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Another Performance

by Bruce Cornet, Ph.D.

This time the Manta Ray came to my home in Red Bank, NJ.

Below is the same ship as it passed low over trees and houses in Cornet's neighborhood in Red Bank, NJ, on 24 April 1997.  He was attracted outside into his back yard by a series of low flying jetliners.  He got his camcorder and waited for more aircraft to pass over his house.  Instead, the Manta Ray showed up.  It traveled 1/2 mile in 64 seconds (90 degree arc: 180 - 270 degrees compass), or at a speed of only 28-30 mph.  It approached from the southwest, traveled north over his neighbors' property to the west, and disappeared to the northwest.  As it passed by it produced a sound similar to what the Manta Ray has produced before (refresh this web page): A low whooshing sound combined with a high pitched whine. 

But it also did something that a conventional jetliner cannot do.  It maintained nearly the same orientation to Cornet as it passed him.  It rotated clockwise so that as it departed, it was travelling nearly backwards!  Look at the animated gif below and judge for yourself.  Note the small pair of blue lights, which change position relative to the other lights, which appear relatively "fixed" in position.  Various lights blink on and off - more so than on conventional aircraft.  Several large lights (some of them colored; some of them pulsing) appear in two or three vertical rows at the front of the craft.  A large fiery red light in the animated gif marks the starboard angle of the craft.  This pattern and style of lighting is highly unlike conventional aircraft lighting, but similar to what witnesses have reported for the Westchester Wing or Manta Ray.  Light colors and size are apparently controllable (i.e. variable).

wchestr5.jpg (10428 bytes)

The drawing below is modified from a drawing by the guards at Indian Point Nuclear Complex, Buchanan, NY, over which the AOP hovered on 24 July 1984.  The length of this craft has been reported at different lengths (maximum width between 300 and 400 feet).  The tail in the drawing is shown fully extended.  However, it can be seen to contract in length in the 4 September 1992 animated gif.  A witness's description of the craft when it was 50 feet above her (brushed top branches of trees) gave evidence that the tail can retract almost completely to produce a half-moon shaped craft.  Therefore the discrepencies reported in the (estimated) length of this craft (i.e. between 400 feet and 700+ feet) are explainable.  Perhaps the longitudinally oriented ridges on the bottom side of the craft are somehow related to the extension and contraction of the tail.

The Westchester Wing and Manta Ray (if they are one and the same type of craft) essentially are high-tech light, sound, and shape-shifting platforms designed to confuse and disorient the enemy (i.e. those on the ground).  In that regard their design seems to have succeeded marvelously!  Has someone found our Achille's heel?  Skeptics take notice.  Note the two circular depressions on the belly of the craft.  Could these features belong to a sound projection system?

Drawing by guards:

manta2.jpg (9724 bytes)

Mantarb7.gif (322329 bytes)

Manta sound

Download 4-24-97m (165K) by clicking on Manta sound.

424mtrb4.jpg (110001 bytes)

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