Desert Apes Migration Pattern


Is this the migration pattern of the Desert Apes (Bigfoot) around the El Paso, TX and southern NM area?

by Sharon Cornet (c) 2004

The entire reason I originally mapped the El Paso area Bigfoot sightings was to plot the possible migration directions of the Desert Apes in this region.  The picture started small, with El Paso, then expanded towards the Hueco Mountains to the east, then northward into New Mexico (incorporating Las Cruces, as well as on up toward Ruidoso where the Mescalero Apache Indian Reservation is located).  For ease of use, and the fact that I still need to get an aeromagnetic map made for me, I am only going to cover the El Paso/Hueco area here.  

The aeromagnetic mapping is important for several reasons... to compare the sighting report map to in way of possible routes taken, as well as the geologic/granitic/potassium connection which Pearl Prihoda "Osareal" and I have been working on together.  Special thanks also to Dr. Bruce Cornet on his timely, informative, and incredible research, contributions, knowledge (geologically as well as paranormally, etc.), and help.  Also a thank you goes out to Raed Aldouri for getting me the aeromagnetic mapping and Don Blackmon for his tip on the fault lines.

Original Bigfoot Sightings Map


Possible Bigfoot Migration Routes in the El Paso Area


Geology-Bigfoot-Connection Aeromagnetic Map

Note that granite is found in igneous intrusions, which also contains potassium feldspars, magnetite, quartz, etc. -- Magnetic anomalies point to igneous-laden areas (subsurface) and not necessarily granite itself although granite is exposed on the east side of the Franklin Mtns in El Paso, and is found subsurface in the Hueco Mtns, as well as in southern NM

Red areas are magnetic hot spots with orange and yellow following that.  Please note that these three colors follow along the previously predicted migration/traveling route of the bigfoot sightings areas.  Note also (per the map below) that fault lines are indicative in these same areas, including by the Rio Grande River.  Fault line areas are present in 100% of these El Paso bigfoot sightings. 


West Texas Thrust and Fault Map


West Texas Fault Lines Map

It is my theory that bigfoot tends to not only follow along granitic areas and fault lines, but also (as in the case with the Pine Bush, NY UFO sightings as compared to magnetic readings taken by Dr. Bruce Cornet) highly subsurface magnetic areas.

WHY is the next question we intend to answer.....



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