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Westchester Wing Sighting in 1984

by Russell Pardi

(published with permission, 19 October 1999)

Subject: Delta Over Rte 17 In Sullivan County, NY
Date [of email]: Friday, March 05, 1999 12:09 AM

Dr. Cornet,

Vinny Polise forwarded your URL to me. 

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I observed a large delta-shaped device traveling east over Rte 17 in 1984.  I was traveling west from Community General Hospital of Sullivan County where I had just completed my evening shift as pharmacist. As I drove [under] the Rte 17 overpass by the hospital I could see two large 'stadium-size' lights approaching over Rte 17.  I drove onto the highway and stopped my vehicle on the shoulder, got out and watched as the device flew over me at approx. 15-20 mph; it could not have been more than 150 feet above me. It was certainly a close encounter.  I could see into the cockpit of the device; rows of orange-backlit dials behind a helicopter-like clear glass dome on the belly of the front of the device.  I heard a very high-pitched turbine-like noise as it passed overhead.  No dust or debris were kicked up from the fields surrounding the area.  The fuselage was a flat gray-black with small red and green navigation-like lights on the belly.  It appeared to be about as wide as the 4-lane highway.  Two large and very bright lights were positioned on either end of the delta 'wings'.  I could see the countryside illuminated as the device passed me.

The incident was reported in the Time Herald Record of Middletown.  The device was reported to have proceeded eastbound into Monticello where local police gave chase.   I spoke to the Monticello police and they described exactly the same device I had seen. The police also indicated that they had reported the incident to the then Stewart AFB ( and naturally no aircraft were supposed to be in the area!).  Recently I have seen A&E and Unsolved Mysteries shows depicting the same device in Westchester and Sullivan Counties.  Two 'actors' leaving Grossinger's were supposedly abducted by the thing as they drove eastbound on Rte 17!  They all described a delta shaped device with large lights. What strange coincidences.

I live in Florida now.  I can't remember the exact dates I witnessed the device.   I want to get my hands on the Record newspaper article so that I can pinpoint the dates I saw this thing.  The Record has not cooperated with me as of yet.  I guess I will have to search the microfiches, if I can get them.

I wish I had a camera at the time, what a nice photo I would have had!  I haven't given the incident much thought until recently and now the memory haunts me.

Can you give me any information.  Have you seen the Record articles?  It appears that the device still flies around up there, and I would like to know what it is!

Thank you,
Russ Pardi

Westchester Wing Sighting in 1985

by Greg Boone

Date [of sighting]: 8/25/85
Time: (approximately 9pm EST-10:30pm EST)
Location: Poughkeepsie Journal, editorial dept. 3rd floor, Poughkeepsie, NY

Weather: warm, visibility good, partially cloudy, summer haze, light illumination primarily from thousands of cars travelling south on route 9; 9G from the Dutchess County Fair.

Account: At approximate time listed.  I was working as a staff artist/editorial assistant in the editorial dept. of the Poughkeepsie Journal.  One of our stringer photographers radioed in that a large 'boomerang'-shaped craft reported regularly by residents in the area was being observed by herself and travelers on route 9.  She stated that the object was of such visibility that traffic became disrupted and onlookers were exiting their cars to look.  Her position was north of us by several miles and she alerted us that if we would look out of the north end our building's office windows that we might see it.  Several editors, reporters, and I (a small staff that night as it was a Sunday) made our way to a window, and clearly saw at first a dark oblong object lighted with orange and red lights that quickly shut off.  Illumination from the town's lights and cars kept the object in silhouette, and it traveled along slowly then hovering due east.  I would estimate [the altitude] at 150ft above the ground.  We were surprised when the object made a starboard [right] turn and began heading south toward our position.  We watched as the object slowly approached and it's shape, a boomerang type, became more clear. It's size was most surprising as it passed over very familiar buildings whose sizes are as equally familiar.  As the craft got within 100 yards of us it began to rise and turn port [left] over our building.  About 3 of us dashed to the east side of the building to see if the craft could be further observed.   An editor and I observed the craft from the men's lavatory window that faced east, and looking above saw clearly the boomerang shape of the craft (estimated height 150-200ft) now travelling at approximately 30mph.  It passed over a row of houses.   Size estimate of the craft is 200-300ft from wing tip to wing tip.  No noise could be heard emanating from the object, and we were fortunate that most cars were outside the city approaching the city from the fair [car headlights helped to illuminate the object in silhouette].  We were lucky the conditions were good, not excellent, to observe this aircraft [now without any lights on].  This was the second time this type of craft passed over the newspaper and my fourth time observing this type of craft in this city.  We'd have occasional calls from startled residents regarding this type of ship.

Hope that helps some Doc!
Thanks much,
Greg Boone a.k.a. PSCPEvol

P.S.  Greg told me that the Chief Editor would not publish this event in the Poughkeepsie Journal, and did not want anyone at the Journal to talk about it, unless they wanted to get fired.

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