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Sharon Cornet (was "Eby") is a mother of three children, with a genetic background of Anglo-Saxon-Celtic/Native American (1/5 Cherokee/Choctaw).  She was, in the mid-2000's, the West Regional Leader for the Texas Bigfoot Research Center (TBRC) and also did independent research on Bigfoot, UFO’s (also was a Saber “Dream Team” Member with Derrel Sims), alleged alien abductions, the paranormal, esoteric, and human spirituality.  She is married to Dr. Bruce Cornet (geologist/palynologist, paleobotanist, & biologist/chemist). Sharon's website is www.sunstar-solutions.com and she more recently (2010) graduated with her BA in social science and socio-cultural/applied anthropology. She has studied our earth (geology) and human origins (physical anthropology), and for several months in 2005 she volunteered at SaveTheChimps.org (Alamogordo, NM, owned by Anthropologist Jane Goodall) before they moved the chimps to an island in Florida.  She has owned her own solar energy business; implemented contract work in Office Management and webmastering, and presently works as a Program Manager in the Pacific Northwest area of Federal Way (south of Seattle) and continues bigfoot/paranormal research when she is not writing on her book(s). Sharon writes and speaks publicly on all topics ranging from her personal experiences, abductions and UFO’s, Bigfoot, Earth Lights (Marfa Lights), and more.  Disclaimer: The evidences and hypotheses proposed in this website are from the research of its author and do not reflect on the views held by the TBRC, Saber Enterprises, or their members.  I reserve all rights to my personal research and its implications. If it is falsified, or not able to be, then we are that much closer to the truth! (updated 1/1/11)

My views:

There are, culturally, different ways to see the world. One is via a western style linear view of time, that starts on one side as the past (typically the left in western society), and then to the present (in front of us), and moves to the future (the right). Others see this timeline as a circle, or above and below, or a host of other ways. As a social scientist/socio-cultural anthropologist and researcher of human nature, spirituality, syncretic and multi-faith beliefs, and shamanism, I see the world from many perspectives. As a cultural relativist, I believe (a word I do not use lightly, nor commonly) that none of these beliefs is superior or inferior to the others... they just "are" and can be complimentary as well as overlapping, or in apparent opposition to each other from one point while being scarily the same from another.

One way many people see the world is through directions. To many Native American Indians there are 4 directions. The number 4 to Apaches, for instance, is a very important number as it represents many things in life, which are really the same thing. The 4 directions of east, south, west, and north, are an example of the importance of the number four, and deliniate between the directions of the world, and the universe. To others there are 6 directions, which includes the 4 directions, plus up and down. To my tribe, the Cherokee, there are 7 directions, with the remaining one being here, where we stand. To others there are directions that point to other worlds, including interdimensional realms. To many shamans, where shamanism is known as the only true universal religion (found worldwide with core concepts and practices that are likely built into our DNA due to crossing boundaries of gender, race, age, cultural and physical boundaries, etc.), there are 3 directions... here, below, and above, much like the Celts and Druids viewed the trees, with roots in the earth below (can also be the seas), tree trunks in this realm we live in, and branches that reach up to the upper world of the heavens. These realms are the underworld, the middle world, and the upper world.

These three worlds are also metaphores for our psyches and mental or emotional realities. The underworld is our inner, unseen world of our sub-conscious. The middle world is our everyday consciousness where we live and eat and work and play. The upper world is our outer-reaching super-consciousness that extends beyond ourselves in the realm of higher realities that encompasses the spiritual, psychic, prophetic, and similar parts of ourselves.

With this said, as a foundation for my bio, and based on my experiences, you will understand the following names I go by as Two Hawks Woman, Sharon, and StarAngel...

Under World

I am ocasionally known as Two Hawks Woman (to certain people).  This name was given to me by one of my prior mentors, Derrel Sims, (he is also known as Wanblee Gleska - "Summer Hawk")... Those who know him well know him as just simply "Hawk".  The story of how he received this name is interesting, as is how I once came to inherit an aspect of his name along with what I now call my own, Two Hawks Woman.  Hawk and I share common ancestral (biological) mixing of 1/5th Cherokee plus German, English, and Irish/Celtic mix, as well as a common interest in ufology work, however, as we change, and move on, sometimes we outgrow the name(s) given to us.  Two Hawks Woman now holds a place in my past... and is now more akin to spotted eagles, so the hawks part is buried deep in the underworld of my being.  

Middle Urth

On the soulical or mental & emotional world (the connecting world between heaven and earth), while I was yet in the womb, my parents were planning on calling me Renee; however, my parents made new plans.  When I was born it was impressed upon them to call me Sharon.  Sharon means "a plain", "the white meadow", and the fertile "plain of Sharon" that is located between the mountains of central Palestine and the Mediterranean Sea, and north of Joppa in Israel, not far from Mt. Carmel.  In the Hebrew Lexicon it means (abridged from) "to be right, be straight, be level, be upright, be just, be lawful, be smooth".  Sharon is my name (name means nature), given through my parents, throughout this life and reflects who I am as I live & deal with others in this both spiritual and earthly (combined) world of ours. Sharon is a low and level place of fertile bounty, but it is occasionally prone to flooding due to emotional waters in life.

Upper World

Star Angel is my heavenly name, given to me by another experiencer and who is a living angel on this earth, Nancy.  Star Angel has two meanings in one.  A Star is a luminary, an object in the heavens which provides both its own light, heat/warmth (fire), and gives life to those who would receive it; people are also referred to as "stars" in the Bible.  Angel means "messenger" (no, not the typical angels with wings as only cherubim have wings) and is one who acts as a go-between to give such messages from the source (the message-giver) to the people (the message-receivers).  Living as Star Angel is an act of service to the highest authority.  Hope, Love, and PEACE are my core values.
Please note also that mankind is to judge angels (questions arise when an angel is lowered into the human realm and lives as one), and also angels are here to bring judgment on mankind.


What's in a Name? | Sharon's Birth Date in Universal Harmonics | Star Angel's Pictures

(NOTE: The below was written years ago and I do not necessarily adhere to some of these beliefs any longer... that is what spiritual growth is all about)

What's in a name?

What's in a name... well our name is simply our "nature."  The name a person is given at birth is the name they carry with them the rest of their lives.  Occasionally God changes peoples' names, or gives them new (additional) ones through others.  I use all of my names in different circumstances, when dealing with different people, and depending on the situation.  It is also important to know what your first, middle, and last names are as well as other names which you are given, use, etc. including nicknames.

I am (or at least used to be) one of the few people in life who "suffer"(?) from "deep sleep".... this is where the brain's electrical levels (alpha, beta, etc.) go into different sleep levels during the course of any given night and has a hard time coming up to less deep levels where the dream state (REM - Rapid Eye Movement) occurs.  It is not as deep as a coma, but it is also not as "light" a sleep where the bodies' responses can trigger to let you know when to wake up, when to go to the bathroom, etc.  The deep sleep pattern disrupts the thought processes during the day, can cause symptoms such as bed wetting (yes, that was me as a kid... until age 14, just like two of my children, my nephew, my uncle, etc. as it is hereditary), teeth grinding (yep, went through that for a while also), night terrors (did not happen, but I have a "waking dream" experience that was pretty weird!), ADHD-like behaviors during the day (definitely not me but my oldest son went through this - more ADD without the H (hyperactivity)), staring off into space or loss of focus and/or appearing as a slow learner even though there is nothing "wrong" with their ability to learn (both of these symptoms show up in my daughter)... it's not being able to concentrate that is the problem, sleepwalking (definitely did not have this problem), sometimes not being able to hold your bladder during the day (lack of bladder sensitivity/function), etc.  Some people suffer from one or more, but not usually all symptoms.  

I'm telling you about this is for two reasons...

1) I'm an Experiencer (alien abduction experiencer), which I came to realize once I was an adult, and sleep disorders are common for Experiencers (usually insomnia though, not deep sleep), and abductions often occur during the night (also the day).

2) To give you an example about the meaning of NAMES and how they affect our lives.

God SENT and ordered and directed ALL things in my life, including and especially the things which seemed to be lacking of any good ("good" that I thought was the only thing that could come from God).  ALL things of the left hand of God (instruction, correction, seemingly negative things, judgment, etc.) happen for a reason, whether we see or understand the reason(s) or not.  The right hand of God (blessings, abundance, rightness, love, etc.) is certainly more than chance or luck, also.  When I finally came to the realization in my life of WHY I always seemed to have "bad luck", but at the same time was also very blessed (there is a difference between "luck" and "being blessed"), it was then that I started my personal growth.  It wasn't until I met my sweet Bruce that I finally, for once in my life, actually felt "lucky."  And in fact, it is in my stars to have luck follow me.  It was then when the changes within began that I realized who I was then, and who I am now.  The symbolical realities of "heaven" and "hell" are not unlike this.  Without the horrible experiences I've had I would not have learned what I have learned, and would not be the same person I am today... so I am thankful for that.  To deny a single aspect of my life would be to deny myself of my true identity.  Taking personal responsibility and accepting what God brings my way, and realizing that ALL is one, and that I am one with all, that God is one, and I am one with God... well that's just the key to everything!  Now I look back, and wonder what life that was that I used to live... it feels so foreign to me now.  Thank God!

So that is why I have so many names, and can now also understand why God has so many names.  There are different aspects of ourselves that are dealt with and used in different scenarios, for different purposes, with different people, etc. but I am still just ONE person.  To my children my name is "Mom"... to my parents my name is "daughter"... to my friends my name is "Sharon" or "Sha" or "Shasha"... to my teachers my name is "student"... to some of my Experiencer friends my name is "Star Angel"... to my husband I am "wife"... to my God I am many things... just as He/She is many things to me.  And on and on it goes.  We are all like this, no matter how many or few names we might have. 

I have a friend whose name is simply Maya.  Nothing else.  Just Maya.  How simple and less complex and easy that is!  For me, the diversity of my inner complexities sometimes scares people... and even my ex-husband, who could pick up on my thoughts would say that it was like listening to a bunch of scramble in my head.  But to me, it is always the pieces of the puzzle falling neatly into place.... like those little baby toys with all the different colored balls inside... each of the balls that are colored red are one large size, the blue balls are smaller, the greens are yet smaller, etc. All the balls start at one end, then you turn it over and all the balls fit neatly onto the platforms where they fit/land and cannot go further down.  The smallest balls fall to the lowest section where they belong (having already fallen through the larger holes above) and so the natural filter separates and distinguishes where each color and size needs to go.  Such is how my brain works!  People might look at me and just see a bunch of little colored balls of all sizes jumping around and falling all over the place in chaos, but to me they are just simply on their way to moving into order, to the places they need to go.  Then, when they have all fallen into place, they stop and are at peace because all is right again.  Then you turn it over (your worlds upside down) and start again.  Each time the balls do the same thing... it's nice we can count on that! 

So Sharon, Star Angel, etc. are all different identities all rolled into one.  They are merely different colored and sizes of these little balls which have fallen into place.  Yes, the name(s) of a person is quite important for it calls to our being, our nature, and who we are in the world, in our minds, and in the upper realms. 

May you also know who you are..... not just to others, but to yourself.

(c) Sharon Eby, Star Angel, etc. Jan 31, 2004 (revised since)

Sharon's Birth Date in Universal Harmonics

Hi Norma... I just had a thought.  Are you able to find out harmonics or numerical meanings on birth dates at all?  I'm curious, because my birth date is all divisible by 7..... that being 7/21/70 (7..7x3...7x10)... 7 is the number of completion in Biblical numerology.



Hi Sharon.
UHA uses month names rather than month number, so July = 68.  That's a 14 / 7 again for you!
68 = Planet, House  ( re your profession )
68 = Logos, Easter

89.....89 = Youth, Memory ( your childhood experience -- yes please send to me )
89 = Success, Complete
89 = August ( Bruce's birthday is August, and Cornet = 75 = Sharon - shared resonance )

1970 + 89 = 2059

20 + 59 = 79...Mother
79 is a 16 

There is so much happening now with incoming energies, body & brain changes for humanity, and personal growth / enlightenment.  Very hopeful time for us!

NOTE: Sharon was a mother at age 16

To see Sharon's Resume click here


These are personal photos taken by me or someone who was with me.  Some are of my direct family, while others are friends, colleagues, and others.  Still yet, some of the pictures below are of places I've been, including field trips, camping trips, and outings.  I hope you enjoy them! (NOTE: These pictures are older, scroll to bottom for Facebook link for updated photos)

Sharon and Bruce holding Eagle Feather at Mescalero Apache Indian Reservation, NM (2006)

Show off!

Bruce, Kira, & Jeremy, NY

Sharon, Kira, & Bruce, NY

Kids having fun!  Boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ

Having a nice dinner

RenFair3ofusTITLED.jpg (38219 bytes)

Sharon with one of her best friends, Dixie and (Dixie's) husband John

Sharon&Kids3_2004.jpg (39302 bytes)

Tyler (age 17), Sharon (33), Jeremy (9), Kira (6), Feb '04

MVC-002X.jpg (166983 bytes)

Tyler & Sharon in arriving in Las Vegas, NV (spring 2004)

KiraFaerie.jpg (68375 bytes)

The little faerie Kira happily stealing Bruce's chair!

Picture 058.jpg (59328 bytes)

Dr. Bruce Cornet, Hueco Tanks State Park (geology field trip)

Picture 046.jpg (59643 bytes)

Jeremy climbing the rocks at Hueco Tanks State Park

UntitledMA10659588-0008.jpg (50247 bytes)

Tyler's favorite thing to do - Drum!

Picture 039.jpg (69378 bytes)

Bruce & friends at Columbus, NM

Picture 040.jpg (76199 bytes)

Ted at his home - Experimental Community in NM

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meet0307.jpeg (101280 bytes)

Dr. Bruce Cornet speaking at SETI meeting 2003 - his website is www.monmouth.com/~bcornet/ 

Picture 032.jpg (316291 bytes)

Jeremy playing with Gadget (she sprouted wings! LOL)

KiraCloseup.jpg (45280 bytes)

Beautiful Kira! Ambidextrous till age 4 1/2, then she "chose" to be left-handed like her oldest brother Tyler

Picture 012.jpg (27928 bytes)

The view from our house in the desert

ThreeRiversCamp03.jpg (59404 bytes)

Kira & Sharon's mom at our campsite, Three Rivers, NM where I investigated a bigfoot report

ValleyOfFires10.jpg (88615 bytes)

Jeremy and Sharon at Valley of Fires in NM - behind us is a large pahoe hoe (ropey surfaced) type basalt flow

400YrOldJuniper.jpg (189714 bytes)

A 400 old juniper tree at Valley of Fires State Park (I took this because I love knarly old trees!)... beautiful!

WhiteSandsSharon.jpg (15869 bytes)

Sharon sliding down the dune on a sand-board at White Sands National Monument

Bruce&Sharon.jpg (54452 bytes)

Bruce and Sharon holding Gadget at White Sands

HurricaneIvanKids.jpg (86727 bytes)

My cousin's (like a sister to me) kids on a huge fallen tree toppled by hurricane Ivan '04

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KiraBDbike9.jpg (37463 bytes)

Kira learning to ride her new 7th birthday bike '04

HuecoMtns03.jpg (59573 bytes)

Bruce teaching kids about carbonate bank limestone (back reef) in Permian age rock, geology field trip, Pow Wow Canyon, Hueco Tanks Mountains, TX

borg.jpg (41233 bytes)

Borg at "Star Trek" Hilton, Las Vegas, NV in Quarks Bar & Restaurant

Klingon.jpg (18941 bytes)

Klingon at "Star Trek" Hilton, Las Vegas, NV in Quarks Bar & Restaurant

SharonFerengi1.jpg (35146 bytes)

Sharon & Ferengi at "Star Trek" Hilton, Las Vegas, NV in Quarks Bar & Restaurant

Picture 059.jpg (67453 bytes)

Anthropomorphic Dummy at Roswell UFO Museum - note the date these were used in relation to when the Roswell crash occured!

Sharon at age 3, right after her first memory (at age 2 1/2) of humanoid beings inviting her to another "place"

Christmas 2004
Bruce & Sharon with kids, Jeremy & Kira

Picture 079.jpg (63802 bytes)

Part of Derrel's display at the UFO museum

Picture 091.jpg (63174 bytes)

Jeremy & Kira with an "alien" at the Roswell UFO Museum

AlienTypes.jpg (25146 bytes)

Jeremy's toy "alien types" of beings from the gift shop

Picture 065.jpg (74300 bytes)

Kira next to the "alien stasis unit" at the UFO Museum

Picture 067.jpg (123246 bytes)

"Roswell" movie alien prop

Picture 099.jpg (130420 bytes)

Roswell UFO Researcher Dennis Balthaser and Dr. Bruce Cornet in front of "hanger 84", the site where the alleged alien body(ies) were taken after the famous UFO crash in 1947

Picture 085.jpg (121849 bytes)

Dennis' signature on the "autograph wall" of the Roswell UFO Museum

Picture 001.jpg (122402 bytes)

Tyler, Sharon, and Kira 800' underground in Carlsbad Caverns, NM

Picture 043.jpg (82873 bytes)

My favorite spot in Carlsbad Caverns, the Crystal Spring Dome where water drips below the huge active dome formation.

                  For updated pictures see Sharon Cornet's Facebook Page


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