Antigravity Run-About Pretending to Be a Set of Traffic Lights - 1998

by Bruce Cornet

A small hexagonal antigravity scout craft routinely patrolled the region around the UFO Hotspot in the Wallkill River Valley between 1992 and 1998. After rediscovering images of this small craft hovering over the intersection of Albany Post Rd. and Bruyn Turnpike, just west of Wallkill, NY, located on the eastern side of the Wallkill River, I realized that I had four encounters with this type of craft between 1992 and 1998:

On 7 July 1992 and on 29 August 1992 I photographed a small craft whose lights moved erratically as if bouncing around.  Later on 29 April 1993 at the end of a major performance before the Sightings TV camera crew, Dr. Ellen Crystall and me.  Then on 25 July 1998 I had a very close encounter with what I think was the same type of scout craft.  This was the last time I saw this craft.

   Run-About craft light movement

The Performance

    Note that the pilot illuminated six lights around a hexagonal-shaped craft with a transparent dome on top, allowing us to see the pilot sitting at a lighted control. There is a hint of a second humanoid to his left just behind him.  Turning on his lights was timed with my time exposure, and then they were turned off once the camera shutter closed.  Thus, the lights were not on long enough for us to notice the craft sitting on the hillside behind us, monitoring The Performance.

Pilot Tries to Appear as a Set of Traffic Lights

     In January of 2019, I located and played a small .rm video clip I had made in 2002, and discovered that I encountered this scout craft on 25 July 1998 as I turned left (west) onto Bruyn Turnpike.  Did I catch the pilot by surprise, or was he waiting for me?  As I drove north on Albany Post Rd., I saw two bright lights at the intersection of Albany Post and Bruyn Turnpike, both rural roads situated in farmlands between Wallkill, Walden, Montgomery, and Pine Bush, NY.  I grabbed my Sony camcorder and began videotaping, recognizing these lights as a possible UFO hovering over the intersection.

Satellite view Albany Post and Bruyn Turnpike

     The X next to the road on the left shows where I was standing six years earlier (18 June 1992), taking magnetic readings with a Proton Precession Magnetometer.  I mapped a 24 square mile area with 1800 stations of measurements along roads, in fields, and in forests, which took me three years to complete.  That was the first evening I began measurements, and I was shot with a tiny magnetic projectile (tracking nanoprobe?), which left a circular bruise on my lower left chest, with a red dot at its center.  Ten days later I went to the doctor, because I began passing blood.  He said I had a bad kidney infection and gave me antibiotics in his office.  On my way home I was met by a UFO at the Harriman exit and interchange with Rte. 17.  The craft paced me all the way home.  I have a website on that shooting.  After that whenever I went out into the field, I was met by a craft which either followed me around or put on a performance for my cameras.

Location where shot

Below: Daytime image of intersection looking North (to right in satellite image above). Note stop sign on right side of road.

Albany Post Rd. at Bruyn Turnpike

Below is a sequence of captured frames from my video, arranged here to show what I saw and videotaped as I approached the intersection.  First or farthest image from intersection at top.  Closest image at bottom.

Video 20

Video 21

Video 22

Video 23

Video 24

Video 25

Embossed version of above image to show details not apparent without enhancement. Note the white orb below the craft and how it and craft move left as I reached the intersection.

Embossed image at intersection

    As I reached the intersection, the two bright white lights rose slightly.  As they levitated (traffic lights don't move), they became slightly red, then more red as if to imitate a pair of traffic lights.  But this intersection had no traffic lights, only stop signs.  I stopped at the intersection, because it had a stop sign.  Then to my surprise, the two lights turned green.  l also had the distinctive (telepathic?) thought in my head that what I was seeing were only traffic lights.  Neither the red or green lights were solid in color.  They were whitish in the center, with a red or green glow around them.  Plus the video below shows the paired lights rising up further above the road and tilting to the left as craft tried to mimic a pair of traffic lights. But this intersection does not have a set of traffic lights.  You can see in the video that the lights seem to move up and out of the way as I passed underneath this ETV.  Traffic lights do not do that.

UFO lights changing color


  Traffic Light UFO

    I wanted to know if the pilot of this ETV was aware of how traffic lights hang from intersections in the area, because he deliberately tilted his craft so that his two bright lights were tilted to my left (to his right).  Why is this important?  Because traffic lights are not usually parallel or both level with the road.  One is typically higher than the other.  So I captures some satellite images at Allard Corners further South, near an area of high traffic between Walden and Pine Bush where a traffic light is needed.  Note that the lights at Allard Corners (facing East) are offset, with the light on the right lower than the light on the left.  The pilot of the ETV tilted his craft in the opposite (wrong) direction, failing to match the pattern at Allard Corners, which is at the intersection of Albany Post Rd. and Rte. 52 between Walden (to the East) and Pine Bush (to the West).

Allard Corners traffic lights

     I wondered why I didn't add this sighting and video to my list of encounters, and I now realize that the pilot was probably giving me a telepathic suggestion that all I was witnessing were traffic lights.  Now 20 years later, that screen memory has faded, and I can now see past the deception with careful analysis of anomalies and differences from traffic lights,


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