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Wandering spirits roaming the earth, seeking out those they can prey on... that is the view many people have of what ghosts are.  Some claim such lost spirits to be demons, or other evil entities which possess people and require exorcising (like in the movie The Exorcist).  Still others claim to be haunted by them in their homes,  Or that these spirit beings are simply not real at all.

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There are many skeptics and many believers who claim that ghosts are or are not real.  Scientists have done batteries of tests and have shown in many cases that there is quite a lot of data collected on the subject which proves that ghosts are real.  For some, no amount of "proof" is enough to cause belief in such things, & yet others claim to be able to see/hear ghosts.

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Belief is not an issue for those who can sense the spiritual presences of ghosts or other entities.  Psychics, sensitives, mediums, magi, ghost hunters, exorcists, religious or spiritual people, young children, dogs & other animals, etc. are many who react in a physiological way when in the presence of ghosts.  Many can speak with them, see them, and sent them on to the light w/o fear.

 The Meaning and Purpose Behind Seeing or Sensing Ghosts | Ghost by the Road

Jacob, The Spirit Who Attempted Possession


The Meaning and Purpose Behind Seeing or Sensing Ghosts

By Sharon Eby  January 30, 2004

Whatever your stance is on ghosts you will probably enjoy reading this page which is dedicated to TRUE ghost stories from people I know (or have known or spoken with in the past) and trust.  Regardless of your belief system, there are obvious clues throughout history of spirits roaming this planet, coming in contact with people, and some even giving help to the living in one way or another.  Still others defy explanation or even appear evil or scary in some way.  Much of this is usually do to the PERCEIVER rather than the entity itself... people who harbor the greatest fear are often the ones who have a disgust for ghosts, or even the topic of ghosts.  Many times, as I've observed over time, people will simply NOT believe in ghosts at all... and usually for one of three main reasons (there are other reasons as well, although more rare):

Some people don't believe in ghosts because they had an experience that scared them so they turned it "off" and/or refused to face their fears (denial).... these people can no longer feel/sense/see or hear ghosts because they don't want to.  Until they face their fears, or become ready to accept what is happening, or happened, then they will continue to be turned off, which results in long-term "blinders" which get harder to take off with time.

Other people don't believe in ghosts because they are simply not in tune with the supernatural or spiritual side of themselves and are turned "off" (like a switch that just never got turned on) from birth.  These people are often skeptics, data oriented people (saying "prove" it to me and then refusing to admit the "proof" might be true, always explaining it away), and it usually takes a rather HUGE supernatural event to occur before they change their minds.  

And then some people don't believe in ghosts because they have ongoing experiences that scare them so much that they "don't believe" in them hoping it will all go away.  These are the ones who are trying to convince themselves of one thing, even though in their heart they know it is not true.  Fear is usually the cause of this self-deceit, and so they unknowingly become teachers of deceit to others, until something happens which turns it around for them.  

If you noticed here that I BELIEVE in ghosts, and that this is written from a "ghosts are absolutely real" perspective, then you are correct.  I have felt spiritual presences and the like ALL of my life from as far back as I can remember.  As a small child, and into my teens (sometimes into adulthood too) I had a fear of the dark, but honestly, it wasn't that I was afraid of the dark, but I was afraid of what was IN THE DARK!  I PERCEIVED these entities as being demons because I was brought up in a Christian household that taught that ghosts are spirits and that such spirits coming into the house (or living there) were evil, and were probably demons.  Although I honestly don't remember talking about it too much with my parents, I also got much of these beliefs from television, friends, storybooks, other people, etc.

The fact is that people who believe LIFE as we know it occurs because there are spirits within our own bodies, animating them, etc. and that those spirits can leave the body after death, know that spirits exist.  There is some flaws in that belief system however.  The reason the spirit enters the body in the first place is because that life is BREATHED into them (there is debate whether the spirit (which Biblically speaking translates into "BREATH" from the Hebrew) enters the body at birth, when the first breath is taken, or if it enters in the womb, like when John the Baptist and the prophet Jeremiah had the Holy Spirit enter them while still in the womb).  The spirit exists before it incarnates into human form (in order to enter into it), lives in the body for the duration of the life of that person(s), and then leaves again (scientifically proven that the spirit/soul has "weight" which leaves after the body dies) after the body can no longer sustain the life.  The true realization here is that we are NOT bodies which have spirits within them.... our TRUE IDENTITY is that we ARE SPIRITS inhabiting a temporary body!

Most of the religious systems around the world believe that the soul either goes to some place beyond this reality once it leaves the body.  Even the many sects of Christianity believe of a "heaven" or "hell" and the Catholics believe that some go to "purgatory."  The issue is not which one religious belief is right, but WHAT IS THE COMMON DENOMINATOR?  Everybody has a spirit!  What is there to fear when we are ALL spirits (even if some people don't realize it yet... and I do say YET) and that most all of the world before us has passed on, and that many more after us are still to come?  There are spirits EVERYWHERE all of the time... we just see most of them inhabiting bodily form.  So what if the rest who are roaming around, or are in heaven or hell or whatever your belief systems allows you to be comfortable with, are present in another dimension in the same space as you are now sitting or standing or living in?  

Many people believe that certain spirits who were either earthbound while alive, STAY earthbound (because of their attachment to things, places, or people, etc.) and don't travel on to where they should go BY CHOICE or else because they simply haven't realized their bodies are dead yet (more denial, or such?).  Perhaps you are one of the people (if you are sensitive to the presence of these ghosts/spirits - and realize that even in the Bible the term Holy Ghost and Holy Spirit are interchangeable) who are meant to help others in those realms/dimensions to move on to where they need to go?  Ghosts are simply spirits... spirits of people who happen to not have a physical body (there are other possibilities as well).  There exists good and bad people on the earth, whether dead or alive.  Some may still be in a "bad place" on the other side because they were also in a "bad place" (within) while once alive.  Just as people on this side of the grave need help to grow and move up, so to speak, so do those who have passed on.  Hell, heaven, purgatory, or whatever else you want to call it... they are typologies and symbologies for a REALITY in another realm or sphere of existence.  An existence which is very much like a parallel universe... both here and there, as worlds crossing over... but are really existent on different planes of one unified world!

While you think about all that, please continue reading the True Ghost Stories below.... perhaps you can figure out ways to enhance or fine tune your abilities (especially if God gave you this particular gift of seeing or sensing ghosts!) to do something positive with it rather than fear it or ignore it or wonder "why me".....


Ghost by the Road 

By Edson C. Hendricks December 24, 2003 

Many years ago, probably in the autumn of 1969, I was driving with my wife and another couple in my 1965 Ford Econoline van somewhere in rural western Massachusetts. I can't recall where we'd been, probably on some weekend recreational outing, but I do recall we were returning to our homes in the Boston area. It was probably between 9:00 and 10:00 PM, very dark, with no moon. Driving along the deserted two-lane road, I suddenly noticed a large middle-aged man lying on his stomach across the right shoulder, facing the road. As I drove by at about 40 miles per hour, he tried to raise himself using his left arm, and waved his right arm above his head as if gesturing for help. His dark clothing appeared ragged and soiled, and he seemed to be in severe distress. His restricted movements and facial expression suggested to me that he was seriously injured, and in substantial pain. 

As I braked to stop, I asked my male companion who was seated in the passenger seat whether he'd seen what I'd seen. He said he had not. I hastily parked the van on the shoulder of the rural road, and we both leaped out and ran back along the shoulder toward where I'd seen the man. 

The shoulder was not very wide along that stretch of road, and there was a deep gravel embankment that dropped steeply off the road, down about twenty meters into a broad, flat brush and wooded area below. There was no significant vegetation on the shoulder or the embankment below it, and no other apparent place near our location where a person could have hidden. The embankment looked pretty treacherous to me, it seemed to me that it would have been no simple matter to move up, down, or along it. We reached what I thought was the place where I'd seen the man lying on the shoulder, I recall being quite confident that I'd gotten it right, but we found nobody there. Then, as we looked back behind us, we saw that apparently this same man had somehow gotten between us and our parked van. He was about half way between us and the van and running back toward it, away from us. 

Fearing for the safety of the two women still in the van, my friend and I both ran back toward the parked van as fast as we could, following the running man from behind. We were running much faster than the mysterious man was moving, he still seemed somehow in poor physical condition, and we reached him just as all three of us converged on the parked van. I was shouting at the man to stop, but he made no sound that I can recall. I did not even hear sounds of his feet on the road shoulder. As I was just about to leap on the man to tackle him from behind, he abruptly veered to the right, over the edge of the very steep embankment, but extremely oddly, he did not go down the embankment. Rather, he appeared to float off the shoulder into the air over the embankment, briefly, rising slightly. Then he seemed to shrink abruptly and vanish, as if collapsing. This end to the chase transpired in just a second or two. We could neither see nor hear any further trace of the man, and I recall thinking in astonishment at the moment that there was no way he could simply have disappeared from our view. 

The women in the van were oblivious to the goings on. They had been talking and were unaware of why we had stopped along the road and run out of the van, and they reported they had seen nothing, despite that there were windows in the rear of the van next to where they had been seated, which looked directly out onto the scene of the encounter. That surely seemed very odd to me at the time, and it still does. My male friend and I compared notes, and we both recalled seeing exactly the same bizarre sequence of events transpire. 

There were no residences or other buildings near the place along the road where we'd stopped. We left very quickly and drove several miles to the first house we could find, where we stopped and asked to use their telephone to call the police. The area police told me that they could offer no explanation at all for the incident, that there were no missing persons reported, no penal nor mental institutions were in that area, nor any other sort of unusual activity that might explain it. 

Only upon later reflection did it occur to me that I'd almost certainly come upon a ghost. Actually, that's another sorta strange epilogue. I can't recall the exact circumstances, but probably about five years ago, during idle conversation a very close friend and colleague inquired whether I'd ever seen a ghost. I said "no." He furrowed his brow a bit, and asked me whether I was really sure about that. I told him that at least I couldn't recall having seen anything I recognized to be a ghost. Then he told me a brief story of his experience when he'd seen and spoken with someone who he was absolutely certain had been quite a long distance away, half way around the world or so, from where the two had run across each other. Only then did the story of the strange man lying along the road come back to my mind, and only then did I finally realize what I'd evidently encountered there that night. 

This friend and colleague is a very scientific, logical and careful observer and reporter. This question of his to me about ghosts was way out of character for him. In retrospect I wonder if there's more to that question than he has told me yet. Was I the one he'd encountered where he knew I wasn't? Or something else? Some day when the mood seems right, I'll ask him to revisit that topic for me.

(c) Edson Hendricks (used with permission)

Jacob, the Spirit Who Attempted Possession

"Always do right.  This will gratify some people, and astonish the rest."  Mark Twain

This event happened around Nov of 1996 while we were living in Nebraska.  I was pregnant with my daughter, and was only a couple of months or so along.  I awoke at 4:00 am exactly and felt him hovering over me.  He was ominous and HUGE.  He lunged toward me and I could feel him pressing into me, my chest, face, body, everywhere.   Excrutiatingly painful!  The WORST pain I've ever felt in my life!!!  I fought back trying to force him out, and then he backed off.  The name "Jacob" was placed into my mind and the very moment I THOUGHT it, he lunged again.  I would fight and he would back off, and again, I would think "Jacob" (which means "the supplanter") and he would attack again.   Over and over a half a dozen times or so.  Finally he gave up and just watched me from above the bed.  I prayed and prayed (I'm a minister's daughter) and he finally left.  It was a while before I could go to sleep again.  I was so fearful, the adrenaline so high, and my senses so expanded that I never thought to wake my husband who was right next to me. 

The next day I told my husband what happened, and my Wicca friends came over and they all cleansed the house with sage and magick.  I was very fearful to go to bed, afraid he would come back.  Like the same fear that I had as a 13 yr old, afraid my abductor would come back and rape me one day.  That night I reluctantly went to sleep.  At 4:00 am sharp, again, he was there above the bed.  I tried not to think of Jacob, but did try to wake my husband this time.  He would not rouse AT ALL despite me practically yelling and shaking him.  I then prayed for the "biggest, baddest angel" in the world to come.  Michael the archangel even.  Shortly, I felt another presence above the bed, next to Jacob.  I could sense the war going on above me, and would catch glimpses, ever so faint, and sounds, almost not there, of the fight.  I had a battle above me that went on for a long time.  Finally, it ended and I felt the entire room empty out very slowly, as if they faded away over a 30 minute period.   Again, it was hard for me to sleep, but I eventually did.  My friends and husband couldn't figure out how Jacob got past their spells and protection.  My husband even had a special protection (very strong) at the door of the trailer that my friend said she could feel the moment she first stepped across the threshold (although I doubted Jacob would feel he needed a physical door).  They estimated that he must have come in through the pipe on the woodstove, that it was an opening they "forgot" to protect.  I felt it was bogus, or that their protection was just far too weak to ward him off.  They had no idea the strength of this guy!   He was absolutely the most huge and powerful spirit-presence that I had ever met!   But this time, my angel, who was stronger, overcame him.  I knew that spiritual warfare was my only chance. 

I was more confident the next morning, and I went to sleep a little easier that third night, although I was still somewhat worried that he might return.  At 4:00 exactly (yes, I had a digital alarm clock) Jacob returned, but instead of hovering over my bed, he was standing next to me, at the right side of my bed.  I could feel him looking at me, in a very angry and resentful and menacing way.  But his power, I could sense, was "lessened" as if he had been "wounded" badly in the battle.   These wounds though, were a loss of his spiritual power.  Whether temporary or permanent I did not know, but I didn't want to take the chance.  I could feel his eyes upon me, judging me, hating me for what I had caused to happen to him.  But I felt that he no longer had a place or reason to come back to me again so I turned my back to him and verbally told him to get lost, to leave and never return, that he wasn't welcome there, ever!  I prayed for a band of angels to surround my house completely, to protect me, above, below, all around, missing no point in the circle/sphere to allow him a way in no matter what.  I felt him fading/going away after a few minutes, and it was then that I prayed for him, instead of for me.  I realized that any being (spirit or not) that was THAT huge and powerful on the dark side, could be equally huge and powerful for the light side.  That whatever evil and hurtful things he said or did or planned or had done would be eradicated by the amount of light and good and wonderful things he could help people/spirits with (in whatever realm(s) he was able to exist within) from that point on into the future.  So instead of feeling ill towards him, I felt sad for him.  I felt empathy for him and I reached out in my own spirit and asked that God would turn his heart, turn his spirit, toward the good and the light.   That if this was done, Jacob would be able to help instead of hurt people.

True story.  It happened to me.

Sharon Eby (Cornet)




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