Between Worlds


Unified Worlds is about the three different world (upper, middle, lower), but what about the gray areas BETWEEN these worlds?  Where do they cross over?  What does it mean?  Is it a literal place, or spiritual, or psychical?  Is it symbolic and esoteric only?  Where does one world end, and another begin?  Are portals involved in this process?  Are UFO's and/or spiritual encounters part of this?  Do faeries and otherworldly creatures come from this between area?

Between Worlds | My Tower & Portal Experience | Anasazi pictograph of Bigfoot & portal?


Between Worlds

We've all heard of the old black and white television show (and subsequent movie) The Twilight Zone.  It deals with an "in between" world of shadow and strange happenings.  Where does this idea come from?  Perhaps it's like the real twilight zone we find at dusk and dawn, where it's neither day, nor night, but somewhere in between.  A gray zone of both light and shadow, and yet neither.  Anyone who has driven a vehicle during this twilight time knows of the dangers because it knocks off our senses and makes it harder to judge how close, or far, or how fast something is moving.  The twilight, or in between zone, affects our judgment (at a biological level, due to problems with our eyes seeing right at these times), because we usually live and dwell in the greater times, the day and night times.  The twilight zone is but a fraction of time in the long term, and yet it is necessary to bring us from light into darkness, or darkness into light.  To explore this further, and to give you an example of my own experience in this strange "in between" realm, keep reading...

First, let's start with the symbolism of what the "worlds" are before we zone in on the part that overlaps....

The upper world is akin to spirit, the heaven, the highest aspect of ourselves.  This is light, or day, or conscious thought.  Spirit and conscious though is considered to be masculine (although there is a feminine paradox associated with it). Color is white (includes the visible spectrum of the rainbow within it).

The lower world is akin to body, the earth, the lowest (lowest vibrational) aspect of ourselves.  This is darkness, or night, or subconscious thought.  This is considered both feminine (although there is a masculine paradox associated with it).  Subconscious thought and the body (mother earth) is feminine. Color is black (absence of light).

The middle world is akin to the soul/mind, the connecting aspect where heaven and earth (spirit and body) meet, the connecting link and middle aspect of ourselves, and the hardest to define.  This is our middle-earth, where we are both body and spirit (air/breath) all wrapped up into one living, breathing, conscious being.  This is the twilight, the "between," or psychical realm where both of the other worlds cross and both function at once!  Color is gray (has some light and some darkness, mixed).

Many think that it is this aspect of ourselves, as human beings, that is why so many of us are able to have and experience spiritual awakenings.  Why we are able to say things like, "We are not physical beings having spiritual experiences... we are spiritual beings having a physical experience!"  For it is the realm of the "between" aspect of the soul/mind (the spirit means "breath" while the body is made up of 3D material atoms and molecules, and the soul/mind means "to breathe"... the ACT of breathing, living, LIFE made manifest within the body) ... the brain is therefore not only physical, but also containing within it a living/spiritual aspect that many believe continues when it separates from the body at the moment of death.  Perhaps this is why some consider our brains as having both aspects of lower world (right brain - dealing with symbolism, art, and abstract and "whole-ism" thinking, is feminine) and upper world (left brain - dealing with math and science, concrete and "compartmentalized" thinking, is masculine), and their small but ALL-IMPORTANT thin connecting section (corpus colosum - the part that allows the right and left hemispheres to transmit information - i.e. communicate!).  Without the corpus colosum in people there is disorder and chaos, and the inability to function properly. 

Remember these are symbols of the upper, middle, and lower worlds.  So it seems that these separate, distinct, worlds have a color and energy all of their own.  Indeed, the middle world is most unique because it it but a thin veil stuck between much greater realities.  This veil is actually a many-layered veil, and brain dominance and structure (our biology - which acts like a template, and is also a limiting factor in our "being" here on earth, but "culture" (learned behavior) helps it grow and expand!) can affect how we think, feel, see, and perceive our world.  In quantum physics (see Michio Kaku) we are finding out that what we consider to be reality, is only an illusion, and that we may actually exist within parallel worlds that permeate and cross through, or "touch" our world here in some fashion.  The ability to cross over into other worlds (parallel, or not) is done at the quantum level.  Thought, and even belief, seems to function at this level, even though it is not yet known just how far this "rabbit hole" goes.  Indeed, time travel, "worm holes," inter-dimensional travel, and a host of other phenomena can be explained at the quantum level. 


UFO's are often seen coming out of clouds, flying into mountains, flying into clouds that then shrink and disappear (and the UFO craft is gone!), going into and flying out of "holes of light" that open up in the air, or they just seem to "disappear" into thin air!  Some people think that UFO craft are simply the top secret government projects, or that they are purely hallucinations (since debunked with the extreme amount of information that is available now), that they are actually ET's (extraterrestrials from other planets), or that they are a psychic manifestation (thoughts brought into 3D reality via the mind, or even mass consciousness - many people manifesting it together).  One important note is that the creatures (seen by alleged abductees) very often to speak/think in perfect English (or the language of the experiencer).  Some people think that the aliens and their craft are from the future.  UFO's are seen both during the day, and the night, and abductions occur at both of these times also.  Symbolically, however, the craft tend to be airborne so they would represent the upper world of the air, Spirit, or "Father sky" (masculine aspect).


Bigfoot has equally amazing camouflage skills, and the ability to just disappear quickly as UFO's (and some claim to have seen such creatures on UFO craft!).  Is this a biological ability to disappear in front of someone and also to be hit with gunshot and not die?  Is Bigfoot able to disappear through wormholes in time? Something else?  One of my Bigfoot witnesses, John Bohannon, actually did see a Bigfoot creature walk into an "invisible wall" (and 5 minutes prior to that he saw a cowboy on a horse (in authentic 1800's garb) come out of a mesquite bush, run around a bit, and then run back into a mesquite bush and disappear).  Another of my Bigfoot witnesses, Larry Kelm, was hiking on a mountain ridge, and then suddenly walked into a portal.  When the creature reached to grab him he backed out quickly, saw the shimmering portal in front of him, and he ran home!  In Bohannon's case, it would seem that this Bigfoot sighting may have been a time warp type of thing.  Or was it a vision?  In Kelm's case, it would seem that this portal activity is a very real phenomenon that can transport us into another place, and perhaps time(?).  Or was it a manifestation of his psyche?  The Bigfoot Kelm saw grabbed at his neck (and physically made a scratch mark that became inflamed) and said, "Gotcha!"  The impact of this one word "gotcha" sits heavily in my being because of its implications.  Much like the aliens that abduct people, they either speak in the the language of the people they are involving themselves with, or else they are able to communicate telepathically, somehow "translating" it from their language into our own via our own brains.  Could our own psyches and brains be the receivers (with built-in translators) of otherworldly information?  Is the translation coming from them, or us?  Are these visions, or actual biological entities?  Footprints, hair samples, and other physical evidence seem to point to a biological factor, at least while they are here.  Whether their ability to disappear is biologically-based as well, or via portals or other quantum level mechanisms, is still yet to be determined.  The Bigfoot, chupacabras, and other strange creatures seen at the Sherman/Bigelow ranch in Utah (also called Ranch Recon - see: were said to have walked into and out of portals that would open and close.  UFO's were also seen there, as well as orbs, ghosts, and other bizarre things.  Laymen and scientists alike were witness to the strange goings on there. 


What about other seemingly inter-dimensional beings such as the fey (faeries/fairies)?  Whether gnomes (not considered to be actual creatures in some historical contexts), or faeries, sprites, elves, brownies, etc. are living, breathing biological beings, or not, seems to be a many-centuries debate.  They have the ability to cross over into our world at will, or stay hidden.  For some people who claim to have seen them, or who continually see them (I've personally known some of these folks) they are as real as anything else we have to deal with on a daily basis.  For others they seem to think they are spirit-creatures and that they can only be seen by those who "have the ability to see them" (as a spiritual seeing only).  In many faerie legends there are stories like Rip Van Winkle who falls asleep and wakes up as an old man, with time having been "missing" from his life.  Doorways are supposed to exist, especially at the 'tween (in-between) times of the equinoxes (in between summer and winter solstices, when the days are longest and shortest, respectively), and at the 'tween times of dusk and dawn (the gray or twilight zone) that allows human beings to enter into the world of the fey.  In some cases people can come back, but the warning is that if you go across into the other world, chances are you may never find your way back.  If true in any sense of the word, could it be that unless one knows WHERE these doorways are, or HOW they work, or how to open them at will (or even make them, if possible) with or without "technology," that one could easily understand why going through such doorways/portals might be dangerous? 

There are probably a million other possibilities for examples of strange "otherwordly" phenomena, but I will stop there and continue on...

Quantum Physics and Dimensions

Again, the concept of parallel worlds, quantum physics, and time or worm holes comes into play.  It is known now that what is called dark matter, and dark energy, actually makes up more of the universe than the things that are visible to the human eye, and even more than the *known* things that aren't visible to the unaided eye (e.g. atoms and their parts, protons, neutrons, electrons).  In fact, there is more space between the parts of an atom, than there is atomic mass.  So what are the rules of this three-dimensional world we exist within that it should feel and look and "be" so solid if all the parts its made of are more comprised of more space than not?  We do know now though, that the fourth dimension is within our reality, as space-time.  Space-time is warped by gravity. 

New information on black holes show us that if there were two spaceships, one of which had "you" in it, and another one that you were watching go towards the edge/rim of a black hole, that the perspectives of the occupants of either spaceship would be completely different!  Now this is plain old physics.  Greater gravity = greater (stretched-out/lengthened/slower) time.  Lesser gravity = shorter (compacted/fast-moving) time.  If the person in the spaceship by the edge of the black hole could actually exist there, then they would be subjected to a massive increase in gravity.  Time would slow to an extreme creep, almost to the point of stopping.  But the occupant wouldn't notice.  It would seem like a lifetime (and in fact he would never see himself enter into the black hole because he would grow old and die before ever reaching it!) to him because of the great length of time it would take to actually cross over the edge/rim of the black hole and enter into its dark center.  Now you, on the other hand, watching this from a great distance, would be in a much faster (less gravity) time perspective.  You would simply watch that other guy's ship head toward the edge of the black hole, and in a few seconds (from your view) he would simply slip over the edge and disappear into the black hole.  This is the power of gravity and space-time, and the subjectivity of our individual perspective in our universe as we know it!

Realize also, that there are at least 10 or even possibly 11 dimensions that are talked about by theoretical physicists now, not just the four that our "vision" seems to be limited to!  Interestingly enough, Jewish Kabbalists teach that the 10 Sefirot of the Tree of Life are explanations and symbols for the 10 dimensions, and that 4 of them expanded at the beginning of creation, and the other 6 rolled up into a tiny ball (as unseen forces, but very real nonetheless).  Could the greater reality of the unseen 6 dimensions we cannot see around us, through us, and indeed existing parallel to, and permeating our 4 dimensions be the cause of some of this paranormal, and even spiritual activity?  Could quantum physics and the co-existing 10 dimensions be the answer to all of the strange things that happen inside of, and outside of, our perspectives?  Could time travel, worm holes, parallel worlds, and otherworldly creatures actually be existing and crossing over into our "reality" because of occasional (accidental or deliberate) openings within dimensional doorways?  Could portals, and energy vortexes, and other phenomena be completely explained by this unifying theory?  Many researchers and even scientists are starting to think so.

It puts a whole new twist on reality as we know it, spirituality as we know it, and mental/soulical activity as we know it.  Experiments by people in science who are testing psychic phenomena, as well as "spiritually gifted" people who like to test their abilities (or just cautiously explore), are understanding more and more as our technology and understanding of the universe grows. 

Time Travel, Folded Space, Visions, or Something Else?

It has to be asked... are UFO's from the future?  Are Bigfoot (and other ape-human-like beings) from the past?  Are faeries from "now" but in a parallel world?  Are they all from the here and now, but just existing (biologically) in our world when they are actually IN our world?  Are Bigfoot simply biological beings with no technology, no ability to use portals, and are just able to camouflage themselves through some other naturally occurring process that we don't know about yet?  What about the time issue or portals?  What about so-called aliens who appear to be pulling inter-dimensional stunts?  What about the language issue?  Telepathy?  One time my ex-husband was standing in his place of work (he dealt with the public) and a man who was his identical twin (of which he has none in his family) walked in.  They looked at each other and then they both turned away and walked out.  Now some people have people who look like their "twins" out there, but when do we know if something this specific is just another person, or a crossing-over of parallel worlds and dimensions?

I knew a lady once who told me that they once visited California.  She said she was standing on a sidewalk in downtown San Francisco when she simply turned her head and noticed that the opposite side of the street, and indeed even IN the street, appeared to be from another time.  The buildings were still there, but some of them looked new, or were completely different buildings (since torn down).  Horses and buggies filled the road (which was not paved with asphalt), and people were wearing clothes like out of the 1800's or early 1900's!  She could turn her head and on her side of the street everything was normal (in the present, modern time), but across the street it was as if she were looking into a time bubble.  Everything that existed on the other side of where she was standing was VERY REAL, and she couldn't tell it apart from the reality of the side she was standing on!  She could hear the people talking, hear the clapping of the horses' hooves on the road, the bumping of the wagon wheels, etc.  Then she turned back to the future/present side and when she looked back the entire scene had changed and everything was back to normal.  She insisted that this had never occurred before to her, nor since.  But what was it?  Was it in her mind?  Did it actually happen?  Or was there a crossing of dimensions at that particular place and time that was SEEN AND INTERPRETED within her own mind, as a receiver of such energy and space-time dimensional reality?  Was it a parallel world?  A time warp/folding in the space-time continuum?  A spiritual vision?  Or something else? 

Is it possible to have memories of things happening that never occurred at all, except perhaps in some parallel world, or space-time disturbance?  Was the lady's experience of seeing the past and the present at the same time in a certain location a real phenomenon, or a hallucination?  Was it a waking dream?  I have to look at a strange experience I had once that "woke me up" and opened my chakras (bodily energy centers) back in May of 1993.  I will give that account to you here.

My Tower and Portal Experience

I had a MOST strange experience one time concerning a picture of a portal with a large black (shadow) being in it at the Indian tower located at the rim of the Grand Canyon.  I was with my ex-husband (who I was married to at the time), and we took a permanent road trip (moving) from El Paso, and went round-about through NM, AZ, NV, UT, CO, and finally wound up in NE.  We got married in Vegas on this trip, right after the Grand Canyon experience.  While in AZ (at the Canyon) we stopped at that tower.  Somewhere along the line we spoke with a guy that worked there (or said he worked there) and told a story of how the tower had once been used by the Indians in the area, and how they had enemies approaching so they put the women and children into the very bottom level of the tower, shut the door (locked it tight so the enemies couldn't get them) and then the enemies came, killed the men, and left.  But this attempt to save the women and children by hiding them in the bottom of the tower actually doomed them because it permanently locked them inside the tower so that they could not escape.  Consequently, they all died of dehydration and starvation.  I was horrified by this story and felt empathy for the poor people who died in that place.

We then climbed up the winding stairs of the tower and the higher I went the more strange I felt.  In one of the upper levels I saw a mural on the wall, life-sized, with a blue(?) portal shimmering and a black being (I think it showed evil glowing eyes too, but am unsure of what color the eyes were) standing inside the portal.  I KNEW it was a portal by the essence of it.  I stopped and stared at it a while and started to feel sick.  I wondered if the being in the portal had represented something that the Indians who had died in the bottom of the tower knew about, or had experienced in some way while trapped there.  I decided I'd better move on and climbed up to the top level.  Nearest the top the stairs ended and was replaced by a ladder in the center of the room.  I can't remember if the ladder was accessible or not, but I think it was as it seems I saw a man climbing down the ladder.  By this time I felt so sick, dizzy, nauseous, and just WEIRD that I immediately told my husband I had to leave the building.  I was very ill.  I went down and down and wound up in the gift shop at the bottom.  I wanted to stop and look but felt like I was about to faint, so I beelined to get outside.  I spotted a bench and sat on it, barely making it there.  I put my head between my knees, and tried to breathe, feeling like I was going to faint for sure.  I was really scared that something was wrong with me and that I might pass out, or die, or something.  I felt miserable. 

After a few minutes my husband showed up and asked me if I was ok.  I told him NO, and that I needed help to get to the car and really felt the need to get away from that place.  He had to help walk me to the truck so we could leave.  I could barely stand.  While in the truck (he drove obviously), the energy in my stomach, that was making me sick, suddenly moved up to my heart and I began to have MAJOR heart poundings.  I thought I was going to have a heart attack.  I also noticed that the nausea was gone.  I started to cough and breathe rhythmically so I could "fix" the problem.  I also told my husband what was happening (just in case something should happen to me).  Then he told me that the energy was moving up and out of me, and that it would leave the top of my head when it has passed through all the way, and that he had experienced similar energies do that within him before.  Within minutes, my heart returned to normal and I noticed my throat felt scratchy and I sounded hoarse and couldn't get my words out right.  Then it moved to my head and I started having a major headache!  Then after that my head started crawling a LOT, and then finally it left!  He was right.  Once it left I felt PERFECTLY NORMAL!  I knew at that point that I had been through some kind of major energy effect that came from that tower!  I didn't know if it was the story about the Indians that got me, or the portal issue, or both (I noticed a definite shift after seeing the portal picture though and had wondered about the knowledge/experience of the person who painted it), but I knew it was because of the energies in that place (affecting me, but obviously not anyone else) that caused my problem.

Now I would say that that was the end of what happened, but it wasn't.  It gets weirder.  From then on I could touch a book, or object, and if it had power to it (in the words/info, or pictures inside of it, or such) then I would have a mini version of what happened to me in the tower occur.... usually I would notice it in my heart first though, as it would thump a little more than usual... just enough to detect.  When I would go to the library and look at books on magick I wouldn't even open them, I would just hold them (closed) in my hands, and sometimes not even read the title, and this would happen.  I would open the books then, and the ones with the most pertinent info (even Christian books) explaining the dark arts, spells, witchcraft, etc. (I usually never read them, just fingered through them) or the ones with even good/light energy (about God, angels, etc.), but powerful energy, would always be the ones that would affect me this way.  Sometimes it was subtle, but it was there nonetheless.  If I tune into this ability I can still do this today.

Now around 2000(?) my husband and I went to the Grand Canyon again, for our anniversary.  We saw the white buffalo that they have by the roadside on the drive up toward the canyon.  We also went to the tower again.  I was REAL hesitant to go inside!  But I decided I'd better see, and felt that I had progressed enough in my knowledge and experience by then that perhaps it wouldn't affect me the same way again.  I said a prayer and put spiritual protection around me this time.  This was so weird, and perplexing.  We went up towards the tower, and inside the tower, and it looked different somehow; however, it looked the same on the outside, except much shorter.  Also, the mural was GONE!  Had it been painted over?  The ladder was at the top, but you couldn't climb up it as it was roped off.  I felt nothing.  The place was dead, energy-wise.  I went back down to the gift shop and asked a couple of different employees about the story of the Indians who got trapped in the bottom of the tower and they didn't know what I was talking about!  Not only that but they said that the tower didn't even have a lower level or bottom room.  I asked to speak to someone who had worked there a long time and I asked them the same question, but they claimed there was no such story about any Indians ever being there like that, and that the building was not that old.  I asked about the mural and they said the walls were not painted over, and there had never been a mural of that description!  I walked away absolutely bewildered by this information. 

I went outside the same door of the gift shop that I had escaped through about 7 yrs prior (when I felt ill) and found the same bench and sat on it a minute, thinking.  I walked around the outside of the building looking for windows or doors to secret rooms that they might have refused to tell me about.  I walked back inside and looked around for any little side doors that might lead to a lower level.  Nothing that fit that description.  I went back out and sat down on the bench again and pondered this new "unreal" knowledge.  What had happened?  Was it the same tower?  Yes.  Same place, made out of a different material (I thought it was rock), and with the same gift shop and bench outside.  But no one knew about the Indian story, and the mural was gone, the bottom room was nonexistent, and the inside looked (and felt) different than I had remembered.  I couldn't figure it out AT ALL!  Had I passed through a time-warp or parallel reality?  Where did that prior info and mural come from?  Was it really there those many years prior?  What exactly was that that I had experienced?  I didn't have any answers, and I still don't.  But I do know that it is one of the strangest experiences I had ever been through! 


About the Watchtower

"Desert View Watchtower:
The 70-foot watchtower was designed by Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter in 1932 as a re-creation of the ancestral Puebloan (Anasazi) towers found in the Four Corners region and preserved at Hovenweep National Monument. Despite the name, it is not clear whether the peaceable ancestral Puebloans employed these structures as enemy lookouts. The gift shop sells local Native American handicrafts including jewelry, rugs and pottery. Desert View Watch-tower is 23 miles east of the Village at the park's East Entrance...."

B&W pictures of the tower can be seen here:

The Watchtower (in Quicktime VR - you can click on the image and move it around for a panorama):

Grand Canyon area map (tower is at bottom right corner of the grounds):

An excerpt about the Watchtower:

"The Watchtower, a seventy-foot-high circular structure at Desert View, can be considered Colter’s masterpiece. It is a re-creation of towers built by the prehistoric Anasazi people throughout the Grand Canyon region. (Colter once wrote admiringly that the “primitive architect never intentionally copied anything but made every building suit its own conditions.") Only ruins of the Anasazi towers remain, but Colter visited as many of these as she could, first spotting them from a small plane and then driving to them. Before a stone was laid, she had a wooden tower erected so that she could visualize how the Watchtower would look on the site and to determine if it would provide the view she wanted.

"Thirty feet wide at its base, the structure is much larger than any Anasazi one. And stronger: the masonry walls are supported by a steel frame provided by Santa Fe Railway engineers. At irregular intervals protruding stones purposely break the smooth curves of the exterior to “create shadows and give more vigor to the walls,” Colter wrote. On the lower levels several exterior stones bear authentic rock art, mysterious carved symbols and drawings. (Such petroglyphs are now considered endangered national treasures, and it is unlikely that Colter would consider moving one today.) And to relate the new tower further to the prehistoric past, Colter built a small “ruin”—part of a wall and one window—just behind it and to the west.

"Inside the tower the kiva, the large circular space on the first level, echoes the ceremonial room in an Indian pueblo. Today it is crowded with sales counters offering Indian jewelry and souvenirs, but the Colter-designed chairs crafted from tree burls and cowhides and the basketlike log ceiling that she salvaged from the first Grand Canyon hotel remain.

"The second floor, which costs a quarter to visit, is known as the Hopi Room. In its center is a snake altar, used for a rain dance. A large round wall painting by a tribal artist, Fred Kabotie, tells the story of the first Hopi descent of the Colorado River. Kabotie wrote that “Miss Colter was a very talented decorator with strong opinions. … I admired her work, and we got along well … most of the time.”

"In 1948, when she was seventy-nine, Colter retired, after some forty years with the Harvey Company. Nine years later, when La Posada, a hotel she’d designed and decorated in Winslow, Arizona, was torn down, she wistfully observed, “There’s such a thing as living too long.” She died the next year, at eighty-eight."

I wondered about the original tower(s) that the Watchtower was designed from, so I looked up Hovenweep National Monument to see what I could find.

The towers at Hovenweep National Monument, for which Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter fashioned the Watchtower after can be seen here:

More on the Anasazi (at Mule Canyon Ruin):

Another good site on Anasazi and the Towers:

My next question was, had I picked up on something that actually occurred at the original tower of Hovenweep, rather than at the re-creation of Hovenweep (the Watchtower)?

I emailed the folks at the Hovenweep National Monument to find out.  Here is my email, followed by their response:

Hi, I was wondering if anyone there knows of any stories/legends
surrounding the square tower (or other) where people got trapped in there
and died? I had heard this story but am unable to find it online so thought
I'd better ask to see if the story actually exists or was fabricated.
Thanks for your help, Sharon

Response 2/14/06
According to our archeologist, the story about people getting trapped and
dying in square tower is fabricated, that did not happen here.  However she
did say that at salmon ruins in Bloomfield, New Mexico a kiva was excavated
and burned remains were found were found in it.  Thanks for your inquiry.

Todd Overbye
Park Ranger - Interpretation
Hovenweep / Natural Bridges National Monuments
(970) 562-4282 Ext 14

Utah's Haunted Hotspots (scroll down to Hovenweep - also notice the 'tween time mention of the equinoxes!):

So far I cannot find any legends or stories online about people dying in a tower anywhere.  Perhaps someday I will understand exactly what happened to me that fateful day at the Watchtower! 

(c) Sharon Eby 2006

Anasazi pictograph of Bigfoot(?) in a cave, or portal?
(source unknown - was received in an email)

Interestingly enough, the way this image above was piecemealed I wondered about its authenticity, as well as its interpretation.  I wondered if that was indeed a Bigfoot (there are other options, although it does appear that it *could* be a BF).  I wondered if this was Anasazi rock art, and I wondered if it could be traceable.

I emailed the Peabody Museum on the east coast (mentioned in the image above) and heard back from them on 2/17/06 (scroll down - am keeping these in chronological order as I receive updates).

I also removed the references to caves, rope, and male on the top left section, and changed "bigfoot" to "creature" in the right hand section (to remove bias).  I left the references to the face and the "Z" part, as well as all the Anasazi info, and then sent the image to a local archaeologist (whom I will keep confidential since I doubt he'd appreciate his name being referenced to anything concerning Bigfoot).  I personally did not "see" a cave in the picture, and my first thought was a portal instead.

My email to Mr. C. on 2/12/06:

This was just sent to me.  Do you know anything about what this might be?  Or what the "Z" figure might mean?  I am unsure of the authenticity of this so please let me know what you think!  Pix is attached...

His response 2/13/06 (I have made bold the areas I felt were possibly pertinent):


I have several reactions to the attached rock art design and accompanying text.  First, let me say that most archeologists, me included, have steered clear of trying to interpret rock art because we know how fraught with difficulty that can be.  Even when viewing contemporary art made by members of our own culture, there is enormous potential for misinterpretation.  Imagine how much more difficult it is to interpret art from another culture and from prehistoric times, and perhaps from a culture that did not even conceive of “rock art” as “art” in the same sense we do. 

So, let me caution you about specific interpretations of rock art; the literature is full of them, and most are the result of amateurs projecting their own knowledge or expectations onto the prehistoric record.  And, there is the additional problem of pareidolia, the tendency for our brain to attempt to make meaning out of unclear stimuli, such as images (as in looking to see a face where there is none).  Finally, there is the problem of the functionality paradigm in our culture: the assumption that all the design elements must “be” something, or signify something concrete (such as a person exiting a cave).

The “Z” is only perceived as a Z because that’s something we know, and our brain imposes that perception onto the actual observed pattern.  It might have “meant” something to prehistoric people, or it might have been just a mark, but it almost certainly wasn’t a “Z”.  Similarly, there is probably not a face depicted.  That’s something we look for in our culture, and something we project onto the artistic activities of other cultures because it resonates with us. 

Regarding the archeological statements…  I don’t know why the rock art design and caption are placed with the map and Anasazi discussion, as the two areas are unrelated.  The Hisatsinom is the Hopi word (meaning ancient ones) for the Anasazi.  The prehistoric ancestors of many modern pueblo groups would be classified as Anasazi (not just pre-Hopis), but none would be related to the rock art shown here.  The Pecos referred to in the discussion at the bottom of the page is Pecos Pueblo, along the Pecos River east of Santa Fe, not the Pecos River in general, or the lower Pecos where this style of rock art is found.  The lower Pecos River, where it enters the Rio Grande (the general area where the rock art is from) is not even on the Anasazi map, and was never part of the Anasazi area.  The people who lived in the Lower Pecos region were mainly hunter-gatherers, not pueblo farmers.  The lower caption also confuses the archeological material culture classification with tribal ethnicity.  The Anasazi did not occupy Pecos Pueblo in the 1600s; the Pecos people did.  After being decimated by the Spanish, the survivors moved to Jemez Pueblo and joined that community.  Both Pecos and Jemez were tribal groups whose ancestors would have been only some of the Anasazi.  The Anasazi was never an ethnic group; it is a material culture label devised by archeologists.  The confusion indicated in this caption suggests to me the author is not well versed in the archeological literature.  This impression is reinforced by the use of the term Hisatsinom in reference to the occupants of Pecos Pueblo, which was not an ancestral Hopi site.

I am not a rock art specialist, but I don’t believe this design is rendered in the western Archaic style I’d classify it as clearly within the Lower Pecos style; you can come to my office and look at a book with some other examples if you’d like.  The dating of rock art is also very iffy; the dates mentioned simply refer to the entire Archaic sequence, as it is defined in most of Texas (where agriculture was never developed).  This refers to a material culture, not an ethnic group, so the classification gives little or no information about what the content of the drawing might refer to.  Many researchers would now interpret such designs as depictions of shamanic activities, but the specific meanings of individual images may be forever beyond our ability to reconstruct (this is often hard for people to accept).  For example, the lines over the anthropomorphic figure could be water, clouds, a rainbow, a portal into the spirit dimension, or something else.  There is no basis to support the conclusion that it is necessarily a cave.  In fact, many of these drawings were rendered in caves, so there would be no reason to depict the cave again in the drawing.  If it is shamanic in nature, the figure could be a person wearing an animal hide, or one who has been “ritually transformed” during a ceremonial activity.  The line through the middle could be “spiritual energy”.  These sorts of suggestions are speculative, but at least within the realm of what have been inferred for shamanic representations

Hope this helps; rock is really challenging stuff.


Well so far the information seems to be at least partially falsified, by most likely being classified "as clearly within the Lower Pecos style" rather than the Anasazi or Western Archaic style that is mentioned on the image.  I figured that information from Peabody Museum (see further down below) would either support or falsify the rest of the claims of the image having originally come from there.

Interestingly enough, my friend and colleague PJ Prihoda found this, which verifies what archaeologist "Mr. C" said.  Not only in reference to shaman (via the title), but also from where it came (Lower Pecos).

Guardian Shaman
Thanks to Jim Zintgraff, The Rock Art Foundation


More Pecos River rock art:

This one is nicknamed "Bigfoot"

General Pictographs and Petroglyphs:


Update from Peabody Museum 2/17/06

Dear Sharon,

The original image is from Forrest Kirkland and W.W. Newcomb, Jr, The Rock Art of Texas Indians, Austin: University of Texas Press, 1967, plate 12, no.2.  The painting is from Fate Bell Shelter in Seminole Canyon.  The image is used as a comparison to a Utah rock art image in Polly Schaafsma, The Rock Art of Utah, Cambridge, MA: Papers of the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, vol. 65, 1971.

I hope this is helpful.


Susan Haskell

Susan Haskell
Curatorial Associate
Peabody Museum
11 Divinity Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138


I asked Ms. Haskell if I could get copies of this info and said she would send them to me, so here they are (received 2/27/06).  These images are thumbnailed so just click on them to enlarge for viewing.








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