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11 October 1994 (8:50 pm to 10:10 pm)

personal account of Bruce Cornet, Ph.D.

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    The event that happened on this particular night is not an isolated incident. Similar events have happened to me on numerous occasions over the past two years and three months, but until now they did not involved more than one AOP (Anomalistic Observational Phenomena) at a time. All similar incidents have happened to me while travelling on a main road or highway. Most of the time I was driving alone, but on two occasions one to four other passengers or witnesses observed this phenomenon with me. On some occasions clear telepathic information was given to me, presumably from one or more occupants of the AOP. This information ranged from thoughts in the form of language, emotional feelings, to visual impressions. See Implied Telepathy at The Performance for additional evidence of possible telepathic involvement. In all these modes of telepathy, there was a clearly recognizable change in my mental state due to the presence of a subtle low frequency vibration, which tended to interfere with my normal thought processes. When this mental vibration is present, I can distinguish between thoughts, emotions, and mental images generated in house, and those derived from another outside source based on content and context.


    I had been invited to participate in an hour cable TV show with George Filer and Alex Cavalleri in Atlantic City, NJ, on the evening of 11 October 1994. The show, entitled 'Investigations UFO', went very well, and I was able to present information on my magnetic studies and showed time exposures of AOP lights at night that displayed unconventional movements and technology in the Pine Bush area of New York. The show began at 7:30 pm and lasted until 8:30 pm. I began my trip back to Red Bank, NJ, right after the show ended, and headed for exit 40 on the Garden State Parkway.


    No sooner than I got on the parkway did I notice single bright white lights on either side of the highway. They were situated about 1/4 mile ahead of me, about two tree heights above the ground, with one to my right and one to my left. Each light was over the trees well beyond the edge of the pavement, but probably no more than a few hundred feet from the road. I recognized them as AOPs with the same certainty as one would recognize a friend, because of that very familiar telepathic interference with my consciousness. One can best explain the sensation by crudely comparing it to the background noise on a two-way radio with receiver open. As soon as I saw the lights I sensed a strong telepathic feeling of joy and excitement that I was there. From the AOP on the right I got the mental impression of pleasure with what I had said and shown on Filer's 'Investigations UFO' show, which surprised me. I give a translation of those mental thoughts as, "Hi! Glad to be with you. We saw your show, and liked what you had to say." I had no idea they were listening!

    These lights paced my truck for four miles before the light on the left took off at a high rate of speed to its left. Both lights matched my speed, and when I stopped for the first toll after exit 40, both lights slowed with me and stopped also. As I accelerated, they both accelerated with my vehicle. Just before the left light departed, I "overheard" a telepathic message from the pilot on the left to the pilot on the right, which said in essence, "I am going over there to check on something, and will return."  As soon as I got that thought, the AOP on the left took off to the west (my left) at a high rate of speed.

    Between four miles and 16 miles only the right light was visible, and it continued to pace my truck.

At 16 miles from exit 40 the left light returned and blinked on and off several times to get my attention. Both lights continued to escort me north on the highway for another four miles.

At 20 miles from exit 40 the left light began pulsating again, and crossed the parkway to the right side about 1/2 mile ahead of me. The original light on the right side had moved about 1/4 mile further away from the parkway, and was now at least three tree heights above the ground and about 1/2 mile ahead of me. The light that crossed the highway seemed to be slightly closer to me than the light to its right.

At 26 miles from exit 40 the closer right light (the one that had crossed the parkway) shot ahead at least a mile or two and stopped. Its speed was faster than my eye could follow (without any sound), and when it stopped ahead, it pulsated so that I could see to where it had moved. It stopped just before a tall tower with two red blinking lights near the Toms River exit. As I approach the hovering AOP on the right side of the parkway (the second light further away continued to pace me and gained some additional altitude) I saw it change color to a powder blue and bluish white. As I passed it, I saw an enormous bluish-white glowing object (shaped like a giant watermelon that had been slightly flattened top to bottom) hovering about 100-150 feet above the ground over some buildings. It appeared to span several buildings below it. I slowed my truck to get a better look, but got the telepathic message to continue down the highway.

At 32 miles from exit 40 a red slowly pulsing light appeared to the left of the highway about one mile away and low to the ground. At first I thought it was a light on a tower, but discounted that when it began to move with me. It did not keep pace with my truck, and I lost sight of it.

At 48 miles from exit 40 another blinking or strobing light appeared directly ahead of me and slowly moved to the right side of the parkway. It could have been the same bluish white light as before, because it began pacing my truck when I got to within 1/2 mile of it. The original white light to the right was still there, but was much higher in altitude (perhaps now 3,000 feet) and further away (perhaps a mile). It drifted in and out of low clouds in a largely overcast sky. The lower light that crossed the parkway soon blinked out.

    With only one light pacing me it came closer and decreased in altitude. I began watching it as I drove, and wondered what it would be like to fly such an agile bird. I was surprised to get back the telepathic thought, "What is it like to drive a car?" I had to assume that the thought came from the pilot of the AOP. I would not ask myself such a question. I began looking at the stearing wheel, at the instruments on the dashboard, and at the foot pedals. I focussed my mind on the road vibrations and bumps, and on the feeling of driving on a road. The pilot then addressed the problem of my having to stay on a narrow path.  He made me laugh by saying, "You must have a problem refueling."  I got the impression from his mental voice that the pilot was male.  The pilot then did something I did not expect. He telepathically projected into my mind what he was seeing, and for a few seconds I saw the inside of the flight deck of his craft, complete with split view screen showing a distant view of the highway on the right, and a close-up of my truck with me in it on the left, an elongate control panel with multicolored instrument lights, and his right hand on a hand control, which was presumably attached to his seat.  His hand looked remarkably human, which might mean that he was human. I am not sure if this image can be trusted, however, because it could have been my imagination, or a screen memory of what he wanted me to see and think. This is the first time of which I am aware that an occupant of a AOP had a curiosity about what it was like to travel on our world. His conversation was friendly and humorous at times.

At 60 miles from exit 40 I saw what may have been the second light blinking well ahead of me over the highway. It pulsed on and off intermittently for awhile, then disappeared when I passed exit 105 (65 miles from exit 40). At this time I began seeing aircraft lights crossing the sky as I got closer to Red Bank, which underlies several air corridors to major New York airports and to Newark airport.

    I took exit 109 (69 miles from exit 40) to Red Bank. The original white light ahead of me and to my right also turned with me, and paced me down Rt. 520 (Newman Springs Rd.), but now on the left side of the road. The light stopped as I stopped for traffic lights along the way. When I got to the intersection with Shrewsbury Ave., I had to stop for another red light. The single white light then became two widely-spaced white lights. As I slowed the paired lights slowed, and as I stopped the paired lights, slightly ahead of me and to my left, also stopped. I was in the far left lane waiting for a left turn signal. I grabbed my camera in an attempt to get a picture of the paired lights through the windshield.  But as I raised my camera, the paired lights made a sharp U turn and slowly came back towards me as if to give me a better shot. The lights couldn't have been much more than three tree heights above the ground. As the AOP approached my truck, it moved off to my left, still over the intersection.  As I braced my camera against the side window to steady it, the lights stopped for the picture. I took two, one second exposures with 400 ISO color print film using a Minolta X-370N camera with 50 mm lens (1:1.7). The pictures are described below.

    When the left turn light changed, I turned north on Shrewsbury Ave. and drove three blocks to the next light at Bergen Place Rd. in Red Bank. The AOP followed me to that light and moved ahead of me, where it made a circle by turning to its left over the intersection. I turned right at the light and the AOP followed me for less than a block before it turned out its lights. The event was over.


    In the two photographs the reflection of the truck's dashboard, radio light, windshield, wipers, and hood are clearly visible. Because the AOP lights are superimposed on this reflection, determining what faint lights belonged to the AOP and not to the reflection was possible only because the AOP moved slightly between the two photographs. A pair of suspension wires for holding up the traffic lights cross just below the AOP, and based on those reference wires, the craft can be seen to drift slightly downwards between photographs. The reflection of the dashboard and windshield wipers, however, do not move relative to those reference wires. All lights described below move with the main lights of the AOP between the two shots.

    The two photographs of the AOP show more than just a pair of white lights. They also show an enormous golden yellow light above and slightly behind the white lights. This golden light has a more white or intense circular center, and is very elliptical in shape with its long axis parallel to a line between the two front white lights. There are also several other fainter oval lights at various positions around the golden yellow light: Bluish white lights occur to the left and in front of the golden yellow light. An orangish red light occurs to the front right of the golden yellow light just above the front white light. Smaller oval bluish white lights can be barely detected above the golden yellow light and behind it to its right. These additional lights were not visible before or after the pictures were taken. As I looked through the camera viewfinder, I recall seeing the golden yellow light appear. The positions of these lights and their intensity give the impression that the AOP was largely transparent, and that I was seeing lights on top, in back, as well as possible lights inside the craft. Based on the overall distribution of the approximately ten lights that can be detected in the photographs, the shape of the craft is unclear. The lights are not symmetrically positioned, and their overall distribution could fit several shapes: For example, a large disk-shaped craft or a triangular-shaped craft. Except for one small bluish white light on the rear right side, the back of the craft could have been nearly straight across. If the shape of the golden yellow light, the largest light in the photographs, is any reflection of the overall shape of the AOP, the craft may have been elliptical or egg-shaped with a pair of wing-like extensions on either side. Even though its shape is uncertain, this AOP clearly posed for its picture.


Copyright B. Cornet 1994

22 November 1994

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