Solar Cycles and UFO Activity


The sun's cycles peak every 11 years and 22 years, with solar flares (which affect the earth's geomagnetic field causing increased phenomena such as the northern lights, natural radio, etc.) reaching a high at the 11.2 year cycles, and the sun's magnetic field reversing every 21.25 years, give or take.  More info on solar cycles can be found here: 

Where natural phenomena tends to increase at maximas, evidence has shown that the sun's maxima (peak) cycles show little UFO activity around those times, whereas the sun's minima (low) in-between cycles show high UFO activity.  This is the trend, although there are exceptions to the "rule."  First of all, why is there a trend, or a rule to begin with?  Second, what is causing the exceptions?  Before we look at those possibilities, let's see a chart on the comparisons between solar and UFO activities.


Solar Cycles and UFO Sightings Chart:

Sunspots and UFO Sightings Chart:

Thanks to Joseph W. Ritrovato - Originally Published in the MUFON UFO Journal of June, 1996


At first glance one can see the trends of low sunspot activity = high UFO activity, or its opposite where high sunspot activity = low UFO activity but there seems to be some exceptions which defy understanding.  A couple things which can be pointed out are the 1966-1968 dates which show an increase in solar activity but yet an increase in UFO activity as well.  The only thing making this acceptable, or at least understandable, is that the "high" (peak) in solar activity this cycle of 1968 was only about half of normal, eluding to a possibility of an increase in UFO activity based on a far less than normal sunspot occurrence.  Another exception to the rule is the amazingly high set of UFO sightings in 1990, which is the (average) peak year for the solar cycle.  The only possibility we can see here, if basing these on the charts only (not taking into account other outside influences) is that the highest peak in sunspots actually occurred in 1989 (when UFO sightings were still lower), and then the sunspots decreased slightly (with a huge burst of UFO sightings occurring in that year), and then the sunspots increased slightly once again in 1991 (and the UFO sightings dropped way off).  One way to double-check this would be to see when the majority of the UFO sightings occurred as compared to when (during that year) that the sunspots actually decreased and see if they are synonymous.  These observations are at least one way of identifying why the exception to the trends are happening.

As for the trends themselves I decided that checking into UFO flaps and comparing them with my own experiences, as well as Dr. Bruce Cornet's (my husband) might help give a clue here to see how well they fit the trends.  It appears they do!  Until I put this article together and actually compared the dates, I had no idea that this trend even existed, and that our past experiences matched this pattern.  Note that Bruce was born in 1945, and I was born in 1970, so my info does not show up prior to that year.


Solar Maximas - Low UFO Activity

1946 (exception) medium, instead of low UFO activity in 1947 (solar activity was actually dropping), including the famous Roswell Crash; no UFO activity noted for Bruce.

1957 (exception) medium, instead of low UFO activity increased only slightly as a flap during this time; no UFO activity noted for Bruce.

1968 (exception with good reason) medium, instead of low UFO activity - the peak of solar activity was relatively low (only half of a normal peak); no UFO activity noted for Bruce.

1979 relatively low UFO activity; no UFO activity noted for Bruce or Sharon.

1990 (exception) medium, instead of low UFO activity (occurring at a slight drop in solar activity); no UFO activity noted for Bruce or Sharon.

2001 relatively low UFO activity; no UFO activity noted for Bruce or Sharon.

2012 Will there be an exception here?  This is a significant year in many legends, the Mayan calendar (although the descendents of the Maya do NOT believe the world is going to end, and that Americans apply western concepts that simply were not part of their ancestors' reality, then or today), etc. about the "end times" and "new age of peace"... will it come by intervention? Will it come by the inner reality? Will it come at all?

NOTE: Every time there was an unusual increase in UFO activity, there was correspondingly a lowering (even if temporary) of sunspot activity.


Solar Minimas - High UFO Activity

1951-1954 UFO flaps extremely high especially in '52 & '54; Bruce's experience '54

1962-1965 UFO flaps evident increasing in '65-'67; Bruce's experience summer '62

1973-1976 UFO flaps evident '72-'78; Sharon's experience in May/June of 1973 occurred (age 2)

1984-1987 UFO flaps evident; Sharon's spiritual gifts & UFO involvement/telepathy was high; Bruce's abduction at the oil field was in Oct 1st, '81

1995-1998 UFO flaps evident; many of Sharon's abductions & UFO activity occurred from '93 til '99 being greatest around the solar minima; Bruce's abduction Nov, '93 and '94, spiritual experiences & UFO "dreams" in '95, healing and subsequent missing time and implant repair in '96

2006-2009 What is coming???  Turns out that the economy was the #1 concern in America, besides a new Presidency (Obama), healthcare ideas gone bad, tea partiers, taxes, and all the rest of the usual concerns.

A Peek into 2006-2009: According to Kabbalah the Zohar mentions the upcoming changes in the earth that were scheduled to start in 2001 (solar maxima).  Many other cultures and prophecies/predictions say that great evil and problems in the earth are to come to a head (as birthing pangs) and issue in a new age of peace by 2012 (that being the end-date on Mayan calendar).  Other seemingly significant dates were 2004 and 2008, and sometimes 2010, but always ending in 2012.  In the Zohar 2001 was prophesied(?) about regarding the tragic event of 9/11 (consequently 9 meaning "judgment" and 11 meaning "confusion," much like the Biblical story of the tower of Babel... this time instead of one tower with many people getting their languages confused and causing a splitting of the people, this was two towers destroyed with many people of many languages and racial backgrounds (that worked in the towers) being confused by this trajedy, although the world unified through it (with the exception of the terrorists and whoever participated in its implementation).  The story told through many cultures is that 2001 through 2008 (the entire Presidency by GW Bush) will be preliminary, and a global scale war will erupt by 2010 (THAT didn't happen!), and that all hell will break loose and usher in an age of peace by 2012 via UFO intervention (one of the many, many theories).  More details on this particular hypothesis is covered in this article about the Tibetan Monks and remote viewing:   Biblical analysis of end-time events differ, depending on which angle/creed/faction of Christianity (or other) the info is viewed from.  Either way, the pattern throughout all of them is a period of great turmoil, followed by a remarkable change within people who help bring in a new age of peace. This is entirely subjective, at best. People see it and interpret it as they already believe it to be, with different people sometimes having entirely opposite views, and both of them being correct!

Remember that 99% of all so-called "prophecies" turn out to be nothing more than predictions, which have a lousy rate of success... meaning 100% of the 99% or so FAIL. This is typical... if in doubt then find all the predictions you can and see if they happen(ed)... follow them for many years to come. My dad did this for over 20 years and 99.9% of them failed; all failed except one (and it was not a big deal). The most elusive ones are the predictions that refuse to put a date on it, which turn out to be similar to the problems associated with other so-called "prophets" of the past. Lacking any date(s) is a sure way to predict that they are false prophets! UFO predictions are also hard to pin down.

If UFO's are only a psychic phenomena, which may be enhanced by solar minima times, then people are doomed to inwardly (psychicly/intuitionally) know what's going on by 2012 unless the sun changes its' cycles or something happens within people to alter this (trauma can sometimes be a catalyst).  If the trend shows true then solar maxima in 2012 will NOT be indicative of UFO sightings, or involvement.  Unless.... the trend IS changing? What evidence is there? UFO sightings are not necessarily on the rise, and there is no indication that they are leaving the lips of the masses when they think they see something, either.

I do think that there's something to contrasting solar data and UFO/psychic/spiritual phenomena but it may not be from the direction most people are coming from.  When looking at the events of solar cycles as a NATURAL event, and being male oriented (left-brain: the waxing of solar (male) cycles, ordered, patterned, the sun and air symbolic of thoughts/brain), and the UFO/psychic phenomena being a more METAPHYSICAL (beyond physical) or PARANATURAL (beyond natural) event, and being female oriented (right brain: the waning of solar cycles where the moon and water (emotional aspects) are tied in to the soul/spirit).  This may all just boil down to more of the male-female aspects of God symbology which permeates the universe. Perhaps it means nothing at all.

The old adage is that the sun rules the day, and the moon rules the night.  When the sun is not ruling, the moon is, and vice versa (technically both are ruling all of the time on one half of the earth at a time).  These are symbols of the male aspects ruling what we can see (natural world), and the female aspects ruling what we cannot see (spirit).  Our minds (male) rule the body (female) as we decide to take ten steps to the door to answer it.  But our emotions/intuitions (female) rule the mind (male) when we FEEL something is wrong and decide not to open the door due to a danger awaiting on the other side.  Moments in time when our male-brain runs the show vs. times when our female-brain runs it.  Times and seasons for all things, and everything in its perfect time.  All things run in cycles.

Solar cycles are in the 11's and 22's.  When at their peak it is indicative of mental thoughts, fact-based data, male-oriented, and hard to collaborate with the spirit.  When we are in between the mental highs (solar peaks), we are either sleeping or meditating or relaxing and this is when our inner world opens up (hence more dreams, more psychic activity, more UFO sightings, more intuition, more emotional aspects of our lives coming into play).  Interestingly enough, we see this trend not only in our outer world, but also between men and women in their inner worlds and relationships.  Like the sunspots (male) which peak – they throw off a solar wind plasma (male) which greatly affects the magnetics (female) of the earth (female) and causes her to react greatly in the magnetosphere as aurora borealis (northern lights) as well as in “natural radio” sounds (ELF/VLF frequencies - harmonics).  It's a beautiful display of a relationship between male and female aspects in the universe.  There are countless other examples, but the bottom line is this…

The UFO & psychic phenomena, the solar cycles, and all levels of male and female (patriarchal vs. matriarchal), and body-mind-spirit are simply smaller parts (and symbolic repeats) of the greater whole... a greater truth which we are just now beginning to understand.

(c) Sharon Eby (Cornet) - 2005


From a colleague of mine, Wayne Mattson, Jan 4, 2005:

Thanks for the information on solar cycles and UFOs.  It fits with what
I just read.
     A gentleman by the name of Will Hart published, in the January/February
2005 issue of "Atlantis Rising," an article titled "Inside The Eight-Year
Solar Window."  He ties the eight-year period (2004-2012) into the sunspot
cycle, the transit of Venus and these relationships to the recent earthquake
in Sumatra and the associated destruction by the giant waves. He also tied
things to the Mayan Calendar and disasters. 




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