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Here I explore the meanings of myths, legends, and lores as their authors and promoters related them to us.
The concepts behind these stories make up the basis for the following discussions and arguments.
Continue to remind yourself that myths and legends do not represent historical facts,
but they may refer to or implicate truths which are not self evident.
Who was controlling and stoking these myths?
I provide examples for the astute.

So, what do all these clues tell us?

They tell us that Bonnie knew a lot more than she was willing to reveal to Cornet until after she returned to Spirit. Jim Forberg, Bonnie's former business partner (see The Passion of Bonnie), related: "I looked deeply into Bonnies eyes one time when we were particularly close and said that her eyes were so dark that I could see the Universe in there. She replied, "There is more than that in there."" Combined with the information in GenIsis, the clues tell us:

So, why is this information important?  After all, isn't it just ancient Egyptian or religious mythology, which has no relevance today?

Incorrect.  Jesus Christ is not just the analog of Horus, but a new name for Horus.  The Christian story was adopted largely from Egyptian mythology by the Greeks, modified, and reborn as a new religion. 

"Contrary to popular belief, there was no single man at the genesis of Christianity but many characters rolled into one, the majority of whom were personifications of the ubiquitous solar myth, whose exploits were well known, as reflected by such popular deities as Mithra, Heracles/Hercules, Dionysus and many others throughout the Roman Empire and beyond." (Acharya S., 2000).

"The Christian religion and Masonry have one and the same common origin: Both are derived from the worship of the Sun. The difference between their origin is, that the Christian religion is a parody on the worship of the Sun, in which they put a man whom they call Christ, in the place of the Sun, and pay him the same adoration which was originally paid to the Sun."  Thomas Paine

Akhnaton (who some think was Moses) was largely responsible for starting the trend towards One Egyptian God and Christianity.  The Gnostics knew this (the Gnostic Gospels contain numerous Egyptian scriptures), which made them a threat to the early Orthodox Church, which became the Catholic Church.  Despite the decline in religious belief in the West due to science and agnosticism, our religious heritage still plays a major part in who we are and how we think.

The Egyptian Serpent represents duality, and is the Jewish/Christian equivalent of Satan.  It is through the seed of the Serpent that humankind allegedly acquired intelligence and awareness of good and evil.  But in order for the Son of Isis to have that same intelligence and awareness, he too needed the seed of the Serpent.  Because Jesus is the new name for Horus, he too must possess the nature of duality.  He too must have the capacity for good and evil (read the Book of Revelation if you disagree).  The only difference is that, like the Catholic Church during the Medieval Ages, if you act like Satan in the name of God, you are innocent and free of sin.  And if you are the recognized Son of God, you can commit no sin.  It all depends on who makes the rules, doesn't it?  Or does it?

The Severed Hand story, representing Lucifer and his banishment from heaven, is a fallacy, because it leads people to think that Lucifer/Satan is separate from God and therefore can be vanquished, as opposed to controlled.  But Christ and Lucifer represent the positive and negative poles of the cosmic life circuit, and for Christ to vanquish Lucifer, the Serpent must swallow its tail completely to the point of reabsorbing His universe back into Himself.  For Christ to control Lucifer, the flow of energy must always be from negative to positive (tail to head), not the reverse (the same is true for us, the seeds of the Serpent).  When the reverse occurs, the Serpent becomes unraveled and its venomous potential is unleashed (resulting in baptism in fire).

If you don't think that negative Serpent behavior and violence are part and parcel to Christian doctrine, to the extent that the intentional uncoiling of the Serpent is acceptable to the Pope, consider the following statements taken from the Jesuit Oath: (a Holy acknowledgement of the unbroken connection between Christ and Lucifer).

"I furthermore promise and declare that I will, when opportunity presents, make and wage relentless war, secretly or openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Liberals, as I am directed to do, to extirpate and exterminate them from the face of the whole earth; and that I will spare neither age, sex or condition; and that I will hang, waste, boil, flay, strangle and bury alive these infamous heretics, rip up the stomachs and wombs of their women and crush their infants' heads against the walls, in order to annihilate forever their execrable race. That when the same cannot be done openly, I will secretly use the poisoned cup, the Strangulating cord, the steel of the poniard or the leaden bullet, regardless of the honor, rank, dignity, or authority of the person or persons, whatever may be their condition in life, either public or private, as I at any time may be directed so to do by any agent of the Pope or Superior of the Brotherhood of the Holy Faith, of the Society of Jesus."

By their own words,

Jesus = the Cross of Lorraine = Satan

What other evidence is there that Satanic violence is the invisible eel hiding in the Christian watery abyss?  Excerpt from The Alphabet Versus the Goddess, The Conflict Between Word and Image by Leonard Shlain (1998, p. 259-260).


"After Christianity became Rome's state religion, Church fathers ordered the destruction of images. Zealous believers ran amok in the streets, sledge hammers and knives in hand, attacking painstakingly crafted statuary and paintings that represent two millennia of classical culture. They destroyed the works of Praxiteles, Pheidias, and Lysippus. Impassioned Christians were probably responsible for knocking the nose off the Sphinx and the arms off the Venus de Milo. Those engaged in marble smashing and image slashing made no distinction between religious statues and the likenesses of prominent Romans. Why did the Church fathers order the landscape cleared not only of images of pagan deities but of all images of anything? For the same reason that Moses declared images subversive: in order for a left-brained written message to dominate, images, perceived by the right brain, must be effaced.

"Women's rights were also attacked, even though women had comprised a majority of early Christians. In the beginning, alongside men, women had conducted all important ceremonies and frequently led congregations in prayer. They nurtured the new Church, bequeathed their fortunes to it, proselytized for it, and even, not uncommonly, gave their lives for it. Since this new Church was based on feminine principles, it should have followed that women would continue to play a central role in it, and they did -- until the spoken word of Jesus was transcribed. Once Jesus' oral message was codified in ink, women found themselves reduced to second class status.

"As the New Testament grew in stature, women's rights were curtailed and imagery was eliminated. In 380 the temple of Isis at Philoe was closed. In 391, the temple of Artemis at Ephesus was sacked. In 390, a mob under the direction of Theophilus attacked and burned the library in Alexandria because it contained pagan classics. In 425, Theodosius II closed all synagogues in Palestine. In 529, Justinian ordered the Academy of Athens disbanded. Christianity a religion originally based on loving tolerance, had become tyrannically intolerant.

"In the spring of 415, an episode occurred that epitomized the portentous change in women's fortunes. Hypatia was a renown woman mathematician and head of the Neoplatonist school of philosophy in the cosmopolitan city of Alexandria. As such, she was the leading advocate of the Orphic creed. Her modesty, beauty, and eloquence attracted a large number of pupils of both sexes, and she exemplified wisdom, learning and science. Cyril, Alexandria's Christian patriarch, resented her position and influence. One day as she was passing through the streets, he had a group of Nitrian monks ambush her and drag her from her carriage. They took her to a church, where she was stripped and spread-eagled. The monks tortured her to death by scraping her flesh from her bones with oyster shells, and then tore her corpse apart. This torture and mutilation echoed the frenzy of the mythical maenads rendering their male victims. With the steep ascension of a patriarchal paradigm based on an alphabetic text, both the maenads and their sacrificial victim had changed gender."

So, how does this relate to the real world?  Do religion and myth have any basis in science and fact?

In The Bible Code Myth, Preface, Heiser (2001) states: "To say that Michael Drosnin's The Bible Code captured the attention of the reading public would be an understatement. Not only did the book rocket to bestseller status, but interest in Drosnin's thesis - that the Torah (the first five books of the Hebrew Bible, which Christian’s refer to as the "Old Testament") contains a secret code that encapsulates both past and future human knowledge - has not waned in the wake of sometimes withering criticism.  In fact, the opposite appears to be the case, as both proponents and critics have continued to weigh in on whether or not the Torah actually preserves a cryptic key to discerning things far future with respect to its own creation."

1126786a.gif (13640 bytes)

"Two tenets of Christian evangelicalism are the belief in the inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible.  The first term refers to the teaching that the Bible, as originally composed by human beings over long periods of time, is also the product of the sovereign oversight of a God interested in revealing truth to humanity.  The second term is a logical corollary to the first: that this same God saw to it that the written product was error-free at the point the initial composition process was concluded. Hence conservative Christianity's belief that the Bible, as originally produced in its final form, is the product of both God and human beings.  These two doctrines notwithstanding, orthodox Christian theology has never held that God promised to guarantee a flawless transmission of the text of the Bible.  God entrusted this work to fallible humans – and fail they did."

"The historical transmission of the Hebrew text of the Torah, scribal mistakes in manuscripts, and the actual commentary on the manuscript transmission process by the scribes themselves ALL unequivocally testify that the preservation of the every-letter sequence of Hebrew letters is uncertain."

Chapter 3 - To Err is Human: The Imperfection of Manuscript Transmission

There is some evidence that an historical Jesus existed, and yet even this concept has been astutely challenged by Acharya S. in her book, The Christ Conspiracy, the greatest story ever sold.  Even if Jesus as a human existed, New Testament accounts can hardly be taken as accurate biographical data.  That does not mean that these accounts are fictitious, only that there is no factual evidence in support of their veracity.  The controversy over an alleged code discovered in the Hebrew Torah and its debunking by Heiser (2001) are case and point.  If the Shroud of Turin is authentic, then indeed it would strongly support the existence of a man called Jesus, who died on a cross in the Middle East.  But there is more to the problem of authentification if all possible factors are not considered, such as the authors of ancient myths and legends, especially the ones who led men to create a template for an enormous invisible Temple in the Valley of Rennes, France.  Clearly there is something else going on here that requires information from outside normal parameters or sources.

Myths Involving Substitute Male Sperm Donors

Christians generally understand and accept the following idea: Eve was seduced by the Serpent and ate the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.  However, what is generally not accepted (or taught) is that Eve is another name for Isis, and the fruit is symbolic of becoming pregnant.  The fruit (e.g. apple) is analogous to the womb, since the womb protects and nurtures the egg while the fruit protects and nurtures the seed.  Another missed interpretation of the Garden of Eden story is that Adam is not the father of humankind.  That is because the Serpent made Eve pregnant.  And thus the Garden of Eden story is but another rendition or version of the Isis-Osiris-Set story, however cleverly disguised by changing the names of the innocent.  And ever since then the truth has been flaunted in the face of humans through the seductive imagery of the snake.

lilith1.jpg (10906 bytes)

The Mary-Jesus-Joseph story is similar to the Garden of Eden story and the Osiris-Set-Isis myth, given that Joseph is not the biological father of Jesus.  Mary was allegedly impregnated by God (New Testament version) or by a distant relative of the celestial (extraterrestrial) son, Rasiel, who was the guardian angel of the secret knowledge (Talmud of Jmmanuel, 1:81).

Thus, both biblical stories (Bible and Talmud) support what I have said above: Jesus and humankind both had fathers from the same bloodline, the bloodline of the Serpent.  But who or what is the Serpent?  We know that biological reproduction requires DNA donors, and cannot be based on DNA from anyone other than compatible donors.  That excludes snakes and spirits and aliens.  Keep in mind that with the evolution of religion, our gods have become more human, until finally Jesus became born as one of us.

So, what genetic evidence is there which would support or corroborate the late arrival of a male sperm donor?

The recent genetic discoveries in the search for genetic Adams and Eves (Tracking 'Adam' and 'Eve') might be evidence that history has been recorded in mythology:

The Egyptian and Garden of Eden stories/myths portray Isis/Eve as living with a mate (Osiris for Isis; Adam for Eve), but in both cases they became pregnant by a different male (Set in the case for Isis; Serpent in the case for Eve).  In both cases the pregnancy came after any marriage or union, implying that the Male seed came significantly later than the origin of the Female.  The Mary-Jesus-Joseph story is quite similar, except that the male sperm donor is neither humanoid nor snake-like, but divine spirit.  In each progressive account, the male donor becomes more shrouded in mystery and less visible, while the derived Son of God becomes more human.  This progression can be interpreted as modification with cultural and/or religious evolution.

In order to explain the 84,000 year discrepancy between Eve and Adam, Jorn Barger (In search of Genetic Eves and Adams, 2000) offers some interesting speculation, which I reproduce here:

So, who or what is the Serpent?  And how does the answer relate to Jesus?

Most esoteric knowledge is available, but only as pieces to a puzzle which has to be assembled.  Knowing if you have assembled the pieces correctly is the trick.

caduceus2.jpg (4819 bytes)

By Nora Amrani
By Nora Amrani
November, 1998

The Caduceus is one of the most ancient of symbols.

The answer to the Serpent mystery has been all but spelled out in this essay.  I have written about the resemblance of the Serpent to the male penis, and it's ability to become erect.  I have written about the Serpent being a symbol of female power, and how the goddess was suppressed by the Christian Church and demonized in order to hide its true meaning.

James Muir Web Site

caduceusstlouis-c85.jpg (35248 bytes)

I have written about the Keeper of the Serpent or Ophiuchus, the Greek god of Medicine.  I have written about the Caduceus as a symbol of Ophiuchus, which combines Serpents and Staff, with Angels Wings forming a Cross at the top.

right and left
handed spirals
thmb18.jpg (7009 bytes)

But now let's consider a new and radical interpretation of the Caduceus:

The Catholic Church's opposition to birth control may be an esoteric affirmation of this interpretation.

The concept of eternal reincarnation might be threatening to most Christians, because it counters the doctrine of divine reward for good behavior (i.e. eternal life in heaven).  It also implies that we must suffer unending cycles of corporal existence (i.e. punishment) in order to achieve eternal life.  Such a concept would be difficult for the Church to sell to its flock.  Therefore, the Church intentionally removed most references to reincarnation from the Bible in order to make the sting of death a one time ordeal, but it added the concept of an eternity in Hell as a consequence of unforgiven sinful behavior.  And where is Hell?  Isn't it where Satan rules: Earth?  Why is Hell depicted below ground?  Because that is where dead bodies are placed and from where our fears of death arise as ghosts.  Why is Hell hidden from view and depicted as a subterranean world?  Because we couldn't possibly face the truth.  The Church also had to associate Christ with Perfection and humanity with imperfection.  Moreover, it had to then introduce the doctrine of Divine Grace, or forgiveness, but forgiveness of what?  SIN, or the Serpent IN us, something that is inherent in our being and which cannot be removed (cf. Saint Augustine's Confessions).  Ironic, isn't it that existence in the flesh could have such polar (bad and good) consequences, but then that is the nature of the Serpent.  The only way to break the cycle of reincarnation is through ascension to a higher vibrational level, and that requires unconditional love and forgiveness.

The entwined Serpents in the Caduceus have been compared to the DNA double helix by others, although it is an inaccurate portrayal of the double helix.  A correct depiction of the double helix is given below.  However, to my knowledge, no one has adequately explained the left- and right-handed symmetry of the intertwined serpents in the Caduceus.  It has been assumed by scientists and doctors that any resemblance to DNA is purely coincidental, and not an indication that our ancestors knew about DNA or its code, which were first officially identified by Watson and Crick only in the last Century.

   from Tracking 'Adam' and 'Eve'                right handed spiral

ancestors.jpg (7447 bytes)

dnalog.gif (2048 bytes)

Biblical Misconception

Reptilian Temptress with two tails SS: from BR 08/99
left handed spiral

reptemp2.jpg (40843 bytes)

Painting from Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel fresco depicting the Fall.

Behold, I was brought forth in iniquity, and in sin did my mother conceive me.
Psalm 51:5

Man that is born of woman is of few days, and full of trouble...Who can bring a clean thing out of an unclean? There is not one. Job 14:1 & 4; RSV

"Many people today deny the reality of original sin. Modern thinkers claim that evolution disproves it. Some object to the idea of inheriting sin from our parents, while others simply deny sin itself.  Some Christians claim that the Bible never teaches it and so on. However G.K. Chesterton while still an Anglican wrote in his book, Orthodoxy, that original sin is the most obvious of all Christian doctrines. According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC), the doctrine of original sin is in some sense the reverse side of the doctrine of Redemption (CCC 389)." (Original Sin).

"Clearly, Augustine’s authority notwithstanding, the doctrine is in crisis, a crisis different in kind from the challenge that secular modernity hurls at the totality of the Christian message." (Original Sin: A Disputation).

"As author Susan L. Greiner points out, Eve's longstanding reputation as a temptress derives not from the Hebrew Bible but from the extrabiblical texts known as pseudepigrapha, which date as early as the second century B.C. "Blending the original Genesis account with the noncanonical seduction stories," Greiner writes, "authors and artists turned sex into a sin and Eve into a sexual temptress, the ancestress of witchery, the root of evil and the cause of the Fall." (Greiner, 1999, Did Eve Fall or was she Pushed?).

An Original Twist to an Old Sin

The answer implied by the medical Caduceus, however, is that the Serpent represents Inserted DNA via genetic engineering through artificial conception.  And what is the implication for Jesus?  He too received a similar insertion of foreign (uncorrupted) DNA from the same extraterrestrial bloodline responsible for the "original sin."  The "original sin" was not committed by Adam or Eve, or being born a woman, or being born a human, or being seduced by the Serpent in the Garden of Eden, but rather the intentional interference by an extraterrestrial race in the evolution of a humanoid life form on this planet, a violation of any Prime Directive and a certain qualification for the title, Fallen Angel.  The double SS symbol is a direct reference to the DNA double helix.  In the statue below the double SS is not only inverted, but also reversed.

From Rosslyn Chapel - a Templar legacy - Serpent rope backwards 'S's around fallen angel
(Wallace-Murphy, 1993)
left handed spiral

fallen3.jpg (16542 bytes)

The best place to hide something is in plain view.

DNA of all life on this planet has a right-handed spiral. The implication of the medical Caduceus is for both a right-handed and a left-handed spiral.  The Fallen Angel above is shown with a left-handed spiral of the rope, as is the Serpent female with two tails in the Sistine Chapel fresco higher on this page.  Could this mean that the ET race involved in providing us with intellect (through enhanced brain structure and chemistry) came from a world where their DNA has a left-handed spiral?  The constant reference to Christ being at the Right Hand of God may in fact be a disguised reference to our DNA configuration, whereas the Serpent would be positioned at the Left Hand (side) of God.  Wood (1986) thought that the Severed Hand myth referred to the Right Hand of the Goddess Isis, but if the Extended Pentagram is facing the observer, the Severed Hand would fall off her Left Hand, complementing the story of Lucifer and his Fallen Angels being cast down to Earth.

Note that the phrase 'being left handed' sometimes is meant as a reference to being deceptive.  Bonnie frequently referred to her ambidextrous ability, and proved to this writer's satisfaction that she could write simultaneously and equally using both her right and left hands, composing complete and different sentences with each hand.  If this was an intentional clue she was giving, it might have been an indirect reference to right- and left-handed isomers. Isomers are chemical compounds that have the same molecular formula.  'Isos' is Greek for 'equal', and 'Iso' is another name for Isis, implying equality.  Left- and Right-handed DNA, if identical in molecular formula and connectivity, would be called StereoIsomers.  They cannot be interconverted by rotation of bonds between atoms.  If an isomeric difference exists between ET and human DNA, direct genetic reproduction between these species is impossible.  Only through the mirror modification of the human genome in a laboratory could the transfer of ET genetic traits (not genes) be accomplished.  A new human species would have to be created.  It could be called a hybrid, but one where only a selected number of genes were added and/or modified.  The alien abduction phenomenon and its surrogate mother counterpart that have received so much attention in the last decade or two may actually be an intentional revelation of this process, and an indication of how it worked in the past to create the Nephilim.

Whose Sin: Nephilim or ET?

A persistent problem for both theologians and scientists has been the references to human-like beings called the "sons of God" (traditionally interpreted as angels), sent to Earth to mate with the daughters of men.  The word used for their offspring is Nephilim, which in Hebrew means "fallen ones" or "his ones" or "those who fell." (In the King James version of the Bible, Nephilim is translated as "giants").   Authors such as Sitchin use this term for the "sons of God" or extraterrestrials, rather than for their children.  The Genesis verses are ambiguous enough that either interpretation is arguable (Lewis, 1995).  If the Talmud of Jmmanuel is correct, and Mary was impregnated by a distant descendant of the celestial son, Rasiel, then depending on how you interpret parents and offspring, Rasiel, his descendants, and Jesus all could be called Nephilim.

When men began to multiply on the face of the ground, and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were fair; and they took to wife such of them as they chose. Gen 6:1-2

The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. These were the mighty men that were of old, men of renown. Gen 6:4

"According to Jewish legend, these fallen angels came from the ranks of the Grigori ("Watchers"), a superior order of angels whose proper place is either the 5th or 2nd heaven. They were said to look like human beings (except much larger), to never sleep, and to be forever silent. While there were both good and bad Grigori, most extant lore revolves around the evil Watchers who copulated with human women." (Lewis, 1995: p. 32).

angelicconspiracy.gif (3986 bytes)

"The Bible explains where Satan currently resides, and connects him with forces in the atmosphere. . . Paul says we wrestle not with flesh and blood, but with principalities and powers, with wicked spirits in high places, literally, "in the heavens" "in the aerial regions" Eph.6:12. Hence Satan is called "the prince of the Power of the air" "the prince of the aerial host" Eph.2:2. The confederation of rebel angels is seated in the atmospheric heaven in the spaces above and around our world. This fundamental of scripture contradicts many traditional concepts of "hell" as the domain of the devil and his minions. King David recognized this fully when he wrote:

"For who in the sky (the atmosphere),
shall be ranked with Jehovah,
who among the sons of the mighty
is like Jehovah? Psalm 89:6

Enters Science Stage Right: The human genome is so similar to that of chimpanzees and other primates that there is no doubt that primates represent the ancestral stock for human evolution.  Because the difference in genetic makeup between chimpanzees and humans is so small (~1%), and race differences between humans cannot be resolved using current genetic techniques, for an extraterrestrial to produce viable offspring with humans would require that the extraterrestrial be human.  Computer technology has taught us that without PERFECTION, CODE will not FUNCTION properly or at all, and that includes the DNA code.  SETI scientists and engineers have hotly debated the possible nature and characteristics of ET, generally agreeing that it is astronomically improbable that a carbon copy of the human genome could evolve independently on another planet, given all the possible variations and permutations of planetary evolution, the intervention of God notwithstanding.

So, why the proliferation of stories in the Hebrew Torah, the Islamic Koran, and ancient Sumerian cuneiform tablets about ETs or angels or gods mating with human women?

Mythology is an allegory, or information put into story form so that the essence of what information is being conveyed will survive replication through time.  People will remember and record a story about the fallen angels, Harut and Marut (e.g. the Koran), being overcome by desire for an attractive human woman, being caught in the act by a passer-by, and killing him so that no one could testify to their sin (Lewis, 1995).  They will probably not remember or record a description of a genetic experiment conducted on humans by extraterrestrials.

How can the common father of Homo sapiens be only 59,000 years old, while our common mother is 143,000 years old?  In order for one male genotype to dominate over all others, either the human population had to be reduced to near extinction levels, women had to be so few that competition for them favored certain dominant males, or all populations had to be invaded by men of a common origin to the extent that their genotype prevailed in future generations.  If we can take scripture literally, was there an invasion of Nephilim or "sons of God" 59,000 years ago?  Was this an attempt by extraterrestrials to create a worker class by introducing new genetic material into a hominid population?  Had a selected male genome been modified by extraterrestrials, somewhere in the neighborhood of 233 genes added to increase our ancestor's intelligence, and then this over-sexed male genotype cloned and released on Earth to seek out women as mates?

It is highly unlikely that the genes introduced to enhance intelligence were sex linked, because that would mean that only men would gain the benefit and not women.  Sitchin (1976) points out that Sumerian records complement the Genesis version that Adam (a male) was the first (genetically altered) human made in the image of God.

"Scholars have surmised that references to Adapa as a "son" of Ea implied that the god loved this human so much that he adopted him. But in the same text Anu refers to Adapa as "the human offspring of Enki." It appears that the involvement of Enki's spouse in the process of creating Adapa, the "model Adam," did create some genealogical relationship between the new Man and his god: It was Ninki who was pregnant with Adapa!

"Ninti blessed the new being and presented him to Ea. Some seals show a goddess, flanked by the Tree of Life and laboratory flasks, holding up a newborn being. (Fig. 153)" Sitchin (1976, p. 352).

adapa2.jpg (25168 bytes)

This might explain why Genesis has Eve being formed from a rib of Adam, which from a biological standpoint makes no sense whatsoever.  However, if the rib is a symbol for an X chromosome, it makes a lot of sense.  If this interpretation is correct, it becomes clear that a history of what happened was intentionally conveyed through mythology so that one day we might become aware enough as a species to figure it out (the Holy Grail Epiphany).

"...Sumerian depictions show [Thoth, brother of Marduk] with the emblem of the entwined serpents (Fig. 101a), the emblem originally of his father Enki as the god who could engage in genetic engineering - the emblem, we have suggested, of the double helix of DNA (Fig. 101b)." (Sitchin, 1993, p. 204-205).

doublss2.jpg (17991 bytes)

And here we have a perfect depiction of an X chromosome, symbolized by a pair of Serpents (double S's)!

If the new genes were added only to one complementary pair of X chromosomes in the male, there would be no corresponding genes on the X chromosome inherited from the mother.  The X chromosome containing the new genes (assuming that all the new genes were added to the same chromosome) would be inherited by both males and females of the first generation, but by only half the males and females of the second generation, leading to a bipolar generation.

Each X chromosome is paired (XX), with one coming from the mother and the other coming from the father.  For simplification purposes, the X chromosome containing the new genes will be considered the dominant chromosome: X.  If the initial father had the dominant condition XX, first generation males and females would look like this: xX.  Second generation males and females from parents having a male with XX chromosomes and a female with xX chromosomes would have the following possible combinations for both male and female offspring (male on top, female on left):









In order for dominance of the new genes to take place quickly (preferred XX condition), males with two X chromosomes would have to mate with their offspring. What information from ancient texts, including myths, indicates that incestuous relationships were occurring?  Sitchin (1995) provides accounts of prolific Anunnaki (fallen angel) sexual habits gleaned from Sumerian records.  Keep in mind that this is a myth, and that ET cannot reproduce with humans; only the "model Adam" or Adapa (Nephilim) can:

"Enki's spouse was called NIN.KI ("Lady of Earth") and was also known as DAM.KI.NA ("Spouse who to Earth came"). Back on Nibiru she bore him a son, Marduk; mother and son joined Enki on Earth on subsequent trips. But while he was on Earth without her, Enki did not deprive himself.....A text called by scholars "Enki and Ninharsag: A Paradise Myth" describes how Enki stalked his half sister and seeking a son by her, "poured the semen into her womb." [artificial insemination] But she bore him only daughters, whom Enki also found worthy of conjugation. Finally Ninharsag put a curse on Enki that paralyzed him, and forced him to concur in a quick assignment of husbands to the young female goddesses. This did not stop Enki, on another occasion, from forcefully "carrying off as a prize" a granddaughter of Enlil, Ereshkigal, by boat to his domain in southern Africa.

"All these instances serve to illustrate the dire shortage of females among the Anunnaki who had come to Earth. After the Deluge, as the Sumerian God Lists attest, with second and third generations of Anunnaki around, a better male-female balance was attained. But the shortage of females [containing the XX chromosomes?] was obviously acute in the long pre-Deluvian times." (Sitchin, 1995: p. 79-80).

This myth might explain how one male sperm-donor type could become dominant so rapidly.  That only one pair of X chromosomes was altered can be argued by the overwhelming statistical odds against reaching new gene dominance in a small number of generations where more than one chromosome pair was altered.  Here we have a third generation crossing for two different pairs of X chromosomes (male on top, female on left).  Only four out of sixteen possible offspring combinations has the totally dominant condition (this is an over-simplification):

            XX        XX       XX        XX





















Incestuous relationships amongst later royalty might reflect an ancient practice of insuring dominance of the Serpent genes for intelligence, especially if Jesus was thought to have obtained a "fresh" and uncorrupted set of XX chromosomes (hence the reference to Jesus Christ as being sinless, or without corruption - nothing that he could do on Earth would change his genetic makeup), and those genes were passed on to his descendents.  Is the esoteric code for that double X dominance the double S's: SS?

Was Nephilim procreation with humans the Original Sin?  Does "fallen" refer to the extraterrestrials (Anunnaki) who violated our natural evolution by tampering with our genes.  Or does "fallen" refer to those super stud Nephilim who "fell" to Earth in search of women?  As Susan Greiner (1999) aptly worded it, Did Eve Fall or was she Pushed?

Archaeology or the study of ancient human history has shown that before our societies became male dominated or patriarchal, there had been a major matriarchal component involving goddess worship.  See ER's summary and examples of this changing vista through the last 50,000 years: A Modern Scientific Study of Faerie.

Inanna (Shlain, 1998)           Lilith holding snakes    

inanna2.jpg (6145 bytes)

lilith2.jpg (23031 bytes)

The suppression of the goddess, and therefore the female as an equal partner in human society has continued to this day, as exemplified by Islamic society, and also by male prejudice in Western society.  Why did this prejudice evolve in the first place, and is there any reason for it to continue today?

In The Alphabet Versus the Goddess (1998), Leonard Shlain argues that,

"with the advent of literacy, the very act of reading an alphabet reinforced the brain's left hemisphere - linear, abstract, predominantly masculine - at the expense of the right - holistic, concrete, visual, feminine. This shift upset the balance between men and women, and initiated the disappearance of goddesses, the abhorrence of images, the decline of women's social and political status, and a long reign of patriarchy and misogyny."

Between the time indicated for the beginning of ET influence in our evolution (59,000 years ago) and the time Neanderthals and Homo erectus became extinct (~50,000 years ago), is a transition period of about 9,000 years.  Enigmatic is the significant increase in brain capacity for H. erectus just before it disappeared in Java 50,000 years ago (Ngandong site).  H. erectus has been dated in Java (and Africa) back to 1.7-1.8 million years by Dr. Carl Swisher (Rutgers University, pers. com. 2001), but the oldest representatives had a brain capacity of only 600 - 700 ccs.  1.7 million years later it had a brain capacity as high as 1,200 ccs., although smaller brained individuals continued to coexist in the same population, indicating an extreme dimorphism in potential intelligence.  Was this cranial divergence also influenced by introduced genes as part of an ET experiment?  Many questions still remain.

Java man cranial divergence
(courtesy, Dr. Carl Swisher)

javaman.jpg (21879 bytes)

The simultaneous disappearance of the Homo neanderthalensis and H. erectus may mark a shift in Cro-Magnon society once their female population had become compliant (i.e. controllable).  Then direct competition with other Homo species became a priority.  That interval of time could also represent the time it took for all females to gain the dominant SS chromosome condition, originally inherent in the ET-modified male (mythology says that Adam came first).  During the transition interval there would have been women with the recessive chromosome condition (XS), although their numbers steadily declined.  The full genetic equivalence of males and females represents a time when all men and all women had the double SS chromosome condition, which should have made them intellectual if not social equals.  Can anyone truly doubt the intellectual equivalence of women today based on IQ tests and college exams?

Shlain (1998) thinks that left-brain thinking and the development of language are intimately connected to patriarchal dominance.  Social conditioning towards male dominance may be a holdover from a time when the double SS condition had not yet been achieved, and when both women and men without the intellectual capability imparted by the dominant condition were heavily discriminated against (see Barger's speculations above).  The reasons for such discrimination are no longer justified in modern society.  Women are the intellectual equivalents of men, and have been for at least 50,000 years.  It is time (and long overdue) for balance between the genders to be re-established in human society.  The slow return of the goddess in Western religious worship has been ongoing for many centuries.  That return has been augmented by the information and computer age: Knowledge and understanding (gnosis) have always been the enemy of prejudice and bias (orthodoxy).  It is also time for men to become more aware of their social conditioning towards women, and how both men and women teach their prejudices to their innocent children, thereby maintaining gender polarity.

Absolution of Sin - Divine Grace

The most fundamental teaching of Jesus in the New Testament is the lesson of forgiveness. Opinions range widely, with some biblical scholars dissenting by saying: "The problem is that the Old Testament is known to be historically and factually inaccurate. Given that factor, it becomes utterly impossible to tell what really happened back then.  In my opinion, anybody attempting to use the Old Testament as an historic guide must be hopelessly misguided. The same seems to apply to the New Testament. (S.Clementson, pers. com., December 2001)." Another biblical scholar, who has studied the Talmud of Jmmanuel (alleged original Essene text from which the NT was plagiarized and copied/altered), gives the following insight into Jesus' teaching of forgiveness: "I noticed, Bruce, that you mentioned Jesus' teaching of forgiveness. Since I've found the TJ to be genuine and the Gospels to be the invented, fraudulent texts, I should mention that in the TJ Jmmanuel didn't teach any of that forgiveness material. Instead, he just taught to judge a tree by its fruit (he also didn't teach not to judge), and to act accordingly. Interpreted in the light of the rest of the TJ, this just means to be wary of those who would treat you unethically or use violence against you, and to exercise love when the situation allows it. The business of forgiving your accuser 7 times 70 times, and turning your cheek to him that many times to be whammed over and over, is the invention of the writer of Matthew." (J.Deardorff, pers. comm., December 2001).

How ironic it is that Christianity evolved so quickly away from his teaching through examples of discrimination, judgement, and punishment in the New Testament (especially in the Book of Revelation, and in ancient history), that the Church even today embraces a concept of Hell for eternity for Satan and for all those who it considers its enemy.  But what is even more ironic is that the evidence presented in this essay regarding the nature of the Serpent creates a profound paradox for Christians: Jesus was born of the same "blood" of the Serpent that we contain in our genes (flesh), and therefore he was the Son of the Serpent, and not the Son of God, a theorem that was taught by early Gnostic Christians.  "He hath sent out of the most hidden Mystery His Only Begotten who didst take upon Himself the world fashioned by the Demiurgus. ('take upon Himself' means 'become')"  His death on the Cross changed all of that, however.  Through his sacrifice he became the symbolic Son of God, and we became officially recognized as the sons and daughters of God (before only the Nephilim had that distinction).  This has all been part of a divine plan to bring humans into full conscious and sentient adulthood (we are still an adolescent species).  On the mythological side: Satan (Lucifer) also became forgiven by the act of his Son, for how can the son be forgiven and not the father (how can a house be divided and stand)?  Forgiveness is total, not selective; Jesus died for the sins of everyone involved.  The Orthodox Church refused to accept this, because it needed a scapegoat: Satan.  The distinction between body and spirit doesn't resolve the paradox either, as pointed out earlier, because Jesus states in Revelation 21:16 that he is the offspring of (the star of) David, the bright Morning Star (a reference to Spirit, not genealogy)!  He cannot be the offspring of David, who lived 14 generations earlier (descendant of David, yes; offspring is a word reserved for birth).  And of what is the Morning Star a symbol?

Therefore, for all those who point the accusing finger of judgement at another, first look in the mirror. "Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her." John 8:7.

It is up to us now, for only we can Subdue and control the Serpent in each of us.

It is up to us now to Substitute the Dove of Peace for the Sword (S-Word) of War
on Earth and in Space.

dove.gif (38556 bytes)


And finally, a most un-Set-tling implication:

Bonnie returned for only 40 years: Born at 1:38 am. Died at 1:38 am 1991.
UHA for 138 = August born (Virgo)
Reverse of 831.

Bonnie had a Jewish mother and a Gentile father.
Her chosen religion was Catholicism.
See The Passion of Bonnie.

The following excerpt comes from The Passion of Bonnie, and relates how Bruce Cornet first met Bonnie under highly unusual circumstances when she was pregnant with Billy.  Without knowing who she was or how involved in her life he later would become, she chose him to experience a very special moment in her first pregnancy.  The account begins the day after Bruce met Bonnie in Houston, TX (On 23 March 1981 as he was returning from a Baptist retreat in Palacios, TX, God asked him: "Are you ready to serve God and do whatever He asks you to do?" After Cornet said yes, the voice said, "There is someone who needs help; if I bring her to you, will you help her?"  After he agreed to help her, he asked when he would meet her, and God said, "Before the year is out."   True to His word, Cornet met Bonnie on 15 December 1983 at a Christmas party in Houston, TX, which she crashed).

"The next evening I talked for hours with her on the phone, and discovered to my amazement that we had met briefly 14 years 7 months earlier on the University of Connecticut campus in May 1969.  For some reason I decided to take a different path to class that day, which took me across a large campus lawn next to a small pond.  Bonnie and Greg were on campus visiting one of Greg's friends while he was on leave from the Army.  Bonnie later told me that she wanted to enjoy the first Spring weather, and convinced Greg to go on a walk across campus.  She took a blanket with her.  As I crossed that lawn I saw this woman sitting on a blanket and a man walking around the edge of the pond.  About half way across the lawn the woman got up and began walking towards me.   When she got closer I stopped, thinking she wanted to ask me something.  When she got to me she introduced herself.  "Hi, I'm Bonnie Nathan."  I expected her to ask me the time of day.  Instead she asked, "Would you like to feel my baby move?"  I was shocked.  She was clearly pregnant (seven months pregnant, to be exact), but for her to ask a total stranger a question normally reserved for her husband and close friends, I just stood there dumbfounded. Then I said with a questioning look on my face, "OK."  She took my right hand and placed it on her protruding belly.  I felt nothing, except her radiance and joy at sharing a special moment in her life with me.  After we met in Houston she told me that Billy had started to move, but when she called to her husband, he did not respond.  So, she chose a total stranger, because I was also there.  She wanted to share her excitement.  We exchanged information, and I learned that she and her husband lived in Oaklyn, NJ.  Then I went on to class.  I didn't run into her again until 11 years 5 months later in Atlantic City, NJ." (

Bonnie was a child prodigy, a genius based on her knowledge of things she never learned in school.  She claimed to know and speak twelve different languages, including Spanish, French, Russian, and English, which were demonstrated to me.  She related how she never studied for exams in high school, but always Ace'd them.  Shortly before she died she made a puzzling comment, a portent of things to come: She lamented how as a human her intellect was below what it had been [I thought she meant as a child], and she looked forward to returning to the Source.  I also asked her why she chose to become a Catholic late in her life [she received Catholic last rights].  Her reply was also prophetic: She said that the organization and structure of the Catholic Church hierarchy most closely resembled that of heaven compared to all other religions.

Bonnie insisted that she get married on her 36th birthday.  The marriage license was issued in Harris County, Texas, on 13 June 1986.  Why was it so important that she marry Bruce Cornet on 18 June, her birthday?

For a possible answer, read the sine/sign code 681.

Isis unveiled? What was the importance of this marriage?

bcbcwed.jpg (20813 bytes)

Aside from the obvious clue and reference to the female pentagram, which has five 36 degree angles, her wedding dress, which was custom made, contains pentagonal symbols such as numerous small pentagrams on the lower part of the dress (by itself, not unusual), and large white roses on the sleeves and gloves.

The Rose Cross

rosecross.jpg (10220 bytes)

Even more symbolic, however, the top of the dress contains a circular collar within a triangle, a configuration which has been seen before at the Garden of Texas Liberty, where she is buried (i.e. circular Temple within a triangular-shaped memorial).  Just before the linked picture below was taken, Bonnie said to Bruce, "Wait a moment. I need to prepare myself."  She closed her eyes and meditated for what seemed like an eternity (she did this before for the God is Watching image).  Then she said, "Ok, now you can take the picture."  Note her gold earrings in the shape of Tears of Isis, and how one reflects off of the picture on the wall to form a golden triangle.  Her cheeks are colored in rouge.  Also note the coincidence of light reflections onto the wall behind her, which form what resemble three spires above her head and shoulders.  She is holding a crutch (symbolizing a disabled and repentant serpent?) in her left arm (she did not need it to stand, and did not use it in the wedding picture above), and a check (symbolizing charity?) in her right hand.  And she is descending down to the ground floor.

design.jpg (11479 bytes)

But perhaps the most startling revelation may be what her new married name translates to, provided by Norma Smith, the Master Analyst and Time Keeper for Universal Harmonics.

Universal Harmonics Analysis converts letters in words and phrases to numbers by means of a template.  Through these numbers comparisons of words and phrases can be made.  It is by these comparisons that unique and meaningful relationships are discovered.  UH is based on the theory that words are not random creations, but visible extensions of intellect and the organizing part of the unconscious mind.  The Hebrew alphabet is similarly constructed with dual letter-and-number meanings.

UH number


=    59    =
=    75    =


Vesica Piscis represents glorification of the Creative Power as exemplified in motherhood.
"I, Isis, am all that has been, that is or shall be; no mortal man hath ever me unveiled."
"The fruit which I have brought forth is the "SUN"."

"The face and form of Isis were covered with a veil of scarlet cloth, symbolic of ignorance and emotionalism which forever stands between men and Truth. Isis lifts her veil and discovers herself to the true and wise investigator who unselfishly, humbly, and earnestly seeks to understand the mysteries which surround him in the universe. Those to whom she reveals herself are warned to remain silent concerning the mysteries which they have seen. The great admonition of the Wise Men was: "If you know it, be silent." To the vulgar and profane, the infidel and disinterested one, she does not uncover her face, for they could not understand the secret processes of the invisible worlds." (Hall, 1977: XLIV).

UH Analysis of 138:

138 = AUGUST BORN; also 13 = Serpent and 8 = Isis, both symbolized by the planet Venus.

138 = 100 + 38

DEATH = 38

Meaning of 138: Time of Death.


Alternate meaning of 138: Birth and Death Time.

Also: 100 + 38 = REVERSAL DEATH, which when MIRRORED gives 831, implying Resurrection.

Bonnie had two Near Death Experiences (1971 and 1983); the first NDE ended when she woke up in the morgue with a tag on her toe, having died from massive blood loss due to a ruptured kidney.  The second NDE occurred on 17 October from cardiac arrest; she collapsed on Richie Street in Pasadena, TX, and was revived in the ER 30-40 minutes later.  Her third death experience from cardiac arrest occurred on 12 January 1991, seven years to the day from when she moved into Bruce Cornet's house in Houston (the beginning of their lives together).  Her Spirit appeared over her grave on 20 January 1991 (see animation below).  A golden flowing-living beam of light then descended from a brilliant light that appeared in an overhead cloud. Cornet saw her Spirit ascend in that beam up into the golden light in the cloud, which was the size and brightness of the Sun. The TIME: 8:31 am (Cornet looked at his watch).

bongrav3.gif (347152 bytes)

The above animation, along with others of the Temple lights, were made from an actual video, and are not simulations, artificial creations, or exaggerations. What you see is exactly as it happened.

The Confession of Jesus Christ

turin.gif (48679 bytes)

Exhaustive Tests Show Sacred Cloth Much Older than Carbon-14 date

Most Christians will react predictably to the above implications: denial and skepticism, if not accusations of heresy.  If the message revealed by the clues presented to Bruce Cornet offend you, read no further.  What I am about to present is a parable or story from Hall (1977): The secret teachings of all ages, a book on esoteric knowledge.  It complements what has been presented above by revealing the true nature of DUALITY, our inheritance.  For We are the Heirs that the Egyptian Ennad were celebrating on 31 August.

"In this ritualistic drama - possibly derived from the Egyptians - Adam, banished from the Garden of Eden, represents man philosophically exiled from the sphere of Truth. Through ignorance man falls; through wisdom he redeems himself. The Garden of Eden represents the House of the Mysteries (see The Vision of Enoch) in the midst of which grew both the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Man, the banished Adam, seeks to pass from the outer court of the Sanctuary (the exterior universe) into the sanctum sanctorum, but before him rises a vast creature armed with a flashing sword that, moving slowly but continually, sweeps clear a wide circle, and through this "Ring Pass Not" the Adamic man cannot break.

The cherubim address the seeker thus: "Man, thou are dust and to dust thou shalt return. Thou wert fashioned by the Builder of Forms; thou belongest to the sphere of form, and the breath that was breathed into thy soul was the breath of form and like a flame it shall flicker out. More than thou art thou canst not be. Thou are a denizen of the outer world and it is forbidden thee to enter this inner place."

And the Adam replies: "Many times have I stood within this courtyard and begged admission to my Father's house and thou hast refused it me and sent me back to wander in darkness. True it is that I was fashioned out of the dirt and that my Maker could not confer upon me the boon of immortality. But no more shalt thou send me away; for, wandering in the darkness, I have discovered that the Almighty hath decreed my salvation because He hath sent out of the most hidden Mystery His Only Begotten who didst take upon Himself the world fashioned by the Demiurgus. Upon the elements of that world was He crucified and from Him hath poured forth the blood of my salvation. And God, entering into His creation, hath quickened it and established therein a road that leadeth to Himself. While my Maker could not give me immortality, immortality was inherent in the very dust of which I was composed, for before the world was fabricated and before the Demiurgus became the Regent of Nature the Eternal Life had impressed itself upon the face of Cosmos. This is its sign - the Cross. Do you now deny me entrance, I who have at last learned the mystery of myself?"

And the voice replies: "He who is aware, IS! Behold!"

Gazing about him, Adam finds himself in a radiant place, in the midst of which stands a tree with flashing jewels for fruit and entwined about its trunk a flaming, winged serpent crowned with a diadem of stars. It was the voice of the serpent that had spoken.

"Who art thou?" demands the Adam.

"I," the serpent answers, "am Satan who was stoned; I am the Adversary - the Lord who is against you, the one who pleads for your destruction before the Eternal Tribunal. I was your enemy upon the day that you were formed; I have led you into temptation; I have delivered you into the hands of evil; I have maligned you; I have striven ever to achieve your undoing. I am the guardian of the Tree of Knowledge and I have sworn that none whom I can lead astray shall partake of its fruits."

The Adam replies: "For uncounted ages have I been thy servant. In my ignorance I listened to thy words and they led me into paths of sorrow. Thou hast placed in my mind dreams of power, and when I struggled to realize those dreams they brought me naught but pain. Thou hast sowed in me the seeds of desire, and when I lusted after the things of the flesh agony was my only recompense. Thou hast sent me false prophets and false reasoning, and when I strove to grasp the magnitude of Truth I found thy laws were false and only dismay rewarded my strivings. I am done with thee forever, O artful Spirit! I have tired of thy world of illusions. No longer will I labor in thy vineyards of iniquity. Get thee behind me, tempter, and the host of thy temptations. There is no happiness, no peace, no good, no future in the doctrines of selfishness, hate, and passion preached by thee. All these things do I cast aside. Renounced is thy rule forever!"

And the serpent makes answer: "Behold, O Adam, the nature of thy Adversary!" The serpent disappears in a blinding sunburst of radiance and in its place stands an angel respendent in shining, golden garments with great scarlet wings that spread from one corner of the heavens to the other. Dismayed and awestruck, the Adam falls before the divine creature.

"I am the Lord who is against thee and thus accomplishes thy salvation," continues the voice. "Thou hast hated me, but through the ages yet to be thou shalt bless me, for I have led thee out of the sphere of the Demiurgus; I have turned thee against the illusion of worldliness; I have weaned thee of desire; I have awakened in thy soul the immortality of which I myself partake. Follow me, O Adam, for I am the Way, the Life, and the Truth!" (Manly Hall, 1977: The secret teachings of all ages, CXXVIII).

Was Jesus's sacrifice on the Cross for more than just the redemption and salvation of humankind?

Lu 6:37 "Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven...."


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