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Bryn Mawr ~ Philadelphia Revisited

Who is Ka Ra?

Why Cornet thought of the following, he cannot be sure.  He had been told telepathically by a spiritual entity called Ka Ra that his birth place and time were pieces to the Rennes-le-Château puzzle.  But how could this be?  Bryn Mawr, where he was born, is on the opposite side of the Atlantic Ocean from the Valley of Rennes.

Those who have tackled the Rennes-le-Château mystery almost invariably looked for answers in that valley or in ancient Egypt.  Most recently Andrews and Schellenberger (1996) developed a very complex solution through decoding esoteric documents in their search for the Tomb of God.  So, if the burial place of Jesus is located in France, why look for clues in America?  Furthermore, why should Cornet believe what Ka Ra told him?

First, let's try to understand who this spiritual entity Ka Ra is.  You won't find any reference to her in the Bible, in the encyclopedia, in ancient Egyptian texts or hieroglyphs.  That is because it is a New Name, constructed from the combination of the Egyptian word Ka with the name of Ra.  Ra is the feminine gender, while Re is the masculine gender.  Ka means spirit in ancient Egyptian.  Thus the name Ka Ra means Spirit of Ra.  If Ra represents the Sun God, then Ka Ra refers to the female aspect of the Sun God.  In addition, the Greek word "kara" means head or top, as in deity.  No coincidences here.

Who was it that was speaking telepathically to John in prison when he wrote what has become known as the Book of Revelation?

Sun God = Son = Jesus = Horus

sun_125.gif (16007 bytes)

Revelation 2.17: To him who conquers I will give some of the hidden manna, and I will give him a white stone, with a new name written on the stone which no one knows except him who receives it.

The book of Revelation clearly states that when Jesus returns he will have a new name. This fact is repeated a second time in that book: Revelation 3.12: ...and my own new name.


E.A  "He Whose Home/Abode is Water"
(Sitchin, Divine Encounters, 1995)

For this exercise, don't get fooled by gender (see Deering, 1996: GOD, was she a man or is he a woman? The politics of religion).  This is the perfect ploy to keep those who think they have eyes, but do not want to see, from finding out the truth.  Follow the trail of clues wherever they may take you.

The hieroglyphic symbol for Ka is represented by a pair of upheld arms ka2.jpg (2182 bytes)while Ra is represented by  the sun disc.  When the symbols for Ka and Ra are combined, one gets Ka Ra.  The hieroglyphs below are from E.A. Wallis Budge: Osiris & the Egyptian Resurrection (1973).  They show these two symbols combined as part of other hieroglyphs, but not as a separate deity called Ka Ra.  The best place to hide something is right in front of someone.  Note that the Ka and Sun Disc symbols are placed at the top of the Tets, symbolizing Kara (head or top).

Tet (Ded) of Life Tet (Ded) of Osiris
Tet Life  Osiris Djed 

If Jesus = Horus and Lazarus is Greek for Osiris,
what is the meaning of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead?
Was it a cleverly disguised Egyptian ritual and not a miracle?

horosir2.jpg (38701 bytes)


Saturn: Source of Measure
Mr. Pietsch shows how Saturn rings true.

Canon of Measure and the "K" or "Ka" Symbol

excerpt from Saturn: Source of Measure
by Bernard  I. Pietsch

"Sacred measures are hidden only in the sense of being obscured by the filter of phenomenal or local observation. They are founded on that which is beyond mere appearance. Because they are relative to a larger framework than that which is visible here on Earth we sometimes refer to Canon measures as cosmic values.

"One of the keys to the domain of the cosmic is represented by the  "K" symbol. K represents the ratio with which we part the veil. From the phenomenal world we enter the cosmic realm—a dimension where Time, Distance, Velocity, Number, and Geometry become co-in-ci-dent with one another, where one is an expression of all, where everything is in one thing, and where the law "as above, so below" becomes observable. Here the application and utility of Number in all its forms transcend the limitations imposed upon it by ordinary logic. Here, Number can become Time, distance, angle, ratio, logarithm. We have but to invoke the magic inherent in Number, and all is made available.

"K is the number 1.01430555. With it, the first measures to be unveiled are those of Time. The ancients understood the intimate and inseparable relationship of Time with all dimensions. (With K we will reveal the legendary "harmony of the spheres." But first some groundwork must be laid.)

"For a number of important reasons we adopt the solar year indicated by the base of Cheops Pyramid as the value 365.15 days which is 36,515 inches around the perimeter of the base. This number divided by K produces the Sacred or Cosmic Year of 360 days. The same length of time is involved but the relationship of the year to the circle of 360 is clearly established. From this ancient Sacred Year we derive the following units:

360 Days
525816 Minutes
8763.6 Hours
24.34333 Hours
1460.6 Minutes
87636 Seconds

"The derivation of the Sacred Day of 24 hours 20 minutes and 36 seconds is not only a mathematical construction. This is also the day (mean cosmic) responded to by plants and organisms. These circadian rhythms tend to be about 20 minutes longer than the mean solar day of 24 hours; biological rhythms in humans as well seem to follow this cycle. Also notice the number of minutes in the Cosmic Year: 525816. Dividing this by 100 renders the number for the feet in the Canon Mile. The mile has its origin in sacred time."



The Masonic - Knights Templar Connection

Cornet realized that his late wife Bonnie had grown up in Collingswood, NJ, directly across the Delaware River from Philadelphia.  Ka Ra told him that his wife's childhood home was a piece to the puzzle.  When he studied the Rennes-le-Château diagrams in GenIsis, he could not help but notice that the town of Rennes-le-Château is located on the west side of the Extended Pentagram, while the town of La-Borde-de-l'Auguste is located on the southeast side of the pentagram.  He realized that the town where he was born, Bryn Mawr, is located on the west side of Philadelphia, while the town of Collingswood, where Bonnie grew up, is located on the southeast side of Philadelphia. Furthermore, La-Borde-de-l'Auguste means "edge of August," and his birth day (31 August) is at one edge of August.  He later discovered that this date on the ancient Egyptian calendar was very special to the Egyptians.  It was the day the Ennad is in festivity, and the day the Hier (to the throne) is established.  When he discovered that Philadelphia means "Womb or Birthplace of Isis", he immediately saw the connection to the Extended Pentagram that Wood (1986) had so thoroughly linked to the Goddess Isis.  He got partial confirmation when he discovered that Bryn Mawr is Welch for "high ground," or "great hill."  Rennes-le-Château is located on a high plateau, and therefore is synonymous with high ground.

Image from GenIsis
thmb2.jpg (9687 bytes)

The Knights Templar became associated with the Valley of Rennes.  The Masons became associated with Philadelphia.  Early Masonic tradition and beliefs hold much in common with those of the outlawed Knights Templar, although the two organizations are very different (see The Miter and the Trowel).  Robinson was correct in his conclusion that there was a strong Templar influence in the early development of Freemasonry (Robinson, 1989).

Wood discovered that various towns and landmarks in the Valley of Rennes were positioned at key points on an invisible set of gigantic esoteric diagrams, which could be seen only in their entirety (if visible) from high above the ground (much like the Nozca lines in Peru). 

runway 12-06-00.jpg (17254 bytes)

Campbell and Wood uncovered additional features of these diagrams which belied any thought that they might be the fruits of vivid imagination.  Andrews and Schellenberger (1996) reveal more data from decoding some of the same esoteric texts.  Their data indicate that the authors of those texts were very much aware of the Sacred Geometry laid out by the positions of towns and landmarks in the Valley of Rennes.  But in order for those towns to have been located where they are, someone had to be the architect and engineer who planned the layout before any construction began.  And that someone had to have the surveying tools with which to accomplish this Herculean task.  The following five figures come from GenIsis (Wood, 1986).

Circle of Churches Pentagram-Meridian The Crescents Temple of  Solomon The Serpent
thmb3.jpg (28239 bytes) thmb4.jpg (13671 bytes) thmb5.jpg (21659 bytes) thmb6.jpg (20124 bytes) thmb7.jpg (9146 bytes)

Now let's go to Philadelphia, and see what Cornet uncovered using the clues given to him by David Wood and Ka Ra.

The Philadelphia Experiment

In ancient times authority or credibility was carried by royalty and bloodline, while truth was verified by prophecies that came true.  There were many false prophets or prophecies which did not come true.  We usually do not read about them, for they are soon forgotten.  In order for Jesus to command authority and credibility, his followers had to establish both that he descended from royalty and that prophecies about him in the Old Testament or Jewish Torah came true.  Today the situation is different.  Although authority is no longer dependent on blood relationship, authority is still based on a process of official governmental succession.  Truth, however, largely comes from science and the verification of facts by observation and testing.  Prophecies have become a side show entertainment act, while royal bloodlines mean little more than a curiosity to the commoner.  Much of the importance of bloodlines and prophecy have been shoved aside by competition with the Media for entertainment, except where they can command ratings on television shows such as First Wave or The Pretender.

Therefore, if someone wanted to convey a universal message which would be taken seriously today, what tests would have to be met and how would the mathematical verification of those tests convey any authority or credibility?  Bloodlines once were important for proving a relationship with deities or gods, because gods and goddesses were accepted as the ultimate conveyors of authority (i.e. truth).  Today that pantheon of gods and goddesses has largely been replaced by One God or Supreme Being.  Ultimate authority still comes from the highest controlling power, meaning that God has to compete with the official administrative word of man in order for His Word to be taken above that of any governmental body.  No longer are religion and state joined in marriage: They are separate entities.

Science has converted a significant percentage of the world population to agnosticism if not to atheism.  Therefore, proof of a divine connection, or a connection to an invisible superior intelligence, has to come from evidence which defies scientific explanation, meets mathematical tests for confirmation, and goes well beyond the realm of statistical probability, satisfying a confidence level for 'p' (by random chance) of less than 0.001 probability.  Presented below is such a test.  Bruce Cornet was given clues through his date of birth, time of birth, place of birth, and where he lived after birth (along with many dozens of additional clues included here), clues which could exist as clues only if 'p' is less than 0.001, significantly reducing the chance that they can be explained by coincidence.

Cornet took The Crescents diagram of Wood (1986) and changed its size so that he could overlay it upon a city map of Philadelphia and surrounding areas, and so that Rennes-le-Château would fall on top of Bryn Mawr, PA, while La-Borde-de-l'Auguste would fall on top of Bonnie Harrington's parent's residence at Collingswood, NJ.  Bonnie is Bruce Cornet's late wife, who goes by the spiritual name KaRa (see The Passion of Bonnie). When he aligned these geographic points, something remarkable happened.  He saw that parts of the outline of the Extended Pentagram were aligned with a number of streets and RR tracks.  The Crescents on the right side of the diagram overlapped Crescent Boulevard (Fig. 1).  In addition, Bonnie Harrington's parent's residence is located next to a triangular-shaped park named Knight Park (click on Fig. 1).

Figure 1

cresblvd.jpg (21572 bytes)

If one considers the Extended Pentagram to symbolize the goddess, and she is facing the observer, her right hand is upon Bryn Mawr (Welch for high ground or great hill), while her left foot rests upon Mt. Ephraim.  The name Mt. Ephraim is derived from the hill country of Israel called Ephraim, which lies to the northwest of Jerusalem, and is said to be fruitful (grape country). Judges 8:2.

But most remarkable is that the position of the womb of Isis lies over the population center of Philadelphia (Fig. 2).  Note that the Paris Meridian in the Rennes diagram passes directly through a town called Roslyn at the top of Figure 2.  Rosslyn Chapel near Edinburgh, Scotland, is a Knights Templar legacy and Masonic inheritance (Wallace-Murphy, 1993).  The pentagram in the picture is not normal; it is irregular with points of unequal length or size.  This is called an Extended Pentagram, and it is a special type of pentagram where all angles are exactly 36 degrees as in the regular pentagram or five-pointed star.  It is a divine symbol for the Goddess.

Figure 2

thmb14.jpg (36967 bytes)

And the two circles (yellow dots) marked by 1) the junction of the Female and Male axes, and 2) Rennes-les-Baines fit perfectly into the 'S'-shaped curve of the Schuylkill River, which means "hidden river" (Fig. 3), a possible reference to esoteric symbolism and hidden meaning.  The Swedish word "Schuylen" means "to hide."  The letter 'S' was one of the oldest symbols of serpenthood, both in its shape and in its sibilant sound; and the serpent was one of the oldest symbols of female power (see Serpent).  The Universal Harmonics number for DNA is 19, which is the letter 'S'.  Cornet was repeatedly given performances by anomalous lights in the sky at night near Pine Bush, NY, between 1992 and 1997.  His time exposures revealed 'S'-shaped sky glyphs on five occasions between 1993 and 1995 (If here, how would ETI communicate?).  Three of the five sky glyphs closely resemble the shape of the Schuylkill River at Philadelphia by having an enlarged lower curve of the 'S' and a smaller top curve (click on Fig. 3).

Figure 3

thmb27.jpg (10755 bytes)

The Schuylkill River (pronounced Skull Kill) enters the Rennes diagram in the upper left quadrant, but not before making a semicircular (crescentric) turn south around the town of Seven Stars (a reference to the Pleiades and extraterrestrial influence).  The town named Five Points is also a clue and reference to the Extended Pentagram, symbol of the Goddess Isis.

Figure 4

sevstars.jpg (25641 bytes)

As it crosses the outline of the Ark Crescent of Nut, the river makes a jog south, then travels straight southeast until it gets to the shoulder level of the symbolic goddess, where it turns sharply south and begins to snake its way down to the Delaware River.  Nut is the goddess of the heavens, and is typically depicted in Egyptian hieroglyphs arching over those below her.  The Ark Crescent of Nut becomes the Crescent Moon in the sky, and is depicted in the Rennes diagram of the Crescents.  In the Rennes-Philadelphia map the Ark Crescent of Nut overlies Crescentville.

Figure 5
thmb21.jpg (22370 bytes)

In the center of the Extended Pentagram an unusual mound is found, appropriately called Mt. Pleasant.   A reservoir was built on top of that hill.

Figure 6

pleasant.jpg (16078 bytes)

If one imagines the Schuylkill River between Mt. Pleasant and the Delaware River as a Serpent, with Mt. Pleasant being its head, the Serpent is positioned between the legs of Isis, and can be seen entering the position of her womb.  Even the reservoir takes on special significance, containing the (holy) water for the transmission of  the essence of (code for) intelligence (found in the head).

Figure 7

thmb26.jpg (13814 bytes)

Just below and to the right of the Serpent's head in the diagram above (click on image for enlargement) is a hill named, Lemon Hill.   Is this a cleverly disquised name for Demon Hill, where the 'D' has been replaced by 'L', the symbol for God?  Could this be an indirect reference to the ruler of this world?

That geographic and cultural features would align themselves like this with a diagram taken from France is remarkable.  The Extended Pentagram had to be rotated clockwise only 3.25 degrees from true North in order for Rennes-le-Château and La-Borde-de-l'Auguste to lie directly on top of Bryn Mawr Hospital and Bonnie Harrington's parent's address in Collingswood, NJ, respectively (the Harrington residence is situated across from a triangular park called Knight Park, a possible reference to the Knights Templar).  Bruce Cornet was born at Bryn Mawr Hospital; his birth weight was exactly 3.25 pounds.  Even Collingswood High School uses the Knight theme for its yearbook (note that the decorative hinges on the yearbook have a modified Fleur-de-lis symbol representing the female and the Goddess Isis).  Michael Landon, the star of the TV show, Highway to Heaven, graduated from Collingswood High School.  But it gets even better.

The line in the Rennes diagram which connects La-Borde-de-l'Auguste with Rennes-le-Château (line A-B in Figure 8 below), does not divide the left angle of the pentagram evenly.  It divides the 36 degree angle into a 13 degree and a 23 degree angle.  A line drawn from Rennes-le-Château (Bryn Mawr) to the center of the head of the Serpent (line A-C in figure below) is a mirror image of line A-B, and also creates 13 degree and 23 degree angles, but in reverse order.  Lines A-B and A-C are separated by 10 degrees.  A line drawn from the junction of major highways to Bryn Mawr (line A-D) bifurcates the left angle of the pentagram into two 18 degree angles.

Figure 8

philpen4.jpg (60190 bytes)

The place where Bonnie Harrington lived is used to mark the position of La-Borde-de-l'Auguste, a reference to Cornet's birthday.  Bonnie was born on 18 June 1950, making her a Gemini.  Line A-C passes not only through the town of Narberth, but it also passes through the very street address in Narberth where Cornet's parents lived at the time he was born (115 S. Essex Ave.).

Figure 9
narberth.jpg (55658 bytes)

That crossing defies chance, and by doing so establishes a mathematical relationship between lines A-C and A-B (Fig. 8).  The median (line A-D) between these two lines birfurcates the 36 degree left angle of the pentagram in half, creating two 18 degree angles.  Twin 18's is a Gemini reference to Bonnie's birthday.  1950 falls at mid-Century, complementing the division of the left angle (June, the sixth month, also falls at mid-year; UHA of June = 50).  Whereas the Gemini reference to Bonnie's birth date is dependent on an association with Bryn Mawr, Cornet's birth date (the edge of August) is associated with the Harrington residence at Collingswood, NJ.  Reciprocals unify (=1) and mutually confirm one another.

Narberth is a strange name, and it sounds like Nar birth, or the birth of Nar.  Nar is the root word for Narcosis, Narcotic, and Narcissism, and means "of the mind".  Therefore Narberth could be translated: Birth of the Mind or Consciousness.  Wood (1986) refers to Intelligence rather than to Consciousness (Sentience).   The address where Cornet and his parents lived (115 S. Essex Ave.) has even more encoded significance.  According to a Universal Harmonics analysis by Norma Smith, 115 is the numerological equivalent of Intelligence.  'S' can stand for Serpent or for Set (Seth), while 'es' is French for 'is'.  Putting the pieces together, one gets "Intelligence derived from the Serpent is transmitted through sex" (S Es sex), implying genetic manipulation.

If the above correlation seems too far fetched, consider the next clue: The tail of the Serpent, where it touches the Delaware River, is opposite Red Bank.  The tail also passes through the Naval shipyard, where the WWII Philadelphia Experiment was conducted.  What are the odds that there would be two Red Banks in New Jersey, and both are connected or linked to Bruce Cornet (the puzzle solver): Cornet lives in the larger Red Bank near Sandy Hook and the New Jersey shore, while the second Red Bank marks the point of origin of the Serpent on its journey North to impregnate Isis.  The address where Cornet lives is 27 Tower Hill Avenue.

Straight lines drawn from the the Serpent's head (C) and from La-Borde-de-l'Auguste (B) to the Right hand of Isis (Bryn Mawr: A) divide the pentagram angle into reciprocal pairs (ratios of 23:13; reducible sum = 9, the esoteric number for pregnancy: Wood, 1986), implying reproduction.  And who is located at the Right hand of Isis?  Horus, her Son (Sun).

How much more obvious do the clues have to be?  In the Black Madonna image below, Horus (Son) sits in the lap of Isis, who is holding the Sun in her Right hand.  Does this mean that Consciousness (i.e. the basis for eternal life) is somehow linked to the Son (Sun)?   Image below from GenIsis.

Figure 10
thmb8.jpg (9641 bytes)

The Meaning of Red Bank

So what might Red Bank mean?  Using numerics (each letter of the alphabet is numbered) and the method of Universal Harmonics taught by Norma (Master Analyst and Time Keeper),
the number for Red Bank is equal to one.

Red Bank
27  +  28    =  55  (5 + 5) =  10;  1 + 0 = 1

27 Tower Hill Avenue, where Cornet lives, also reduces to one.

27 Tower Hill Avenue
27  +  81  +  41  +  77       =  9 + 9 + 5 + 5 (1 + 4) = 18 + 10 = 28;  2 + 8 = 10 = 1

27 = CODE (UHAnalysis)

1 is symbolized by the Stick or Staff, which is the reciprocal of the Serpent (see A Sticky Point below).  Note: All words begin with the letter 'S'.  The link to the Serpent implies that Red Bank is the place where the Serpent is kept or hidden (recall the code book named, Le Serpent Rouge?).  As evidence for this statement (in this puzzle), the Serpent originates from the Delaware River where the second Red Bank is located.  The Keeper of the Serpent is Ophiuchus, the Greek god of Medicine, associated with healing by medicinal springs or spas.  Jesus is also equated with medicine: healing the sick and raising the dead.  Ophiuchus often reveals himself as a snake or serpent, which is why snakes were kept in his temples, particularly at Cos.  The Zodiac sign for Ophiuchus is the thirteenth house, which is hidden (esoteric).  The astrological name of this constellation is Aesculapius.   It lies between the constellations Scorpio and Sagittarius in an area rich in nebulae.

ophiuch1.jpg (12509 bytes)

The number 27 for Red contracts to 9, which according to Wood (1986, p. 214) is the number symbolizing Pregnancy and Death: "A feminine number indicating the period of pregnancy. Revered by the Templars, this is the symbolic number of birth and death, recognized therefore, on the one hand as Osiris and on the other 1 + 8 = 9 or 9 + 9 = 18, a simple concealment of the body and the active principle of Isis. It is the factor which converts the dimension of the Holy of Holies (20) into the radius of the circle of perfection (180)."  According to Joseph Campbell, 9 is the number of the Goddess.  9 is also THAT UNIVERSALITY OF CYCLES WHOSE RHYTHM PATTERN IS THE SHAPE OF TIME (Norma Smith, pers. com. 2001).

The number 28 for Bank is the number symbolizing Nephthys - Goddess of Death and Resurrection (28 contracts to 10, which some suggest represents mathematical perfection or God. It has the power to multiply without changing form: a female function). Wood (1986, p. 217) states: "She possessed magical powers which were almost equal to those of her sister Isis. Together they reconstructed the body of Osiris after it had been dismembered by Set. She was the mother of Anubis the Jackal-headed God of the Dead who escorted souls of the dead to the Underworld."

What other reason could explain why Red Bank was chosen for this puzzle?  Consider the following: Red is the color of Blood.  B is similar to 8 or the symbol for Eternity.  Ank is a contraction of Ankh, which means Life (see Tet of Life hieroglyph above).

Therefore, Red Bank can be translated:

Blood of Eternal Life.

Whose blood, and who gives eternal life?   I'll give you three guesses, and the first two don't count!

The UH number for Red Bank is 55; the UH number for Jesu (Latin version of Jesus) is 55.

 dogmabar.gif (1024 bytes)   Red Bank depicted as having a portal or gateway to Heaven.

about.gif (5889 bytes)prod.gif (4248 bytes)

The movie DOGMA was produced by a Red Bank filmmaker, Kevin Smith.  It has a major religious context, and ironically involves Red Bank, NJ, where Bruce Cornet lived until January 2004. It is about two angels from Hell (Loki, played by Matt Damon, and Bartleby, played by Ben Affleck), who want to be forgiven and get out of Hell, but who don't want to pay any price to enter Heaven, so they plan on going to a special Catholic church in Red Bank, where the gates to Heaven are located. If they pass through those gates at a certain time, they have free passage to Heaven.  But if they gain access to Heaven without forgiveness by God, their act will prove God is fallible, and that will be a paradox that will end all of creation.  A human woman and heroine named Bethany (played by Linda Fiorentino, who is also the "last" Sion) is contacted by a black angel from Heaven (he actually drops down from the sky and bounces on the pavement), who was the 13th Disciple (Rufus, played by Chris Rock), not mentioned in the New Testament because Jesus (according to the movie) was black and he didn't want Christians to know he was black, so he did not let it be written about a 13th Disciple or about him being black.  They are contacted by Serendipity (played by Salma Hayek), a heavenly Muse who takes on a human body of a beautiful woman, but all the angels recognize her as really an ancient Muse.  She is a constant reminder that this movie is a comedy.  This team of humans, angel/former disciple, and a muse, along with two unlikely prophets named Jay (played by Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob, are given an assignment by God's angels to stop the two fallen angels from passing through the only gate not guarded to Heaven, which is located at a Catholic church in Red Bank, NJ - St. Thomas.

But in order for the fallen angels to make it, a hotheaded Demon from Hell (played by Jason Lee) has been sent to set up interference.  He manages to lure God, who is a female, and who loves to play a certain human sport (skeetles), to come to Asbury Park Amusement Park, NJ, where She takes on male human form briefly in order to play the Archade game.  Springing the trap, the Demon intentionally injures him and puts him into a coma.  He is then kept sedated at Red Bank's Riverview Hospital by nurses who are really demons.  So long as he/She is kept sedated and in a coma, God cannot break free of Her male human body in order to stop the two fallen angels from ending Her creation.  Lucifer is said not to be involved in any of this, and would try to stop the fallen angels if he knew what was happening, because he would also lose if God's creation is destroyed.

It is a wonderful comedy and spoof on religion, especially on the Catholic church.  Jesus never makes an appearance as such in the movie, but the "Voice of God" does (played by a male, who may represent the Christ, but that is only implied).  When God appears in the last minutes of the film, She is petite, pretty, and does not speak. She lets Metatron (played by Alan Rickman), Her "Voice of God", do all the speaking for Her. She plays like a child, and doesn't take anything seriously, except those who try to destroy or discredit her.  And She destroys the last fallen angel before he can destroy Her creation.  The "last" Sion dies from a stomach wound (martyrdom) after releasing God from the comatose human body in the hospital (a very special effects explosion of light beams, one of which hits Bethany), but God resurrects her at the Catholic church (caution: there is a lot of blood and guts, decapitations, dismemberments, etc. in this movie). After she is resurrected she discovers she is pregnant, and the "Voice of God" tells her that she is no longer the "last" Sion.  God goes dancing through the church garden, doing somersaults.  Then God restores all the dead from the carnage caused by the two fallen angels, who had butchered a large crowd, including Cardinal Glick (George Carlin), gathered on the Catholic church's front steps for a special dedication!  At the end of the movie God grants Bethany an audience by letting the "next to last" Sion ask Her one question - the most poignant words spoken in the entire movie: "Why are we here?"  And God's response is to poke Bethany in the nose and smile, as if to say, "Because you are it (tag)."  In other words, life is a game for God's amusement.

Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother
and King George VI
visit Red Bank

in 1939

hrhtqm3.jpg (8389 bytes)

As Germany built its military machine, England was preparing for conflict.  On their way to a clandestine meeting aboard a U.S. Navy destroyer, the royal couple passed through Red Bank, New Jersey, on 10 June 1939.  They arrived by train, then proceeded by limousine and police escort east on Monmouth Street amidst thousands of excited onlookers, took Harding Road over the top of Tower Hill to Rumson Rd., and then on to Sandy Hook and Fort Hancock for a Navy launch that would take them to an awaiting destroyer anchored in the bay.  Were they planning with F.D. Roosevelt to get the U.S. involved in world war?

King and Queen arriving at Red Bank station.

queene6.jpg (34791 bytes)

King and Queen travel down Monmouth Street

queene3.jpg (25669 bytes)

Without realizing the destiny that lay before them, the stop at Red Bank may have seemed as though it were nothing more than a relay point in their circuitous journey.  As if needing a transfusion of vitality for the royal bloodline, their path through Red Bank (Blood of Eternal Life) took them across the top of Tower Hill, upon which stands an enormous Presbyterian church and steeple, and past the location (27 Tower Hill Ave.) where this story was written 42 years later.

Just a coincidence?  Or was there an invisible hand involved in making this clue: A link between Red Bank and the Blood Royale (Sang Real) of the Merovingians (i.e. the Jesus bloodline)?


The following information is presented as clues, and does not represent evidence of any special status or authority for Bruce Cornet beyond the presentation of these clues and data.  He considers himself to be a puzzle solver, who has been given mystic clues through his name, birth place, time of birth, and place of residence after birth.  After reading, you can reject this information or you can consider it.  He presents it for your edification because he was instructed to do so.

Cornet is Comet spelled with the 'm' broken to form an 'r' and 'n', the FIRST and LAST letters of the word RETURN.

From GeneSet - the Ice God Cometh

thmb24.jpg (20184 bytes)

thmb25.jpg (15650 bytes)


The God Set riding the Celestial Serpent or Comet

serpsky3.jpg (13542 bytes)

iscomet2.jpg (41892 bytes)

John Anthony West focuses in on the essence of the mystical puzzle, the relationship between creation and destruction, good and evil, and Christ and Satan.

Serpent (or dragon) in the Sky: "At first glance the serpent may seem a perfect model for unity.  What could better express singleness than the serpent's undifferentiated length?

"In Egypt, however, the serpent was the symbol for duality or, more accurately, for the power that results in duality.  And that power is itself dual in aspect; it is simultaneously creative and destructive: creative in the sense that multiplicity is created out of unity, destructive in the sense that creation represents the rupture of the perfection of the Absolute.....

"Thus the choice of the rich and powerful symbol of the serpent for duality divulges both a total understanding of the many aspects of duality in both its creative and destructive senses, and equally complete understanding of the nature of the animal chosen to represent duality.  It is also significant that while in general Egypt provided each animal with a single name, the serpent, in its role as 'separator' (hence obstructor) of the works of Ra, is vilified under a host of different names (perhaps qualifying in some way the specific kind of obstruction or negation).  These appear in the innumerable rites and texts in which the deceased is supposed to pray to be freed from the protean forms negation takes.  Set, the separating fire, in Christian terms becomes Satan, who is famous for his guile; in other words, Satan appears under many guiles, and in Egypt under many names." (West, 1993: p. 58-60).

cover of BR 12/99: Angel shackles the devil, Rev 20:1-3


Does this mean that Satan comes only in the form of a destructive comet?  No!  The comet is but one of many forms or symbols of duality.  It can bring mass destruction to a planet, but at the same time it can seed the planet with nutrients and the building blocks of life.

Molecules hitchhiking on comets may survive impacts
Simulating a high-velocity comet collision with Earth, a team of scientists has shown that organic molecules hitchhiking aboard a comet could have survived such an impact and seeded life on this planet.

000508comet.jpg (9680 bytes)

File image of comet. Photo: Courtesy NASA/JPL

In the Old Testament a satan was someone sent by God to act as 'separator' or OBSTRUCTOR.  The New Testament raises Satan to a Star character and pits him directly against the Christian Christ.  Pagels (1995) "traces the evolution of Satan from its origins in the Hebrew Bible, where Satan is at first merely obstructive, to the New Testament, where Satan becomes the Prince of Darkness, the bitter enemy of God and man, evil incarnate."

Mt 12: 22-27. "Then a blind and dumb demoniac was brought to him, and he healed him, so that the dumb man spoke and saw.  And all the people were amazed, and said, "Can this be the Son of David?"  But when the Parisees heard it they said, "It is only by Be-el'zebul, the prince of demons, that this man casts out demons."  Knowing their thoughts, he said to them, "Every kingdom divided against itself is laid waste, and no city or house divided against itself will stand; and if Satan casts out Satan, he is divided against himself; how then will his kingdom stand?  But if it is by the Spirit of God that I cast out demons, then the kingdom of God has come upon you."

But even Jesus recognized that anyone can become Satan and do God's bidding according to His plan:

Mt 16:23. "But he turned and said to Peter, "Get behind me, Satan!  You are a hindrance to me; for you are not on the side of God, but of men."

But then Luke portrays Satan as a separate spirit, a separate entity:

Lu 22:3. "Then Satan enters into Judas called Iscariot..."  However, based only on this statement, it is not clear from whom Satan gets his authority or under whose control he is.  But in the Old Testament (Torah) God says, "I am the Lord, and there is no other. I form light and create darkness, I make peace (weal) and create evil (woe), I am the Lord, who do all these things." Isa 45: 6-7.  Like the Serpent, God is both Creative and Destructive, Good and Evil.

Orthodox Christians generally interpret these passages to mean that Satan and Jesus are polar opposites, and therefore cannot be one and the same.  But the very nature of the Egyptian Serpent is its dualistic nature, and its ability to assume one form or the other (good versus evil; creative-healing versus destructive-injuring), but rarely both at the same time.  This may seem like a trivial point, but it is not.  It is the basis of separation by which one God or Source can play opposite roles through us.  It is also the nature of the Egyptian Serpent myth.  Set is depicted as a loyal husband to Nephthys, but then turned against his brother Osiris and killed him.  This myth can be traced back to ancient Sumerian myth and the two brothers Enlil and Enki, followed by Cain and Able.  It is our human nature that is the heir to this duality of the Serpent.

Because Lucifer was created by God (according to myth), and because Christ was created by God (as His son), how can Lucifer be any more separate from God than Christ is separate?  And if Christ is one with God, then so must Lucifer be one with God.  Casting one out of heaven (symbolized by the severed right hand) does not sever the original relationship.  It only serves to emphasize (expand) it, especially if one believes that everything in the Universe is part of (inseparable from) God.  Furthermore, if there is one and only one offspring of God, regardless of how that offspring is depicted, then Lucifer and Christ must be related (and an expression of the duality of which humankind partakes).  Such a concept is considered heresy by Orthodox Christians, which is one reason why the early Church so opposed Gnosticism, because it dared to consider that possibility, i.e. the duality of Jesus Christ.  In the 13th Century the Catholic Church committed the first historical act of genocide by sending its armies to eradicate all Gnostics (Cathari or Cathars) in southern France, which includes the Valley of Rennes (Wood, 1986: p. 13):

"From 1209 for forty years, on the express orders of Pope Innocent III, an 'extermination occurred on so vast, so terrible a scale, it may well constitute the first case of genocide in modern European history' (The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, 1982: p. 27).  The agents of the massacre were an army of some 30,000 knights and foot-soldiers from Northern Europe.  Their victims: almost the entire 'Cathari' or Albigensian population of the Languedoc region of what is today southern France.  At the time it was a peaceful and cultivated population of independent people whose only crime seems to have been that it followed a religious way of life contrary to the one decreed by Rome."  Can the Church be accused of playing the role of Satan?

John in Revelation clearly states that Lucifer plays the ROLE of Satan:

Re 12:9. "And the great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent, who is called the Devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world - he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him."

He didn't say that Lucifer IS the Devil or Satan.  He said that Lucifer is CALLED the Devil and Satan.  This is much like Jesus calling Peter the Satan.

If Christ represents the Perfect Son of God, sinless and good, then how can he become the leader of any army of destruction unless he assumes the role of Satan?  Consider the following verses from the Book of Revelation:

Re 6.2: And I saw, and behold, a white horse, and its rider had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.

A comet slamming into earth could end the reign and destruction of mankind, and allow the damage humans have created to this planet to heal.   It might take a thousand years before mankind could recover.  But would such an act be regarded as evil or righteous?  And by whom?

Re 19.11: Then I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse! He who sat upon it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he judges and makes war. His eyes are like a flame of fire, and on his head are many diadems; and he has a name inscribed which no one knows but himself. He is clad in a robe dipped in blood, and the name by which he is called is The Word of God.

According to the Old Testament, a satan is also considered Faithful and True (obedient) to God.  Lucifer was allegedly disobedient, but then so too was the Prodigal Son.  And who was forgiven and accepted back into his Father's house, despite his transgressions?


A Cornet is a special type of Trumpet used to announce the Arrival of the One carrying the Standard.
Whose OneHis One.   A Cornet is but an Instrument or Device, requiring a Musician to Create Notes and Sines.

cornet2.jpg (7321 bytes)

Psalms 98: 6  With Trumpets and the sound of the Cornet (horn) make a joyful noise before the King, the Lord!

The final clue is Bruce Cornet being born at Hor-em-Akhet, or Horus on the Horizon (Sunset at 7:00 pm), the time when God comes back down to Earth.  Sunset is the end of a diurnal cycle.  It can also be considered symbolic of an end to a megacycle.  His birth date on the ancient Egyptian calendar was the day the Ennad (pantheon of gods and goddesses) was in festivity, because it was the day the hier to Egypt (and from their standpoint: the world) was established.  That is why the 31st of August has so much esoteric significance.

Hitler used this date to initiate World War II:

‘Case White’ was a most secret German document, and only five copies were made, and this top secret directive of April 1939, meant war, that is World War Two, when over 50 million were to die, and the Case White document represents all those killed (J. Miller, pers comm. 2001).


Berlin, August 31,1939

Directive No. 1 for the Conduct of the War

1. Now that all the political possibilities of disposing by peaceful means of a situation on the Eastern Frontier which is intolerable for Germany are exhausted, I have determined a solution by force.

2. The attack on Poland is to be carried out in accordance with the preparations made for Case White with the alterations which result, where the Army is concerned, from the fact that it has in the meantime almost completed it. dispositions; Allotment of tasks and the operational target remain unchanged.

Date of attack: September 1, 1939.

Time of attack: 4:45 A.M.

UH Analysis of Isis

Master Analyst and Time Keeper

"For I am the first and the last. I am the honored one and the scorned one. I am the whore and the holy one. I am the wife and the virgin.... I am the barren one, and many are her sons.... I am the silence that is incomprehensible.... I am the utterance of my name. (Thunder, Perfect Mind).

Manifest Creation is held in form by balance of 2 opposite forces of Reinforcement and Cancellation.  This is the math model of this dynamic equilibrium.  Line of analysis is the word ISIS as numbers 9-19-9-19.   These form a diamond of 2 triangles base-to-base.  Upward tringle is sum of each 2 numbers which reach a combined Peak Intersticial, intentional spelling.   Bottom triangle is differential of each 2 numbers, which result in a Base Intersticial.  When there is no digit except zero as Base Intersticial, the name or word has no imbalance to be resolved.  In this name ISIS such is the case.   Universal Harmonic diamond shown below:





56   ·   56
28   ·   28  ·   28
9   ·   19   ·   9   ·    19
10   ·   10   ·   10
0    ·    0

Decoding by like sum of each compound number is most revealing.  Words or terms of various sciences reveal information pertinent to that discipline, or point of reference.  Below is an example of this wealth of information, or Universal Harmonics.

Breakdown and analysis of the individual numbers:

  9 =

I; ADD / DAD; ACE; or as "ED" of the past tense.
    a) 19 is a cycle of our Moon.
    b) 19 is Prime, and Triangular of 190 (19 lines of iteration).
     a) 28 is a Perfect number.
     b) 28 is U7 (21 + 7), as hypernumber U7.
     a) 56 is DNA "Start" Codon.
     b) 56 is minor arcana of Tarot deck.

Analysis: Any compound number is a pair of lesser numbers which have their own meanings:

112  =    2 x 56, or 4th harmonic of 28.
112  =  28 + 84.
112  =  23 + 89 
I AM  + 89 = Unity. That would be Goddess, Universe.
..................................................end......August (or 23 August, which is 89).

- 57  =  MOON
  55  =  SKY; RED BANK; JESU
- 2

  53  is also the Mean of all these numbers.

Refinement and Mirror analysis ("as above, so below" model):

  112  =  PLANETARY
- 57  =  MOON
   55  =  RED BANK = JESU
  - 2
  53  = 
Å Mean, as center of spiral, for expansion in a spiral of growth.
   +2                         (I stop at 1st "10" encountered.)

169  =  112 + 57
69    .....16   =  P + 9 =  I  \ Pi                         (Norma's name and place)
                100 = RESOLVED, + 69 = MESSAGE / SMITH / ATLANTA
          ..... RESONANT · WHOLE
          ..... UPWARD · TRIANGLE
          ..... CREATION · COMPLETE
          ..... FEATHERED · SERPENT (Mayan)
          ..... VORTEX · CENTER
          ..... HOLY · SATURDAY

281  =  112 + 169
281 * ..... DIVINE

450  =  281 + 169
                             (formed Star of David on 23 January 1997)
¥         (45 as fractal of 450)
             45 = EAST; ABOVE; TIP / PIT; PATH; BRIDGE; EFFECT
            (50 as fractal of 450)
                      JUNE; OPEN

Special Purpose: Bruce Cornet did Moon analysis while in New Jersey (1994).
* 281  = 124  +  157
               124 = NEW JERSEY
               124 = BRUCE CORNET
               157 = MOON ANALYSIS

It can become mind boggling, all the combinations, math functions, etc.









































































y-1.jpg (1184 bytes)












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