OSAREAL's Geology-Bigfoot Theory


Compiled and Written by Sharon Eby & Osareal/Pearl Jo Prihoda (c) 2004

Osareal, otherwise known as Pearl Jo Prihoda, is a bigfoot researcher I've been in contact with about her theory on bigfoot and the geological connection.  My own research was indicating to me, by way of sheer intuition as well as other factors, that there was indeed a bigfoot-geology connection but I was unsure of just what details were included in such an hypothesis.  Digging deeper into earthquake zones, a tip from Don Blackmon about fault lines, subsidence areas (where the land sinks, such as sinkholes and karst areas), etc. I started looking for which types of rocks showed up in bigfoot sighting areas hoping to find that connection I KNEW was out there... somewhere.  Using the right keywords I came upon Osareal's (Pearl's) website at: www.osareal.com and discovered that she had made my job easy for me... she had found the bigfoot-geology connection which I had previously been searching for!  She, like myself, had used the BFRO (Bigfoot Research Organization) maps online to compare bigfoot sighting reports (generalities, not specifics (yet), for areas prone to being bigfoot stomping grounds) with US geological maps.  The comparisons found for granitic intrusions (granite-laden areas) and bigfoot sighting areas was nothing short of obvious!  The theories behind WHY this is so is what is covered on this page (potassium being a major component).  All of the information below is solely Osareal's research.

Bigfoot Camouflage

Emails from Osareal/Pearl Jo:

Concerning Bigfoot, I believe in STRICTLY NO KILL.

Sharon I am honored to have my research used by a person such as yourself!

Pearl Jo Prihoda

Hello, I have fixed the font on my page, this should let you now read my information.  It is my understanding that geological magnetic anomalies are caused uranium, potassium, and thorium. Have you read my right wing area? Here are a few links,





Sharon do you see the connection I am trying to make here?  Potassium Ions (electrical charges) restructure waves?

All information points me towards the effects potassium has in our bodies as well as from the earth. I believe there is some kind of inner connection

To wrap things up this is my theory. I have sent this off to several different Physics Dept. and am waiting their replies.

Sharon thank you for your time and most importantly thank you for the recognition. I have had this mapping page up for a while now and I am so glad you found me. lol  I love your work and admire your involvement with many diverse areas. Your some kind of gal and I am honored to have had contact with you. 


1.   The supplementation of potassium   (K channel) in certain combinations (sounds) can alter the ion charge, therefore altering the physical structure (charge) of the  body.   = Wave 1

2.  The earths Magnetic anomalies (directly related to k, feldspar or restructured potassium)  , produce a compatible or like charge.  =  Wave 2

The outcome is the ability of a body to pass through seemingly solid mass without altering
original ------>star See link   

Pearl Prihoda

I found this article to be very interesting. Please take a look  


[NOTE FROM SHARON: This article named above by Pearl was originally written by Pat Gray (RN) who is the Conference Designer for Alien Hunter, Derrel Sims www.alienhunter.org and is on the same Team as Sharon Eby (Dream Team Member with Saber Enterprises out of Houston, TX), with Mr. Sims, CEO.  Once I told Pearl about this it became evident that we were definitely being led down the same path in this research concerning bigfoot, the paranormal, granite, geology, potassium, etc.  I explained to her, following the next email, that it was not my intent to "take" her own research, so had purposefully avoided the potassium issue and gone forward with the geomagnetic anomalies associated with granitic intrusions and paranormal, UFO, and bigfoot sightings.  Now, it seems, the potassium issue is not going away, and can no longer be ignored, not even by me.  My own Team Member, Pat, having written on the electrolytes/potassium issue years before - which I was indeed familiar with - had spoken with me in the past about the potassium issue, but for me it had been shelved in my memories, and was now required to be taken back off the shelf, the dust brushed off of it, and is now under scrutiny within the microscope of our minds.]

Hello Sharon,

I knew it!  I just knew it would click, you are with me now girl! About the articles the one I sent you and the one you sent in return, Wow and Wow! Do you believe in destiny, because Sharon I think you and I were destine to somehow share our knowledge with each other. After reading your Geological information I knew you would understand, I have been trying to tell others but they don't understand ... Sharon I new if I kept at ya about the potassium that you would also be able to make the connection too. Reread your Geological information, it dances all the way around the potassium issue. LOL

Basically I am giving examples that would back a theory I have,  on how they are able to enter (underground)

Bigfoot merges within Earth due to potassium waves lengths, restructured or altered by supplementation of potassium + (unknown factor could be salt) and ultrasound, Thus creating the same body frequencies and amplitude as the Geological correlation's pointed out on my maps.
Earth's magnetic anomalies plus "gravitational wave" factors plus ultra sound factor.                   
      Blue wave = Earth
      Black wave = Bigfoot




1. Channels (POTASSIUM) in the body regulate  ion charges.   (Nervous system, Information) Information can be altered

a)  http://www.rcsb.org/pdb/molecules/pdb38_1.html

b )  Concentration Affect The Voltage Of A Cell

c )  Potassium (alterations)? are know the calcium present in a fertile chicken egg has been found to be much less than in a recently hatched chick and the empty shell, with a corresponding decrease in the potassium present in the chick and shell compared to the fertile egg. This Alchemy of potassium to calcium is well documented but ignored by conventional science.

d)     Biological Transmutations

INFRASOUND  (very low C I believe)
The infra sound factor being a major oversight with many.  Sharon I have felt the (vocalizations )? Of these     creatures.  I believe we could also incorporate the taos humm , heck we might be able to correlate it as well.

according to both of these  WA  maps the only correlation I could find was  Devonian granitic rock!  LOL  Potassium!  I have not gone any further with this.


Sound alters  electrical currents


The Doppler effect  / change in frequency


The sounds of the vocal track provide clues to size .( Skull size) Sounds / pitch results from vocal fold oscillations. The longer / larger, the larynx / tract the lower the sound production. There have been studies relating to low frequency sounds made by primates, from  tamarins  to gorillas to  Bigfoot. The Bigfoot is possibly using infra sounds, in their communications. They do (talk) to each other, I have both heard and felt them. Low sounds, & sounds found within certain notes may be a key for better understanding Bigfoot communication and more.

GEOLOGICAL  Connection

Your research along with mine # 1     

Many of the potassium anomalies in the gamma ray data   were due to high concentration of K feldspar in surficial deposits, particularly alluvial material.  All the relevant data showing potassium anomalies is still required

Are you still with me?  What do you think now?    lol    I am no Physics professor, that's for sure, but I have been at this for a number of years now.
Sharon I, am so glad to have made your acquaintance.  Thank you for taking the time to hear me out.

Pearl Jo Prihoda

Sharon here is a link to my theory page , I am also including some links that I think may be of interest to you .


Please Listen :
The Physics of Resonance Part 1
David Elkington   


These are also worth looking at


Pearl Jo Prihoda

check this one out !  WOW!


More on research aspects:


Some of my notes:

Chemical Interactions. Besides giving us our substance, chemistry also gives us a mode of communication throughout our bodies

The axons of our neurons are the pathway for the communication that exists in our nervous system

AXON : a usually long and single nerve-cell process that usually conducts impulses away from the cell body

The action potential occurs due to a change in voltage across the membrane of the axon. The change in voltage is achieved by a change in the permeability of the neurons to the ions, Na+, Ca+, and K+.(1)The cell starts with a large concentration of potassium ions, K+, inside the cell, and a large concentration of sodium ions, Na+, outside the cell.

In our bodies Only one Na+ ion gets in for every 10,000 K+ ions

Na+   = sodium ion
K+  + potassium ion

Only one Na+ ion gets in for every 10,000 K+ ions. At the same time that the channel is very selective it also allows the K+ to flow through at almost the exact same rate as diffusion, 108 ions per second. This precision is beyond our human understanding, yet contained within our own person

WHAT? ___>  as to overcome electrostatic destabilization of an ion in the pore at the center of the bilayer

Every cell in the body emits light and therefore its components, color. Thus color may be employed to adjust bodily functions using light on broad body areas and specific points. A beam of light is concentrated on the body, similar to acupuncture yet without needles, utilizing meridians & energy channels to uplift function & connectedness


The outer part, the adrenal cortex, produces hormones called corticosteroids (pronounced: kor-tih-ko-ster-oydz) that influence or regulate salt and water balance in the body, the body's response to stress, metabolism, the immune system, and sexual development and function. The inner part, the adrenal medulla (pronounced: muh-duh-luh), produces catecholamines (pronounced: kah-tuh-ko-luh-meenz), such as epinephrine (pronounced: eh-puh-neh-frun). Also called adrenaline, epinephrine increases blood pressure and heart rate when the body experiences stress. 

cell's specific receptors and these hormone-receptor

if the pituitary gland produces too much growth hormone, a child may grow excessively tall. If it produces too little, a child may be abnormally short.

  PTB - 8.21 - Bioelectricity and Biomagnetism

Bions, Biogenesis and the Reich Blood Test Seminar

  Still reading ....................................

Pearl Prihoda

looking for a orgone energy meter .  LOL



zeolite structure


KFI  it looked like a periodic table so I picked the one with K


Hold the right mouse button down and move it around. Kind of looks like a BEE HIVE? LOL  


Pearl Jo Prihoda
OSAReal     Oh Yes They Are Real 

INFO ADDED 9/19/04



As another example, photoinduced electron transfer between metal complexes associated with DNA has been found to occur over very large distances (> 40 Angstroms). These results suggest that the DNA structure itself can serve as a "wire" to conduct electrons between an electron donor and an electron acceptor. Such processes have important potential applications and implications for processes in biology.


Stepping back from my/our research I started to take different avenues. This is what I found (David Pratt ! I love this guy lol have you read any of his stuff? )

Take a look at this, I found it searching for (potassium anomalies)!
This happened a few years ago when I was working in the lab of a local chemical factory. We used an X-Ray spectrometer to measure the level of additives in polyethylene. We made small discs of the material and placed them in the instrument. One day, I placed a disc in the instrument, performed the analysis, and when I opened the sample compartment to take it back out, it was gone! Vanished into thin air! I repeated the test and again the plastic disc disappeared. There was no way it could have fallen into the machine because the sample compartment was an aluminum cup. After that it never happened again.
Robert Franklin

USA - Friday, May 30, 2003 at 11:35:00 (PDT)


I wonder if the radio was playing in the background , and if so what song was it ?
So many overlook the effects of harmonics! Hmmmmm?

Polyethylene is probably the polymer you see most in daily life. ... Polyethylene is vinyl polymer,
Chitin is a polymer

Now back to this link 

In 1988 he found out antigravitational effects of chitinous  covers some insects species. But the most astonishing   attendant  phenomenon associated with antigravity was a phenomenon overall   either partial invisibility  or deformed visual perception of the material object which was located  in a zone of compensated gravitation

Check out this address!  WOW! I needed this one !

Your friend admirer and CO-researcher
Pearl Jo Prihoda / OSAReal

Bigfoot Camouflage (Pearl Jo's newest page)


Here is a link to a chemistry answers website, FYI: http://chem.answers.com/



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