Larry Kelm’s Bigfoot Sightings

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Larry Kelm's Bigfoot Sightings
Additional Possible Bigfoot Sightings
Pictures of Bigfoot Nest

These sightings were witnessed and written by Larry Kelm and given to Sharon and Dr. Bruce Cornet (in typed hard copy format) at the 1st winter BRFO Expedition in Ruidoso, NM on December 30th, 2004. 

NOTE: Larry originally omitted – in the write-up only – the “hand” section of his portal experience because he felt it might scare people who have lost loved ones in the forests/wilderness; however, he finally added it back in just in case the information may help someone to avoid ever entering in one of these portals, and the dangers it may pose to those otherwise unaware.  The portal experience was fascinating, but did not tell WHO was behind it, or what it was all about, but adding the “hand” part back in explains a lot more, giving the reader a new sense of these evil “grinner” type bigfoot creatures (if in fact, this is what it was…. Larry Kelm believes so!).

Larry Kelm’s Bigfoot Sightings

To whom it may concern, I’m a 54-year-old college educated professional person. I’ve recently endured a health emergency that required emergency surgery. I’ve had several encounters with Bigfoot during my lifetime and would like to add my experiences to your database before something happens to me and my contribution is lost forever. Belief is not a factor in this and I don’t care if people believe me or not; I’m simply going to relate my experiences and you can do what you will with the information.

I will list my encounters in chronological order from the earliest to the latest encounter.

October 1967: I was a junior in high school in southern Minnesota. I lived on a small farm about three miles east of town. Near where I lived was a small lake that was surrounded by thick woods and was mostly swamp. In that part of the state there was a single day (shotgun and slug only) deer season. I went to a favorite deer stand near the lakeshore on an old abandoned farmstead once owned by my grandfather. The stand was between a marsh and a large woods with a fence line separating the two. This created a bottleneck that forced traveling white tails to follow the fence line and was an excellent place to set up an ambush. My stand consisted of my sitting with my back to a large tree. There was a small bush in front of me creating nearly ideal cover as only my shoulders and head were exposed.

As it started to get light I could see a light ground fog coming off the marsh creating somewhat limited visibility along the fence line. As it gradually turned into shooting light I discerned what I thought was a deer walking along the fence in the distance. My heart started to pound with excitement as I raised my shotgun and sighted down the barrel at the oncoming animal. As it was legal to shoot a buck or a doe I aimed at the animal’s chest as it rapidly approached almost straight at me. I started to squeeze the trigger and slowly took up the considerable creep in the old shotgun’s firing mechanism. However, as I sat there looking down the barrel something didn’t look right. The animal was moving in a fluid motion and it was moving in too many places to be a deer. It looked like it was walking with two sets of legs one on top of the other. I stopped squeezing the trigger about half way through the process just as the animal cleared the fog into the open. I looked in astonishment as it materialized into human form. It was the exact same color as my pheasant hunting vest so I thought that I had nearly killed a fellow hunter and was severely shaken. I slowly lowered the shotgun as the person rapidly approached. As it got closer I noticed that the ‘hunter’ didn’t have a gun. I also noticed that it was covered with the brown material from head to foot with no break in the area where pants and shirt would meet. I then sat in opened mouth astonishment as I realized it wasn’t human at all, but a human like creature covered with brown hair rapidly striding down the fence line in an extremely fluid manner swinging it’s arms in cadence with it’s long strides. It’s arms were what looked like the second set of legs because they were so long and they were moving in long a swinging motion traveling nearly the same distance in the air as it’s legs were moving on the ground. It walked with a stooped, bent-kneed gait and was very tall and gaunt. Its body was very thin with the shoulders waist and hips all the same size. It looked like it would weigh around 200 pounds. The creature’s feet and hands were huge and all out of proportion with the rest of its body. As it strode within five feet of me I looked directly into its face. I thought to myself that the creature was the ugliest thing I had ever seen in my life. Its face was a dark gray color and was deeply grooved with age lines on its cheeks and forehead, and had the look of old leather. Its eyes were small and black. It had a very angry and determined look on its face and never looked any direction but straight ahead like it was determined to get somewhere fast. It was definitely male even though I didn’t notice any genitals. The creature was unaware of my presence and strode past me in a few seconds. Looking up at it I would judge that it was at least seven feet tall and would probably be taller if standing up straight. The entire encounter took only six to eight seconds from when I first saw it approaching in the fog until it went out of sight past me. There was no noise and no smell, and its stride was silent. At the time, I had not heard of such a thing as Bigfoot and had absolutely no idea what it was that I saw that morning, but it did make my young mind aware that there are things in this world that aren’t in the textbooks. It wasn’t until many years later that I realized what I had actually seen. The image of this encounter is burned into my memory and I can feel the same emotions as I write this.

After graduating high school I moved to the beautiful state of Oregon where I’ve resided for the past 34 years. I am an avid outdoorsman and spend as much time in the mountains as I can exploring, hunting, and fishing. I love to scout areas that I plan to hunt deer and elk. My wife also enjoys hunting and fishing, so we both spend as much time together in the outdoors as possible.

My next encounter was in 1973. My brother and I were bow-hunting deer near Mt. Mcloughlin in southern Oregon. We arrived at our hunting area just at daylight. It was one of those still mornings where everything is so silent it makes your ears ring. As we walked down an old logging road, suddenly from out of nowhere came the loudest howl/scream I’ve ever heard in my life. It just kept going on and on and sounded like an air raid siren gone mad. It echoed through the canyons in such a way that we couldn’t tell what direction it was coming from, or how far away it was. My brother and I just looked at each other, turned around and went home. I still hadn’t heard of such a thing as Bigfoot. At the time I thought to myself; they sure have some weird animals in Oregon. Many years later I was watching an A&E show about Bigfoot and they played a sasquatch call recorded by some campers in Washington State. When I heard it my mind was immediately transported back to that early morning so many years ago because the two calls were identical.

The next encounter happened in 1975 to a co-worker and good friend of mine. He is as honest and brave a man as I’ve ever known. He did two tours in Vietnam and held the rank of Marine Sargent. One night after work he went for a drive up Shotgun Creek, a few miles north of Eugene, Oregon, with a lady friend. At one point he pulled his truck over to relieve himself. While he was standing at the rear of his truck urinating something on the hillside above him threw what he said had to be at least a ten feet long six- inch thick log directly over his head and onto the hillside across the road. He said there was suddenly a loud WOOSH-WOOSH-WOOSH-WOOSH as the log spun through the air directly over him and then a tremendous CRASH against the far hillside. He related that it scared him so bad that he peed all over himself getting back into the truck and getting out of there. He said it was too dark to see anything and wasn’t about to stay around and look anyway.

I feel the events I’m about to relate should be in the public record because I believe that I may be the only person alive who’s experienced what I did and survived. What I’m about to write is the absolute truth and happened exactly the way I will describe.

In the fall of 1980 I ran a small business as a construction contractor in Eugene, Oregon. During the slow times and in-between jobs I would don my backpack and hiking boots and disappear into the mountains for weeks at a time enjoying the peaceful solitude of long hikes. At that time I was single and didn’t answer to anyone so I was free to do what I wanted when I wanted. On the trip in question I decided to hike the old Mollala Indian trail that followed the ridge tops from Saddle Blanket Mountain to Oakridge, one of the Native American’s favorite summer camps and trading centers. It was a beautiful August day, two days into the hike (I expected to be gone about two weeks), when literally out of the blue the most terrifying thing that ever happened to me in my life occurred. It would change my perspective of reality forever.

I was walking along the trail enjoying the strong breeze and bright sunshine when, in the middle of a step, everything around me started to turn gray and blurry. The only way I can describe it was as if suddenly I was looking through someone else’s prescription sunglasses. I finished the step and started another. Every inch I moved forward the darkness increased and the gray blurring turned into a jumble of shapes that made no sense. I then seemed to pass a barrier and everything started to return back into focus when my foot reached the ground on the second step everything around me had changed. Day had turned into night and there was no wind. All the Douglas Fir and pine trees had been replaced with thick jungle like growth. The cool thin mountain air was replaced with humid thick air. There were no stars in the sky, but there was a diffused light that let me see everything clearly, however I couldn’t tell what the light source was.

As often happens when the human body receives a massive dose of adrenaline the entire incident appeared like it was in slow motion and even though I was only there for a second or two I had time to observe my surroundings. The silence was broken by continuos high pitched keening sound, and I was nearly overwhelmed with a sense of fear and danger. My momentum caused me to take one more step before stopping in my tracks.

It was at this point, I heard a whispered "Gotcha" over my right shoulder. I couldn’t tell if I heard it with my ears or inside my head. The word wasn’t directed at me but something said the word quietly to itself. I was so terrified I actually felt my heart stop for a moment. That whispered word is what saved me. I opened my mouth and gasped in a huge gush of thick air and recoiled backward in the same footsteps I had entered wherever I was. As I threw myself backward, I looked over my right shoulder. A dark colored hairy right hand and arm was reaching for my throat over my shoulder. The hand had pale ivory spade shaped fingernails. The nails looked clean and almost had a manicured look to them. The thumb was placed lower (towards the wrist) on the hand than a human’s is. Both hand and arm were thin and powerful looking and both were covered with thick coarse black hair.

I got a good look at it because the thumbnail grazed my neck (it did not break the skin) as I moved backwards. As I continued backwards, the hand clutched where my neck had been a split second before and it seemed to fade off into the distance as I returned through the Portal.

I took two more steps backwards and everything reversed itself from what had just happened. The world around me became lighter, the fir and pines gradually came back into view and by the third step I was back on Saddle Blanket Mountain.

I continued to move backwards in terror, and as I did, I observed that where I had just come from was a shimmering oval patch of air about the size of a large door. The woods behind it looked like it was under water. By the fifth backward step the shimmering area seemed to just evaporate and everything was back to normal. By then my lungs had nearly burst from the volume of air I had inhaled during the huge gasp I had just taken. My body felt like it was on fire from the adrenaline surge. I spun around and ran back down the trail as fast as my legs could carry me, and didn’t stop until I reached my truck. I was nearly two days getting to that place and about three hours getting back.

On my way home I was absolutely horrified at the thought of what would happen if I were to drive my truck into something like that. It had been a trap pure and simple. Whatever it was that tried to kill me somehow kept the Portal hidden from me on the way in, and I didn’t actually see it until I was back out again. I had terrible nightmares for years, and still haven’t come to grips with what happened. My fingers are trembling and the hair is standing up on the nape of my neck as I write this.

Severely shaken, I’ve read everything I could get my hands on about people who have mysteriously disappeared throughout history, and discovered several instances where people have vanished in plain sight of others. The quantum physics people have a theory about parallel universes. They just might be right. (Since I originally wrote this, report #9202 from Sutter County California was submitted to the BFRO. The person who submitted the report drew a picture of a creature he saw in a tree. The right hand in the picture is exactly the same as the one I saw, (note the thumb placement) and the forearm of the left arm is exactly like the forearm of the creature that attacked me).

Now we fast-forward to 1994. My wife and I drew High Cascade buck tags so we went above Detroit Reservoir to scout for the upcoming hunt. We were up in the high country above Boulder Creek and as we were driving down one of the logging roads we came upon the biggest pile of feces I’ve ever seen. It was right in the middle of the road and seemed quite fresh. There was so much that it would have easily filled a 5-gallon bucket with some left over. It also had an acrid stench that was almost overpowering. I had the windows up and the air conditioner on and my eyes were still watering from the smell. I didn’t collect a sample because I didn’t have anything to put it in, and anyway I don’t think I could have gotten near enough to it to get a sample. A mile or so down the road I had the windows down airing the truck out when I smelled the same odor coming out of the mouth of a steep ravine. The ravine was on the down hill side of the road. I was tempted to go down the ravine and have a look at what was smelling so bad (I had a good idea what it was), but I only had a 22 rifle with me and realized that I had forgotten my camera. I thought to myself that anything that could leave a pile that size and smell that bad might not be too friendly. In fact, I was right because a few moments later I received the familiar ‘get out of here now’ sensation so I drove on.

At that time, I was finishing college and to get some exercise I would often drive to the small town of Falls City where there was a short hiking trail that was actually an old Indian trail that followed a small river for miles heading toward the coast via Valsetz. The hiking trail part followed the river for about mile then a new section of the trail made a loop up to the top of a ridge then angled across a steep slope through a small stand of old growth Douglas Fir. On one of my walks I happened to glance down the steep slope and noticed a peculiar stack of branches that looked like they had been deliberately placed against the base of a large firtree on a small terrace on the hillside. I could see that it would be impossible for the branches to have gotten there naturally.

The next time I was on the trail I brought my camera and went down the slope to investigate the scene. I am certain that it was a Bigfoot nest. The branches had been woven together and large pieces of bark had been arranged strategically to provide cover and shelter. It was quite large, and the inside was covered with about 6-8 inches of moss. It actually looked quite cozy. I could easily have fit inside, but I didn’t want to disturb the area until a BFRO investigator could check it out. I took a roll of 35mm pictures and left. Unfortunately, I soon after entered the Masters program at college and became so engrossed in my studies that I completely forgot about the nest. Then, in the best Bigfoot tradition, I misplaced the roll of film. I drove back up there a few months ago to take some digital pictures so I could email them, and again in the best Bigfoot tradition there was a locked gate on the road leading to the nest and I didn’t have time to walk to the site. It can still be accessed by foot if anyone is interested in checking it out.

UPDATE: Pictures of the Bigfoot nest! <-- Click to see pictures with explanations. 
Link will be below that to return to this point so you can continue on with the reading...

In the spring of 1998 we were picking morel mushrooms on Grizzly Mountain just north of Prineville. As I was working my way to the top of a ridge I came across a small knoll that was the highest point in that particular area. I climbed to the top of the knoll and on a small ledge I came across a scattered bunch of branches. There were about 20 of them and they were all of uniform size and length. All of them had been stripped of bark. There were no trees in the immediate area that they could have come from. I finally spotted the source tree about 100 feet down the hill. It was a recent blow down and I could see where the branches had been broken off. It was quite obvious that a Bigfoot had gathered them and went to the vantage point at the top of the knoll where it had a good meal. I went back to the area in 2001 to get some pictures, but was unable to find the place again. I’m going to go there this summer and try again.

In 2000 I moved back to south central Oregon to the same area where I had first moved to in 1970. In 2002 we drew Keno unit tags and spent considerable time scouting the high country in the western part of the unit. One afternoon we were near the boundary of the unit when we parked the truck and got out for a stretch break. My wife and I have long had the habit of getting out of the truck very quietly, gently closing the doors, and talking in whispers if at all. We’ve found we see much more wildlife that way. It was a really quiet day and we could hear a log truck in the distance going down the Highway. It had its Jake brake on (slang for Jacobs Brake, a device that uses exhaust gasses to help slow the truck down when going down steep hills etc.) The Jake brake makes a deep very loud growling sound every time the driver lets up on the throttle. As we listened to the truck fade into the distance the sound of the Jake brake continued (only louder) and it was coming from below us on the hillside. I whispered to my wife Bigfoot! and pointed down the hill. We both got to listen to a good mimicking of the log truck for almost a full minute. I only had my 44 magnum along and didn’t feel adequately armed to investigate further.

In the summer of 2003 we were picking morel mushrooms in the same general area, but about 4 miles further south. We pulled into an old elk camp that had a lot of clear areas scattered among the timber. We found a few morels, and as I worked my way toward some thick young saplings and old growth timber I felt the familiar ‘don’t come over here’ sensation. The unreasonable fear also started to enter my mind. I quickly walked back to the truck and as soon as I left the area of the thick timber the feeling went away. I’m thoroughly tired of being chased out of the woods by Mr. Foot so I strapped on my hand-gun just in case and went back to the thick timber to see if I could catch a glimpse of our furry friend. I returned to the area and the sensations came back and grew stronger as I approached closer to the patch of thick timber. I couldn’t see anything and decided it would be wise to take the hint and get the heck out of there.

We went back to the truck and on the way out to the main road I noticed a large club-like piece of wood lying by the edge of the road. I stopped and picked it up. The ground hadn’t been disturbed and there were green plants that had been under it that slowly started to work their way back upright. I knew it hadn’t been there any substantial length of time. It was a section of a broken limb had come from an old rotting log. It was about 24 inches long and about 6 inches in circumference, and quite solid and heavy. It was big enough around that it was uncomfortable for me to hold with one hand, but of course it would be just right for a Bigfoot. I looked around and there were no old dead logs in sight. Even though the trunk of an old fallen tree is rotted, the stubs of its branches are still full of pitch and are often very solid. Also, there is usually a large knob of resin on the end of the branch that was in the tree. It would make a perfect club for a Bigfoot.

Later, I had a chance to study it, and discovered that the end was very polished like something had used it as a back scratcher. I don’t know how that could occur naturally. All in all I think it is a genuine Bigfoot club. Unfortunately, by the time it occurred to me that physical evidence could possibly be taken from the club I had handled it too much and destroyed any prints that could have been there. I looked closely for any hair that could have been caught on it, but none was found. However, of course, as I didn’t see the Bigfoot drop it when we surprised it by pulling into the camp, it can only be conjecture.

This ends my narrative, but I would like to offer a word of advice to any would-be Bigfoot hunters. I’ve had so many encounters in the past few years I think the animals are having a population explosion. Perhaps they are Bigfoot boomers-who knows. Some people consider them big teddy bears, but I think they can be the most dangerous animals on earth. I no longer go into the mountains unless I’m heavily armed. I suspect that when a Bigfoot is finally taken it will be found that the hide on them is more than an inch thick and as tough as a wild boar’s shoulder, with a thick layer of tough muscle and bone over its vitals. The skull will be massive and probably well over an inch thick. If you think you have enough courage to take on a big male, you had better be armed with something that will drop a Cape Buffalo in its tracks. Also, heed Grover Kranz’s advice and be ready for it’s mate or pals to charge out of the brush and kill you.

By Larry Kelm 2005

Please note that Larry said the skinny body and hands (showing the thumb further back, although it does not show the fingernails very well) are extremely similar to the bigfoot drawn in the photo from this sighting (see the picture at the bottom of this page at the BRFO website).


Additional Possible Bigfoot Sightings

by Larry Kelm

(posted Jan 2007)

I actually have two more stories; I can't make a direct connection with Sasquatch on either one except that I can't think of any other explanation.  The first one I left out of my original stories because I couldn't make the connection and at first I attributed it to elk fighting.  Since then I realized it couldn't have possibly been elk.  What happened was this: In the late 80's while I was living in Eugene Oregon (around the same time as the portal incident) I went fishing at Fall Creek about 20 miles east of Eugene.  One of my favorite fishing holes was at the upper end of the creek at a place called Wildwood Falls.  This was a favorite skinny-dipping spot for the folks in town (myself included) and the 20 foot high falls is one of the prettiest places on the creek.  The time was late fall so I knew there wouldn't be anyone there and I would have the place to myself.  The base of the falls consisted of a large pool that was full of Dolly Vardens, Rainbows and Brook trout.  The path from the parking area to the falls was a hundred yards or so long and it meandered through a meadow with a small grove of trees near the center of it.  The small grove (about the size of a large house) was absolutely beautiful consisting of Vine Maple, Broad Leaf Maple, Fir and Alder trees creating a dark canopy and it's own little eco-system. 

I unloaded my gear and headed toward the creek.  As I started to enter the grove I stopped dead in my tracks and stared in amazement.  The entire inner part of the grove had been destroyed.  It looked like someone had set off a bomb or something.  Trees had their bark stripped and shredded as high as 15 feet or more. there were broken branches everywhere.  The ground was littered with leaves and debris.  The small area was so devastate that I was awestruck and couldn't figure out what had happened.  It was the rut for both deer and elk at the time so I assumed that two old bull elk must of had a battle royal inside the grove although they usually fight on open ground.  I looked around the meadow and couldn't find any torn up areas like one would expect, and everything around the small grove was pristine. I re-entered the grove and took a closer look at some of the debris and realized that it was very recent and had probably been done the previous night.  I started to get very nervous that whatever had done the damage could still be close by.  I decided to move on to another fishing hole and left the area.

In retrospect, I don't possibly see how elk could have done that much damage.  They would have to stand on their hind legs and thrash the trees with their antlers.  The damage was so high up in places that with my arm up stretched it was easily twice my height.  (I'm 6 feet tall).

The second event happened last January.  I was driving to work (I live about 20 miles east of Klamath Falls)  It was just becoming light out and I was enjoying my coffee and thinking about the day to come when out of no where there was a sudden loud thump followed by a large splat on my wind shield.  My vision was completely obstructed and my pickup swerved all over the road until I could run my windshield washers enough to see the road again.  My wind shield was completely covered with what looked like cow feces (no jokes please; this really happened and it wasn't very funny at the time).  It turned out that a softball sized chunk of feces hit my hood and splattered onto the glass.  I tried to reason out what had happened; it wasn't bird feces bird scat is the consistency of pudding and is usually a grey/black color.  There are a lot of bald eagles, turkeys, and cormorants in the area, but there is no bird alive, that I'm aware of, that can crap that much, plus I grew up on a farm in the mid west and shoveled enough cow poop to be VERY aware of what it looks like.  This feces was greenish in color and had grass and other plant particles in it.  When I arrived at work I told my co-workers to go out and look at my truck because I had physical proof that cows can fly on it.  Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of it  as I had to take my pickup to the car wash before the digestive acids started to eat through my paint. 

There were cows in the pasture across the road, but there is about a 30 foot space between the road and the fence.  I didn't notice any cows in the area at the time.  For a cow to poop across a 30 foot gap and hit my pick up is as farfetched as the thought that a Bigfoot might have thrown it.  It was just daylight and about 20 degrees out.  It seems highly unlikely that kids would have been hiding in the timber waiting to throw feces at cars.  The incident occurred between mile posts 12 and 13 on highway 140 where there is a high bank on one side of the road and a peninsula of heavy timber which extends onto both sides of the road at that point.  There is also an old railroad bed way there with steep 10 foot sides that would be an ideal place for something to travel in without being seen.  This is about 40 miles due east of where I swiped the bigfoot's club a couple of years ago.  It seems very humorous to think that perhaps the same Bigfoot could have been hiding in the woods and recognized the sound of my truck engine or something and decided to get even or something.

All my life I have been around bizarre events I seem to have the 'knack' to be at 'the right place at the right time' especially when it's something like a Bigfoot.  Some people are lucky at certain things while others are unlucky.  Having constant encounters with Bigfoot seems to be my 'lot in life'.  Perhaps these events have some other explanation, but if so I can't figure it out. 

    Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures or samples.  I'm not the kind of person who sees a bigfoot behind every bush or tree.  The thought that such an occurance could be related to sasquatch is the last thing on my mind.  The only time I start thinking about bigfoot is when all other options are exhausted.  I grew up on a farm in southern Minnesota and am a realistic individual.  Even though I've had enough encounters to last several lifetimes I have a difficult time dealing (on a personal level) with the phenonoma.  I would like to find out what is really going on on this world and the next one. 

The following is a "portal" type experience that I recently found in my on-line research.  Unfortunately, the man didn't survive (at least as of 1993...20+ years after his disappearance, no one has heard from him).  This should be a case of public record, and should be verifiable.


Larry and Claudia

P. S.  We have had some difficulty cutting and pasting the following Case Report from InternationalBigfootSociety, so if it doesn't come through, you can locate it at that site...Report # 1574 from San Diego, California.


Pictures of Bigfoot Nest
by Larry Kelm
All Pictures (c) Larry Kelm 2007

Greetings, here are the long lost pictures of the Bigfoot nest I wrote about in my original story. We finally found the pics buried deep in some of our old college stuff. Once you study the pictures I think you can see why I was so frustrated not being able to find them. From this point on I'm going to refer to it as what it really is; a structure. The branches are clearly interwoven and placed there for a purpose. This structure could not possibly be a natural occurrence. The inside of the structure is lined with a thick layer of moss and is cleared of obstructions. There are obvious entrance and exit openings plus there is an area on the inside that consisted of a large indentation where something very large had laid down.

Some of the photos didn't turn out too well, but hopefully they can be enchanced somewhat so as to make them clearer. The interior photos are particularly bad, but they might be clearer by looking at the negative views. Also included are two photos of a possible track way near the structure.

At the time of its discovery and investigation by me, I took special care not to disturb or touch anything. I looked carefully around the site for any signs that humans had been in the area. There was none (no beer cans, gum wrappers or cigarette butts etc.). There was no sign of chain saw or axe marks on the components of the structure. I only visited the site once and, as I said earlier, I was careful not to touch anything.

The site is in a secluded, protected place and can only be accessed by foot past a locked gate (there wasn't a gate when I discovered the site, but the property has changed hands since then). The site should be intact and virtually the same as when I took the pictures (if they haven't logged it off). It's inside a popular recreation area near a river where there have been numerous Bigfoot sightings (including one within a mile of the site). I plan on returning to the site this summer (2007) to further investigate it and get some clearer pictures of the interior and surrounding area. One of the reasons some of the pictures are a little blurry is that I had the camera in one hand and a loaded 44 magnum in the other hand. The site was very eerie and silent with a strong 'presence' feeling. I couldn't tell if the structure was occupied until I got very close to where I could look inside. I wasn't too eager to wake up a slumbering Sasquatch. It looked to me like it had been occupied within a week of my visit, however there were no noticeable odors. I snapped the pictures and then retreated. The feeling of being watched stayed with me until I reached the main road.

1. This is the view of the site from my vantagepoint when I first discovered it. This area has been logged at least once in the past and these trees are old second/third growth. I walked by the site on a small hiking trail a dozen times before I noticed it. The structure can be seen at the base of the large tree in the middle of the photo. As can be seen, the day was bright and sunny, but the structure is well hidden in a very dark part of the forest. Also, please note that this is typical Saquatch habitat in Oregon.

 BFkelm1.gif (245923 bytes)

(Note: these photos have been enhanced for easier viewing)

2. This is a view of the site about half way to it from my last position, and slightly to the north of the site.

BFkelm2.gif (250132 bytes)

3. and 4. These are two slightly different views from directly in front of the structure at a distance of about 20 feet.

BFkelm3.gif (231720 bytes)

BFkelm4.gif (295614 bytes)

5. This is a picture taken directly in front of the structure. The main entrance is on the left (north) side. There is a smaller secondary entrance on the right (south) side. If you look closely, you can see how the branches have been interwoven in many directions. The larger poles are in the 8-10 foot range with many smaller 'sticks' woven through them.

BFkelm5.gif (310104 bytes)

6. This is a view of the entrance on the left (north) side of the structure. It can be seen as a large triangle just to the right of center in the bottom half of the photo. The interior doesn't show up well, but you can judge its size somewhat by observing the distance from the bottom of the poles on the right to the base of the tree. It wasn't until I got this close and had this view that I knew for sure that it was empty and holstered my handgun. At this point I looked carefully for hair or other evidence as to who the occupant had been but found none. The bark I talked about in my original story doesn't show up in the photos.

BFkelm6.gif (273810 bytes)

7. This is a close-up of the right (South) top half of the structure. It clearly shows the weaving of the smaller branches with the larger ones. This picture is also good to get an idea of the size of the structure. I'm 6'0" and I took the picture standing up and looking straight ahead. As you can see, the poles continue up out of the picture. I estimate the height of the structure to be 8-9 feet tall.

BFkelm7.gif (235680 bytes)

8-9. These are two similar views of a track way (just to the left of the white flowers) that may or may not be related to the structure. There wasn't enough detail to say conclusively that a Sasquatch made them, but they were interesting enough to include in this report.

BFkelm8.gif (397504 bytes)

BFkelm9.gif (267231 bytes)


In conclusion, this is the most comprehensive structure I've seen to date. It's more like a shelter a primitive man would construct than something an animal would put together. It's location is extremely well hidden and if I hadn't noticed the lines from several branches that stood out from the dark bark of the tree I would never have found it. One never knows, it might turn out to be a transient shelter or some kids 'fort' but I couldn't find any sign of human activity, and it was real enough to me that I approached it with my handgun drawn. I believe this shelter deserves further study.

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