The 1981 Wellsite Abduction

of  Bruce Cornet

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The Regression


Location: Near Skinquarter, VA, southwest of Richmond.
Operator: Cornell Oil Company out of Dallas, TX.
Prospect Generator: Geminoil, Inc. out of Houston, TX.
Bruce Cornet, President.

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From Cornet's wellsite diary:

Wednesday, September 30, 1981.
"I took pictures of Tom, Buford, and James, as well as of the rig at sunset."

Mudlogging trailer to the left, drill rig to the right. Picture taken
from the position the night crew watched the UFO and the
abduction take place. Looking northeast.
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"That evening Randy and several roughnecks reported seeing strange lights south of the rig across the field of short young trees at the edge of the forest. Randy said he saw about 2:00 am a bright light descend rapidly from the sky to the field about 1/2 mile away. From the rig floor the roughnecks could then see a cluster of 30 lights blinking on and off. The lights seemed to be hovering near tree top level or just below it. They all called this phenomenon a UFO sighting.

"The next day (Thursday, October 1, 1981) most everyone, except me, was aware of the lights and looked for them again. But this time (early Friday morning, October 2) a different sighting was observed by several. Bruce Hahn described what he saw early Friday morning: About six lights in one cluster appeared closer to the rig in the same field. Randy and James, after seeing the lights and after drinking a few beers, decided to drive closer on the dirt road passing across the drill site. No sooner had they started James' truck and driven ten feet than the lights went out. We haven't seen the lights again - at least until Friday night before I left for Atlantic City, NJ, for the East Coast Atlantic Margin Energy Conference.

"On October 1 the rig drilled from 4,207 ft. to 4,483 ft."


The events that occurred on the night of October 1-2 might have been forgotten, had Cornet not watched The Intruders on television in early 1992.  That miniseries, based on the book by Budd Hopkins and Dr. John Mack, triggered the recall of events that evening at the wellsite. Cornet could recall clearly everything but the details of his abduction, which were buried deep in his unconscious memory.  He recalled telling Rich and the mudlogging crew to wake him if the UFO returned.  He had worked all day and tried to remain awake that night, but fatigue overcame him and he went to the back of the mudlogging trailer for what he hoped would be a relaxing nap in one of the bunks. The time he got in the top bunk was about 10:30 pm.

Valerie sitting on the lower bunk at the back of the trailer.
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He soon woke in pain and hypothermic, shivering uncontrollably, and wondering why he was so cold.  Fleeting memories of what he interpreted as a nightmare left no clues as to why all his joints ached, his testicles throbbed in pain, and he felt as though he had spent the last hour in a deep freezer with no cloths on.  After putting on his boots, he stumbled to the front of the mudlogging trailer only to find no one there.

Rich and Valerie preparing drill cuttings for description.
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He opened the trailer door to find no one at or on the drilling rig.  The rig was not drilling, and the drill pipe slowly turned in neutral gear.  He then looked around the corner of the trailer and saw most of the drill crew and mudloggers huddled at the southwestern corner of the wellsite.  Lights in the sky suddenly disappeared or took off. 

When Rich and Susan got back to the trailer, Cornet asked them what they were doing out there.  Rich said they were watching the UFO.  Cornet asked Rich why he hadn't come to get him, as he had requested.  Rich said he had, but that he could not find him.  Cornet became angry and accused Rich of lying.  Susan came to Rich's defense saying that she was with him, and that I was not in the trailer.  Cornet took Rich by the hand back to the bunks and pointed to the top bunk, but Rich insisted that they looked there, and I was not in the bunk.  Susan mentioned seeing a light beam coming from the UFO to the trailer, and seeing small figures moving in the light beam.  Cornet was in so much pain and so cold that he could not even begin to imagine that he had more of a sighting than the rest of the crew.

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But it would not be until 29 May 1995 (13 years and 8 months later) that he would discover what actually happened to him that night.  He was hypnotically regressed by Fred Max, who was the first hypnotherapist to regress Betty Andreasson Luca, the subject of the books on The Watchers, by Raymond E. Fowler.

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Cornet undergoing regression, with Fred Max visible
in the mirror. The session was video recorded.
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The Regression

The regression took 70 minutes, of which the first 10 minutes involved Fred Max putting Cornet into a very relaxed state.  Based on information Cornet had given him, Max instructed him to go back in time to a specific date, and to choose how he wanted to view what he recalled - close up (as if it were happening again) or at a distance (as a remote observer).  As Cornet relived his experience, it was like watching a movie.  The numerous pauses in his description represent his concentration on what is happening, which he then explains.

Ten (10) RealAudio clips representing all but the initial procedural part are given below, each followed by a transcription, and occasionally illustrated.

FM:  =  Fred Max
BC:   =  Bruce Cornet
PC:   =  Pat Cornet

1981abduct2.rm     03:21.6

FM: You have told Rich to get you if anything occurred. Imagine yourself at that place. October 1st 1981. Imagine where you were then. And you can imagine yourself as close or as far from the situation as you like to. Sometimes we imagine as though we are there. Sometimes we imagine as though we were watching it occurring to someone else, or like on a movie. We have this ability to bring ourselves closer and further and maintain our level of comfort. Imagine yourself lying down in the top bunk. You are going there about 10:30 pm. You just told Rich to get in touch with you if something happened, and you go and lie down. As I relax you, imagine yourself being there. Imagine the feelings you had then. And as I ask you questions, you will be able to answer without affecting your trance. And when I say relax, you will allow yourself to relax and feel the feeling of your whole body, feeling a peaceful wave of relaxation. As I count from one to three, imagine yourself in that top bunk, and imagine having the feeling of being able to speak freely and answer my questions. One, two, three.

1981abduct3.rm     06:29.7

FM: What is happening?

BC: I'm trying to sleep, and I'm very very tired. I'm worried that if something happens they won't come and get me. But I fall fast asleep and somebody touches me. And I roll over thinking its Rich who has come to get me. [breathing heavily] It's not Rich. It's somebody else there. Somebody is looking at me. He's different. He's not human. His eyes. I can't stop looking at his eyes. [breathing heavily] I'm very upset.

FM: Remember, whatever did happen, did happen. You're OK. Allow yourself to receive the information without needing to invest in it.

BC: There's more than one.


BC: They're touching me. They're taking the blanket off me. A hand comes from my right, and there is something in the hand. Metallic. Sort of looks like aluminum, but darker. And it touches my forehead. I see sparks. See light. And then I feel very different. And then I see two more faces over me. They're starting to move me. I don't know how they're moving me. I think they're holding on to me. I feel them holding on to me, onto my arms.

FM: How does it feel?

BC: Tight.

FM: How tight?

BC: Like a firm grasp. It's almost uncomfortable.

FM: And the temperature of that which is touching you?

BC: Cool. Cooler than my body temperature.

FM: A lot or a little?

BC: A lot. It's soft though.

FM: Like?

BC: Silk.

1981abduct4.rm     06:00.9

BC: And it's, it wraps all around my arm, the fingers. His hand on my upper right arm and a hand on my upper left arm.

FM: From the same source?

BC: No. The one on my right is holding me with his right arm, right hand. The one on the left is holding me with his left hand. And the one over me is, has... I think he has his hands on my hips. I'm not sure. But he's in that position. I can't feel very much there. I can't feel as much as I've felt before. I feel tingly all over.

FM: Are your eyes... Are you seeing them?

BC: Yes. But they're dark. It's dark there. It's very dark, so dark they... almost shadows, like ghosts, but their eyes are so black, they're blacker than the darkness.

FM: And what are they wearing?

BC: I can't tell. I can only see their heads. They're starting to move me. I feel as if I'm floating. I don't understand. I don't understand what's going on. But they do not look frightening.

FM: They your... While you are floating, are they still grasping you?

BC: Yes.

FM: So you're all floating together?

BC: Yes.

FM: How may of you are there?

BC: Four.

FM: At what speed?

BC: We're starting to move. Oh my God! They're moving me through the glass in the window. Oh, that's so weird. [breathing heavily] They tell me not to be afraid. I see them coming through the glass with me. [deep breath] I see the glass passing through my body, and I don't feel anything. I think I should be cut by the glass, but I don't feel anything.

FM: What gender are they?

BC: The one who looked into my eyes first, he's on my left, holding my left arm. I sense that he's a male. The one to my right, holding my right arm, I sense that she's a female. The one over me and now he has his right arm on my right leg, upper thigh. He's a male too.

1981abduct5.rm     06:09.6

BC: And we're floating past the trailer. We're starting to rise up, and there's this light. There's this strange light. It's getting brighter and brighter, and I'm looking around as best as I can. I can see the trailer disappear below me, and then the drilling rig moving off into the distance. But they don't feel real. There's something... [deep breath] I don't feel like this is happening. I don't understand. The one on the right, she comes over and looks into my eyes, and I feel a sense of love and peace. And I feel that we're floating upwards. We're going closer to this light. I'm having a hard time seeing, because I'm looking up at the stars, and there's this light bouncing off of them now. [deep breath]

FM: Where are you now?

BC: [heavy breathing] I feel I'm inside a room. It's no longer dark outside. It's light all around me. There are these... There are more of these beings walking around. [deep breath] They have me on some sort of a table that's moving. I'm moving down this hall and they're walking next to me. I'm trying to look at their faces. Now in the light they're so pale. They almost look like ghosts they're so pale, almost white. They're all small, with big heads. Small spindly bodies. I see one now. He's doing something. He's doing something with some tools or instruments. I feel I am on a table. I'm trying to ascertain if I'm awake or not. There is another one who looks into my eyes, and he's calming me down. Strange eyes. [deep breath] And they're taking my clothes off. I feel them taking my clothes off.

wrinkle3.jpg (35240 bytes)

1981abduct6.rm     06:56.6

BC: And the table is cold. And there're some more. They come over on my right side. This one standing next to my head, looking at me. He leans over me and then he stands up. And there's another one next to him, to his right, and he, he is doing something, waiting for them, the one on my left who is bringing over some instruments. The one who looks into my eyes keeps on telling me not to be afraid.

FM: With what attitude is that said?

BC: With a lovingness, it's a... it's like he knows who I am.

FM: OK. What are they doing? What is happening?

BC: I, I'm seeing more of the room now. And I see them moving around, and doing, moving very quickly. And I don't know what they're doing, because I can't see what they are doing. I can only see where they are relative to my body. I feel them touching me on my abdomen and around my genitals. And they are doing something there. And the one with the instruments, he comes between my legs, and he is doing something there. And I begin to feel some pain. And the one to my right, looks into my eyes, and the pain starts going away, but I can still feel it. I'm seeing this in a detached way right now. I feel like its happening with me, but I'm like more of an observer. I'm, I don't remember seeing these beings before. They're different from what I've seen before.

FM: Recently before?

BC: Yes.

FM: Describe who you're with now.

BC: I'm still with the one on my right. He's been there all the time. He wants to make sure I'm comfortable and not in pain. I'm surprised by the way they look. They don't look like [breathing heavily] what I thought they look like. They look more wrinkles on their foreheads. And their eyes are not as big as the typical ones I've seen before. And they all have... Their color is all the same, as if they're not wearing any clothing. They're all this chalkey white. They're so strange looking.

1981abduct7.rm     06:04.2

BC: And I feel them stimulating me. I'm having an orgasm.

FM: Does it feel good?

BC: Yes, at first it feels good, but they keep on making me have an orgasm, and it gets more and more painful. I can't stop, and I start crying out, "Stop!" And the one next to me looks into my eyes. [deep breath] I don't like him looking into my eyes. [deep breath]

FM: What are you reacting to?

BC: He's right on top of me now. He's right over me, almost like he's climbing on top of me. And he has his head right on top of mine, and he's looking straight down into me.

FM: You know for sure it's a he?

BC: Yes.

FM: How?

BC: I have a very strong negative reaction to him. I feel repulsed by him. I felt very warm and close to the woman. And she's down by my leg.

FM: Is she communicating with you?

BC: She's telling me how good it feels.

FM: How good what feels?

BC: The orgasm.

FM: Is she involved in this with you?

BC: I can't see. I feeling this pressure on me down there. I can't tell for sure, but she is telling me how good it feels and to continue. I don't think she is having intercourse with me. I think she wants me to want to cum more.

FM: How is your sperm being collected.

BC: There's this tube that comes over my thigh and goes to the, something on the right. I can feel her hand on my penis. They're collecting so much. [deep breath] Finally it's over. I'm so releaved. Now they're shining something in my eyes.

FM: Are you being held down?

BC: I can't move.

FM: Do you know why or how?

BC: I don't know.

1981abduct8.rm     07:07.6

BC: When one climbed on top of me, he had his hands on my arms as if he was trying to hold me down.

FM: What's the ambient temperature in relation to what you'd expect?

BC: I feel cold. I feel the warmth of the lights from above, but I still feel cold.

FM: Is there still someone on top of you?

BC: No. It's over.

FM: What were they doing on top of you?

BC: Holding me down, and looking into my eyes. I think I tried to resist. I wanted them to stop. It was hurting so much. They... I felt something being put inside my scrotum. I felt them push it through the skin. And the one on the right, he came over and looked at me. He said this will help you have a normal ejaculation.

FM: You normally had had normally ejaculations, right?

BC: No.

FM: Oh, OK.

BC: It was very difficult for me to have a normal ejaculation. And it was usually somewhat painful. And I'd always thought I was sterile [ever since a serious accident at age 12 that put me on the operating table for five hours, and which caused one of my testicles to atrophe]. The pain in my scrotum is going away, although my testicles ache, more than they've ever ached before.

FM: Do they talk with each other?

BC: I don't hear any sounds.

FM: Is there a leader among them.

BC: The one who had the instruments. They are all more similar.

FM: More similar than?

BC: Than the small Greys I've seen before, and the tall Greys. They're different. They're all sort of alike [as in clones]. The only distinction is that one of them is talking to the others. He stays on my left side, and the others are on the right side of me and watching him. And I know he is communicating with them.

1981abduct9.rm     07:14.8

BC: The only one that I can hear in my head is the one who looks over me.

FM: Does he have an accent?

BC: NO. He doesn't say much. I'd ask him and he doesn't answer. He just tells me to, "Calm down. Everything is going to be alright. It will be over soon." And he looks into my eyes. And I feel him controlling me. I feel my fear and pain go away when he does. But the pain comes back soon after he stops.

FM: What does he do to alleviate your pain?

BC: He looks into my eyes. His skin is so wrinkled. And I feel peace, a sense of pleasure and peace take over my body. I feel like I'm inside his head. I don't feel like I'm experiencing what I was experiencing in my body.

FM: And what happens next?

BC: They tell me to get up off the table, and I was standing there. And they tell me to put my clothes back on. And I, they move.  The table, it... They can move it. And they put it over on the side of the room, and one of them helps me get dressed. It's the woman. I feel very comfortable with her, but I don't feel comfortable with the others.

FM: Why do you feel comfortable with her?

BC: Because she likes me, and the others... I feel this... It's like an anger, but not like an anger. It's that kind of a feeling when you know when somebody doesn't want to be close to you, but the woman wants to be close to me.

FM: Do you know her?

BC: She seems familiar, but I can't be sure where I've seen her before.

FM: Does anyone else there seem familiar?

BC: One of the other males. I may have been with him before, but I can't be sure.

1981abduct10.rm   07:46.5

BC: What made me feel so uncomfortable being on that table was that I did not recognize the doctor who did the operation, and the one who bent over me, I'm seeing him again. He's very methodical, not like he cares about me. Then they take me down this hall. I'm walking with them. And when we get to this room, they tell me this is where they're going to take me back, and this time only two of them hold onto me. And they touch my forehead again with that metal rod, and then there's this bright light and we're floating down. I feel us floating down. And I see the trailer coming closer and closer. And the one on my right who is the one who leaned over me, he tells me not to be afraid as they pass me through the window again. And I don't like that. And we're on top of the bunk again. And I feel me dropping down into the bunk. And they do something. The one on the right does something. And I feel I'm no longer paralyzed. But then I begin to feel my pain, and I start tossing and turning. And I'm very cold. I pull the blanket up over me, but it does no good. I'm shivering. I'm shaking. I curl up in a fetal position, and I get very angry that I can't get back to sleep. And I'm angry that I had these nightmares, and I get out of bed and put on my boots, and I walk to the front of the trailer. And I want to know what's going on. I want someone to tell me why it's so cold, and nobody's there. And I'm upset that nobody's there. And my testicles ache. They ache very badly, and I don't know why. And I open up the door and look out, and I look at the drilling rig and drilling platform, and there's nobody on the platform. I want to know why. I look around to the side, and I see everybody clustered together out there, like in a huddle, looking out into the field. And I see some lights move away. And then they turn and start walking back towards me.

1981abduct11.rm   08:08.6

BC: And I wait for them to get back. I'm so cold. I'm so cold I feel pain it's so cold. And Rich comes in and Susan is behind, and I ask Rich what was going on, and he says that we were out looking at the, watching the UFO. And I say, "Why didn't you come and get me. I told you to come and get me if the UFO came back." And he says, "We did, but you weren't there." I said, "What do you mean I wasn't there. I was in the bunk back there. Did you look in the bunk?" And he said, "Yes." I said, "You couldn't have. You must be lying." And he says, "I'm not lying." And Susan says, "You weren't there!" And I take his hand and I march him back, and I show him the bunk, and he... And I said I was in this bunk, and he says, "No, you were not there. We looked in that bunk." And I looked at him, and I was in too much pain and shivering too much to argue. So I let him go, and he goes out into the front of the trailer again, and I follow him. I feel like I have to walk off the pain. And I'm so upset that I go and get into my car and drive back to the motel. And I go to sleep. By the time I get back to the motel I'm no longer cold and the pain in my testicles has gone away.

FM: Relax. Deeply relax. Allowing nice peaceful feeling to come over you. In a few minutes you will awaken. We'll talk a bit and then you'll relax again. Ah, open now until I say relax, and that way when I do you will emagine yourself even more relaxed than you are now. And for now imagine nice gentle feeling of wakefulness coming over you. You will feel a lightness in your arms, your legs, your hands, your feet. A gentle feeling of peace. A smile coming over your body, over your face. Your breathing returning to normal. A feeling of well being. A piece of the puzzle closer to being solved. You have more of a feeling of peace coming over you. Feeling wide awake, and a very very good mood.

Cornet returns to normal consciousness.

BC: Will somebody touch my hands please? Are they cold?

PC: Yes. They are cold. [A blanket was put over me because of my depressed body temperature.]

BC: They're cold like they were that night. All the time I was imagining this in my recollection, trying to see more of what I was experiencing, I could... It was like seeing through the bottom of a coke glass.  It was like, I could see clearly things I was focussed on, but everything around it was blurred. And I would change my focus, and I'd look at something else, and it was in focus, but what was in focus before was blurred. Is that normal? It wasn't like it was like now. Everything is clear and in focus. Even without my glasses, I can see everything in the room, even though everything is blurred except things close up. But what I was seeing was things coming into my vision and moving out of my vision.

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