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Scientific Publications of Bruce Cornet (1973-2007)

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Cornet was featured on Gateways (UFO Vortexes), on the History Channel on 26 March 2008.

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Bruce Cornet with Bruce Maccabee and Ted Acworth for a History Channel shoot in Stevenville, TX.

A possible alien triangular robotic probe has been discovered entombed in Ordovician rocks (450 million years old) under the Beth Hillel Cemetery, near Pine Bush, NY.  It is only seven feet below the current erosional surface.  It has been reactivated and is actively sending out signals into space.  The History Channel initially planned on doing a documentary on this amazing find, but backed out at the last minute.  Instead the show focussed on UFO Vortexes.

The Vortex

28 April 1993

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Four Criteria the History Channel Recognizes for UFO Vortexes.

  1. Sacred. The site is considered sacred or hallowed, and is frequently marked with ancient monuments.

  2. Energy. There is an energy field in the area that differs from the surrounding countryside.

  3. History. There is a long term and ongoing history of UFO sightings or other anomalous experiences.

  4. Military. There is always a military presence nearby.

Go to Evidence: for documentation of these four criteria near Pine Bush, NY.

The Incredible World of Dr. Bruce Cornet by Alexander Zikas

PowerPoint Presentations with movies

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New Manta Ray Video

Shot and Implanted

1981 Wellsite Abduction

1993 Massenutten Mountain Abduction

Search for Extraterrestrial Visitation (SETV)

SETV publications and links new

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Spaceship-shaped office building along
Montana Ave. at Hueco Tanks Rd.
  Sharon and Bruce Cornet, Inn of the Mountain Gods, Mescalaro Apache Indian Reservation. Eagle feather given to the newly weds by Kathy and Gervis Pesos of the Apache Reservation.

He does not live in the spaceship-shaped office building along Montana Ave.

Bruce Cornet is now living on the Western edge of Texas next to Mexico and the Rio Grande River.  He used to live in the desert near Hueco Tanks Park,  35 miles West of El Paso, TX.




         Table of Contents

Yellowstone Alert


Letter from a Soldier in Iraq

Attack on America

Never Forget

World In Distress

Jason Leigh - remember our Vets
World in Crisis
The Do Or Die (DODO) Mentality


List of Cornet's Scientific Publications Online
Backup list of Cornet's scientific publications at Tripod

Mass Extinctions

Enlarged Models of Foraminifera

Angiosperm Evolution
     * The Controversy and Darwin's Abominable Mystery
     * Fossil Evidence (?) for the Parasitic Family Balanophoraceae
     * Early Dicot Stem Anatomy and Leaf Morphology
For the Serious Researcher
     * Sanmiguelia lewisii
Upper Cretaceous Paleobotany
Triassic Palynology of North America
Jurassic Freshwater Fishes
Jurassic Pollen and Fishes
Early Jurassic Flora
Jurassic Cheirolepidaceae


A New Theory on Lightening
The Universe as a Hologram
Near Miss with a Comet Fragment
On Being A Scientist
How Attitudes Become Changed
On Evolution

Physics and Convergent Evolution
The Crinopolles Group - Fossil Microevolution

Esoteric Notes

Forbidden Knowledge
Where Heavens Meet Website

Par anormal

News - talks, presentations, reports, and new web pages

THE TRICKSTER and the PARANORMAL by George Hansen
BIGFOOT - new sightings or reports
SETV- (SETI) - the scientific method of investigation
Experimental Tactical Platform - equipment and procedures
Orbs - Flash Photography of Proximate Particulate Matter - the controversy
Orbwatch - orbs of the AOP kind
New Manta Ray video from New York - 20 August 2003
The Pine Bush Boomerang - one of ours?
USAF Cloaking Device? - not an illusion
UAP, AOP, FT, UFO - marginal phenomena (at the edge)

Table of Contents - AOP
Discovery Channel

Aircraft Safety - Instrument Failure
Aircraft Mimicry
    * False Airplanes

    * FT over Richmond. VA
FTs or Flying Triangles

Crop Circles and the UFO Codebook - marginal phenomena (crossing over)
Abducted - marginal phenomena (over the edge)
Shot and Implanted - explanation and documentation NEW



Botany class
Cydonia II - the original report
Geology of Goshen - Greenwood Lake Area
Reversed Doppler Effect

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Bruce Cornet at dinosaur track (Eubrontes) site in upper Whitmore Point Mbr., Moenave Fm., southwestern Utah.

Big Sneeze

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