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Anomalistic Observational Phenomena

Why call Unidentified Flying Objects AOP?  Because UFO has become synonymous with ET spaceship in the minds of the general public and the Media, and Unidentified means unidentified.  Therefore, a name change is required in order to disassociate logic and reason from fantasy and delusion.  An acceptable alternate name is Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, or UAP.

Why study AOP?  Because they exist, and most scientists refuse to study reports and literature about them for fear of being ridiculed.  That doesn't make sense.  Since when is scientific discovery ridiculous? 

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Scientists should realize that the scientific method, if combined with current technology (COTS or commercial off the shelf technology), can and will provide answers.  UFOlogy can never provide answers, because it is a failed paradigm based on anecdotes and reckless speculation.  SETV (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Visitation) was born in an attempt to fill the void of scientific ignorance with hard facts and data.

Scientific data from multiple sources of instrumentation are required to accurately identify AOP.  With each new piece of relevant data, the number of alternative explanations decreases until there is one and only one possible explanation.  Verification with recorded data is the key to changing UFO to IFO.

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Appendix II

Evidence For An Underground Magnetic Focusing System
A 420 million-year-old triangular robotic probe entombed in marine black shale - now only nine feet below the surface.

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How, When and Why I Became Involved in Researching and Investigating UAP

Recently I was asked how I had so many close encounters and sightings of UAP.  "How are you landing in the right spots to get these videos of the "TR3" or "the real thing" on your website?"   How was I able to capture sightings on time exposures or on video that other investigators rarely got first hand?  The late Dr. Ellen Crystall had similar success in filming craft in the Pine Bush area: Silent Invasion, 1991.  Most investigators, however, have not been as successful, forcing them to study second or third hand reports from others.  To date I have had about 130 encounters or sightings, most of which occurred in the states of New York and New Jersey, and many from a distance of less than 500 feet (e.g. The Transformation; The Snaking Manta Fly-By; The Cemetery Sighting: "Oh Sure!").  The vast majority of sightings occurred between 1992 and 2003 in Orange County, New York, between the towns of Pine Bush, Montgomery, and Walden.

AOP = Anomalistic Observational Phenomenon - a general overall term for something unexplainable.
UAP = Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon - preferred because it does not imply origin or source.
UFO = Unidentified Flying Object - not preferred because it has become synonymous with alien spacecraft.

    Because many of my sightings involved stealth angular craft such as FTs and the Manta Ray, some skeptics have been quick to dismiss my evidence as misidentifications of commercial or military aircraft.  For example, Amy Herbert states on The Yahoo Black Triangle E-Group (25 March 2004): "Anyone who has been following Dr. Bruce Cornet's claims and 'research' over the years would know what a flake he is. He claimed he was followed by UFO's that "communicated" with him and he went around photographing and video taping planes flying overhead calling them UFO's (you can even hear the engine sounds in one footage)." 

    Their arguments and opinions are based in part on ignorance and bias, and in part on the patterns of navigation lights, which resemble that of commercial and military aircraft.  Take for example the pattern of navigation lights for the DC-9, which commonly flew in and out of Stewart International Airport at Newburgh, NY: When compared to those of some FTs, the differences are apparent when the details are examined.

See: Frame by Frame Comparison of a DC9 and a Flying Triangle.

Ignorance of my work and data are not limited to non-scientists and housewives.  I was surprised - no shocked - that the Administrator of NIDS and members of Bigelow's Science Advisory Board (including Jacque Vallee) were mostly unaware of my research and findings when I joined NIDS as their new Deputy Administrator in January 2004, even though some of my research data had been available on the internet for as long as eight years!  Since then there has been improvement through interest and education.

    I have addressed the problem of misidentification, similarities, and differences between UAP and conventional aircraft on numerous web pages, in particular on Mimicry may be the Objective of ETI Triangular and Diamond-shaped Probes.  I have also addressed the problem of sound mimicry, and shown that UAP can project fake sounds in order to mimic the sounds of conventional turbofan engines.  However, when spectrographically analyzed, the differences are apparent.  One of the most apparent differences is the near absence of white noise (>2 kHz) as is present on all spectrograms of conventional jet engine sounds.  Most speaker systems made by humans are incapable of accurately replicating white noise due to physical vibrational limitations and power requirements above four kilohertz.  Either the FTs have a noise suppression system that significantly reduces white noise or the sound was played through a speaker system: Hence fake sound.

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Also see,, and

    Crystall and I are not unique in having had numerous and repeated sightings of UAP.  Ed (The Judge) of Spokan, Washington, has photographed many UAP near where he lives, and had many of his images published on the Jeff Rense website, while Jennifer Jarvis has an entire website (ORBWATCH) devoted to her research on UAP over Lake Ontario, Canada.  In 2003 Jennifer became aware of Ed's sightings (she was already aware of mine).  She states on one of her web pages: "A visitor to Orbwatch, who lives near Valleyford in Washington State, noticed that the events he has been observing and photographing near his home are very similar in nature to those that I have been witnessing and documenting over Lake Ontario.

    My sightings and encounters (along with those of Crystall) differ in one major respect from those of Jennifer and Ed in that the craft would come to me in the field and sometimes pace my car along the highway or along farm roads, traveling below 500 feet altitude for miles.  In addition, the types of craft I saw were commonly triangular or diamond-shaped when their silhouettes could be made out against the night sky.  Typically they put on performances for my cameras and for those of visiting television producers, and traveled across state borders to visit me in Red Bank, NJ, where I lived at the time: See A Performance over Red Bank.  Also see The Escort.  These aspects of my encounters are difficult for people to accept who are not familiar with the phenomenon, causing them to be sarcastic and even insulting.  But what most casual readers of my websites commonly miss are the details on various web pages which give meaning and understanding to what happened to me.  Perhaps the most important detail (highlighted in blue below) is presented on my web page called, The Cydonia II Report: Introduction.

...."Some areas yielded unexpected unnatural magnetic anomalies that cannot be attributed to human cultural activity, such as buried electrical lines, pipes, etc. (figures: [3][4][5][6][7][8][9]). Using a proton magnetometer at and around the Jewish Cemetery along Rt. 52 between Pine Bush and Walden, NY (Figure 3), I detected intermittent magnetic signals at two locations (Figure 4: stations #1 and #2). Dr. Crystall (1991) reported an unusual amount of paranormal activity and AOP sightings at and around the Jewish Cemetery, which is what led me to begin my magnetic survey there. For example, Dr. Crystall and four other people witnessed a triangular AOP hovering above the cemetery (illustrated in her book), and it is within and around the cemetery that she photographed unusual "Tesla" globes of unknown origin. Her book illustrates a photograph of a 2 x 3 foot "pod mark" which she claims was caused by a craft that had landed inside the cemetery fence (Crystall, 1991: Fig. 2). Station #1 is located next to the entrance to the cemetery, and anomalous signals were first detected there on 14 June 1992. While trying to obtain a stable natural measurement for the Earth's magnetic field in that location, I got back repeated anomalous magnetic spikes 11,000 gammas above what they should have been (Figure 5). I took measurements every ten seconds for eight minutes, and found only two measurements close to normal during that entire time interval! At first I thought that the instrument was malfunctioning, or that I was picking up surges in the electrical lines across the road. When measurements along Albany Post Road also contained these regular repetitious spikes (see base map A), I became concerned that I would not be able to conduct a magnetic survey. I took the magnetometer back to Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory and had it checked out. It checked out just fine. The instrument was operating normally and accurately.

    "When I returned to the valley and began taking more measurements on 16 June, I got normal stable measurements at all my stations. I then began my survey, having to go back to areas that I had measured previously. The second time areas that had initially recorded anomalous signals all gave normal reproducible measurements. On 18 June 1992 at 8:02 p.m., however, something extraordinary happened. I was shot with an electromagnetic beam device as I took readings along side Albany Post Rd. The incident occurred at Station # 21 (see Map A) next to a large open field about 0.2 miles south of Bruyn Rd. After I had taken a few normal measurements, a shot rang out and I felt a sting on my lower left chest. I had just pressed the button to take another measurement on the portable computer hanging from my neck. When the reading came up it was 500 gammas below normal! I saw my shirt move in and out where I was hit. Since I did not see a hole nor saw any blood appear on my shirt, I calmly collected my equipment and put it back into my truck. When I got home I checked my chest and found a large round brown bruise with yellow rim the size of a quarter on my lower chest opposite my left kidney. The skin was indented like a concave dish and there was a small red dot at its center. After that event whenever I came out into the field at night I would be greeted by unusual lights rising from adjacent fields. Had I been tagged with a tracking device like we tag wild animals? I do not know, but whatever happened it soon became apparent that I was now being watched by more than the local residents. Nothing anomalous shows up on x-rays of the involved area of my body.

    "My unannounced presence in the area apparently caused the shut down of most underground transmissions, or limited them to times when I was not there. I went back to the cemetery and took measurements all around the area, but found nothing out of the ordinary, except under the electrical lines across the road. I frequently went back to old stations in order to verify previous readings. But on 13 September 1992 when I re-measured Station #1 at the cemetery entrance, I found it to be "alive" with anomalous signals (figures [6][7][8][9]). Using two sensors on my Proton Magnetometer, one at either end of a long aluminum pole, I was able to determine orientation of the signals. First I oriented the pole vertically and took a sequence of 39 measurements (Figure 6). Most measurements were taken every five to ten seconds. The computer on the magnetometer recorded each measurement and assigned to it a sequential number and the Julian time, to the nearest second, at which the measurement was taken. Then I oriented the pole horizontally in a direction perpendicular to Rt. 52, and took another sequence of measurements (Figure 7). Finally, I oriented the pole parallel to Rt. 52 in a horizontal position (Figure 8). This procedure was repeated for every station indicated on the map layout in Figure 3. When I was near an underground transmitter all three orientations registered significant magnetic anomalies. When I was more than ten paces from an underground signal source (my pace is 3.2 feet or one meter), only the horizontal orientation towards the source detected the signal (Figure 9), while the other orientations gave me background readings (Figure 10). The further the distance from the source I was, the weaker the signal strength as measured by the number of anomalous spikes and their intensity. Two transmitters spaced about 465 feet apart were identified and located, while a third was provisionally located in a triad position (Figure 4). The third signal source was much weaker than the others as if it represented a neutral balance. What I had detected was an intelligent pattern of signals coming not from space to Earth, but from Earth going out into space! Shades of the new movie, The Arrival, starring Charlie Sheen."

Let's go back to the question: How was I landing in the right spots to get those videos?

    Many times events happen in life because of the choices we make.  No one prior to my involvement had taken a Precession Proton Magnetometer into the field to map magnetic anomalies near Pine Bush.  As I stated above, when I began taking magnetic measurements on 14 June 1992 along Rt. 52 and Albany Post Road with Patricia Huff, the data for each site contained numerous recurring magnetic spikes thousands of gammas above background levels.  The next time I went out into the field (18 June), all measurements were normal (i.e. at background levels). 

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    My unannounced presence in the area may have caused the shut down of most underground transmissions, or limited them to times when I was not there.  If I had tried taking similar measurements on any military reservation, I would have attracted a lot of negative human attention.  But the area between Pine Bush, Montgomery, Walden, and Wallkill is mostly private land.  I caught some group off guard and briefly stopped their activity.  Initially, they wanted to know who I was and why I was there taking measurements.  Once they found out, they wanted to use me.  Not to seem egotistical, but the best explanation I can think of that makes any sense is that I was chosen or selected for interaction and exchange, perhaps for my education (three degrees, including a Ph.D.), attitude, and open mind (unusual for a scientist), or for my interest in the phenomenon (curiosity), initiative (I did what few other scientists would do), courage, and persistence in the field (three years to complete a 200 square mile magnetic survey).  Ellen Crystall had prior contact with them, but she was not prepared (or educated) to handle the evidence scientifically.  From what I can tell, most scientists are incapable of accepting or unwilling to handle this kind of evidence.

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First issue of Encounters magazine, 1995.

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