Picture Taken of Aliens on Mars?

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Sharon Eby (Cornet) spoke at the annual UFO Conference in Rachel, Nevada (next to Area 51) on May 29-30, 2004   ~ See Agenda


Sharon will be sharing about her personal experiences, the Marfa Lights, and Bigfoot.


Aliens - What Are They? | Jeremy's Dream of Aliens (with pictures)
Pictures! My Memory From Age 2 |
Alien DNA?


Aliens - What Are They?  

The dictionary says that an "alien" is someone who is "strange" or "foreign"... not from the local place you live, such as an illegal alien (like from out of Mexico) who sneaks into the United States without permission.  The term alien has more modernly become an everyday word that also means "not from here" as in "from out there" (not of earth).  People typically think of the over-exploited grey aliens type with the 3' tall skinny body, huge head and big black slanted eyes (realize that dozens upon dozens of different alien "types" are claimed to have been seen by alleged abductees).  Some people call the grey aliens evil, some good.  In essence they look like a larger form of an embryo minus the spinal "tail."  Does seeing them, or worse, being abducted by them indicate the nature of the experiences (embryo = before birth) that people have while they are yet "growing" spiritually but haven't had a true spiritual rebirth yet? (this is hypothetical only, although there are many people who claim to be religious who are far from spiritual in their behaviours)  Are the types of aliens that one witnesses in or out of a craft indicative of who we are, where we're at in our life's journey, or what the "great plan" or bigger picture is for us?  Some might say yes, some no.  Either way, abductions by aliens (regardless of whether one accepts this as true, false, or only a possibility) are more often than not a life-changing experience for those who are willing/able to see past the screen memories (much like the screen saver on your computer screen which gives an image that covers up what's REALLY on the computer behind it) and search for truth.  

For me, I had a memory at age 2 (interestingly, my birthdate in UHA (universal harmonics) signifies a memory in my youth) which ultimately has changed my life, my outlook, my spiritual growth, my goals and interests in life, and my future.  I was barely self-aware when I had my first encounter with non-human beings and no one could convince me that it did not happen at the time, although the disbelief of my mother at such a young age put just enough doubt in my mind to have me shelve the memory as a possible "dream" until my adulthood.  As a young child I was always angry (although I didn't know why), and constantly afraid of things which came for me in the night, which at the time I thought were demons because I was brought up in a Christian household, with a minister for a father, and so that was all I was told to believe - that scary beings entering through the walls of my room had to be demons or evil spirits.  I would also turn my dolls' and stuffed animals' heads away so they wouldn't look at me while I slept (really creeped me out), and I was ALWAYS constantly aware of being watched, especially when alone, or undressing (vulnerability sometimes makes us more aware).  By age 15 I had increased awareness, high spiritual abilities, was HAPPY beyond belief, was directing lucid dreams at will, and was synchronistically seeing 11:11 and multiples thereof.  I had what I would consider telepathic communication with ET's which, when they told me they were "God", I rejected the thought instantly (because of my belief system), and I thought I might be crazy for thinking such things (realize this is a COMMON expression for abductees also) even though I had NO IDEA about abductions, or the details it entailed, back then.  I shelved "them" at that point, figuring that perhaps demonic influences might be influencing the military and others) to make all the crafts we see flying around which people call "UFO's."  The problem with this is that this belief directly butted against what I had previously experienced when I prayed to see a UFO and DID 5 minutes later!

I now know, thanks to personal reflection and some equally agreeable information from my former CEO Derrel Sims, that spirits are entities that possess or roam around in another dimension, occasionally crossing over or are seen by those whose spiritual eyes are open, whereas aliens are inter-dimensional beings who obsess with the humans they watch and track and observe or take.  Inter-dimensional beings mean they are not "stuck" in the spirit realm, and can cross over into the 3-D realm humans live in on this planet earth.  They can abduct people out of their bodies (a spiritual abduction), cause them to dream things, or make it seem like what they've experienced was a dream, or they can physically take them, often leaving behind physical evidence such as fluorescence subdermally imbedded in the skin, marks on the body, implants in areas of the body that had to have been placed there via surgery even though the person had no prior history of surgery, etc.  There is sometimes a strong sexual content, or technologically advanced scenes, or even spiritual content surrounding the experiences.  The question is, what does it all mean?

From the unified worlds view, where the lower, middle, and upper realms of our nature, our universe, and our (perceived or unperceived) reality mesh then real discernment needs to be exercised.  Read some of the articles below and judge for yourself.... 

Jeremy's Alien Dream

My son Jeremy got home from off the school bus on Tuesday 2/24/04 and told me, "Oh mom, I forgot to tell you the dream about aliens I had the day before yesterday!  It was really freaky!!!"  (Date would have been Sunday morning 2/22/04)  Note: I remember staying up till 2am the night before (not uncommon for me) and being too tired to get up before about 10:00AM Sunday morning.  I felt "drug out" all day until I ran the EPESG (El Paso Experiencer Support Group) meeting at 4:00PM that day.  The kids were also unusually unruly that afternoon as well.



Jeremy (age 9) proceeded to tell me that in the dream he and Kira (his 6 yr old sister) were outside of the house (located in the desert east of El Paso) and from behind the mesquite bushes on the east side of the house stepped out 4 aliens that were 8' tall and 1 alien that was about 7' tall with a bulbous head.  All of them had white smooth skin.  They walked to the north (left) and then Jeremy and Kira walked up to them (for whatever reason) and the aliens talked to Jeremy and Kira in this really strange language, plus both kids talked back in the same eerie language.  (Jeremy made sounds like squeaks, pops, mumbles, rattles, gurgles and such to indicate the sounds of the language to me.)  He knew what they were saying at the time, but he can't remember what was said now.  

Then Jeremy noticed that the aliens' skin appeared to kind of gel over on the outside, and they "morphed" into what appeared to be the neighbors bodies (much shorter in height) from across the street (Jeremy's friend, the older sister and younger brother, and the kids' parents. Then he has a blank spot in his memory... 


Note that Jeremy said their heads did NOT resemble typical grey alien heads, they were of "normal" size and did not have large black eyes.

After that they were all, including Tyler (my oldest son - 17 yrs) and me, over about 50' away (to the south, nearer to the neighbors house, which is across the street from that spot) at the edge of the road talking with "the neighbors" (aliens) again and standing by a solar water distiller like we have. He cannot remember what was said. That's pretty much it and ended the dream.


That one had a bumpy spinal column as well, he said, and he could not remember seeing any of their hands or feet. All of them took turns talking to them, except the smaller bulb-headed one.

Jeremy told me that the dream was so freaky that he felt it was real and not a dream.  I am not sure why it slipped his mind (well I have a clue, just like with all Experiencers, we tend to forget!) but if this was just a dream so be it... if not a dream then he evidently remembers what transpired BEFORE they installed what would obviously appear as a screen memory of them looking like the neighbors (familiarity to put him at ease?).  My son is very visual and he has a good memory.  He kept exclaiming to me that the bulbous headed alien was the "weirdest one" because he had never heard or seen that kind before.  Note that there is ample evidence of these types of aliens being seen by other abduction Experiencers.

Alien dreams are not uncommon for people in my family (my kids, my ex-husband, and myself).  My parents, however, are not inclined to have them, which is what made it so amazing back in the mid-1990's when my mom called me up and said, "Oh, did I tell you about my alien dreams?"  She had had a couple of them around the same time I had been having them and neither of us knew it!

(c) Sharon Eby (Cornet) 2004

My Memory from Age 2

First Alien Abduction Experience?

I have three memories from when I was two years old.  The first two I will tell you later on, but the last one which is about to unfold on these pages was just absolutely astounding, both to me, and to my parents once I told them as an adult; but when it first happened, it was only astounding to me, and was disregarded by my mother as nothing but a dream.  I sit here yet today, 30 yrs later, still wondering and analyzing and questioning what I remember to be just as true as any other memory in my head.. But now I am not the impressionable young toddler; today I am armed with knowledge, and have researched much of what I’m about to tell you to the point of amazing accuracy and startling results.  And the question still stands (until 100% proven in MY mind), was I abducted by aliens at such a young age?

First, some background on me and a look into my psyche and how I think.  I was a single mother of three children (at the time of this writing), and was married to a UFO abduction experiencer for 10 years (surprise surprise).  I had been married before, and am married again (together since 2004) to another experiencer.  I love my kids.  I also love my family which I grew up in. my Mama, my Daddy (yes, all of us, still as adults, call him “Daddy”), and my two much older brothers, despite typical family problems.  I was the only girl, and the youngest, being 8 and 10 yrs younger than my male siblings.  I was the only one, according to my mother, who came out screaming and crying and was “fussy.”  I suffered from colic and equilibrium problems, always in pain or throwing up when we rode in the car.  I was a very sensitive baby, evidently, and I found out as I grew up that I am extremely introverted, shy, and creative.  It is the creative ones, so they say, who have memories from young ages.  My good friend Suzanne, an excellent graphic and watercolor (among other mediums) artist who is filled with creativity has her first memory from the crib.  My current husband is balanced-brained and both hemispheres of his brain are extremely and equally developed. Perhaps it is because he was born 3 mos. premature in 1945, and the oxygen they put him on, or whatever else may have played a role, but he has memories from babyhood, and is also extremely creative and makes connections in things that I would might overlook. I have met so many others as well who fit this description.  Most people do not have their first memories until about the age of 4 or 5 or even 6 years old.  I am also a visual kinesthetic who is prone to be right-brained, but I have developed my left-brain thinking in the areas of analytical thinking and writing quite well (also the mechanical, spatial, and logic areas of my brain are quite developed - love maps for this reason).  So much, in fact, that many people who first get to know me don’t see anything except my analytical side.  Only when they get to know the true me, do they see the creative side in full bloom.  Because this is the “me” within, I share it with only those I fully trust and have known for a good long while.  I guess I’m protective over my inner thoughts on matters of the heart, and even things I research (the higher meanings behind it all, the BIG picture, so to speak) because until I am SURE of something I like to continue to work on it and try to figure it out.  Case in point - when I was 18 mos. my mom said that I tried to talk.  I would babble along in sentences of completely misunderstood syllables which made no sense to them.  When asked what I said, I would repeat it exactly.  Finally, when no one could understand me, except myself, I got frustrated and upset and shut up completely until I was 2 yrs old.  Then I had figured it out, gained my knowledge of speech and language, and only then did I start speaking, in full sentences.  It was at this point, that I had my experience.

Ok, first I will tell you the very first thing I ever remember.  I was at a home, inside of the living room.  I am not sure whose house it was, but there were a number of people there, including myself and my mom.  My mom was talking about me to another lady. and she mentioned how I loved eating tortillas.  I remember the smell of them, and the taste of them, how warm they were, and the butter that was so good on them, mostly because I was eating one at the time.  Evidently I was hooked, thanks to the Mexican lady who watched me during the days while my mom worked.  As my mom spoke of me, I felt strange (shy) and diverted my eyes and hung on to her as I didn’t like the attention I suddenly had, with eyes looking at me, but it did make me feel good all the same.  That was my first feeling of both inadequacy around other people as well as of good things (the food as well as my mom’s praises as she hugged me).  This memory of the tortillas babysitter lady was confirmed by my mother a few years ago.

It must’ve only been within a short time later (within a few months I figure) that I have my second memory.  That day was warm and sunny.  My parents and two older brothers and I were all driving to a house.  At this house we met a lady who had the keys to show it to us.  I remember the paved driveway and carport, and that the lady said she would take us through the carport door into the kitchen instead of the front door of the house so we could look at it.  We entered and the kitchen was near the back of the house.  There was a sliding glass door which led to the backyard.  In the yard, which we went out into, there was green grass. I remembered the huge tree which held a swing made with a wooden plank and some rope.  I wanted to swing but was too afraid to ask since it wasn’t our house.  My oldest brother asked me if I wanted up on the swing and I nodded and he placed me up on it and pushed me for a minute.  I was happy!  I liked this place.  There was lots of shade in the backyard, under the tree, and also a small sidewalk which curiously went around the entire back rock wall.  I don’t remember much of the rest of the house, except that we went through it.  We were looking for a new place to live. This memory of the house being a short-term summer rental, the layout, the carport, backyard sidewalk, tree and swing and grass, etc. were ALL confirmed by every member of my family.

Rental House in Las Cruces, NM where Sharon was taken from (Sharon's daughter Kira shown in photo, May 2004)

Little sidewalk shown in backyard (runs around the back wall) at rental house

Before I get into my third memory (the BIG one) I would like to first say that most of this memory is intact.  I remembered the general parts of the memory for many years, but thought nothing of them until I started my research into UFO’s and abductions as an adult.  Before that I had read about UFO’s and such, but didn’t take them too seriously until I was 13 and had my first “sighting.”  That is another amazing story I’ll save for another chapter in the history of my life.  Once I started questioning my memories, looking for more clues to why I seemed to fit into the typical “traits” of alleged alien abductees, I realized that my abductions had started much earlier than I had ever expected.  I then used
conscious techniques of analytical memory retrieval processes to pull out the details of this memory and have NOT gone into this memory using any form of hypnosis (although I tried once and pulled out because I didn’t trust the process of hypnotism. I didn’t want to believe something from my imagination or put faith into something that might not be true).  I simply got the details out by thinking about what happened in the memory and viewing it in slow motion.  This was quite easy for me since I’m a visual person.  And being creative I could shut my eyes and go as slowly as I wanted to view the memory (as if looking from out of my own eyes) to capture still frames of the memory as they happened.  Unfortunately, and although this is an awesome way to gain detail, it is also not able to pull out ALL the details.  There are still parts of the memory which are locked away in my brain and which I haven’t been able to “see” yet, for whatever reason.  Could be that those memories are blocked (by myself or someone other than me), or that I was just too young to remember it all after all these years.


This next memory is the kicker.  It is the one which makes the other two even more alive.  In fact, if it weren’t for the two previous memories I might have already considered this third one to be nothing but a dream.  This day (or what later would be night) would lock in a memory which would change my life, although I would not realize it to be such until my adulthood.  This day we were moving into the house we had previously looked at.  Oh I’m sure we had looked at quite a few houses, but chance(?) brought us into the one with the backyard swing.  There were boxes everywhere, and the day was getting late.  In fact, I don’t remember much of the day except for unloading box after box and unpacking them.  I mostly watched as I was too little to be of much use.  It was now dark.  My mom said it was “getting too late for Sharon” and that I needed to lay down somewhere while they finished with the boxes.  I could hear in her voice and also by looking at her face that she was tired and flustered and weary of unpacking boxes.  She took me into a back room of the house and laid down a blanket “pallet” on the floor for me to sleep.  I remember laying down on it and it was so hard. not comfortable like my bed.  When laying on my back, my head was up towards the door, and to my right were two huge boxes, one on top of the other, and there were other boxes scattered around the room.  She kissed me goodnight and turned off the light and shut the door.

I fell asleep.

Approximate Layout of Rental House

(Blue rectangles are beds with my bed (pallet) in corner room, brown squares/rectangles are boxes in approx. locations)

The next thing I remember is being woken up by a voice.  It was a man’s voice calling my name, “Sharon.  Wake up Sharon.”  Before I even looked at who it was I recognized that this person knew me.  They knew my name, and their voice was kind and gentle.  I woke up and the room was still dark, but yet not pitch black at all.  I could see well enough, but I don’t know now whether it was from the light shining in the window or something else.  The light bulb at the top of the ceiling might have been on but I don’t know.  I sat up and looked to my right, towards the head of my “bed” (pallet) and saw the man.  He was quite large.  Not fat at all, just tall.  He spoke to me again and asked me to come with him, that he had something to show me.  It was an invitation, however, I hesitated, being shy as I was, and not knowing who this man was.  He continued to speak with me, and assured me everything would be alright.  His voice was kind and I felt I could trust him.  He held out his huge hand in gesture.

I placed my hand in his.

We stood.  We walked out the door of my room and into the hallway, my (right) hand still in his (left).  We headed toward the front door of the house.  I was trying to figure out where we could be going, but to my surprise we didn’t go out the front door but into the "closet" instead.  I thought that this was strange.  I cannot remember any clothes in the closet (note that I have visited this house and have confirmed that there is NO CLOSET in the wall I walked into!), but once we got in there the room seemed somehow. bigger!  The air was weird, it felt weird, it was yellow colored, and it swirled around.  This is hard to explain because I can’t remember all of the details in just how it felt, except that I felt a little dizzy and nauseous, but within a few seconds we walked to the left and out a door.

We were standing in a hallway of some sort and the pee-yellow swirly air was gone.  We turned to the left and I continued to hold his hand.  I think he would speak once in a while and say something like, “Let’s go this way,” or something.  The hallway seems long in my memory but in all honesty I think it couldn’t have been more than 15-25 feet or so from the “door” to the end.  Things seem so much bigger when you’re little.  Once at the end of the hallway it opened up into a very large. I mean HUGE room.  It reminds me of a warehouse now when I think of it.  The ceilings were very high.  I don’t remember seeing the side walls, but I know they were there.  The room could have been square, rectangular, round, oval, or some other shape... I simply don't remember.  Once I walked into this huge warehouse-sized room I remember getting that “cathedral effect” where you stop and are awed by the enormous size and magnitude of the place compared to where you just were before that.

At this point the “tall man” I was with explained to me that he would be introducing me to some “people.”  All around this huge place I saw what I now would consider to be “booths” or tables.  Behind each booth was a “being” sitting down on a chair or something.  I use the word “being” instead of “person” because although they could all speak with me in perfect English they didn’t look human.  Not a single one (that I can remember).  The tall man, my friend, led me to the first table.  It was here that he introduced me to this first being with which I was to be acquainted.  The tall man told me the name of the being, what his job title was, and what he “did” (for his job).or what his task was to do in daily life.  It was very methodical and filled with purpose.  I would meet them all, one by one, and he would again tell me their names, their job titles and their jobs in life as well as introduce me to them by my name.  Some of them spoke and some of them stayed quiet.  There were males and females alike.  All appeared to be adults.  It looked as if they were all from different backgrounds, or even different worlds because none of them were the same.  It was as if I had stepped into the movie “Star Wars” even though it was a movie series which had not even come out yet. this was, after all a memory from my youth around the end of May or early June of 1973 (I would find this out later from my parents who confirmed that we moved into the “rental house” - after selling our own house - for a few months that summer).  The whole process of meeting all of these beings took a while and I remember it becoming a bit tedious feeling after some time of it.

It is with the greatest grief that I cannot remember the exact details of any of the beings I met, except a few details of one of them; in fact, the last one I met that night.  It was the last table I was taken to.  He was fat and globulous looking.  His skin was pink and rumpled and his eyes were a bright bluish color and almost appeared human in their almond-shape.  His eyes, were also what I remembered most because they were like crystal; shiny and deep. and when he looked at me he was looking INTO me, into my very being, and I KNEW that he KNEW me inside.  He knew my nature.  He knew my secret thoughts.  He knew what I was thinking right then.  I instantly didn’t trust him, nor did I like him.  I felt very uneasy around this fat fellow.  I felt that he would do something mean to me.  I could only see his upper half, just as the rest of them (except the ones who would stand upon greeting me, or would shake my hand) and I had no desire to see any more of this guy.  He was bald, if I remember right. no hair that I could remember.  His body (the upper half) reminded me (now) of Jabba the Hut because of the rolls of fat and the shape of him, but in no way was his face the same.  I don’t remember his name, nor the names of anyone else I met that night in that place.  It seems as if there are so many details I remember in this memory, but Oh! if I could only just remember the rest of the details!  How much more would I know!

Just then, after seeing into the glass-like depth of the pink fat man’s eyes my friend, the “tall man” spoke to me and said (words are not exact), “Sharon, I must meet with these men over here.  Please stay here a minute while I speak with them and then I’ll be back to get you.”  I noticed that some human-looking men in dark business-like suits had just walked in from the hallway.  I wondered if they had come through the swirly room too.  They all stood (there were several of them, but I can’t remember the exact number) across the room from where I was, perhaps 50+ feet away from me.  I was about 15-20 feet away from the pink man’s booth.  I turned my back to the pink man, not wanting him to look into my eyes because he made me very uncomfortable and I felt he was up to no good.  I watched as the “tall man” patted the top of my head and walked over to the human men across the way.

My tall friend met with the humans and spoke in a low and serious tone of voice.  I knew that it was something important.  To this day I do not know if they were simply important civilian men, or if they were military men, or the Men In Black (MIB).  They spoke for probably 5 minutes or more and then shook hands and the humans departed, going different ways.  I could tell that they had met before and knew each other.  At that point my tall man friend came back over to me.  IF he told me his name during this entire episode I cannot remember.  I was glad he had come back for me though because I didn’t want to be too near that pink man anymore.  I was standing there, still wondering what he said to the men, and what all of this was about (why he took me there and showed me what he did), and so I asked him,
“Why are you showing me this?”  His response was simple, “It has to do with your future.”  He reached out and held his hand out to me, which I took, as usual.  We walked over to the hallway as he said, “It’s time to take you back home.”

At some point in the hallway, or through the door and in the swirly room my tall friend picked me up into his arms.  He held me in his right arm supporting me underneath as anyone would a 2-3 yr old child.  We exited the “closet” and were back in the living room of my house.  He seemed as if he were in a hurry now, swiftly going from room to room as if checking to make sure everything were all right.  I noticed, as he “walked” that it didn’t feel right.  I knew what it felt like to be carried because my mom and dad had carried me many times before.  This wasn’t right somehow. it was so smooth. like we were gliding.  I couldn’t figure it out so I decided to look down at his feet but I couldn’t see them. at least nothing but the tip of his light colored shoe.  His clothes were in the way. it must’ve been a robe he was wearing because it covered up most of his feet.  But even the toe of his shoe wasn’t moving, but WE WERE!  I thought it was unusual, but by this time we were down the hall and were going around the end past my parents room.  For some reason he didn’t look into my parents room even though he had looked all over the living room, dining room and kitchen with great carefulness.

It took several trips to Las Cruces, NM where this rental house was before I could figure out which house it was that this memory had happened in.  With my dad’s help we figured it out and soon I was asking the current owners of the house if I could take a look around inside. to me this was a real and serious quest to figure out the details of the house because once the tall man had taken me down the hall I remembered going AROUND from room to room.  Most hallways in small homes (even a 3 bedroom house like this) just had the doors to the bedrooms coming off the hall itself, but I distinctly remembered going around as if in a circle to each room.  We passed the bathroom.  Next was the door to my room and I figured he would take me on in there, but instead he passed it!  He looked into what evidently was my brothers’ bedroom because there they were sleeping on the bunk beds straight in through the door of their room.  He seemed satisfied and then took me back to my room.

Upon entering he set me down and told me that I had had a big night and that I was now to relax and go to sleep and that everything would be alright in the morning.  I was too excited to go to sleep!  What an amazing night I had had!  But I obeyed him.  I bid goodnight and farewell and I turned onto my left side and shut my eyes.  He left the room (however he went) and shut the door.

My room was dark.  It was slightly scary, but I was brave.  I knew that somewhere, somehow, my tall man friend was going back to his place through the swirly room.  It took me a while to calm down from the excitement of the night, but finally I closed my eyes, determined to go back to sleep because I knew it would be a good long while until morning.  I went back to sleep.

The next morning I awoke and the sun was shining through the window.  The two boxes were still beside my pallet.  I got up and looked for my mom immediately.  Upon finding her I told her all about my experience that had happened that night.  She looked at me and said, “Sharon, that couldn’t have happened.  It must’ve been a dream.”

I was shocked that she didn’t believe me!

I insisted that it had really happened because I knew what a dream was. I had had them before. but it was nothing like this!  This had really happened!

Then she said something, or I thought something. I’m not sure which. but it made me doubt.

My middle brother usually slept in the same room with me, but that night I had seen him, while in the arms of my tall friend, sleeping in the bunk beds with our oldest brother.  I cannot remember exactly what my thought was, but something seemed amiss.  I remember the feeling.  It didn’t make sense in my head.  Either my mom said that the boys don’t sleep in the bunk beds together, or I thought it because my middle brother usually had the top bunk with me.  So I was then terribly confused.  I sat there worrying over it for a minute, wondering if it all had indeed been a dream, even though I was completely unwilling to accept such a fate to my very fresh memory.

Today, I think about this one thing and still wonder.  It could be that I thought in my little head that my middle brother should have been with me in the bunk beds so I got confused and wasn’t sure what to believe.  If this was the case, then reality would suggest that since I was already placed on the pallet to sleep then my parents would have the boys stack the bunkbeds (to save room since boxes were everywhere) in the other room so as not to wake me up.  If this is the case, then all is well and it all makes perfect sense and is easily explainable.  Case closed. right?

May be, may be not.

It could also be that I detected an uncertainty for a reason.  In most cases of alien abduction there is a flaw in the story.  Usually this is indicative of there being a “screen memory”, where a false memory is placed inside the head of the abductee to cover up the truth of what really happened (which usually is negative and not positive).  The screen memory is often a pleasant memory so as to cover up any trauma experienced by the victim.  The abductee usually experiences symptoms similar to PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) but doesn’t know why or where it comes from.  Acts of violence or bed wetting or other erratic behaviors occur in the abductee from there on out, especially as more and more abductions occur.  I was indeed a bed wetter (as is my daughter, and was my oldest son) but that can also be hereditary.  My mom did mention that it was during that summer, in that same rental house, that I had a screaming fit of fear because of the lights shining in on the walls in my room.  Evidently she had to explain to me that it was the moonlight (or street lights, or car headlights) shining in past the tree branches, and when the branches moved then the shadows cast on the wall would move.  This scared me greatly and she had to explain it to me to calm me down.  This could be indicative of PTSD type fears which arise after an abduction (i.e. craft lights coming from outside), or it could also just be a normal effect because of a child who is creative, imaginative, and over-sensitive to “things” being “out there”.  I was also always aware of presences (i.e. ghosts/spirits) which might pass through or hang around certain areas too.  There are lots of explanations which could fill in the gaps. the real question is. which one is the right one?

So I’m still stuck with the memory which appears to be both amazing and real, but which also could possibly tell another story of abduction rather than invitation.  Could the reason I cannot remember any of the faces or names or jobs or job titles of any of the beings be because I was just so young, or because it was erased from my memory until the “right time”, or because it was all just a screen memory, or because the entire thing was nothing but a dream which has faded with time?  There could also be other explanations which could possibly fit but I have narrowed it down to these as what I feel would be the most accurate.  Believe me, I have fought and fought with myself for years over this memory, and still do not have an answer I am satisfied with.

So what do I “tend” to believe?  After years of struggling with it I now tend to believe that it really happened.  I went through a time of anger and crying when I thought it might have been a screen memory of a terrible abduction case, however, my heart tells me differently.  Or may be I just want to believe it really happened.  Who knows!  All I know is that I have a very in-depth and strange memory inside my head that has classic indicators of alien abduction scenarios within it (something I would NOT have known at such a young age!).  

One thing my mother told me happened in that house after this memory... I had a FEAR of shadows moving against the wall of the room, which she had to explain to me as being the outside street lights shining through the tree branches at the back of the house.  The shadows of the branches appeared to move against the wall due to the wind moving them, which scared me.  I don't really remember this for sure, but she insists that it happened and I remember her telling the story about it several times throughout my youth.

Regardless of that fear, the entire abduction memory prior was one that I forgot until I was an adult; one I had laid aside until the right time to pick it backup again and observe it and pick it apart to learn about it all over again.  The tall man gliding through the house at the end (aliens often are seen floating instead of walking), and the swirly room (transport/portal?), as well as the many non-human beings I witnessed all point to a trip to a mother ship(?) or large craft(?) or another place and time(?) of some sort where many beings work together for a higher purpose.  In this case, humans were also involved in the mix somehow.  They all spoke perfect English, which is also very common in abductions (for the abductees to hear otherworldly beings speak in their own languages, no matter what part of the world they are from).  I do not know if this was a spiritual experience, or a physical one, or something in between, but I do believe SOMETHING happened.  Something which created in me a symbol of there being something greater than I out there.  The entire experience opened me up to new adventures, and also was a catalyst to the discernment of spirits (seeing the pink man and not trusting him) within me which has guided me throughout my life to be wary of people who might hurt me.

Perhaps all of this was not so that I could remember names or faces, but so that my consciousness (and subsequent sub-consciousness) would be open to greater things than the mundane.  Perhaps whatever was meant to be then, caused me to be who and what I am now, today.  How could such a memory not touch the very soul and spirit of the person who remembers such things!

Indeed. it has changed me.

(c) Sharon Eby (Cornet) 2003-2004

UPDATE 4/22/06 

I was reading a book for a cultural anthropology research paper and this paragraph stood out to me:

Quote from "In The Beginning, The Navajo Genesis" by Jerrold E. Levy

Before turning to Navajo conceptions, let us consider chaos as an aspect of evil.  Chaos appears in almost every mythology as the formless, inchoate state that exists at or before the beginning of the world.  Cosmogonically, blackness is chaos; ontogenically, it is the sign of death and has ambivalent associations with the Devil. "It is in one sense good: it is the creative potency, the unleashed power, without which nothing would be.  But in another sense it is bad: it must be transcended for the gods or man to exist.  So chaos may be perceived as a monster, a Leviathan, or a Tiamat, that must be overcome"4 (J. Russell 1977, 66-67).  So, too, is the trickster, the spirit of disorder, the enemy of boundaries.  But by upsetting order, the trickster may release creative energies as well as destroy established values.

4.  Tiamat was the Babylonian goddess of the primeval water -- in other words, the goddess of chaos.

See these verses: Gen 8:22, Job 10:20-22, Jer. 5:24.

Thoughts on the "tall man" (a friend, a messenger, an angel?) being representative of showing me the neatly organized rows of booths and people with names, titles, and jobs... all indicative of creation, strength, dependability, peace, structure, and ORDER

Thoughts on the "pink man" being rebellious and sinister, perhaps evil, hurtful, and generating special abilities above anyone within the "order" system... he is the symbol for CHAOS.  He is like the mutation in evolution, the drop of color in a bucket of clear water, the Jesus in a sea of ordinary people... the one thing that is meant to be used to overcome and produce the change that destroys the old way and begins the new.

Just what was I being shown?  Would I have really understood these concepts, symbolically, at such a young age?  Is it part of the entire cosmos, of God/Spirit, of every atom and element so that it is ingrained within our biology and our very spirit?  So we all secretly know these truths and just don't realize it yet?  Was I just simply shown a truth that I am only now beginning to understand on deeper levels due to the timing and synchronicities that continually abound?  Has my own rebelliousness actually helped me to get out of that old box of religion and into the sphere of spirituality?  One cannot attain the new, lest he has put away the old.  Chaos is a tool.  Evil is a tool... and is why God creates darkness and creates evil (Isa. 45:7). 

Much to think about.....




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