Alien DNA?

by Sharon Cornet, Revised Jan 1, 2011

An anomalous skull of unknown origin (Starchild Skull)... will it prove to be human, or human/alien hybrid? (outside link)

Why "Alien DNA" may not be found in claimed human/alien hybrids

Do aliens have DNA very different from our own?  Are they real creatures of flesh and blood?  Do they even have blood?  Are they evil or good?  Some say the little Grey aliens, with their huge bulbous heads and giant almond-shaped BLACK, empty eyes are but robots of sorts, without feelings, or without souls, without belly buttons (because they are made, not born).  Some say that greys do indeed have feelings, and that they eat and drink and relieve themselves as we do.  Still others say that they absorb their food through their skin.  So what is the truth of the matter, and what should people believe?  Should all hypotheses be dropped in light of new information that comes out, or is all the information out there (including new info) full of deception, disinformation, and fallacy?  What about the sex-hungry Reptilians?  Or the large insectoid and bug-eyed mantis type of aliens?  Or Pleiadians?   Human-formed Nordics?  So-called Venusians or Martians?  The list goes on and on to about 60 or so species of alleged alien types now documented and claimed by alleged alien abductees, hypnotic regression accounts by alleged contactees, and others.   Is it all lunacy or is there a scientific method for determining the TRUTH behind the matter of whether aliens actually exist?  Since all is speculation, and we have no bodies to study, no live aliens in a controlled environment to converse with, etc. then we shall just go with the flow and realize that GIVEN THE INFORMATION THAT CURRENTLY STANDS AS THE (ahem...) "FACTUAL" ACCOUNTS IN UFOLOGY AND ALIEN ABDUCTIONS we must conclude that there is probably NO WAY TO PROVE IF THERE WERE/ARE HUMAN-ALIEN HYBRIDS WITHIN OUR CULTURE(S), OR THAT DNA OF ANY KIND OF "ALIEN" WILL SHOW UP IN STANDARD LABORATORY TESTING.  Why?

One overwhelming trend in ufology in the last number of years is that the aliens are "us."  For a good time many did not understand HOW they could be "us" but in recent years the information gleaned from reports (provided they are true) is that they are from the future, come back in time to hybridize with presently living humans to save themselves from certain doom in the future.  The story goes that present humans will continue to evolve and eventually split off (speciation) in the future.  The two lines of humans are to become the "Blondes" alien type (large, giant humanoids) and the Grey alien type (of which most people are familiar with from TV, etc.).  Both types will be from our original line, and will essentially be "us" although not "us" as we know now.... they would become a different species, so they would be "alien" to us.  They might look back on us and how we exist now, similarly to how we look back at archaic Homo sapiens or Neanderthal man (now known to be a different species than modern Homo sapiens) where they lived alongside sapiens, but had already split off as a species and so we don't know if the produce of interbreeding was viable.  Or perhaps they even look at us the way we'd think of Australopithecines, those tiny-brained hominids who seemed more like erect bi-pedal apes than "humans."  Because of speciation they would seem like aliens to us.  Perhaps we are "aliens" to the aliens?  But realize that the aliens, according to those in ufology (Linda Moulton-Howe, just one of many prominent people in this field) are often calling themselves "us" and that we are "them."  I have also heard this from many abductees/contactees/experiencers through the years.  So what then does alien mean? 

The term "alien" itself is a misnomer, as it doesn't mean "from outer space" but instead means "foreign."  We, today, call Mexican citizens that illegally cross the U.S. border "aliens" because they are coming from a foreign land (Mexico) and not from our country (the U.S.A.).  And yet Mexicans and Americans are all equally humans (even with all our variances in size, skin color, blood types, etc.), able to intrabreed ("intra" means within a species -- not interbreed as "inter" means between species) with one another.  We are still a SINGLE human race, all of us.  Our line has not yet diverged.  So if these so-called aliens are flying around in craft that seem to defy our technology today it would make sense that they are more advanced than us, and possibly from the future.   If they are indeed from the future it would make sense that they would be able to manipulate time (or our perception of it), and even have perfected cloning, DNA hybridization between species (interbreeding), and a host of other technological advances that we cannot even dream of yet.  But why return to earth?  Why deceive?  Why hide, why abduct citizens, or be involved in mind control programs via human efforts (who IS behind it all anyway?... think of heirarchy beyond humans)?   The Star Trek fans in the world know that to involve oneself in a developing civilization might obstruct or cause disharmony in the natural order or flow of evolution for that species.  The resulting consequences could be devastating.   Any involvement whatsoever would have to be covertly, secretly, in the cover of night, and under the camouflage of technology during the daytime (and night).  To save themselves, and allow people today some kind of semblance that their life is "normal" and that "nothing" is really happening to them then this operation would have to be executed very, very carefully!  Even to the point of creating false memories to cover up what is really going on (like screen memories).   Hybridization with their past selves (us), in order to help their line continue in the future (for whatever reasons they got themselves into trouble for) would be elemental, and necessary.  It's quite a story, to say the least!

How can we look forward and know that an "alien" (us after speciation occurs) is really an offshoot of ourselves?  To know where we are going with this, we must know where we came from.   The hominoid line (includes apes and humans) shows phylogenetically that orangutans diverged and produced the apes.  After apes diverged we have the chimps, and the hominid line, humans.  It has been established scientifically that chimps are closer to us in DNA similarities than any other animal on the planet.  And yet after millions of years after divergence, we see chimps with small brains, the inability to speak (lacking the Broca's area of the brain), not able to walk erect (without wobbling side to side), having longer arms, hairier bodies, and a host of other physiological and psychological features that distinguish "them" from "us" (humans).  It goes to show that a LOT can happen in 5 million years!   Even so, with all of these VISIBLE changes, including the inability to interbreed, humans and chimps still share 99.3% of their DNA.  Small variances in morphology emerge as phenotypical expressions.  It is said that if a person takes care of all the "little things" in life, that the "big things" take care of themselves.  Likewise, any small changes produced over millions of years certainly do add up!  The same would hold true for human descendants 5 million years from now!   Think about that.  What would humans look like if we diverged in the next million years or so, and then added another several millions years to that?  Would we be able to interbreed without the aid of technology and genetic advancements?   Probably not.  Would our descendants who diverged from us look different?   Very likely, in some cases, and perhaps not in other cases, depending on selective pressures, etc. involved. 

When a mutation (most mutations are negative and "die out") occurs within a species and it splits (as speciation - shown in a phylogenetic tree), it splits into no more and no less than 2 descendants.  ONE with a particular gene, and ONE without it.  Evolution works this way, and always has.  There are no "monsters"... just slight changes, like in the horse and the donkey (who can interbreed but cannot produce viable offspring).  To witness the two newly separated "species" at first would be impossible to tell them apart (by looking at them).  The noticeable difference would be that their offspring might be sterile (as in the mule).  Later on in the future, even a mule will not be able to be produced via the copulation of a donkey and horse.   Eventually speciation will diverge too far for them and they will go their own routes/paths completely independent of one another.  With the fossil record (serving as "snapshots" of physical existence of earth history and the life upon the planet) in place we can see similar changes in the human line.  The observable trends in the hominid fossil record from Australopithecines to Homo to sapien sapiens has been of one where the cranium and brain increases in size and volume, the dentition (teeth) decrease in size, the tooth enamel thins, the sinuses get smaller, the face gets flatter, and a host of other features that show very specific and continued/graduated change between species all the way through the fossil record.  This is supported by other data such as age-dating, geological layering sequences in strata, and other scientific evidences which physical/biological anthropologists and geologists have meticulously recorded through the years.  And more fossils and "missing" species are being discovered all the time!  As time goes on, the story eventually closes in with details and data that were previously innaccessible to us. 

How this relates to humanity's future, and the "alien" aspect is simple.  Vast changes in bone structure and morphology, such as we find between the chimp and humans after 5 million years (even though DNA itself remains very CLOSELY related) suggest that most changes are found within regulatory genes ("genes that regulate the activity of other genes" according to Stein and Rowe, Physical Anthropology The Core, 1998, 2nd Ed., pg 174).  Also, the fetalization hypothesis is one concept in science where it is thought that humans today represent an infantile, or fetal type of morphology/physiology (characteristics).  In the book named above, Stein and Rowe put it like this: "... a human adult is a primate fetus that has become sexually mature.  Among the features that humans share with fetal apes and monkeys are a rounded, bulbous cranium, a small jaw, and a nonrotated nongrasping big toe.  Thus, changes in regulatory genes may have slowed down certain developmental characteristics in humans.  The adaptive advantage of fetalization may be that it permits a prolongation of the time in which learned behaviour (culture) is accumulated."  If this hypothesis is true, then it would make sense as to HOW humans changed and are so different-looking from chimps today.  Something in the regulatory genes (the "force" behind regulation of human evolution/change/creation) is responsible for why we are what we are today.   Now this next step is important... picture this in your mind.  IF this trend of fetalization were to continue (if selective pressures stayed the same) then we would again find that future humans could get a bigger, more rounded, bulbous head, a smaller jaw than we have now, etc.  And if this fetalization trend was coupled with the same (nondeviating) trend we find in the fossil record, we might also see future changes including further reduced dentition (which would go together with a smaller jaw), reduced sinuses (perhaps eliminating, or nearly eliminating smell and the noses that do the smelling - not unlike a vestigial limb/protrusion), flatter faces, larger craniums, higher brain function/awareness and abilities, hair reduction, and other features which simply resemble the acclaimed Grey aliens! 

If one puts these future "human" beings into space for exploration, or a base on the moon, or Mars, or beyond (NASA plans are in the works presently for a future Mars terraforming project with a base for living, all which will come after building a training base on the moon) into low gravity environments then we also have a diminishment of musculature and other features, and a thinning of the arms and legs.  If a large head was to be supported on such a spindly neck then a low-gravity environment would easily promote (as a selective pressure) such a change.  Bone density and strength might also be affected as would other physiological features.  One could only speculate as to what such a long-term environment might do to a species' psyche, demeanor, knowledge, or physical health and ability to procreate!  From there the effects of low gravity, or no gravity, are seemingly endless, especially if taken over millions of years of time.  Any divergence of the human species towards this trend would likely produce a "foreigner" (alien) species compared to what we know as "human beings" today.  In all likelihood, the future of humanity does indeed look bleak if thought of in only this regard.  But on the "Blondes" side of things (I prefer to call them Giants, which is far less racially divided in connotation), it could be that the humans that remain on earth, or any type of earth-like habitat (here or elsewhere in the universe) could very well live longer, grow bigger, be stronger, or even get smaller, depending.  Such are the unknowns about selective pressures, environment, and evolution of any species!  And so the world turns...

From this perspective, one could easily constitute a rythm and a pace for the future of humanity, and where these so-called "aliens" come from, and why they would say they are "us."   Ultimately, they would be "us" but in a changed form IF this hypothesis were true.  For all I know (or anybody else for that matter) none of this may be true, and could be nothing but pure fiction, outright conjecture, and not even considered a worthwhile educated guess (hypothesis).  But it does make sense considering the trends and information being discovered/uncovered about the past, the trends and information of the present (according to abductees and what they are told via alleged alien contact), and the likelihood of continuing trends and upcoming information in the future.  One could even conceivably argue that the Reptilians are an advanced race of dinosaurs or reptiles from a future earth (or elsewhere, or even a parallel universe or world) whose regulatory genes caused within them an advancement of the brain (the "reptile brain" is typically very basal and instinctive and reactionary)... but that is another topic for another article at another time.  The same goes for the topic of aliens originally altering already-evolving Australopithecines, Homo, or Neandertal and "creating humans" in our past (another topic of consideration in some circles and why we might share similar DNA with "aliens").

So the question remains, which we have just now, finally, begun to touch on and answer.  If there are "aliens" (speciated humans, or such) coming here from our own future, in order to hybridize themselves so they won't die off, then why wouldn't we find alien DNA if an alien-human hybrid were discovered and tested?  First of all, look at the chimp and the human who share 99.3% of DNA.  With all those (observable) changes, and even speciation having occurred 5 million years ago, extensive genome mapping and genetic research would have to be done in order to find all the actual DIFFERENCES between them.   We're talking about a mere .7% (less than 1 percent) at the DNA level!  If a human-alien hybrid - if we accept the above hypothesis as true - were walking around today (especially if they looked "human" for all intents and purposes) then any standard DNA tests done would show up as HUMAN.  Extensive research and high-level testing and equipment would have to be used to tell the difference, and where those (if any) differences lie.  If these particular "aliens" ARE our descendants, and from our own future, then they are going to still have human DNA shared with our own DNA.  It is important to understand this... People are still thinking about aliens from another planet, having different DNA, or a different origin than us.  They are not typically thinking in terms of future humankind moving on and out of our orbit to other worlds, to terraform them, to live on them, to populate them, or to travel through wormholes, time, or even to come "home" to visit!  With overpopulation occuring rapidly on this planet, and with the advances in space exploration, genetics, biology, technology, etc. there is NO DOUBT that we will eventually move on to other places, and be altered in our bodies and minds and experiences.  There is NO DOUBT that our technology will keep progressing (provided an asteroid doesn't hit and (nearly?) wipe us out first) and that new worlds will be set foot upon, inhabited, and claimed as some kind of a new "home."

One last thing (and the point of this article) that I'd like to put forth is the famous "Starchild skull"... an anomalous skull of unknown origin.  The link to the starchild website is for those who would like to read more about it.  There's also a separate website in the UK with up-to-date information (a search in google will find it).  Lloyd Pye, a friend and colleague of mine, has been hard pressed to "prove" any possible alien DNA within this skull (yet).  Indeed, taking the details covered above on fetalization, and trends within hominids, regulatory genes, and more, the starchild skull appears a LOT like a Grey-alien-and-human hybrid, leaning towards a more "Grey" look with a very bulbous head, light but extremely strong bone, no sinuses to speak of, shallow-rooted eyes that are set lower on the forehead than normal humans, a smaller jaw, and other amazing features that set it apart from ordinary humans, or even typical pathologies.  More research is being done on the skull, and further testing was awaiting an "increase in technology" as the tests that have been available were not adequate enough to get the job done right (yet, but it's coming soon!).  Believe me, it is the biggest hope of many people (including myself) to actually PROVE that such a human-alien hybrid exists!  This skull certainly fits the description, but the verdict is still out, and hopefully the day will come that I am proven wrong here.... and what I'm predicting is that the skull will be found to be "human" in all certain terms, UNLESS the extensity of laboratory and testing procedures can overcome and show advances enough to reveal the details that are needed to show otherwise! 

IF the hypothesis above, about aliens being humans in our future, is correct, then even if the starchild skull IS part "alien" (future human) then it will still show up as "human" for all intents and purposes, rather than as some wild and radical and totally DIFFERENT being from some far off galaxy.  It would also explain why the "aliens" and humans can overcome species-differences so readily, since the difference between them, at that point, would be far less than if they were not originally from here.  These are just my own ideas here, and should in no way reflect on the work that is being done on the starchild skull by hardworking scientists whom I would DELIGHT in seeing prove this one wrong!!! Of course, one other option is that the father of the Starchild is of a different alien species than the ones who are claiming to be "us" or that we are "them"... perhaps a rogue alien race, or one of the other 60 or so races that claim to be out there. At that point the chances, if all of this is true, go up considerably that the DNA would be truly "alien" and not "us." Some things to think on...

by Sharon Cornet (was Eby)

(c) August 22, 2005 - 2011


NOTE: I wrote this article on a whim one evening, and fully under an inspired status.  It was written with the intention of philosophizing, to be thought-provoking, and nothing more.  Whether it is "true" or not doesn't matter since the issues covered cannot be "proved" anyway.  Some comments by others after having read this article are below (printed with permission):

Sharon, I found your excellently written article quite thought provoking. Its all such a vast complex riddle one is reduced to speculative hypothesis. I myself think they are here and doing what they are doing as a salvage operation in the Earth dimension because they know we ae doomed by coming cataclysmic events. In this way God will not let our seed be destroyed.

May you always be in his care.



Hi Sharon --

Thanks for sending me this gem. Yet another example of your great writing skills. You make a pretty good case for the "they are from our future" hypothesis although I must admit to being unpersuaded. Fundamental to your theme is the key issue of DNA and that certainly deserves consideration in light of the fact that UFO researchers David Jacobs, Budd Hopkins and John Mack have made what I consider to be creditable cases for the existence of hybrids. Is this because our DNAs are similar enough to permit interbreeding or is it simply a case of technology so advanced that they could combine house cats and antelope if they chose to do so? We don't know the answer to that question but a hybrid's DNA would still have to reflect a mix of it's parentage DNA. The mere fact that Greys look hominoid with all of the same basic human features (i.e. they walk upright, have two legs, two arms, two eyes, two ears (sort of), a nose (sort of), a mouth (sort of), big heads/brains, etc) automatically says that our DNA is likely to be similar.

As you know, a common alien claim is that they created homosapiens by upgrading ape DNA a few eons ago and have been monitoring their genetic experiment ever since. They lie a lot but if this claim is true it would be another way to account for DNA similarities.

Your suggested evolutionary path from us to them is tailored to fit Greys but doesn't fit reptilians, insectoids, etc. What I am ever mindful of, Sharon, is the immensity of our surrounding universe. There are probably a trillion planets in our galaxy alone and our galaxy is not alone. The likelihood of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe is 1.0. Not 0.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 but 1.0.
As some one I cannot name once observed, "They should already be here!" Well, he was right. They are here. Why they choose to hide their presence is a mystery we have not yet cracked. I am much more inclined to believe that they come, not from our future, but from our past. Why would I say from our past? I say that because I suspect they are civilizations millions of years older than our own and that they have reached us the only way possible -- through time/space travel into their future and our space.

In any case, your article is interesting food for thought. Keep up the good work.



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