Bigfoot camouflage?


Is this a yucca cactus stump which looks like bigfoot?  

Or is this a bigfoot camouflaging himself/herself as a yucca stump?  

The question is clear, but the picture is not.  The answers we sought out for this one were easily identifiable with the proper equipment and timing and persistence.  We DID find the answer to this one and you may be surprised... not so much by the answer on what this actually is, but in the questions it brought up in the process about how a bigfoot might camouflage his/her massive body to evade our detection.

Countless books, articles, and the like have been written which have touched on the essence of camouflaging techniques used by animals and creatures in nature, but only handfuls of them cover aspects of camouflage used by the alleged bigfoot creatures which pervade nearly every nation of the world.  What are the aspects of natural camouflage techniques which bigfoot might use to hide himself/herself in the woods?  What about bigfoot seeking visual "invisibility" in the vast dry areas of desert?  Before we can answer about camouflage though, we must ask ourselves, What is the nature of bigfoot?  

Only until we understand the ultimate depth of bigfoot's basic nature, as well as their physiology, can we understand them enough to figure out their most intimate secrets used to hide from us.  We must ask ourselves things like.....

Why hasn't anyone discovered a bigfoot skeleton?  Do they bury their dead?  If so, so they bury the bodies deeper than we can find them?  Do they take their dead someplace else unknown, or unreachable from humans?  If so, where?  If they don't bury them, then why hasn't a single bigfoot body been found to date which has been documented by scientists, or placed in a museum?  Is their biology similar to ours, and every other animal on the planet, so that typical break-down time of the cells and flesh takes an equal length of time, or is it catalyzed by some other factor?  Do they travel alone or in groups?  If most travel alone, are others within shouting/whistling or rock/tree-knocking (audible) distance if something were to go wrong?      

Are bigfoot really just animals, or are they paranormal creatures, such as the "para-apes"?  Are they inter-dimensional crossing over from one parallel universe/world into this one?  Are bigfoot just another version of an earth spirit?  Why have bigfoot-like creatures occasionally been seen on UFO crafts by alleged alien abductee witnesses?  Why are UFO sightings concurrent with some bigfoot sighting areas?  Bigfoot is seen, and leaves behind physical evidences such as footprints, scat, and hair, but not much beyond that.... Do bigfoot bodies (bones included) somehow disintegrate into thin air once the life has gone out of them?  Are they "beamed up" to another place if hurt or dead?  Do bigfoot creatures even die?  If so, do they pull their dead into an inter-dimensional portal (note rare cases of bigfoot coming in/out of portals have been documented)?  Are bigfoot creatures actually some kind of alien creature or are they some kind of human-gorilla type genetic cross-breed?  Are they a split-off genetic ancestor or "brother" of humans from up on the evolutionary chain, or were they created by God before or after mankind?  Why do their eyes shine red?  Do their eyes only shine red as a reflection of light or do they glow red on their own, seemingly having their own light source (which appears to be in some cases)?

Does bigfoot travel under the earth in caves or granite areas?  What is the geological connection in desert ape bigfoot sightings?  Are the potassium-rock areas (granite/feldspars) which bigfoot is often found (nationwide) because bigfoot's potassium levels are low (similar to alien abductees?) and they need supplementation, either by rock-crushing and eating, or by eating plants which are potassium-rich?  Are bigfoot creatures omnivores (eating both meat and plants - evidence seems to depend on where they live as to what they eat) or is yet another "staple" or "supplementation" of something we don't realize about yet in their diet?  Do they hunt people (Note: so far not a single provable case has been documented on a human being harmed by a bigfoot)?  Do they live only in caves, also making nests to sleep in when traveling to and from different areas?  Why are fault line areas so common in desert apes bigfoot sighting areas?  Why do desert apes (bigfoot) migration and travel patterns tend to follow that of subsurface igneous rock-laden areas?   

These kinds of questions are only the beginnings in understanding the nature of bigfoot!  

So how, knowing that there is a lot more to bigfoot than previously thought, do we apply this understanding to its possible camouflage techniques?  We start by looking at case studies.  We take evidences from primary eye-witness accounts where bigfoot was seen in a camouflage setting, or where he/she came out of one, or was caught going into one.  In most cases, sightings occur almost happenstance, it seems, where people are traveling through the wilderness (or somewhere), and so is bigfoot, and they just cross paths.  Whether these path-crossings are accidental, or purposeful doesn't matter at this point, because it is the camouflage aspect which we are looking at.  Unfortunately there are far too many accounts to cover here, but we will briefly mention some of the most common types, taken from a few cases which I have investigated personally (primary source witnesses) as well as a photo of a possible camouflaged bigfoot listed on Pearl Jo Priohoda's website.  And don't worry... keep reading because we'll explain the photo at the top of this page soon enough!

My son's account of seeing bigfoot was at night but he saw the head and shoulders of the creature, and then he and my nephew heard sounds.  We are sure the warning-like sounds coming from the creature were because it was traveling in the ravine/arroyo and it was startled by the boys' presence, so no camouflage was witnessed.  Although this does seem, at first, to help in knowing camouflage techniques, it does tell us that perhaps, under the shield of darkness, they feel they are protected and perhaps let their guard down a bit.  Hiding in the dark, at least from humans or other creatures/beings they might consider a threat could be why they often travel at night.  This in itself, could be a form, or use, of camouflage.

The "Tailless Monkey" account of a young (El Pasoan) man displayed a very evident case of camouflage by a bigfoot.  The witness stopped by the gravel road in the early AM to go to the bathroom (desert terrain with homes spotted here and there) when he noticed a large tree trunk.  Because trees are not found naturally in the desert he thought it strange.  His eyes grew even wider when the "tree trunk" suddenly stood up and walked away... as a bigfoot!  He did not consider that it was a HAIRY tree trunk before it stood up and walked away, but AS a tree trunk itself.  Was this a form of camouflage?  It appears so, at least because the witness did not see a "hairy tailless monkey which was squatting," still with its head above the desert plants/bushes, but only saw a "tree trunk."  Until the camouflage effect was eliminated by the movement of the bigfoot did it become evident to him as to what was actually walking away from him.  Standing very still and meshing (ability to change - perhaps like a chameleon?) with the terrain as a tree/plant/bush/animal/other could also be ways in which bigfoot camouflages himself.  Also, it cannot be discounted (until proven otherwise) that a possibility exists, similar to that of a shaman (specifically one who claims to shape-shift), a skinwalker, or even what our grey-alien abductors use on abductees, that bigfoot might possess an ability to affect the mind of the observer by tricking them into thinking they are seeing something that isn't there, or that isn't its true form.  It could be that the witness who saw the "tree trunk" was MADE (through some sort of hypnosis, or mental/telepathic power of suggestion which some bigfoot witnesses have claimed bigfoot is able to do) to see a tree trunk when the bigfoot's true form was obviously... a bigfoot!  Another possibility exists, also, that the bigfoot itself is a projection (false image) of something whose form is yet unknown to us.  Remember that no one has yet to capture one of these creatures so how can we truly know what their true form is?  Is it an imaginary creature?  Doubtful since they often will leave physical evidence behind in this 3-D realm of our world.  But we do have to consider that some of these evidences are left behind on purpose, as well as on accident, until we know more.  But this accounting of a tree trunk turning into a bigfoot is an obvious effect of camouflage.

Another interesting account of a possible bigfoot camouflage effect is based on the Horizon City Monster account by Ms. Montanez.  She first spotted the bigfoot hunched over a dead coyote by the edge of the highway out in the desert... obviously no camouflage going on yet!  But it then stood up, walked up a mesquite mound and jogged down the other side.  She said his head was originally taller than the mound, and yet he kept appearing to go down and down and down, into the ground!  Although Montanez could not see the bigfoot actually entering the ground (due to the mound being in the way), she insisted that there had to have been a cave it entered.  She left and returned the following day to find the coyote gone, any footprints swiped by the winds, and no apparent cave entrance!  She then concluded that the bigfoot must've had a trap door hidden under the dirt which he entered, although she could not find it.  Realize that this could be the rational mind attempting to explain an unexplainable "disappearance" of bigfoot!  The biggest question is not necessarily did he go into the ground but how did he make her THINK he went into the ground if he did not?  Realize the question of where he went has not been answered so we cannot presume he did, or didn't, go into the ground, into a cave, or into a trap door.  Only that, perhaps, some sort of camouflage technique was administered here.  So we must consider both options in this case, as a means of camouflage.... that bigfoot is able to escape the scene due to hidden trap doors, or hidden cave entrances which bigfoot enters, or as I mentioned above, that he has the ability to affect the mind of the observer.  

At Three Rivers Campground above Alamogordo, NM was a bigfoot that was seen walking along a low ridge from west to east one day.  The witness was none other than John, who is the campground host who lives there full time.  He was driving in his truck, also going from west to east, when he spotted the bigfoot walking parallel to his truck.  As he looked at the bigfoot, the bigfoot turned to look at him, all while continuing to walk.  After a bit the bigfoot just disappeared, as if he walked into an invisible wall of some kind.  Was there a hidden dimensional portal of some kind which bigfoot went into to leave there?  Did he arrive the same way?  Was this a time-rift of some kind where he saw a flashback of a bigfoot creature which played out its movements on that ridge?  Because he saw the bigfoot, and because the bigfoot turned to look at John, I am left to conclude that this was no "movie" playing back an old scene, but that the bigfoot was actually there!  Had John gone to look for footprints I would not doubt that he likely would have found some, but alas, he did not think to investigate.  Still, we cannot leave the aspect of inter-dimensional doorways or portals being a possible way for bigfoot to travel in and out of certain areas, and could be using such things to hide or leave a scene through.  This could be the ultimate camouflage... by truly "disappearing."  But... there could be yet another way for bigfoot to "disappear" here..... 

Pearl Pirohda's (Osareal) page - as of this writing - shows another possibility concerning camouflage techniques by bigfoot.  In this case a picture was taken showing a "shadow" in the grass which looks like a nearly-invisible bigfoot (juvenile).  In Pearl's neck of the woods the bigfoot there show up with larger ears than down here in west Texas.  In the photo, with some imagination, you can make out the bodily form of a smaller-sized bigfoot, hiding by laying in the grass, with a type of invisible cloak (similar to the cloaking ability from the movie "Predator") masking his presence.  Because there is no other circumstantial or corroborating physical evidence in this case it is hard to "prove" that this image is actually a bigfoot hiding in broad daylight by the use of this supposed cloaking/invisibility ability.... but... because there is equally no proof that it is not a bigfoot, it is considered as possible evidence.  Bigfoot is seen in the area around where the picture was taken, so although it may or may not be probable, it is possible.  

Summary of some of the possible camouflage techniques used by bigfoot:

Hiding in the dark

Standing very still 

Meshing (ability to change - perhaps like a chameleon?) with the terrain as a tree/plant/bush/animal/other 

Ability to affect the mind of the observer

Hidden trap doors, or hidden cave entrances which bigfoot enters

Inter-dimensional doorways or portals

Cloaking/invisibility ability

One note here about the Horizon City Monster account (above) where Montanez witness what she thought was bigfoot going into the ground, or a trap door, or a cave entrance (which evidently wasn't visible or there at all).  Because of the other accounts, it is entirely possible that instead of that bigfoot going into the ground, he might've used the possible invisibility cloaking ability, or gone through an inter-dimensional portal, or was simply - through a form of hypnosis - affecting the mind of the observer.  If the latter, then the bigfoot creature could have been present, standing right on the other side of the mound the entire time.  

Now, back to the original photo at the top of this page....  take a look at it again....


Photo taken with a Sony digital camera 8/8/04

With all of this in mind concerning bigfoot and its abilities, or possible abilities to camouflage himself/herself, what do we think the object is in the photos above (left photo shows surrounding terrain, right photo shows a blowup of the object)?  

Could it have been a yucca cactus stump?  Surely.  

Could it have been a bigfoot camouflaging itself as a yucca cactus stump or some other plant/bush?  Absolutely.  

Again, could it have been a bigfoot affecting my mind to make me think I was looking at a cactus stump?  Possible, but not probable.  Why?  Because at first glance, from far away on the highway, this tall brownish thing was the only thing sticking that far above the rest of the desert plant life.  Its color (although we were seeing the shadowed side) stood out as "different" amongst the green cacti and greasewood/chaparral/creosote bushes.  Because I am a bigfoot investigator I am always LOOKING for bigfoot!  This thing stood out, in a high bigfoot sighting area, so I naturally was looking for out-of-place objects which *might* be bigfoot.  Until we look for things, sometimes we never see them.  When searching for a fossil in all types of surrounding rock, we sometimes will miss the fossil entirely unless we are first looking for it!  I even take into consideration the aspect of bigfoot camouflaging himself, so I look even more carefully than most.  Only rarely do these things pop out at most people, unless it is an obvious and blatant occurrence.  So for me, I was looking, and am always looking.  But until the day I spotted this one particular object I had only seen cactus, rocks, and other (what appeared to be) natural objects and items in the terrain.  Boring, but realistic.  And the only problem with this particular object I found was that it was still there over 2 1/2 hours later!  Would bigfoot require camouflaging himself/herself so much that he/she would be willing or made to stand so still for that long?  Doubtful, but may be.  

I figured, at this point, that it must be a yucca stump, but there was only one way to find out for sure, and that was to take another trip, on another day, in the early morning (rather than the evening like we did before) to take more pictures of it (provided it was still there - if not then wow... perhaps it could have been a bigfoot!) with the early morning sunlight shining directly on the surface of the object, which was facing the road where I had to park.  Walking to it was not possible due to laws and warnings listed on the fence-line further away.  

I left Friday, August 13th, 2004 (Friday the 13th) in the AM to take some more pictures.  Indeed the object was still there.  I knew then that the odds were nearly impossible for it to be a bigfoot by that point.  The sun was shining directly on the side I was photographing, and I had the original Sony digital camera with me as well as a set of binoculars with a built-in camera.  Below are pictures from both cameras.  Although the results are obvious, and not spectacular in the bigfoot sense, the evidence is now apparent that what we think we see sometimes, or HOPE to see, is not always the case.  I recall a time when I was rowing in a canoe, by myself (with my parents snorkeling down the river from me a bit) as a teenager.  It was the Rainbow River in Florida and I was used to seeing snakes and water moccasins, turtles, and Florida gators (alligators), etc. all over the countryside.  In this case I saw what looked EXACTLY like the eyes and snout, and top tail edge of a medium-small gator in the water near me!  I was perhaps 25-30 feet away from it.  I had seen gators many times before, in and out of the water, and both in the wild as well as in places like Homosassa Springs Attraction.  I instantly became afraid and paddled my canoe over to the far opposite side of the river so I could go well around this gator!  Upon passing it, however, the shape of it changed, and I realized that it was a piece of driftwood log which APPEARED EXACTLY LIKE A GATOR from that one angle!  From another angle it was most obviously just a log.  I was so relieved!  I then felt very stupid, but my eyes, and the optical illusion of the log's shape, and my mind finding a familiar object to "place" it into (category-wise), made me think that I had indeed seen a gator near me on that river.  Had I been in the city, or in the desert, or anywhere else, I might not have thought it was really a gator at first glance, but because the place and the time were "right" for seeing a gator, I assumed it was such.  Same thing for this "bigfoot" object. 

Pictures taken with Meade Binocular-camera

Can you tell yet what it is yet?

Photos taken with Sony digital camera 8/13/04 at 9:25AM

I can tell you now that there is no mystery here.  There is no spectacular bigfoot sighting account even though I was seemingly at the right place at the right time (a bigfoot "hot spot" area on the east side of the Franklin Mountains between Trans Mountain Rd and Anthony Gap).  There was no camouflaging technique by a bigfoot mentioned from the list above. 

The answer to this "mystery" is simply... a very tall barrel cactus!  Although they can grow 4' - 11' tall in some areas of the southwest desert, it's rare to see them this big in the El Paso Chihuahuan Desert!  From a desert-life ecological point of view, and from the perspective of avid campers, backpackers, and nature lovers, this is a wonderful and rare find!  To see a barrel cactus tower above the surrounding desert plants is almost as rare as seeing a bigfoot here!  In fact, perhaps it is even more rare.  I have lived here in El Paso on and off, for most of my life, and have NEVER seen a barrel cactus this tall (saw one about half that tall though once, at the Desert Wilderness Museum on Trans Mountain Rd.) but have gathered over 30 accounts thus far on bigfoot sightings in the area.  So from that standpoint, wow!  I have found a rare treasure!

In the meantime... I'm still keeping my eyes peeled for bigfoot, whether he's camouflaged or not!

Sharon Cornet (c) 2004


Right after I wrote the above article and had barely uploaded it to this website I went to my email inbox and found an email waiting for me from Craig Woolheater (Director for the TBRC - Texas Bigfoot Research Center).  Craig mentioned a bigfoot sighting report where the creature looked like a tree stump.  Keep in mind the above camouflage techniques.... what do you think happened here?  Think this bigfoot had help from another bigfoot?  Think it, like the possibility of visual hypnosis, could have made the witness hear a sound that was not there to distract him?  Trap-doors? Portals? Cloaking?  Other???  IF bigfoot, in this case, did NOT use one of the camouflage techniques above, then how would YOU explain it? 

I'm interested to hear from you if you think you have a better explanation, or some additional thoughts.... Email me!


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