Glen Rose Flora

(from Perkins et al., 1979)

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Above: Map area of Dinosaur Valley State Park and Paluxy River fossil exposures, near Glen Rose, TX (modified from Perkins et al., 1979).

    Associated tidal flat facies contain abundant dinosaur footprints, which can be seen in the river bed and on the banks of the Paluxy River (Perkins et al., 1979: Field Trip Guide).

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Above: Carnosaur trackways exposed in bedrock by the Paluxy River, simulate mudflat environment in which these dinosaurs walked back during the Early Cretaceous (Albian).

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Above: Northwest-southeast cross section of Comanchean formations through Glen Rose, TX (modified from Perkins et al., 1979).

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Above: Lower Glen Rose Formation at Barker Branch.

Cheirolepid and other conifers from Stop 1, 1979 AASP field trip.

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