PDF file)

Rich Dad (2-day Real Estate Seminar), Seattle, WA, Spring 2013

REAPS (1-day Workshop), Dave Lindahl on apartment building acquisitions, Spring 2013

PDC (Permaculture Design Course), Mission, BC Canada, Summer 2016

110: Introduction to the Passive House Building Standard, Passive House Canada (all day workshop), Vancouver BC, Feb 2017

Passive Solar Home Design Course, 18-hour course taught by Don Roscoe, Nova Scotia Institute of Technology, Halifax NS, Feb-Mar 2018

Passive Solar Construction Course, 1-day workshop taught by Don Roscoe, Nova Scotia Institute of Technology, Halifax NS, Feb 2018


Voted Most Likely To Succeed year-end awards, CRCA (Crystal River Christian Academy), 10th Grade, May 1986

Reiki - Levels I, II, and III (certificates for each level) Lincoln, NE, 1995-1997

Certificate of Appreciation awarded by Insights El Paso Science Museum for commitment to the youth of the El Paso area at Scientific Career Day, Nov 9, 2001

Certificate of Appreciation awarded by El Paso Solar Energy Association (EPSEA) for recognition of 2001 BOARD PRESIDENT for work in promoting and leading the El Paso Solar Energy Association, given on the 25th EPSEA Anniversary, April 25, 2003  

Turquoise Star Achievement Award, awarded by eBay for achieving a Feedback Profile of 100 respondents/customers (Positive Feedback rating of 100%), 2005

Associate of Arts Degree, Honors Society, President's List, El Paso Community College, TX, December 9, 2005

The National Dean's List, (certificate) 2005-2006 Edition

Phi Kappa Phi, (membership certificate) University of Texas at El Paso, TX, February 26, 2007

Certificate in Applied Anthropology, (certificate) University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), TX, 2007 - Note: Certificate earned, and letter received from the Chair of the Sociology and Anthropology Dept. at UTEP stating such (certificates are given at time of graduation with BA degree).

Legal Investigation Certificate Course (certificate) Center for Legal Studies - online UTEP continuing education course, El Paso, TX, November, 2007

Deans List, Fall 2008, Summer 2009, Ashford University

2012 Administrative Excellence Award (nominated by Everett Housing Authority, via OfficeTeam (Lynnwood, WA)), Everett, WA, March 14, 2012

2019 Lloyd Pye Fund Grant awarded funding to finish an anthropological study on what people believe about Bigfoot (book writing) – “Lloyd Pye Fund For Alternative Researchers”

Honor Societies

EPCC Honors Program

UTEP Honors Society

Phi Kappa Phi (top 7% students in U.S.)

Memberships & Volunteerism

Withlacoochie River Archaeology Council (WRAC), Volunteer/member, 1984-1985

El Paso Solar Energy Association Member (EPSEA), past President (also past Board Member, Secretary, Vice-President, Newsletter Editor), present general member, on and off from 1989-1993, 2000-2003

Straw Bale Association of Nebraska Member (SBAN), Library/Committee Member, 1998-1999   

"Dream Team" Member - Saber Enterprises, Researcher/Investigator, Houston, TX, 1999-2006

Native American Independent Indigenous Community (NAIIC), Volunteer/member, El Paso, TX, 2000-2001

Wolf Rescue, Volunteer, El Paso, TX 2000-2001

El Paso MUFON, Co-director with Melanie Young for monthly MUFON meetings, 2002-2004

Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy (TBRC), West Regional Leader, 2003-2007

Save the Chimps, Alamogordo, NM, 2005, volunteered for a few months (just prior to them moving the first chimps to the sanctuary in Florida in Feb 2006).

The American Anthropological Research Foundation (AARF), Volunteer/member, Texas, 2005+

VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) at the Paso Del Norte Civil Rights Project, Volunteer (PRAXIS) practicum service-learning (included fundraising), El Paso, TX 2007

Unitarian Universalist Church, UU Community member, & Social Justice Committee Chair, El Paso, TX 2007-Present

Border Interfaith (affiliate of the Industrial Areas Foundation), Volunteer practicum service-learning, BI Leader, Grant Writing, El Paso, TX 2007-2009

INFJ Seattle Meetup, Founder, 8/2011-11/2014 (members continued on till 12/2018)

“The Lake”, member/volunteer (work days, highway cleanup volunteer, etc.), Sultan, WA, 2011-2014

Bigfootology team member, 2013-2014, Washington state

Baha’i faith, volunteer for numerous events/activities, Surrey, BC, March 21, 2015-2017

Village Surrey Transition Initiative, Volunteer, Surrey BC 2015-2016

Surrey Interfaith Council, Volunteer, Surrey BC 2015-2017

Baha’i faith, volunteer for numerous events/activities, Yarmouth/Halifax, NS 2017+

Solar Nova Scotia, volunteer and board member, 2018

Women of the Shield, member—women’s spiritual gatherings, fall 2019

Affiliate with Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research, July 13, 2020+

Founding Member: Pagan Friends (Messenger group), April 2022

Co-Founder and CAO with Forest & Meadow Villages Inc, June 10, 2021

Co-Founder & Director with Edgewood Ecovillage Ltd., May 25, 2022

Founding Member: OWD – Order of the Witchy Doodlers (Messenger group), March 17, 2023

Founding Member: East Coast Vikings (Messenger group), March 17, 2023

Member: Tri-Counties Folk School (attending & teaching workshops, Yarmouth NS), March 2023

Steering Committee/Board with AppleTree Ecovillage, May 2023


Please also see "Articles" Page, and my Blog

(note previous last names on some publications below; however, ghost writing and publishing under pen names not included here)

Eby, Sharon & Cucksey, Allister (editor), 2021, Bigfoot Beyond Belief: A Study in Cultural Anthropology of What People Believe About Bigfoot/Sasquatch (Book 1 - )

Cornet, Sharon, 2020, 3 Bigfoot Sightings Maps in 7 States: Booklet of Sasquatch Beings & Footprints Seen in TX - WA, OR, CA - AR, MO, OK (same book republished under different name)

Cornet, Sharon, 2020, The Witness: Hominins' Cave - (Short Story) Kindle Edition

Buydens, Sharon, 2019, For the Love of Jeremiah - Memoir Photobook: Jeremy Eby-Martin Feb 6, 1995 – Jan 23, 2017 (Star-9 Photo Books) Paperback

Buydens, Sharon, 2018, Barn Owl Photobook: Royalty Free Color Pix of the Common Barn Owl, Family Tytonidae (Tyto Alba) Plus Talons & Owl Drawings (Star-9 Photobooks) (Volume 3) Paperback

Buydens, Sharon, 2018, Best of Tiny House Photobook: Color Pix - Cottage, Bungalow, Beach & Boathouse, Log Cabin, Mud Hut, Cave & Rock Dwelling, Yurt, & the Privy (Star-9 Photo Books) (Volume 2) Paperback

Buydens, Sharon, 2018, Tiny House Photobook: B/W Pix - Cottage, Bungalow, Beach & Boathouse, Log Cabin, Mud Hut, Cave & Rock Dwelling, Yurt, & the Privy (Star-9 Photo Books) (Volume 1) Paperback

Buydens, Sharon, 2018, Cheapskate's Passive Solar Home Design for DIY Straw Bale or Green Building: Thrifty Ways to Barter and Find Cheap Used & Free Materials on a Frugal Budget - Paperback

Buydens, Sharon, 2018, DIY: Simple Passive Solar House: Design for 90% Energy Efficiency to Save Money on Heating and Cooling - Paperback

Buydens, Sharon, 2018, DIY: How to Design Your Own Energy Efficient Green Home: Construction Alternatives and Sample Passive Solar Straw Bale House

Buydens, Sharon, 2017, 3 Bigfoot Sightings Maps in 7 States: Booklet of Sasquatch Beings & Footprints Seen in TX - WA, OR, CA - AR, MO, OK

Buydens, Sharon, 2016, DIY: How to Build Your Own Energy Efficient Green Home: Construction Alternatives and Sample Passive Solar Straw Bale House Design (BOOK RETIRED)

Buydens, Sharon, 2016, DIY: How to Make a Cheap Air Conditioning Earth Tubes (v2)

Buydens, Sharon, 2015, DIY: How to Make a Solar Oven (v2)

Buydens, Sharon, 2015, DIY: How to Build a Solar Water Distiller (v2)

Cornet, Sharon, 2012-2014, Online articles for / / / (old sites are defunct)

Cornet, Sharon personal Blog: Online publications at (2009-2019 - Closed)

Cornet, Sharon, 2012, Chloe-isms: Age 1-2

Cornet, Sharon L., 2012, 1st Edition, Passive Solar House Design Projects: A How-To Guide

Cornet, S., 2011. 2nd Edition, A “How-To” e-booklet: How to Make a Solar Oven, PDF version

Cornet, S., 2010. 2nd Edition, A “How-To” e-booklet: How to Design a Passive Solar House, PDF version

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Cornet, S., 2008. 2nd Edition, A “How-To” e-booklet: How to Make a Solar Water Distiller, PDF version

Cornet, S., 2007. 2nd Edition, A “How-To” e-booklet: How to Discover if Solar or Wind Power  is Best for You, PDF version

Cornet, S., 2007. 2nd Edition, A “How-To” e-booklet: How to Make a Tornado and Hurricane Resistant Home, PDF version 

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