Rachel, NV UFO Conference 2004


I have to admit that the conference in Rachel, NV which I spoke at was a big hit!  What a blast this was to meet some of the people I had spoken with over email and/or the phone from weeks to years in the past.  Faces became names, and names became friends as we all shared our experiences, listened to the speakers (of which I was one), and had a good time at the Little Ale'Inn this Memorial Day weekend! 

Linda Moulton Howe (with a most awesome speech!) replaced one of the previously scheduled speakers and Bill Hamilton said his goodbye's as he told the rest of us that this was his last year as a public researcher and Director of Skywatch Intl. after 51 years.... that is 51 years of UFO research concluding it's end at Area 51!  We will miss his presence in the public eye.  Dr. Bruce Cornet gave an incredible presentation on Unconventional Aircraft which scientifically proved that the drivers of AOP craft use telepathy and much more!  Dr. Alan Meyer spoke on The Unseen Realm which covered orbs, ghosts, and other aspects of the paranormal.  Sharon Eby spoke on her own experiences from age 2, the Desert Apes, and the Marfa Lights.

Below are some pictures (thumbnailed for your convenience) of the conference, the Little Ale'Inn, and people who attended and spoke.


AlanMeyer01.jpg (33899 bytes)

Alan Meyer

AlanMeyer02.jpg (31619 bytes)

Alan Meyer

AlanMeyer03.jpg (27443 bytes)

Alan Meyer

AlienDave02.jpg (45424 bytes)

Alien Dave

AlienDave&Teri&Jennifer.jpg (36199 bytes)

Alien Dave,

Teri Southworth,

& Jennifer

BillHamilton01.jpg (26913 bytes)

Bill Hamilton

BillHamilton03.jpg (39127 bytes)

Bill Hamilton

BillHamilton04.jpg (29197 bytes)

Bill Hamilton

BruceCornet01.jpg (25421 bytes)

Dr. Bruce Cornet

BruceCornet02.jpg (28218 bytes)

Dr. Bruce Cornet

BruceCornet05.jpg (28987 bytes)

Dr. Bruce Cornet

BruceDINER2.jpg (41726 bytes)

Dr. Bruce Cornet

with attendee

Bruce&Friends.jpg (38111 bytes)

Dr. Bruce Cornet

with attendees

BruceEThwy1.jpg (58048 bytes)

Extra Terrestrial


DarrylThomasHOPIandSharon.jpg (36458 bytes)

Sharon Eby with

Darryl Thomas

(Hopi Tribe)

IkeBishopRACHEL.jpg (42840 bytes)

Ike Bishop

& attendee

IkeBishop.jpg (37239 bytes)

Ike Bishop

Jennifer&TeriRACHEL.jpg (36831 bytes)

Jennifer and Teri

LindaHowe_AlanMeyer.jpg (35901 bytes)

Linda Moulton Howe

& Alan Meyer

LindaMoultonHowe04.jpg (28373 bytes)

Linda Moulton Howe

LindaMoultonHowe06.jpg (30908 bytes)

Linda Moulton Howe

LindaMoultonHowe05.jpg (32807 bytes)

Linda Moulton Howe

LittleAleInn.jpg (51443 bytes)

Little Ale'Inn

LittleAleInnDINER.jpg (38969 bytes)

Little Ale'Inn Restaurant

RachelConference1.jpg (35476 bytes)

Rachel, NV Conference

RachelConference2.jpg (50714 bytes)

Rachel, NV Conference

Robert&RonaldRACHEL.jpg (38074 bytes)

Robert & Ronald

RachelNV.jpg (35262 bytes)

Rachel, NV sign



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