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The Trailer Abduction

    Just west of Richmond, Virginia, Dr. Bruce Cornet was abducted by non-humans (Wrinkled-brow aliens) from this mudlogging trailer (above) in the early morning hours of 1-2 October 1981 in front of his stunned drill crew as a saucer-shaped craft with multicolored lights hovered over the recently logged field to the upper left of this photograph (not shown); he was found missing by his mudloggers after they saw small figures transporting a body in a beam of light, which descend from the craft to the bunks at the back of the mudlogging trailer (upper right in the photograph). Dr. Cornet did not fully recover the details of what happened to him until he was regressed hypnotically on 29 May 1995 (See Fred Max's videotape of Cornet's regression). During regression he re-experienced the pain and trauma of the abduction, which left physical injuries and caused him to become hypothermic again in the hypnotists office. After Dr. Cornet was returned to his bunk, he got up and hobbled in great pain and shivering into the working area of the mudlogging trailer, only to find no one there. He opened the door to the trailer to see if his mudloggers were outside, but was shocked to see no one at the drilling rig. He looked around the corner of the trailer to see his whole drill crew huddled next to the field looking up into the night sky. When the mudloggers returned, he asked them what they were doing. Rich said they were watching the UFO. Cornet asked Rich why he hadn't gotten him out of bed, and he said he came looking for Cornet but could not find him anywhere in the trailer. Cornet saw some lights in the sky take off when looked around the corner of the trailer.  Rich said the UFO had just left. The mudloggers then related to Dr. Cornet what they saw, but Cornet could not believe them. After the incident no one talked about what they had seen. Everyone, it seemed, who witnessed this horrific event preferred denial to the truth.