The term chupacabra comes from Puerto Rico (originally) and means, literally, "goat sucker" due to the goats and chickens and other small livestock that are found dead with puncture marks in the neck or other areas of the body in the area.  Chupas, for short, are also claimed to be seen in other areas of the world, including the United States.  Often they'll have red or green glowing eyes, hairless skin, wings, are short, and are very evil looking.

Below is an account that was sent to me by my friend and colleague, Diane Arnold.  Her daughter had this sighting in January, 2006 near Dickens, TX.


Teen has encounter with an unidentified creature while driving on a rural Texas highway
Submitted on January 24, 2006

Our daughter’s school is located 9 miles from town in a rural farming area. In order to get to the school from town, she has to drive on two separate highways and a farm to market road. The houses are sporadic along this route and the terrain varies between farm land, stock pastures and canyons. When she got out of a basketball game late on Tuesday night, she had to be extra careful driving home because there is quite a bit of wildlife on the road at night; deer, cows, wild pigs and turkey. When she was about 4 and 4/10th miles north of Dickens, Texas, and heading south on Hwy 70, she came to a place the locals call Turkey Crossing. She started to slow down to watch for the wild turkey when she noticed something up ahead. As she started to pass the nearest ranch entrance, she noticed that there was something sitting on a wide gate post. She did not know what it was so she slowed down to look.

As she got closer, she saw a flesh-colored animal, about three feet tall, crouched on top of the post. It had a round head like an owl and a round, sloped face with a tiny round nose, like a short snout, and a slit for a mouth. It had eyes that looked like they were slanted down at the inside toward the nose and up at the outside. She could not see what color the eyes were and they did not shine when her headlights lit it up. The creature was sitting with its feet together and its knees out, in a bow-legged squat. It had feet like a bird with a set of toes or talons in the back and another set in the front. It had short arms with a flap of triangular skin on the back sides. There was something pointed at the tips of the skin flaps that looked like a bat thumb or claw. It looked like it had paws with four digits on each one and the arms were partially hidden underneath a flap of skin on each side. If the skin flaps were wings, the creature did not attempt to use them to fly. The skin or short fur was a tan or peach color and it was wrinkled in places like a baby bat.

Just as our daughter started to pass the creature it sprung from the gate post and jumped toward her truck.

The gate post is quite a distance from the highway but she swerved to avoid hitting the creature.

The thing hit the ground, crouched for a second then started running on two legs.

She said she hit the gas pedal and left the thing eating dust. She was so scared that she bawled the rest of the way home.

Submitted by Diane Arnold (c) 2006




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