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Web Changes and News

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

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SOW News

Special Journal Covers and Newspaper Articles

Contributions by Volume on BUFOD [U.K] website

Media Coverage for Sirius Onion Works

Science News


Old News

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New web pages were added in 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, and . Did Cornet capture conventional laser technology being used by an AOP? Check out The Laser Beam AOP Encounter.   In 1981 Cornet was abducted in front of his drill crew at night - mass witnesses to him being taken to a disc-shaped craft hovering next to the wellsite, missing, and then ending up returned. Check out The 1981 Wellsite Abduction.  In 1992 he was shot with a magnetic beam device and implanted with a tracking device.  Check out Shot, Implanted, and Tracked by Aliens?  His last encounter with the Manta Ray was in August 2003 near Millbrook, NY.  Check out Manta Ray Visits Millbrook, NY.  In 1992 Cornet and his wife were abducted on top of Massanutten Mountain in Virginia, a ski resort.  Check out the physical evidence at UFO Encounter and Abduction on Massanutten Mountain, VA.

Published in

2000 http://www.sunstar-solutions.com/AOP/LaserBeam/laser_beam.htm

2001 http://www.sunstar-solutions.com/AOP/Abduction/abduct.htm

2003 http://www.sunstar-solutions.com/AOP/Millbrook/Millbrook.htm

2004 http://www.sunstar-solutions.com/AOP/Implanted/Implanted.htm

2008 http://www.sunstar-solutions.com/AOP/Massanutten/Massanutten.htm

Eleven new web pages were added during 1999, along with a table listing the dates of sightings (with links) for the Manta Ray.  See The Ascent, Another Performance, Weird Sound, Light Show, Snaking Manta, Swamp Gas, Westchester Wing Sightings, August 1992 mini-Flap, The Experiment, The Martin Story, ETI Communication, Jibe Not, and It's Happening Again!  All totalled, there are 14 web pages devoted to the Manta Ray or Westchester Wing, which was documented in Night Siege (1987) on thousands of Hudson Valley sightings during the mid-1980's.

The Manta Ray, a term given by Cornet to the Pine Bush diamond-shaped AOP, is illustrated in Hynek et al.'s book Night Siege. It was documented on video and film numerous times by Cornet and Crystall between 1992 and 1997.   Some of the earliest performances were spectacular in what they revealed.  Two web pages have been dedicated to this AOP.  They both include animated gifs created from video frames of the 4 September 1992 and the 29 April 1993 sightings.  If you are interested, go to The Manta Ray and Cemetery Sighting.

Have you ever been followed home by a Boeing 707?  This is not a trick question.  It did happen.  So what's wrong with this picture?  If you want to know, read about Special Agent 707.

Have you ever looked up as a jetliner flew low overhead and wondered if the pilot was in trouble? Did you then watch in horror as the aircraft seemed to bank left and right out of control, and then dive into the ground? I did. I caught it on film.  But it wasn't a conventional aircraft, and it didn't explode on impact.   So what was it?  Go to The Illusion if you want to see an FT in action, and learn the fine distinction between deception and illusion.

FT probe caught on video over ocean at Sea Bright, NJ, producing The signal by its red and white lights. These data may provide the first optical evidence for ETI communication capability, content, context, and format.

Seventy-two mile Escort with communication by two AOP along the Garden State Parkway between Atlantic City and Red Bank, NJ,  in 1994, with two pictures showing the multicolored lights of the smaller object or craft.

To read about Dr. Cornet's most traumatic encounter experience in 1981, see the Mudlogging trailer, or the detailed transcript of his hypnotic regression (videotaped) for that experience.

Sirius Onion Works Establishes a New Internet Location.

See Volumes I to IV for more information at Ben Field's BUFOD website.

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Special Journal Covers and Newspaper Articles

Asbury Park Press (NJ), 15 April 1998

Hudson Valley magazine (NY), October 1997

Encounters, Special Alien Issue1 (UK), 1 October 1995

Herald Record (Middletown, NY), Sunday Magazine, 3 January 1993

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Contributions by Volume

Volume I, UFO Activity within Orange County, New York

Volume II, The Cydonia II Report,   the Face-Lift

Volume III, A Continuing History of Sightings of Triangular-shaped Craft in the Wallkill River Valley of New York State

Volume IV, The Performance

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Media Coverage for Sirius Onion Works

All media coverage listed here is for Dr. Bruce Cornet.

Magazine and Journal Articles

Herald Record (Middletown, NY), Sunday Magazine, 3 January 1993: Close Encounters, True Believers, story by Stephen Israel about Ellen Crystall and Bruce Cornet, p. 3, 8-9.

UFO Magazine, March/April 1995: Long Saga on Lunar Anomalies by Don Ecker, on Cornet's analysis of lunar anomalies identified by Richard Hoagland.

Encounters, Special Alien Issue1, 1 October 1995: Telepathy, Abduction, Aliens and a scientist!, 9 page interview with Bruce Cornet by space-age reporter Neil Armstrong.

Reprinted in Alien Encounters, Spring issue 1996.

Unexplained Universe, Vol. 2, No. 1, 1996: Unlocking the Secrets of the "Phantom" Lunar Cities, story by John Chambers based on talk: Newly discovered Moon structures, presented at Project Awareness in Tampa, FL , May 1995.

Sciences Avenir, Juillet 1997, p. 79: OVNI connection, PlanetCyber (an image from and a paragraph about my web page - one of seven selected web sites).

Orbit, Cyberspace magazine, September 1997 (Kent Steadman, ed.): Earth Signals, UFO Phi Soundwave, and The Pine Bush Manta, by Dr. Bruce Cornet.

Hudson Valley magazine, October 1997, Vol. XXVI, No. 6, p. 22-29: Strangeness in the Night, A close Encounter with the mystifying world of UFO investigators, by Lynn Hazlewood (Editor-in-Chief), with one page on Bruce Cornet’s Pine Bush research. Cover picture shows Bruce Cornet, Barbara Hartewell, and Dawn Lay standing in a field at sunset with the Shawangunk Mountain in the background, entitled: UFO! Exploring the Pine Bush Phenomenon.

The TIMES ...at the jersey shore, 26 March 1998, Vol. CXXII No. 13: Interesting Happenings in Your Own Backyard..., front page story by Tom Manni.

The TIMES ...at the jersey shore, 2 April 1998, Vol. CXXII No. 14: Part Two: Interesting Happenings, by Tom Manni, p. 7.

Asbury Park Press, Section B, Coastal Monmouth, 15 April 1998: UFOs lift scientist to career high, front section story by Steve Giegerich. Column entirely about Dr. Bruce Cornet’s research.

Alternate Perceptions, Spring 1998, Issue # 42, 9-12: MUFON investigates Pine Bush anomalies, by Stephen Tzikas.

Alternate Perceptions, Spring 1998, Issue # 42, 12: Pine Bush Area Photos, by Dr. Bruce Cornet.

Alternate Perceptions, July 2007, Issue # 114: The Incredible World of Dr. Bruce Cornet, by Alexander Zikas, MS Chemical Engineering, Researcher and Founding Member, www.PhilosophersAssembly.com

Television Appearances

Intergalactic Television Network (cable TV), hosted by Kenny LLoyd: Taped January 1993; aired April-May 1993, Three part series on Pine Bush UFOs.

Sightings (Fox 5): April 28-29, 1994; aired 21 May 1994.

The UFO, Japanese film production: May 9-10, 1994.

Encounters (Fox 5): 22-23 June, 1994; aired 22 July 1994.

Investigation UFO (cable TV), hosted by George Filer: 11 October 1994, Pine Bush UFOs and Moon structures.

Investigation UFO (cable TV), hosted by George Filer: 27 December 1995, Pine Bush UFOs.

Barbara Hartwell Show (cable TV): June-July 1995, Two part series on Pine Bush UFOs.

Roxanne Carol Show (for TV networks): taped 21 May 1995, interview on Moon structures.

Is There Anybody Out There? (for Discovery channel; Producer: Rory Millikin); taped on 23 September and 8-9 October 1995, about my personal abduction experiences and UFO sightings with my wife.

Pilot for UFO/Abductee documentary and television series: We’re Not Alone (NVI; Producer: John Topol; Director: Roberto Mitrotti); taped on 4 March 1996; 14 and 21 October 1996, about my personal abduction/contact experiences and implants with re-enactments (7 minutes on pilot).

Strange Universe: 28 August 1997, Hudson Valley and Pine Bush sightings.

Alien Agenda: 14 February 1998, Staten Island Community Television, with Host Vic Panzella Jr., Sargel 18 (Bryan Williams), Lisa D’Alessio, Tommy Hawksblood (Thomas Sinisi), Dr. Bruce Cornet, and Sylvia Mok.

UFO Vortexes (UFO Hunters): 26 March 2008, near Pine Bush, NY, focus on unusual photographs taken on 28-29 April 1993.
http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread331889/pg1 and http://www.unifiedworlds.com/powerpoint/Underground_files/frame.htm.

Radio Talk Show Appearances

Encounters with Lee Clinton: 19 June 1994, Moon structures.

Laura Lee show: 8 July 1994, Moon structures.

Hieronomus show: 21 July 1994, Moon structures.

Don Ecker show: 31 July 1994, Moon structures.

Don Ecker show: 15 October 1994, Moon structures.

Laura Lee show: 17 October 1994, Moon structures.

Laura Lee show: 12 November 1994, Pine Bush UFOs.

Encounters with Lee Clinton: 20 November 1994, Moon structures.

Laura Lee show: 1 December 1994, Pine Bush UFOs.

Hieronomus show: 11 May 1997, Pine Bush UFOs.

KUKI Radio, Mendaceno, CA, 12 February 1998, on Pine Bush UFOs with Host Greg Gilbert.

Sightings on the Radio, 29-30 April 1998, Cydonia - a New Perspective with Host Jeff Rense.

X-Zone on the Radio, 29 August 1998, Pine Bush with Rob McConnell.

X-Zone on the Radio, 22 November 1998, more on Pine Bush with Rob McConnell.

The Mike Jarmus Program, Reality and Beyond, 10:00 pm EST to Midnight, 17 January 1999, Pine Bush phenomenon with Host Mike Jarmus, on the Internet at http://www.njpeople.com/mike/right.html or at WWCR 5.070 Mhz Short-Wave. PO Box 722 Holmdel, NJ 07733-0722 USA.

X-Zone on the Radio, 7 March 1999, with Rob McConnell regarding Dr. Cornet's 12 August 1997 video of missile barely missing a jetliner on approach to Kennedy airport, on the Internet at http://www.610cktb.com/X-Zone/.

Strange Daze, on Liberty Works Radio Network, Midnight to 3:00 am, 26 March 1999, Pine Bush anomalies and abduction experiences with Host Don Ecker, on the Internet at http://strangedazeradio.com/.

The Mike Jarmus Program, Reality and Beyond, 10:00 pm EST to Midnight, 25 April 1999, more on the Pine Bush phenomenon with Host Mike Jarmus, on the Internet at http://www.njpeople.com/mike/right.html.

Reverse Speech Radio Show, 11:30 pm EST to 1:00 am, 19 June 1999, the Orb phenomenon and SETV with Host David Oates at http://www.davidoates.com/.

The Paul Garson Show, 6:00 pm PST to 9:00 pm, 25 August 1999, the SETV project, its objectives and goals, on the Internet at http://www.cyberradiotv.com/.

The Larry Hughes Show on News Talk Thirteen (1390) in Poughkeepsie, NY, 9:00 am EST to 9:28 am, 28 December 1999, on the Pine Bush Phenomenon and AOPs (914-471-1500).

The Mitch Battros Earth Changes program, 10 March 2000, 7:30 pm EST to 8:00 pm, on climatic cycles in geologic history, and climatic change in our future, archived at http://www.earthchangestv.com/.

The Bob Hieronimus Show, on 21st Century Radio (Liberty Works Radio Network), 9 April 2000, 7:00 pm EST to 9:00 pm, on climatic cycles, CMEs and Fatima prophecy, and Pine Bush AOP, at http://21stcenturyradio.com/UPG-drbob.html, and archived at http://www.libertyworksradio.com/.

The Bob Hieronimus Show, on 21st Century Radio (Liberty Works Radio Network), 11 April 2000, 10:00 pm EST to 12:00 Midnight, on CMEs and Fatima prophecy, Pine Bush AOP, and personal experiences, at http://21stcenturyradio.com/UPG-drbob.html, and archived at http://www.libertyworksradio.com/.

The Mitch Battros Earth Changes program, 21 February 2002, 6:50 pm to7:00 pm EST, on climatic cycles in geologic history, Olsen and Kent recent publications, and climatic change in our future, archived at http://www.earthchangestv.com/.

Jerry Pippin, The Jerry Pippin show, OK, Oklahoma, 3 May 2002, 11:00 pm to 12:00 Midnight EST, on AOP research, SETV, and Pine Bush, at http://www.jerry pippin.com/; Cornet archived at http://www.jerrypippin.com/UFO_Files_bruce_cornet.htm.

Jack Landman, JMAN5 show, San Antonio, TX, 28-29 July 2002, 11:06 pm to 12:57 am EST, on Investigating the Flying Triangle, Pine Bush, and SETV, Part I archived at http://www.jman5.com/cybercity/brucecornet.htm.

Jack Landman, JMAN5 show, San Antonio, TX, 25-26 August 2002, 11:06 pm to 12:57 am EST, on Investigating the Flying Triangle, Pine Bush, and SETV, Part II and Detail on 1981 Wellsite Incident archived at http://www.jman5.com/cybercity/brucecornet.htm.

The Mitch Battros Earth Changes program, 12 August 2003, 10:00 pm to11:00 pm EST, on Supervolcanoes and Megatsunamis, and climatic change in our future, archived at http://www.earthchangestv.com/.

Jack Landman, JMAN5 show (From The Fringe, Successor to Cybercity), San Antonio, TX, 30 August 2003, 9:06 pm to 10:57 pm EST, on Scientific Investigation of AOP and SETV, at http://www.jman5.com/html/index_original.html.

Cosmo, the Cosmic Connector (Ted Rice), Cosmic Connection show (Reno, Nevada), 1-2 September 2003, 12:00 Midnight to 12:45 am EST, on The 20 August 2003 Sighting and Video of the Manta Ray and Its History, at http://www.extranettv.com/shows/cc/index.html# (http://tvufo.tripod.com/).

The Mitch Battros Earth Changes program, 9 September  2003, 10:00 pm to11:00 pm EST, on the Yellowstone Supervolcano, archived at http://www.earthchangestv.com/.

Coast to Coast, 17 September 2003, 12:00 Midnight to 1:00 am EST, on the potential dangers of the Yellowstone Supervolcano. http://www.coasttocoastam.com/shows/2003/09/16.html

Sightings on the Radio, 22 September 2003, 11:00 pm to 12:00 Midnight EST, on the Yellowstone Supervolcano - too much over-reaction, with Host Jeff Rense. http://www.rense.com/

The 'X' Zone Radio Show, 17 June 2005, 10:00 pm to 11:00 pm EST, UFOs and Extraterrestrials, with Rob McConnell. http://www.xzone-radio.com/

The 'X' Zone Radio Show, 23 November 2005, 10:00 pm to 11:00 pm EST, on my UFO research, with Rob McConnell. http://www.xzone-radio.com/

The 'X' Zone Radio Show, 5 February 2008, 11:00 pm to 12:00 am EST, on UBO near Pine Bush, with Rob McConnell. http://www.xzone-radio.com/

The 'X' Zone Radio Show, 30 July 2008, 1:10 pm to 11:00 am EST; 2:11 pm to 12:00 am EST, on UBO near Pine Bush, with Rob McConnell. http://www.xzone-radio.com/

The AARF Show (Bigfoot Radio & other paranormal mysteries), 20 March 2008, 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm MST, on Pine Bush UFOs, with Robert W. Morgan and Richard Van Dyke. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theaarfshow

Speaker at Professional Conferences

UFO Conference East, NYC, 20 November 1993: Pine Bush UFOs, lecture and workshop.

Cody Conference, Cody, WO: Mars / Moon Forum, 14-18 September 1994; gave three talks on Moon structures.

Omega Conference, North Haven, CT: The UFO Experience, 9 October 1994, Ellen Crystall and Bruce Cornet, Revelations about UFOs at Pine Bush, NY.

Tomorrowland Press Conferences and UFO panels, Walt Disney World, FL: 28 January - 3 February 1995, headed by Don Ecker.

Ozark UFO Conference, Eureka Springs, AR: 8 April 1995, Spaceship Moon: Extraordinary new evidence of the artificial nature of the Moon; Pine Bush UFOs: An insider's view of alien technology never before revealed to mankind.

Project Awareness, Tampa, FL: 19-21 May 1995, Newly discovered Moon structures, 2 1/2 hrs. Special Event.

Capstone House, Inc., Northwest Florida's Inspirational Learning Center, Sixth Anniversary Speakers: 14 October 1995, (1) What NASA hasn't told us: Enormous artificial structures above and below the surface of the Moon, and (2) The Mars/Earth connection: Cydonia II on Earth and its relationship to the Hudson Valley/Pine Bush, NY, anomalous aerial object sightings. Back to back speaker with Wendelle C. Stevens.

The 7th Great UFO/ET Alien & Abduction Congress, 20 April, 1996, Bordentown, NJ, Artificial Structures on the Moon, 2 1/2 hrs.

Press Conference held by Michael Luckman at the St. Merits Hotel, NYC, 12 August 1996. I spoke about my discovery of Cydonia II on Earth in light of NASA's announcement of its discovery of fossil bacteria in an supposed martian meteorite found on Earth.

United Friends Observer Society (UFOS), monthly meeting in Pine Bush, NY, 4 July 1997, invited speaker: Transient Luminescent Phenomenon in the Pine Bush Area, 2 hrs.

The First Skywatch Internation UFO Conference, Phoenix, AZ: 16 November 1997, Black Triangles over Pine Bush, 1 1/2 hrs.

Exploring the Unexplained: Paranormal phenomena, Mohonk Mt. House, 24 January 1998, Transient Luminescent Phenomena, skyglyphs and their Sirius mythological message, 1 hr.


Fossil Spores, Pollen, and Fishes from Connecticut Indicate
Early Jurassic Age for Part of the Newark Group

by Bruce Cornet, Alfred Traverse, and Nicholas G. McDonald

This is the paper published in Science magazine in 1973 that radically changed the views of geologists and paleontologists regarding the presence of extensive Early Jurassic age deposits along the East Coast (and on the offshore Continental Shelf) of North America, deposits that had been erroneously dated as Late Triassic for more than a Century.


A dilemma for angiosperm paleobotanists: Could the reason for a delayed radiation of angiosperms until the Cretaceous be linked to competition with flower-bearing conifers?



by Bruce Cornet and Nicholas G. McDonald

First presented at GSA Convention in Cromwell, CT, on 21 March 1995.


Is Biological Evolution molded by a template defined by physical environment?

by Bruce Cornet

In quest of the reason why Darwin avoided using the word "Evolution".



Table of Contents for AOP

Mimicry may be the Objective of ETI Triangular and Diamond-shaped Probes

new video of Manta Ray recorded on 4 May 2000

usflag.gif (33183 bytes)


Evidence For An Underground Magnetic Focusing System

A triangular robotic probe came to Earth 430 million years ago. It landed on a granite island in the middle of a shallow Ordovician sea teaming with primitive life. Through subsidence it became submerged and entombed in marine black shale. Through erosion and glaciation, it is now only seven feet below the surface. It is actively sending out signals into space.


Is Biological Evolution molded by a template defined by physical environment?

In quest of the reason why Darwin avoided using the word "Evolution".



Aquarid Meteorite


by Robert Morningstar


by Bruce Maccabee

A Critical Analysis of the Orb Phenomenon

commonly captured on digital images

"A considerable "orb lore" has developed over the last few years about the nature of these strange orb images, with some people attributing them to "creatures" or intelligent entities from some other reality that are penetrating our reality."

hval3.gif (19623 bytes)

Lauri Enterprises Video Productions
Presents actual witness cancorder footage, eyewitness accounts, and expert testimony about these strange and unexplained UFO sightings just one hour north of New York City. Contains interviews with Dr. Bruce Cornet, Phil Imbrogno, and Scott Carr.

Cornet Answers The Skeptics
The Landings

Three different types of AOP, three fly-overs, and three "landings" over Lake Osiris in the countryside, all caught on video on 25 January 1997.

Estimate of the Situation 2000: The Black Triangles

by Harv Howard
(c) 2000


The Pine Bush Phenomenon is not dead.  It was just dormant.  On 18 December 1999 Cornet captured on video a mind-bending performance by what may have been the Manta Ray just as he and a friend were leaving the Wallkill River Valley after a day of sight seeing.

It's Happening Again!


new.gif (1401 bytes)   The World of kt Frankovich and The Lime Grove Encounter. Her story of meeting a non-human entity carrying its pet in the daytime while she was in full consciousness is not only unique but quite convincing, given her background in studying and filming animal behavior. Awards include: The Gold Venus award at the Virgin Islands International film fest presented by director and founder Hunter Todd, and the Golden Horn of Plenty presented by actor Peter Graves; National Writer's Association, Poetry Award 1998; Michael King's Jabberwocky Poetry Competition 1998; and much more.

Where Heavens Meet






Where Heavens Meet chronicles the remarkable true story of k.t. Frankovich in her unique, phonetic, 'suthern' voice. From her extraordinary childhood and adult paranormal experiences, to achieving the coveted Gold Venus Award for screenwriting, k.t. is a phoenix twice risen: Once, surviving homelessness and poverty, crippled and wheelchair-bound on the streets of Miami with her 13-year-old son, and again, surviving Hurricane Andrew in South Dade, Florida. k.t combines her paranormal, extraterrestrial, and human experiences to reveal what the general public does not and should not know.

Order Now

"Where Heavens Meet"
ISBN  #1-894368-17-7
by k.t. Frankovich makes its debut
at the Project Awareness Convention
Clearwater, Florida November 1999

Cover art by Freydoon Rassouli
Inside illustrations by Rick Smith


Google.com search results: Where Heavens Meet.


The Passion of Bonnie

Her life was both extraordinary and tragic, but the ending to this true love story provides hope for all of us. Her story is on par with what k.t. Frankovich suffered and endured in her lifetime (Where Heavens Meet).   Understanding is provided to the question: Why must we suffer for God?

Evidence for telepathy, life after death, video images of her spirit over grave, and a huge disc-shaped object embedded in clouds overhead. Bonnie even coached Debra Winger for the movie Terms of Endearment.

logo.gif (9856 bytes)

The man who designed the Testors Roswell craft.

mcdonals.jpg (13175 bytes)


Dr. Bruce Cornet Calls It Quits, Leaves UFOlogy...07/02/99

On the Mitch Battros Earth Changes TV website he officially states his desire to return to hard science for answers, because UFOlogy has failed to make any significant progress during his seven years of involvement (1992-1999). 

See also The Face-Lift statement.

Stardnce.gif (8083 bytes)  Sam Sherman does it again!  He's back with the evidence that just won't quit.  Here is Proof that the government takes UFOs seriously.  You can listen to conversations between pilots giving chase and A.F. traffic controllers. Imagine, the U.S. Air Force even had an official UfO Officer.  The tape is now available at:

title.gif (6798 bytes)

Dr. Bruce Cornet was interviewed by David Oates on his Reverse Speech radio show on 19 June 1999 from 11:30 pm to 1:00 am. The topics were the Orb Phenomenon and SETV.

David Oates On the AIR         INTERACTIVE RADIO™

David Oates On the AIR



jarmus6.jpg (10546 bytes)

The Mike Jarmus Program is leaving the air!

The Mike Jarmus Program, Reality and Beyond,

Dr. Bruce Cornet was interviewed on the Mike Jarmus radio talk show on 17 January 1999, and again on 25 April. Go to the Archives at http://www.njpeople.com/mike/indexmj.html

Dr. Bruce Cornet was interviewed by Don Ecker  on his new radio show, Strange Daze, Thursday 12:00 Midnight to 3:00 am Friday, 25-26 March 1999.  The show was carried on the Liberty Works Radio Network out of Baltimore, Maryland. Don is UFO Magazine's News Editor.

Strange Daze Radio

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