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Flesh-Colored Creature Spotted Near Dickens, Texas -- Chupacabra?


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by Bob Buck

Source: www.mirrorsedge.com 

A creature that seems to have come from the depths of Hell has been causing much confusion, fear, and debate on the island of Puerto Rico which is located about a thousand miles southeast of Miami, Florida. This has been going on since about August of 1995. It has been coined El Chupacabras, or goatsucker, a name given it after it killed a pet goat in September of the same year. Since that time this creature has been blamed for over 2,000 deaths of animals of every description from rabbits and birds to horses and bulls. One of the communities hit hardest by the chupacabras is the township of Canovanas, a community about thirty miles east of San Juan which is close to the El Yunque rainforest. Over one hundred animals have been killed with dozens of witnesses to this bizarre creature, which has led to the personal involvement of the mayor of Canovanas, Jose Soto, with the aid of the the Civil Defense. Mayor Soto is trying to capture one of these creatures by laying traps around El Yunque in the Cubuy region, where high activity of the chupacabras has been reported. El Yunque has been a place of much paranormal activity since the earliest of times with Indian legends going back many centuries about this being their Land of Gods. In more recent times El Yunque has been a hotspot of many UFO's as well as various alien type beings such as greys, bigfoots, mothmen, and a creature described as half goat and half man. Chupacabras, themselves, have often been seen with UFOs nearby. In an interview with a woman from Canovanas, she told of a man that had recently witnessed a UFO drop a large box in the rainforest which had just had a rash of chupacabras sightings. Is there a connection? Could this box possibly have been some kind of containment device coming from the UFO to round up these creatures that had no business being there to begin with; which had escaped from God knows where? Occupants of these UFOs may be like zoo keepers trying to round up animals that have escaped their confinements and have traveled far and wide, making it that much more difficult. An added problem is they seem to be procreating at an alarming rate. For example when they first started to come into public view in August of 1995 it was mostly in and around Canovanas. Within a few short months El Chupacabras had spread its territory into surrounding townships and within another few months had reached the western part of the island and has been seen in 40 of the 70 odd counties of Puerto Rico. One witness on the western part of the island made the claim of seeing as many as fourteen at a time. Within the last month witnesses supposedly have seen this creature around Miami, Florida, as well as Texas, California, and northern parts of Mexico. How did these creatures get from Puerto Rico to the U.S. mainland which has over a thousand mile barrier of water: Or did they?

I see three main possibilities as to the origin of El Chupacabras. First, these creatures may be genetically manufactured organisms made for military or controlling purposes by factions unknown, more than likely governmental in origin. It may be an experiment to discover how various population groups will react to shock realities for reasons unknown. Is this intentional or a Jurassic Park situation? I see this as the least likely of the three theories for one main reason. This creature or a very similar one has been seen off and on for at least fifty years. in Puerto Rico the Vampire of Mocca had a similar description and terrorized parts of the island over thirty years ago. In the 1930's a comparable beast was witnessed in New Jersey, known as the Jersey devil. Not to mention that worldwide folklore is riddled with stories of creatures that have glowing red eyes that go bump in the night. Are all these stories really myths or do they have some elements of truth? The second theory as I see it seems more plausible, that being they are animals of unknown origins that evolved naturally on this planet. Due to the extensive systems of caverns found throughout Puerto Rico this would be a credible explanation as to their roots. Some witnesses have noticed sleek, matted down hair on several of the chupacabras with the smell of very strong urine, more powerful than a barnyard odor. The wet fur could be associated with caves that are known for its moist, dank conditions. I know of a case where witnesses have actually seen these creatures come out of a cave. Are these their homes or are they merely hiding places until they can search out their next victim? Also several of these creatures were said to have glowing red eyes that shined like laser beams out to the surrounding area. This could be a possible adaptation of these beings to the dark interior of the massive network of caverns about the island. I do fail to see the adaptive advantage of the webbing under the arms so they can leap 50 feet or more at a time plus as some claim traveling at great speeds. There was a case related to me by Dr. Carlos Soto of a 1500 pound bull that was run down and killed in short order by what was believed a chupacabra. The field in which the dying bull was found was muddy and he could see the tracks of this creature as it rapidly gained on the bull's footprints. Most caves and caverns have limited space so being able to travel great distances over short periods of time appear to serve no apparent function. This is not to say that this adaptation may serve some other function that is not apparent; also some of these caverns may indeed be quite large in which case speed could play a role. What brings them to the surface? Anything like a series of earthquakes or seaquakes with sufficient force could disrupt their environment, causing them to come topside. When our expedition group, organized by Beyond Boundaries Inc., was in Puerto Rico in February of '95 a fairly powerful seaquake was reported off the coast of that island. It was in August of the same year that the chupacabras were beginning to be seen in Canovanas, a happenstance or maybe not? Now that it is being seen stateside as well as in Mexico is it also using caves to protect its presence? Only time will tell. Though this is a stronger theory in my opinion than the first as to their possible origin, I personally do no see it as being the case for several reasons. The pattern of the chupacabras diversity in expansion of its range appears to have centered around the island of Puerto Rico and branched out in a set manner in a short period of time, less than two years. Also most animals of a particular species have limited and defined niches of a greater ecosystem and do not adapt well when out of their natural environment. Unless these creatures have been living in underground habitats throughout the world and for some unknown reason have been coming to the surface in some prescribed fashion, I doubt this theory as a plausible one. And lastly, we seem to be dealing with more than one kind of entity; some appear batlike, others have features similar to the gargoyles of Old, as well as a most recent one seen in northern Mexico described by witnesses as a wolfwoman. What are we dealing with here? I believe my last theory is the most powerful and likely of the three and is able to explain these occurrences in a more credible way.

This last theory of mine might be viewed as the most far out, but taking in account all that has happened and I believe will continue to happen in greater frequency and bizarreness fits a pattern. Marc Davenport, a noted UFO lecturer and author of the book Visitors from Time, was on our last expedition to Puerto Rico in February of 1996. We came across several paranormal activities that seem to lead towards multi-dimensional aspects and the chupacabras appeared to fit into the overall picture. Marc and I have a consensus of thought of the multi-dimensionality of many of the things occurring on Puerto Rico at this time. Much of what is happening there and elsewhere is what I call paradoxes of nature; things that should not be happening in our so called reality but are occurring regardless. Other creatures have appeared on that island in recent times that are every bit as weird as the chupacabras, but failed to receive the notoriety and attention that the goatsucker has. Mothmen and a creature described as half human and half goat terrorized parts of this island for a brief period of time and had a much more limited range by being confined to in and around El Yunque rainforest. The chupacabras seem to have manifested themselves soon after these other creatures faded from the picture. A mere coincidence? Maybe not, for UFO activity was noted in many cases when these various entities were sighted. If these UFOs and their occupants are interdimensional or at the very least capable of interdimensional travel as many in the UFO field contend, this could answer some important questions. Just suppose that the chupacabras as well as the other creatures mentioned are from other dimensions able to reach our universe through doorways beyond space and time. And these UFO occupants have the know how to return them back to their own dimensions. They appeared to be highly successful with previous creatures that invaded our fragile existence but for some unknown reason seem to be having much difficulty with this El Chupacabras. But why? Just maybe the situation is becoming more complicated and harded to control, maybe even for them.

Without getting into great detail, Marc and I and our research team have been collecting data that appears to be showing that Puerto Rico is high unstable electromagnetically where pockets of unstable fields are presenting themselves. We do have evidence to support our theory; though it is still inconclusive; which I will go into at a future time. I am aware that this may seem unbelievable to many reading this article but the evidence that has been collected by our research group appears to be heading in that direction. That is why we are doing ongoing research and collecting as much data as possible in the times ahead. Some witnesses that have seen the red glowing eyes that appear to emit a laser like beam coming from the chupacabras, claim that these creatures use this power to put their victims in a trance like state before attacking them. And according to Dr. Carlos Soto DVM the true victims of the chupacabras do not go into rigormortis. These witnesses of the laser like beam see the creature as otherworldly in nature with demonic qualities that are possessed by no known earthly animal. Other characteristics that witnesses have claimed to have observed are an ability to levitate and float a foot or so off the ground and a capability to repel bullets as if they had a protective field around them. Just recently some policemen in northern Mexico had a run-in with one of these entities after it attacked some local townspeople. They shot a barrage of bullets as it jumped over a wall. Though it seems near impossible that the policeman could have missed this creature it appeared completely unharmed and ran away. Another case relayed to me by Linda Howe, a well known UFO investigator, told of a similar case in Puerto Rico awhile back. A policeman shot at this creature at point blank range and it appeared to him that some kind of force field was preventing his bullets from reaching it. Also a UFO was seen in close proximity to this entity - here again is there some connection? Now if these creatures are indeed otherworldly as some eyewitnesses claim could they just as easily be interdimensional as well? Let me explain.

If these beings are coming through portals in alternate universes, what is causing this to happen? The answer may lie in the electro magnetic field that blankets this planet. As you may be aware of the electro magnetic field and the gravitational pull of the planet creates our reality which balances and stabilizes this world. It brings about our atmosphere and all things depend upon it. But this electro magnetic field covering the Earth is not even, there are stress or weak points found riddled throughout the planet, most notably the Bermuda Triangle. Puerto Rico is on one edge of this triangle, where for centuries unusually large numbers of ships, and, in recent times, planes have been lost. Some believe that this triangle is in reality a portal to other dimensions. There are at least six other major triangles like this one spread around the globe. Now let us take this one step further. Just imagine if for some reason our planet as well as the solar system, itself, was heading towards a singularity, a tremendously strong gravitational field, if you will, better known as a black hole. Some prominent astrophysicists have entertained the thought that at some time in our future this solar system would come to a region in space which will contain a black hole; if the case holds that black holes are fairly commonplace as some scientists believe. As we get ever closer to this powerful gravitational field the electro magnetic blanket that covers our fragile planet would become more and more unstable. The paradoxes of our existence as mentioned earlier in this article would increase exponentially where the realities that we perceive as our physical plane will change in unpredictable ways. In lesser forms we will see earth changes like earthquakes, hurricanes, and volcanic eruptions in increasing numbers as well as increases in severity. In more extreme cases where there are weak points in the electro magnetic global field such things as strong plate movement of the earth crust is possible, even a polar shift is in the realm of possibilities. And as we are seeing with the chupacabras as well as with increasing numbers of other strange beings a very possible elevations in interdimensional instabilities that are opening more and more portals to alternate universes. Already this is happening in Puerto Rico and now on the U.S. mainland and Mexico right before the peoples' eyes, an indicator to a much larger global problem to come. I have personally interviewed individuals that have either claimed to have gone through what appeared to be a dimensional portal or knew of people who have. These people in my opinion seem honest with nothing to gain, who in most cases appear very concerned and are searching for answers. Since my trip on the '95 expedition to Puerto Rico a little over a year's time; the incidents of paradoxes are increasing exponentially with a greater degree of bizarreness. This planet is liken to a forged iron bar where Puerto Rico is a weak point on this bar. When pressure is evenly applied to the bar its weakest point wil bend first. This is what I am now seeing.

If you have enjoyed this article and would like to receive more information on El Chupacabras, may I suggest our educational, high quality VHS format video taken on the '96 expedition to Puerto Rico. It contains uncut unedited footage of interviews with Mayor Soto of Canovanas as well as rural residents of that community that were eyewitnesses to this entity. The video also contains a personal interview with Dr. Carlos Soto who is an individual that has personally examined dozens of animals that are suspected to have been killed by this beast. This video is full of information and will give a general view of this creature. If interested in purchasing this video please contact Bob Buck at 314-631-0293 for further information or FAX Joyce Murphy at 817-573-1582.

Flesh-Colored Creature Spotted Near Dickens, Texas -- Chupacabra?

Note from Sharon Eby:  Just this last week I received an unusual report that occurred to a friend of mine's daughter.  This occurred in the desertous (with some trees, mountains, & caves) area of Dickens, TX, where incidentally Bigfoot sightings and UFO activity also occurs.  Due to the interesting combination of qualities of this flesh-colored creature that was spotted we thought it sounded a lot like the chupacabra sightings that so many have read and heard about.  Whether this is such a creature we will leave it up to you to decide, but this did, in fact, happen.

Report submitted by Diane Arnold, Bigfoot & UFO researcher:

Tuesday, January 24, 2006 20:15:00

Teen has encountered with an unidentified creature while driving on a rural Texas  highway.

Our daughter’s school is located 9 miles from town in a rural farming area. In order to get to the school from town, she has to drive on two separate highways and a farm to market road.  The houses are sporadic along this route and the terrain varies between farm land, stock pastures and canyons.

When she got out of a basketball game late on Tuesday night, she had to be extra careful driving home because there is quite a bit of wildlife on the road at night; deer, cows, wild pigs and turkey. When she was about 4 and 4/10th miles north of Dickens, Texas, and heading south on Hwy 70, she came to a place the locals call Turkey Crossing.

Sighting Location, Dickens, TX

She started to slow down to watch for the wild turkey when she noticed something up ahead. As she started to pass the nearest ranch entrance, she noticed that there was something sitting on a wide gate post. She did not know what it was so she slowed down to look. As she got closer, she saw a flesh-colored animal, about three feet tall, crouched on top of the post. It had a round head like an owl and a round, sloped face with a tiny round nose, like a short snout, and a slit for a mouth. It had eyes that looked like they were slanted down at the inside toward the nose and up at the outside. She could not see what color the eyes were and they did not shine when her headlights lit it up. The creature was sitting with its feet together and its knees out, in a bow-legged squat. It had feet like a bird with a set of toes or talons in the back and another set in the front. It had short arms with a flap of triangular skin on the back sides. There was something pointed at the tips of the skin flaps that looked like a bat thumb or claw. It looked like it had paws with four digits on each one and the arms were partially hidden underneath a flap of skin on each side. If the skin flaps were wings, the creature did not attempt to use them to fly. The skin or short fur was a tan or peach color and it was wrinkled in places like a baby bat.

Flesh-colored creature sitting on post

Just as our daughter started to pass the creature it sprung from the gate post and jumped toward her truck. The gate post is quite a distance from the highway but she swerved to avoid hitting the creature.  

Creature jumped toward truck


Creature closest to truck

The thing hit the ground, crouched for a second then started running on two legs. She said she hit the gas pedal and left the thing eating dust. She was so scared that she bawled the rest of the way home.

Additional info from Diane after this report:

I was thinking bat, with the skin folds, until she said that it did not fly, then I was thinking chupacabra.  It brought me back to the kid goats that we found dead several years ago. They had all of their blood sucked out, with actual fang marks on the necks. My dad thought it might be a Bobcat. I thought it might be a baby bigfoot. Neither of us ever figured it out.

Additional thoughts by Sharon on the nature and being of chupacabras (and other odd creatures) - 2/5/06:

I think we need to find out what chupas are... what Bigfoot are, and what aliens are, plus all the other strange anomalies that seem to occur in these same areas.  Some theories (which seem to be pervading our views these days concerning quantum physics) include beings from parallel universes or worlds that co-exist with us on another plane of existence, and are often somehow getting here via portals, or some other cross-over phenomenon.  It doesn't make them any less 'real' but perhaps more real, since they can co-mingle.  I'm starting to doubt that they are actually from here due to the paranormal nature, and common overlaps here.  We saw the documentary Beyond 5 Senses and got to speak with the producer (who is also in the movie) yesterday in Las Cruces, NM and she had a clip of Michio Kaku http://www.mkaku.org/about/  who talked about his famous childhood story about carp fish in the pond to describe 2 dimensional beings trying to understand a 3 dimensional world.  This analogy of course presumes us to be the carp trying to understand the 10 higher dimensions that physics now knows about.... and it's not "out there" somewhere but RIGHT HERE running through us via dark matter and dark energy, etc, and is actually the majority of what exists compared to what we see with our limited eyes.  Perhaps human beings have now evolved enough to have the ability to see glimpses of this other reality?  Or perhaps they've been meshing all along and we are just now starting to see the tip of the iceberg in understanding it.  Carl Sagan, interestingly enough, spoke of the exact same thing in a different version in his Cosmos series.... he spoke of the people of flatland trying to understand a 3D world that was attempting to interface with it.  The interfacing though, came on a 2D level, so that the 2D people could only see slices or slivers of the 3D objects, a piece at a time. 

I think I would suggest to anyone who wants to understand what I'm talking about to read the story about Sherman's Ranch, also known as Bigelow's ranch (owned now by Bob Bigelow who owns the defunked NIDS (National Institute for Discovery Science) in Las Vegas, NV).  The ranch has had UFO's, strange animals, chupas, Bigfoot, and a million other very bizarre happenings there... I mean strange!  It is like a paranormal HOT SPOT of the amazing kind.  Now the spot is basically dead and Bigelow has no idea why.  I highly suggest reading the story (many many pages long) on http://www.rense.com/general32/strange.htm as it covers it best there.  Another good choice would be to read the entire thing (the history of the ranch and the occurrences there) would be at http://www.aliendave.com/UUFOH_TheRanch.html   The actual location of the ranch is an ancient Indian site that the natives STAY AWAY from because of it's long history of "bad happenings."  Indeed it seems that there are some seemingly evil entities coming through in that area, and that portals are only the beginning of things there.  I think that studying electromagnetism in the area, as well as other things of that nature, would be key in figuring out what makes this phenomenon "tick" in the long run.... and could probably be synthetically produced, perhaps even using our own bodies and minds as the conductors?  It would be a great study and undertaking, for sure.



El Yunque

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