Single vs. Multiple Bigfoot Creatures 

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I wanted to find out WHY there are so few bigfoot creatures seen, so I read Lloyd Pye's book Everything You Know is Wrong.  Then I wanted to know why even fewer (if any?) bigfoot creatures were seen together (more than one at a time)... turns out the skeptics are flat out wrong on this one, unless of course, they won't believe the reports to begin with, saying they are all hoaxes.... 

From the Bigfoot Researchers themselves... emails between myself and Craig Woolheater of TBRC - I had asked him if he knew what percentage of bigfoot sightings had been documented as single vs. multiple creatures seen (and remember, there's no such thing as coincidence!):


Here is something for you.



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Date: Sunday, August 24, 2003 19:01:03

Subject: sighting reports



  I know that somewhere I saw a statement referencing

your complied reports on the percentage of the reports where

there were 2 or more Bigfoot sighted at the same time. Do you

have that figure? I'm not sure if it was you or so someone

using your data that made the statement.

  Craig Woolheater

Texas Bigfoot Research Center


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Coincidentally, I just finished checking this earlier this evening. Counting both sightings and track reports the figure is 253 out of 3684, or close to 7 percent. I don't have a figure for sightings alone.  



There it is.... it's not a lot, but it's measurable!  Now we know.




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