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Anomalistic Observational Phenomena

Why call Unidentified Flying Objects AOP?  Because UFO has become synonymous with ET spaceship in the minds of the general public and the Media, and Unidentified means unidentified.  Therefore, a name change is required in order to disassociate logic and reason from fantasy and delusion.  An acceptable alternate name is Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, or UAP.

Why study AOP?  Because they exist, and most scientists refuse to study reports and literature about them for fear of being ridiculed.  That doesn't make sense.  Since when is scientific discovery ridiculous? 

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Scientists should realize that the scientific method, if combined with current technology (COTS or commercial off the shelf technology), can and will provide answers.  UFOlogy can never provide answers, because it is a failed paradigm based on anecdotes and reckless speculation.  SETV (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Visitation) was born in an attempt to fill the void of scientific ignorance with hard facts and data.

Scientific data from multiple sources of instrumentation are required to accurately identify AOP.  With each new piece of relevant data, the number of alternative explanations decreases until there is one and only one possible explanation.  Verification with recorded data is the key to changing UFO to IFO.

Links to Web Pages on the Subject
by Cornet and Others

MI Home Page

Sirius Onion Works

Media History 1993 to Present

New Web Pages 2019-2020

Joe Foster MUFON Zoom presentation on Cydonia II Report and Mars Anomalies

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Esoteric Notes: The Original Sin

Unconventional Aerial Phenomena in the Hudson and Wallkill River Valley of New York

Unconventional Aerial Phenomenon in the Wallkill River Valley of New York, Appendix I

Evidence For An Underground Magnetic Focusing System, Appendix II

Dr. Bruce Maccabee - Observations of Extreme Acceleration of UAP

Manta Ray Sightings

A Performance over Red Bank, NJ - 1997

If Here, How Would ETI Communicate? - 1993

Manta Ray fires its multi-colored strobes - 1997

Manta Ray Performs for Skywatch Group - 1994

Mimicry may be the Objective of ETI Triangular and Diamond-shaped Probes - 2000

New Manta Ray Sighting Over New York - 2003

The Cemetery Sighting: "Oh sure!" - 1992

The Manta Ray - 1993

The Performance - 1993

The Snaking Manta Fly-By - 1995

Weird Sound defies Doppler law - 1996

Reversed Doppler - 2004

Creationists think that humans walked with dinosaurs, but are there alternative explanations? - 2002

Flying Wing 'Air'ship "STINGRAY"

Evidence that the picture of the Stingray was taken over this Military Reservation

Other Sightings

Wellsite Abduction in Front of Drilling Crew - 1981

Shot, Implanted, and Tracked by Aliens? - 1992

Massenutten Mountain Abduction - 1993

Antigravity Run-About Pretending to Be a Set of Traffic Lights - 1998

A Continuing History of Sightings of Triangular-shaped Craft in the Wallkill River Valley of New York State

A Critical Analysis of the Orb Phenomenon by Bruce Maccabee

Argues Cornet: Ufology succeeds at failure

Cornet Answers The Skeptics: The Landings

Do Large Airplanes Land in Farm Fields at Night?

Dozens of AOP Converge on Hill and Disappear into Ground

Equipment and Instruction for Investigating AOP Scientifically

Estimate of the Situation 2000: The Black Triangles by Harv Howard (c) 2000

False Airplanes and Aircraft Mimics

FT over Richmond, VA - Video by Carl Lynch

Another Performance. This time the Manta Ray comes to my home in Red Bank, NJ.

It's Happening Again!

Mystery C-5 Disappearing Act

No Paul, That's Not Correct!

Plasma Orbs

Reports of Westchester Wing sightings in 1984-1985 as it passed 150 feet above witnesses!

Special Agent 707

Spectacular Pictures of an American Airlines Jetliner Making an Erroneous Landing Attempt in a Farmers Field

The 6 August '92 mini-Flap over Orange County, New York

The Ascent

The Escort

The Experiment

The Illusion

The Laser Beam AOP Encounter

The Pine Bush Boomerang

The Signal

The Transformation

Unusual Phenomena Recorded at Jewish Cemetery

Alien Technology in a Wooden Pyramid in North Carolina

Stone Chambers in southeastern New York State

Review of Lost History of the Little People by Dr. Susan B. Martinez, plus Multiple Ice Age Theory

Cub Scout Diary of Bruce Cornet from 1953 to 1956

Webpage Presentations

Unconventional Aircraft and Their Performances:

Sirius Onion Works BUFOD website

BUFOD Home Page

Volume I, AOP Activity within Orange County, New York

Volume II, The Cydonia II Report, the Earth-Mars Connection, The Face Lift

Volume II, The Original Report (1996-1998), Abstract and Introduction

Age of Cydonia I Complex on Mars based on Continental Drift

Artificial Nature of D&M Pyramid

Volume III, A Continuing History of Sightings of Triangular-Shaped Craft in the Wallkill River Valley of New York State

Volume IV, The Performance (1998)


Hisstory Channel UFO Vortexes

History Channel documentary appeared on 26 March 2008: UFO Vortexes

Appendix II

Evidence For An Underground Magnetic Focusing System
A 420 million-year-old triangular robotic probe entombed in marine black shale - now only nine feet below the surface.

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