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Social Science Q&A
Research Areas: Socio-Cultural Anthropology, Applied Anthropology
Research, Investigation, Interviewing, Writing, Ethnography
Oral History & Tribal Stories, Shamanism (the only non-organized universal religion in the world)
Cryptozoology, Supranormal/Paranormal, Religions
Business, Sustainable Development, Alternative Energy/Construction, more...


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Q & A (Questions and Answers)

Who uses SunStar Solutions' problem solving techniques?

Any business, organization (non-profit or other), firm, group, community, ethnic enclave, federal or state or local level agency, or any other human group in society that has a need or desire to improve the quality and/or productivity in any of these areas:

Domain of Application Areas
social/cultural issues
development (social/community, grass-roots, health/medical, agricultural, technological, etc.)
needs assessment
impact assessment / social impact assessment
collaborative research
cultural action
social marketing
cultural brokerage
action research / participatory action research
participatory rural appraisal
public anthropology research
human/civil rights issues
social justice
focus groups
policy research
research analyzing
public participation
educational ("Funds of Knowledge")
multi-cultural issues
**environmental impact assessment
**cultural resource managment (CRM)

**SunStar Solutions does not participate in these techniques

What approach does SunStar Solutions take?

SunStar Solutions takes an applied anthropological and social science approach to problem solving.

What is Anthropology?

In its simplest terms: "The holistic, scientific study of humankind" (Source)

There are 4 subdisciplines of anthropology:

Cultural (sociocultural)  

SunStar Solutions focuses on the latter.

What is Applied Anthropology?

The anthropological approach to solving real-world problems.

What methods are used?

Qualitative and quantitative methodologies are utilized, which typically can consist of ethnographic methods (qualitative in-depth field research), data gathering techniques and analysis, surveys/questionnaires, etc., depending on the situation and which domain of application is required.

What expertise do you have? 

The Director/Owner of SunStar Solutions, Sharon Cornet, is trained in ethnographic methods/applied anthropology.  She is an entrepreneur, social entrepreneur, and has long-term experience in office management, project management, solar energy projects, solar water distillation grant projects, field research in a wide variety of topics (business related as well as sustainable and unconventional areas), website development, research and writing skills.  Sharon is a wife and mother of three.  She is a member of the El Paso Solar Energy Association ( and has volunteered and worked for/with Border Interfaith (broad-based community organizing for social justice as Organizing Assistant and Grant Writer).  Sharon's official UTEP internship was finished in 8/2007, which was the last requirement for earning her Certificate in Applied Anthropology at UTEP (University of Texas at El Paso).  Sharon has an AA degree (with honors, from EPCC), was with the UTEP honors society while she attended there, is a member of Phi Kappa Phi, and is on the National Dean's list.  Sharon's graduation date is March, 2010 from Ashford University, where she made the Deans List in 2008/2009, and has earned her BA in Social Science, with a concentration in anthropology.

For more information see Sharon's Resume

Read Sharon's 2007 Report on Border Interfaith Internship for the Canutillo (colonia) Water Project
(She stays in touch with Border Interfaith, although focuses her recent efforts on solar energy, energy efficiency of homes in rural "colonias" (associated with poverty and urban sprawl), and social justice issues in the UU Community of El Paso as the Social Justice Committee Chair, and as part of her community service... community service being a part of life, which she highly recommends everyone should do!)

How can you help me?

Please write or email me with your request: Contact Sharon

More information on anthropology and the social sciences:

SunStar Solutions strictly adheres to the anthropological Code of Ethics:

American Anthropological Association:

The Society for Applied Anthropology:

Former member with the Society of the Study of Social Problems (SSSP):


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead, 1901-1978



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