El Paso, TX and Southern NM

Bigfoot Sightings Plotted Map


This map is updated as new reports come in.  Last updated 2/23/04

Plotted Map of bigfoot sightings in El Paso, Horizon, and Hueco Mountain area of west TX.  Also included is the area north of El Paso which extends up to Las Cruces, NM and the Mescalero Indian Reservation where bigfoot sightings have occurred.  I had spoken to one of the Mescalero Indians and his (white) wife around Labor Day of 2003 and they claimed that they had seen one, or what they thought was one, and how it had stolen their chickens. 

Based on the book "Everything You Know is Wrong" written by my friend and colleague Lloyd Pye, bigfoot creatures tend to stay in wooded areas, but it is my belief (based on observation and the MANY sightings which have occurred over the decades) that the bigfoot creatures have migrated out of the forested mountainous areas and into the desert.  To get an idea where these sightings are happening I decided that plotting them on the map was the best way to see where they might be coming from, and where they are going. 

Source of map: www.mapquest.com (please note that Bigfoot sighting spots have been added by Sharon Eby)



Green = Primary Sightings at Exact Sighting Locations

Blue = Primary Sightings at Approximate Locations

Purple = Secondary Sightings at Exact/Approx. Locations

Red = Possible Sightings in the General Area

Light Blue = Physical Evidence Found Only


Yellow = Sounds Heard Only

Fluorescent Green = Smells Only




NOTE: Number inside Dots allocates how many sightings of that color in that area

Map will be updated as additional reports come in...


Please note that all bigfoot sightings occur in semi-populated areas, usually around mountainsides, within the mountains, in the desert itself, or near the river (Rio Grande).  There would probably be more sightings in the gray colored area, however that is the military reservation (Ft. Bliss Army Base/McGregor Range) is located there so sighting reports would be practically nil.  Do note from the bigfoot sightings Comparison Chart that most, if not all, of these sightings are located on fault line areas.  The question is, why?  Is there a geological connection to bigfoot sightings? 

As most cryptozoologists and other bigfoot researchers know, if these are actual creatures whose eyes reflect red from lights/headlights, that leave footprints, can be filmed, leave hair, droppings, or other physical evidence behind then they must eat, sleep, poop, breathe and drink, therefore concluding that they might look for shelter in the mountains - such as caves - make beds, shelters, or sleeping pads, be not too far from drinking water sources, and food supply.  All of this makes us look where???  DOWN to the ground for evidence left behind, under the ground for cave or cavern systems where they may travel, live, or sleep, or get water from (cavern seepage or underground rivers), above ground rivers or other water sources, etc. 

Whether one is looking in the physical for evidence, or looking to the mental plane for the hows and whys and meanings, or to the spiritual for aspects of why these creatures exist and what they are doing here, what their purpose is, if they are "just" physical beings or something more, then either way we are looking in the same places, just with different eyes. 



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